3 Ways Millennials Are Saving This Summer

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The verdict appears to be in, Millennials love a good summertime deal. If you haven’t heard the news, those born between 1980 and 2000 learned a lot growing up in an unstable economy.

So much so that they’re being labeled by some as one of the most money-conscious generations since the post-WWII era.

How exactly are the Millennials accomplishing this feat?

What’s the best way to save money in this digital day and age?

The Social Media Experiment

Love it or hate, the social media platform is here to stay. Whether you’re sharing your status, your thoughts, your pictures, your current meal, or your latest video, it seems as though we will forever be able to give of ourselves, sending everything about us out to the interwebs.

Well guess what? Now you can share and receive your coupons online as well.

In fact, one of the best ways to stay current with the latest deals and rebate offers is to jump online, on your tablet, or on your phone and search for the exact product you need. And, like magic, a digital coupon will be at your fingertips.

Gone are the endless hours of searching, hunting, and navigating through piles and piles of paper to find that single money-saver in a haystack.

Sure, clipping coupons has its place and continues to serve a purpose, but when your shopping trip is meant for a single item instead of a cart-full of groceries, it’s nice to use coupon apps to save you time…and money.

A Money Savvy Generation

Question Everything…or so the line goes. Sure, like everything, you could take this idea too far and become a closet conspiracy theorist. But all kidding aside, when it comes to their money that they’re spending, Millennials love to ask, is there a better deal?

Millennials know what they want and how much they want to pay; a character trait that we should all develop.

Whether its price matching a box of popsicles or your electricity rates, searching for a better price is beneath no one.

No matter what your situation is, perseverance while searching for a better price always saves you money.

In the End

If there’s one more thing Millennials are known for, it’s their tenacity. They don’t give up, especially when there are dollars at stake.

We can all take a page from the Millennial playbook in this regard.

In whatever capacity you find yourself spending money this summer, don’t get beaten down by the non-stop barrage of price hikes.

Gas will be going up…food will be going up…everything will seem to rise.

But you can rise as well; rise above the average consumer and show the world that you’re not going to part with your money until you’ve got the best price.

Plan ahead, turn down your water heater this summer, research the free children’s camps around town, audit your home’s energy efficiency, and think outside the box when it comes to saving money.

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