How To Throw Your Own Budget-Friendly Staycation

Income and Investments How To Throw Your Own Budget-Friendly Staycation
Want to have a great time this summer, but you’re low on cash? Taking a staycation can be the perfect solution. Here are ten ways you can truly get away from it all and recharge without leaving your town limits.

Live Like a Local, Enjoy Like a Tourist

Just because you’re on staycation doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house. It’s actually a wonderful chance to take advantage of your freedom and start exploring your town while everyone else is at work.

  • Have a night (or day) at the Museum. Check with your local museums to see if they have exhibits or events you want to attend.
  • Camp at a local park. If you have a park in the area that allows camping, go for it!
  • Relax on the water. Take the day to hang by the lake and fish, lay out on the beach, or paddle a canoe down the river.
  • Take a class. Your parks and recreation department may have a day or weekend class you can catch.
  • Take a restaurant tour. Take a long lunch and eat out at some local spots you’ve been meaning to see, but haven’t. Go for the lunch specials and you’ll save a ton of money.

Once you try out any of these I bet you’ll never see your city the same way again. 

Make Your Home A True Sanctuary

While I do enjoy activities and seeing the town, some downtime at home is also a fantastic way to enjoy a staycation. Here are some ideas to turn your home into a retreat.

  • Unplug and unwind. Turn off your devices for a limited time (if you need to keep tabs, you can leave your phone on, but do not check it constantly) and set up an auto responder so you’re not interrupted with work.
  • Engage in a good book. Make the most of your quiet time and set aside time to finish a book you’ve been dying to read.
  • Try a new recipe. Cooking something new can be fun if you don’t have the time or perfection pressure. Catch a show, look at one of your favorite restaurants’ menus, or pick out one of your childhood treats if you need ideas on what to make.
  • Play music when preparing meals. If you’re staying in for the night, set the mood by having your favorite playlist on.
  • Tackle a home project. Wait, I’m not talking about hard labor that will suck up all of your time. Try to create a spot inside your home or in the yard that can be a reading nook.

No matter what you do I hope you enjoy unwinding in your house.

Thoughts on Staycations

I shared some of my favorite ideas; I’d love to hear from you. Have you taken a staycation? What were some things that made it special?




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