How to Celebrate Your Long Weekend on a Dime

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Long weekends = Love.  Bank account after long weekend = no love.

With President’s Day coming soon, remember that it is possible to have a wonderful weekend without spending a ton of money.

We’ve compiled 10 cheap or free activities for you to try out this weekend:

  • Do Your Own Taxes: Of course this is our #1! If you haven’t already filed, you can easily and accurately prepare your own taxes in the comfort of your own home. And if you are one of the 60 million Americans who file a 1040A/1040EZ, you can file your federal and states taxes for free with TurboTax Absolute Zero.
  • Clean Out Your Media Queue: Utilize your Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription and binge watch shows and movies you missed in the theaters. Weekend reading or listening can also be a fantastic way to unwind at home.
  • Host a Neighborhood ‘Potluck’: Get to know your neighbors by inviting a few of them over for a potluck dinner.
  • Visit a Museum: Check your local art, science or history museum. If they aren’t free, check to see what free community activities are available.
  • Catch Up with Family: Now could be the perfect time to call an old friend or relative to catch up with one another.
  • Pick Up a Foreign Language: Brush up on your high school Spanish or start learning a new language with free sites like BBC or apps like Duolingo.
  • Get Your Heart Pumping: This could be the weekend you start your new workout routine. Or just go outside to enjoy nature and get some fresh air!
  • Plan Your Vacation: Get a jump-start on a debt free vacation by devising a game plan for optimal savings and deals.
  • Change Your Car’s Oil: Take care of your car and avoid the big charges by doing this yourself.
  • Hold a Yard Sale: Make some room and cash by selling some of your old (but in good condition) items. You can also even use Craigslist.

You don’t always have to have to pull out your wallet to have fun! And yes, that includes filing your taxes.


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