Do It Yourself Gifts (People Actually Love) That Save You Money

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Even if they have the budget to buy gifts, more and more families are choosing to take the time and craft some personalized gifts for their loved ones.  It’s a fantastic way to show how much you care, use your talents to create something practical and fun, and save money.

Before you worry about it being outside your scope, I’ve compiled a list of gifts that you can make this weekend without having to be a DIY guru. And best of all? They’re gifts that are sure to please your recipients and have them asking for more.

Natural Beauty Gifts

One of the fun ways you can show your love is by giving  the gift of pampering. Who wouldn’t love to get natural bath bombs, beautiful soaps, and body scrubs?

What I especially love about these beauty gifts is once you know the main process, you can mix it up and customize scents and ingredients to match who you give it to.

Home Decor and Cleaning

Make a house an even cozier home by crafting some practical items that your family and friends could use around their homes.

For those looking at going the next level, keep a close eye on what your friends mention they’d love to have and see if you can make something even more personalized.

Crafty Kid Gifts

Sure you can get the latest popular toy or video game for the young one(s) on your list, but wouldn’t be great to make something that will light their creative spark? All of these gifts are fun and encourage your special little ones to explore the world around them (and beyond).

If you have little ones at home, test out these gifts on them and see how much they love them!

Thoughts on Making Your Own Gifts

I hope these ideas inspire you to try something different when deciding on gifts to give. How many of you like to create your gifts? What have been some of the most popular ones? What DIY gifts have you received that you loved?

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