Ways to Spend Your 3-Day Weekend Without Blowing Your Budget

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Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend? While many of us are planning barbeques, family trips or other fun activities this Memorial Day, keep in mind the official kick-off to summer doesn’t have be a drain on your bank account. Read on for a few ways to spend this long Memorial Day weekend without blowing your budget.

Stay close to home. You don’t have to leave town to have a good time. Whether it’s just one day or the entire weekend, finding activities to do in your neighborhood, or even hanging out in the backyard, are great ways to avoid the cost of travel and save money.

Get outdoors. Go for a hike, get out to a nearby campground, visit your local lake, or even just go for a casual bike ride. Not only are these great ways to get some fresh air and exercise, but they are also all free of charge.

Check your local listings. There is a good chance something exciting for the whole family is happening in your town this Memorial Day weekend – at little or no cost. Be sure to check the newspaper, go to your town’s website, or check Facebook for events and activities happening near you, like outdoor movie screenings or art fairs.

Stay away from weekend sales. Finding a discount on something you need is a great way to save money; however, spending money on items you would never have purchased without the sale isn’t technically “saving” money. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, or even cars, stand strong and spend wisely this weekend.

Whatever your plans are this weekend, remember that you don’t have to overspend to have a great time. Find the best deals, spend wisely, and keep your eye on the prize – fun and relaxation.



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