May the Fourth (and These Spring Savings Tips) Be with You!

Income and Investments Night Sky over Everglades National Park

Happy Star Wars Day! Today we celebrate our favorite franchise, and this year is even more fun after The Last Jedi re-ignited our love for all things Star Wars. One of the best things about the films is its universal lessons, which can be applied to just about anything: even toward your savings goals.

The Bigger the Goal, the More Preparation is Needed

Villains have goals, too, and that Death Star wasn’t built overnight! Palpatine surely had to carefully plan for his masterpiece. Creating something the size of a moon is expensive, so he had to make sure the Empire had the budget to procure the parts needed…even with the ‘discounts’ he definitely got with his power of manipulation.

If you have a big goal, like starting a business or preparing for a baby, creating a plan can help you reach your goal successfully. Start with a number in mind and break it down over time. Not sure how much you need to save? Start with a ballpark figure. When we were saving money up for our baby girl’s arrival, we estimated our medical costs, maternity leave stash (I’m self-employed), and added a buffer for unexpected expenses. Better to have something saved than nothing!

Reach Your Savings Goal with Support

To take on such a powerful enemy, the Rebel Alliance pooled resources from various sources: senators, smugglers, hot shot pilots, and more. Working together they were able to stop the Empire.

One of the most powerful ways you can stay on top of your savings is to gather a network around you for support. Get on the same page with your partner or share your plan with family. Maybe you and your friends can have a savings challenge or perhaps you can have a friendly competition with who can come up with the best $20 date nights.

Combine Tactics to Speed the Process Up

The Rebels ran different types of missions – smuggling codes, creating secret alliances, and securing resources – before they struck the Death Star. Boosting your savings usually means finding different and sometimes creative ways to find some cash. Selling your items on eBay, driving for Uber for a few months or starting a side business on Etsy are a few ideas for making money.

For those looking at trimming expenses, be ready to challenge all of your bills. You may find ways to cut them down or completely eliminate them.

Mastering Your Money Takes Time and Effort

Luke found out that becoming a Jedi wasn’t all fun and lightsabers. Under Obi’s and Yoda’s training he developed a hard-earned skill set. The same is true with gaining control over your finances. There are many great resources like blogs, online communities, and your own personal network to sharpen your money habits. You just have to reach out and take it one step at a time.

I hope you had fun reading and picking up these savings tips. Let me know what you think in the comments below. (You can also tell me which movie is your favorite too!) What money goals do you want to reach?

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