How to Save on Travel and Clothes This Holiday Season

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While we love to see and spend time with our family and friends, the holiday season can make it more difficult and expensive to do so (especially when traveling with kids). However with some careful planning, you can still make time for those important to you without going broke.

Lowering Your Travel Costs

The biggest unknown expenses when seeing family and friends this upcoming season is most likely travel. Whether you fly, drive, or ride a train now is the time to get your tickets if you haven’t already. Holidays are notoriously expensive and with so many on the move, it’ll probably be even more stressful.

Save your money and wallet by using these tips next time you book.

Time Your Flights Just Right

You’ve probably heard that flight prices can vary based on when you buy your tickets.  That can be true, but you can even get bigger savings by timing when you actually take your flight. According to Peter Greenberg, CBS travel editor, you can save some significant money by flying early on Thanksgiving morning and then flying home the next day. It may seem crazy to do back to back days, but you then have the rest of the weekend to relax at home.

By the way, if you are flying, make sure you get there early, with so many passengers, the lines are bound to be packed and you don’t want the extra hassle of being rushed.

If you want to maximize your family time, but still want to watch your wallet, check your rewards card balance and see if you can qualify for some airline discounts.

Avoid or Minimize Fees By Packing Light

Airlines are getting more and more aggressive with their fees so one of the best ways you can counteract that is packing smart. If you have gifts you want to give, mail them to their destination. It’s cheaper and it’s one less thing to worry about when you’re going through the airport.

Dressing Sharp without Going Broke

We all know when family and friends get together, there’s a good chance photos will be involved. That means you want to look your best as you hang out with your loved ones. Since your budget can already be stretched with your travel and gifts expenses, here are a few tips on how you can look your best without spending a ton of money.

Review What You Have

While it might be tempting to grab that stunning dress that’s on sale right now, a better move would be to hold off on that purchase until you’ve done a quick inventory of your closet. You may already have a few treasures in there, that just have to be polished.

The money you save on not buying another dress can be used for other pieces including accessories,  a beautiful coat for the colder weather, or boots to keep you stylishly warm .

Shop Smarter

Looking for the best deals on clothes? Shop smarter by mastering the discount stores like TJ Maxx and Ross. If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest has plenty of boards with complete outfits and where you can grab the pieces.

Thoughts on Saving This Season

I hope these tips help you next time you visit your loved ones. How many of you are traveling to see your friends and family soon? Have you found any good deals out there?

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