Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend: Saving Tips From Our Pal Mint

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Today is National Best Friends Day and what better excuse to get together with your BFF and do something fun.  Sure an overnight getaway sounds nice, but you don’t have to break the bank to have a good time on National Best Friends Day or any day.

We called on our best friend Mint to get a few tips to help you hang out with your best friend on the cheap.

Throw a Potluck
A potluck is our answer to saving money while celebrating any occasion with friends. Assigning a theme makes it even easier for people to decide on what dish to bring, like Mexican fiesta or breakfast for dinner. For the extra frugal, throw a “cupboard potluck” where everyone brings a dish made with food they have on hand. If you’re the host, simply stock up on inexpensive wine and spirits and let everyone else bring the food. If you’d like to provide the meal, have your pals RSVP to ensure you don’t over-purchase ingredients and supplies.

Explore Together
Many local blogs have tips on free or cheap things to do in your area with a friend by your side: free art museum days, a chocolate factory tour, or a street fair. Most newspapers have a local calendar of events and universities have frequent community events. Of course, fresh air and beautiful views are always free: find a local hiking blog or check your closest National or State Park website and hit the trails!

There are hundreds of local volunteering opportunities on any given weekend. Team up with your best pal and give back to your community by cleaning up a park, cooking at a homeless shelter or reading to the elderly. You’ll get to share the support you give each other with those who need it and you may even make a new friend, too!

What are some of the ways you hang out with your BFF on the cheap?


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