Money Saving Ways to Help Your Child Stay Active on this National Child Health Day

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While it can be hard to keep up with little ones, being active is a natural way for kids to stay healthy along with eating well.
As a mom with two kids, I know how they love to mix things up and seek out new adventures. Here are ways I encourage their talents and healthy habits (and still keep to your budget) with these frugal ideas!

Frugal Fun Activities

With the temperatures cooling down and actually feeling like fall, there are fantastic chances to get outside and have some fun.
  • Clean the Yard: Change up a dull chore into something fun by making a game out of raking the leaves up in your yard. You can also help your older kids earn some extra cash by encouraging them to work around the neighborhood.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Get a couple of other parents and kids together and have a scavenger hunt at the park. Hide some toys (dollar store will do!) and see how long it takes for them to find their treasures.
  • Botantical Gardens: If your kids love being out in the yard with the butterflies, taking a day trip to a local botanical garden can be a treat for both of you. You can relax while they explore their surroundings.
  • Backyard Olympics: Burn off some energy at home with a homemade obstacle course. Use whatever you have around the house to get them to jump, climb, and run around.
  • Farms: Help your kids understand where food comes from and visit a farm in your area. Picking apples can be a tasty way to get out and about.
  • Relay Race: Throw an after school party and have the neighborhood kids gather for a relay race. Keep things simple and have teams compete for the best time.

Indoor Games and Parties

Even if the weather is uncooperative for your outdoor plans, you can still be active.
  • Milk Jug Catch: Take some old milk jugs and give them new purpose with this game. Your young kids will have fun with this while practicing their coordination.
  • Dance Party: Turn on the radio, Pandora, or your music device of choice and get moving! Create a game by stopping the music and having the kids ‘freeze’. Last one standing wins.
  •  Indoor Hopscotch: Play this old school game inside. You can use masking tape on tile or wood floors for an easy set up and clean up.
  • Simon Says: Got a few kids over at your place? Start up a game of Simon Says and get them moving.

Thoughts on Frugal Family Activities

I hope these ideas inspire you to have fun with the little ones while saving. I’d love to get your take. What are some of your favorite ways to play and hang with the kids? What games do they love to play?

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