How to Save Money (and Sanity!) While Playing Holiday Host

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It’s December! This is a popular time of the year when families have time off and get together, but it can also be stressful for those playing host to a slew of guests. If this year means it’s your turn you may be feeling some pressure, but don’t worry.

The best parties are where the guests are having fun with one another and the host(ess) is relaxed. One of the best ways to accomplish this feat is by preparing ahead bit by bit so you’re actually enjoying the (minimal) prep work instead of stressing out at the last minute. To help you do that, I’ve created some easy ways you can get crafty with decorations, mix some delightful drinks, and feed your family – all while looking like a party pro.

Tap Into Your Inner Artist with Decorating

Pinterest has quickly become the go to source for crafts, but let’s admit it – some of those designs are way outside our talents and time constraints. Spare yourself the frustration, but still have a stylish and warm mood with these crafty ideas.

If you have kids, let them help out with the projects. Besides saving you some time, you’re having fun as a family and having them be in charge. Trust me, they love that.

  • Sparkly Snow: Set up the wintery mood by having some sparkly and happy snow outside your front door. You can also build a snowman to greet your guests which will most likely be a hit with the kids.
  • Artistically Inspired Snowflakes: No, I’m not talking about your elementary school project (let the kids make their own for their rooms), I’m thinking more class, less kidsy. This pin helpfully includes the pattern so you can make some beautiful flakes this year.
  • Bring the Green In: Capture the woods inside with these fantastic mason jar pieces and add  pleasantly forest aroma with this easy cinnamon pine simmer.

These are all easy to make, but can greatly enhance your next gathering.

Spread the Cheer with Drinks

Whether it’s an evening with only adults or a family get together, one of the easiest ways to keep your guests happy is by having some drinks on standby while you finish up on the big meal.

As a back up, here are 20 popular cocktails to create based on what you have laying around your liquor cabinet.

For the young ones in your group, you can try Pumpkin Pie Smoothie and a Coconut & Almond Joy.

Joyous Feast (without the Elaborate Prep)

Have your guests raving about your meal for the rest of the year and into the next with these recipes. I focused on finding easy and delicious dinners that won’t keep you in the kitchen long so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Thoughts on Playing Host

I’d love to hear from you. What have been some of your favorite dinners you’ve either hosted or attended? What are some of your favorite recipes?

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