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    1. Steve,
      That is a legal question, and you should ask an attorney for an opinion on that situation. Filing a joint tax return can change how the IRS views your separate property.

      Mary Ellen

  1. If my husband is under 65 and works and we file jointly I’m 67 don’t work but draw social securtity does he have to file my ss benefits

    1. Ruby,
      On a joint tax return, you will report his wages and your social security ( up to 85% depending on total income). If you file separately, you will have to report 85% of your social security as income.

      Mary Ellen

    1. Hi Daniel,
      It is your income and not age that determines whether you must file taxes. At 65, if social security is your only source of income, then you don’t have to file taxes, but if you have other taxable income like retirement or interest then you have to file taxes. Here is more information for you
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

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