Summer Nights Are Here to Save You Daylight and Money

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When you plan ahead, you’re better prepared to spend wisely.

Whether vacation, stay-cation, or anything in between, everyone knows that planning ahead can save you money. And just for future reference, “planning ahead” should be at the top of all of your savings lists, no matter what occasion or what time of year.

So let’s get down to the real money-savings list for your summer!

Temperature Rising

If you live in a warm part of the world, it’s about to get warmer. Don’t even try to act like you enjoy sweating while you’re asleep. So how can you stay cool and keep your electric bill low at the same time?

Call your electric company and discuss your rates. Find out if there are any deals or specials for the summer months. If they’re not budging, shop around for a better deal. You might be pleasantly surprised.

You can also take a trip to the hardware store to keep your home more energy efficient and stop the heat from taking over your house this summer.

Replace the worn our weather stripping or add some tint or sun shades to your doors and windows. Here’s a winner – install an attic fan to exhaust the super-heated air from your attic. The temperature up there can climb into the 130s, and it’s cooking your house.

You could even do something as simple as replace the air filters in your air conditioner or add more insulation in your attic.

Just a quick side note, if your efficiency to-do list adds up to more than half a year’s worth of electricity bills, you might consider starting a short-term savings goal for next year’s summer repairs. See, there it is again – planning ahead.

Whatever you choose, remember that reducing the heat inside your home can drastically lower your dependence on your A/C unit.

What’s For Dinner?

Be flexible, think about changing up your entire family menu for the summer months – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can save money by shopping for bargains, clipping coupons, and taking advantage of the numerous summertime grocery sales. Seriously, we love our food bargains during the summer.

Give up eating-out for the entire summer. Make your meals (and your coffee) at home. Think of it like this, if you’re planning a trip or some other summertime expense, you can use all of the restaurant/drive thru savings to re-fill your summer budget.

Go Out Back

Not to Australia, but to the back yard…or the front yard. Have fun outdoors. Get the kids playing outside. Turn off the lights, the air conditioner, the tablets and phones, and explore the world around you.

There’s so much free and inexpensive fun to be had outside your home. Check your newspaper, town website, and social media universe for the best deals and best ideas.

Try turning back the clock and dry some of your laundry on a clothesline in the summer heat. Give your dryer and your electric bill a rest for the summer.

Everything In Between

Sit in the cheap seats at a baseball game. Five dollar ticket night combined with dollar hotdog night makes a pretty inexpensive family outing.

Carpool more often, water your lawn less (or not at all), and mow your own grass.

Have a rotation of friends and families host the neighborhood kids for a day each. It get’s the kiddos out of the house and it helps save money on child-care costs.

There’s no way to cover every possible money-saving idea in one single article, but these tips can help you find ways to save money during the hottest part of the year. Good luck!

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