How to Save for Holiday Gift Giving

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Fall is at the door and in a couple of months we’ll be welcoming another year. Between those two points many people will travel and see their friends and family. For many it’ll be a time of celebration and gifts.

However, waiting until the last minute can wreck havoc on your budget. For those looking to scrounge up some extra cash for saving or giving, here are some savings tips you can start today.

The best part? You don’t have dramatically change your behavior.

Automatic Saving

I believe that setting aside money for savings is just as important as your bills. Every situation is different so giving you a set amount may not be best. Instead you might want to look at saving a certain percentage of your income.

You can set up automatic transfers into your saving account as soon as your paycheck comes in. That way you will hardly miss the money and you’ll be more likely to reach your goal.

Shopping Smarter

You might surprised that I’m including shopping as a part of saving money, but if done right, there are times you can get what you need at a better price than advertised. That money saved can then be rolled over to some other goal.

When I was buying a new laptop last month, I hunted around to find a great deal. I also discovered some additional ways I could double check and make sure I wasn’t leaving any money on the table.

  • Discount Codes: If you’re shopping online, you can save big bucks with minimal effort by using coupon codes. Many sites offer them and can shave off some money or get you free shipping.
  • Apps: There are also apps that can save you money if prices drop soon after you made a purchase by submitting a claim on your behalf. I got some money back on a flower girl dress I bought on Amazon. Win!

If you prefer shopping at your local retailer, ask for a price match. There are plenty of stores that will do that, making it a win – win where you are getting a deal and more of your money is staying in your community.

Thoughts on Saving More

How about you? How many of you are starting now and saving up? How do you save when you go shopping?

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