World Series 2015: How Much Tax Will Fans Pay to Enjoy the World Championship?

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So far the World Series is tied at 0 – 0, but tonight, game one opens at Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo and Royals and Mets fans have traveled by plane, train and automobile to see their favorite teams go head to head this week, but just how much will they spend to cheer their favorite team on in person and how much will they be taxed?

Both the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and the Kansas City Department of Revenue state that an admission or fee charged for the use of any place of amusement is taxable. With game one in Kansas City thought to be of least demand so far and the average ticket prices anywhere from about $350 to $850, you are looking at taxes of anywhere from about $28.70 to $69.70 per ticket. In comparison, as game three shifts to Citi Field in Flushing, New York so do the ticket prices and possibly the taxes you will pay. The average price of the cheapest tickets in New York are said to be about $700 to $1,640, with a combined sales tax rate of 8.875% you are looking to pay sales and local tax anywhere from $62.13 to $145.55 per ticket.

You will also see taxes on the food you eat while in attendance at the same state and local sales tax rates mentioned.

If you find yourself attending game one or two of the series you will also pay less hotel tax in comparison to Flushing, New York since Kansas City hotel tax is 7.5% of the cost per night, whereas cheering your team on in New York may cost you almost double that for hotel tax up to 14.75% per night.

If you are lucky enough to be front and center at the World Series don’t feel bad about the sales tax you have to pay to enjoy cheering your team on. Think about the taxes the World Series champs have to pay on their bonuses, which have been just shy of what the President of the United States earns per year.



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