Cure the Post-Vacation Blues with These Savings Tips

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Can you believe it’s already October?! I hope you enjoyed the wonderful weather this summer, maybe even taking a few trips.

For us, it’s flown by this year with so many things going on: selling a house, family trips, and a wedding…a.k.a. spending money! We’re keeping an extra close eye on our budget because we’re trying to save money to continue furnishing our new house, while also keeping a buffer in case of emergencies.

How about you? Are you looking to save some extra money? Have you spent more than you planned this summer? If so, don’t stress. Whether you have a little extra time or want to try out some apps, it’s easy to get back on track and boost your savings.

Trimming the Budget

One of the easiest ways you can save is by optimizing your current bills. While you may find you can eliminate some bills, most times, you can keep the service you want just by asking around.

  • Get better rates on your cable and internet service. Even if you don’t want to cancel your service, it doesn’t hurt to call and ask about current deals. Cable companies are trying to keep you from “cutting the cord”, so take advantage of their desire to keep you as a customer!
  • Shop around for insurance. If you’re a member of a credit union, industry association, or warehouse club, you may be able to save a good chunk of money with your insurance.
  • Consider better cell phone deals. There are prepay options like StraightTalk that can trim your expenses. Disruptors like Republic Wireless and Ting may offer you even bigger savings. And the “Big 4” wireless companies are constantly launching new deals to compete. Don’t be afraid of switching: you can keep your number! If you’re nervous about switching services, check out Consumer Reports to get reviews.

Apps and Services to Help You Save

Today there are more services you can use that can help you save money. A few of my favorites right now are:

  • Mint: If you want a way to keep tabs on your spending, Mint is a wonderful free way to go. You can set-up your spending plan for the month and have Mint track how much you spend, alerting you through text and emails when you get close to your limit.
  • Digit: Want to bump up your investments? Digit can automatically move your money, but instead of saving, it goes to pre-selected portfolio.
  • Retailmenot: Coupons aren’t just something your mother clipped for the grocery store! You can get coupons and promo codes for thousands of online stores here. I never shop online without it.

How was your summer? What adventures did you have?

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  1. Are you saying there won’t be an extra $30 ($32.10 with tax) for “Turbotax Premier TY2014 Access from Deluxe”? I was livid about that extra purchase and I swore I would take my business elsewhere. Are you saying that there is only one purchase? I await your reply.

    William T. Ryan

  2. Which products are you using this year Turbo Tax? Last year you suddenly changed investments from Deluxe to Premiere, but didn’t tell anyone. Which one is which this year?

  3. Thank you for the tips on cutting costs and thinking smarter about expenditures. I have periodic valleys regarding monthly spending. I find that I’ve an issue with impulsivity. These past few months have been very distressful. However, with the determination and resolve (self-dicipline ),budgeting requires all’s well that ends well, as Shakespeare once wrote. Thanks again, Susan O.

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