Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Save

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One goal that my husband and I have for the next few months is to bump up our emergency fund. While it may not seem like it at first glance, we picked a great time to do this as summer is one of the best seasons to build your savings. Don’t believe me? Let me show you a few ways you can grow your savings account.

Grilling at Home

With the beautiful weather, summer time encourages us to fire up the grill and to keep things lighter when it comes to meals, making it a perfect opportunity to flex your chef skills at home.

My husband and I love having some low key and easy meals. It frees up time and saves us money as we don’t have to go out to have a good meal.

We also like having friends over to eat, especially on the weekends. It’s a fantastic way for the kids to get their energy out while we adults enjoy the evening.

Parks and Recreation

One of the best things about living in Raleigh is having parks and greenways available all around us.  Our little daughter loves to explore the playground, check out the trails, and see some animals up close (on a good day).

What’s even better is that parks are free, making it wonderful way to bond and relax as a family without spending a ton of money.

Biking Around the Block

Speaking of the outdoors, you can use the sunny weather as an excuse to bike more instead of using the car for the around the neighborhood errands.

You’re not just saving money on gas (which GasBuddy is recording a national average of $3.63/gallon this week), but you’re also getting yourself some exercise with some wonderful scenery.

Just add a small rack to your bike and you can do the small grocery runs for items that need to be refilled during the week.

Thoughts on Saving This Summer

I shared some easy ways we’re cutting back on spending without sacrificing some fun. I’d love to hear from you – what are your plans for this summer?

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