10 Apps to Make Summer Travel Easy

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Apps make day-to-day life easier, and they can be your best travel companions this summer. Whether you need to look up flight reservations, manage your money, or find out where the cheapest gas is, these 10 apps will help you make the most of your summer vacation.


Price: Free

Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire

Catching up on the latest news, videos, and articles is a great way to pass the time while traveling. But without an Internet connection, your device can’t connect. That’s where Pocket comes in. The app stores online content on your phone, so you can read it later when you’re offline. So the next time you find yourself on a plane, train, bus, or in a hotel without Internet connection, Pocket will keep you entertained.

XE Currency

Price: Free

Devices: Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows 8

Don’t get shortchanged when exchanging a foreign currency. XE Currency lets you see current rate exchanges for every world currency and helps you easily calculate prices. Rates refresh every minute, so they’re always up to date—and you can use it even when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.


Price:  Free

Devices:  iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets

Keeping track of your finances can be difficult when traveling, but Mint.com has a free mobile app that allows you to conveniently and easily manage your money while on the go.  You can track everything from personalized budgets to how much cash your spending while on your trip, so next time you get travel fever you can take comfort in knowing this free app will help you keep within your travel budget.


Price: Free

Devices: Android, iPhone

Road warriors and frequent travelers with multiple rewards cards and accounts will find this useful app extremely helpful. Keep track of all your airfare, hotel, and credit card points, including your log in and account numbers, all in one place. The app will even alert you when points are about to expire, and you don’t need Internet to access it.

Packing Pro

Price: $2.99

Devices: iPad, iPhone

Pre-travel planning is the key to a stress-free vacation, and Packing Pro helps you remember everything you need to take with you. You can create your own lists, select templates, and set reminders for all those last-minute things you need to do or grab before you leave.


Price: $0.99

Devices: iPad, iPhone

Summer weather means strong UV rays—and that’s the last thing you want to worry about on vacation. This app will help protect you and fellow travelers by giving you a UV Index forecast for the day and telling you what SPF level of sunscreen you’ll need (even how long it will take you to burn!). Note, however, that it only works in the U.S.


Price: Free

Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone

For travelers hitting major U.S. cities, this app is the best way to save money at local attractions. Skip waiting in line and get discount tickets and detailed info, all on your phone. Plus, you can present your e-tickets straight from your phone (no printing or losing multiple tickets)—perfect for outings with a family or large group.


Price: Free

Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone

If you’re in a new city and have no idea where to go or what to do, this app will tell you exactly what you should do. Even better, it’ll consider the time of day, weather conditions, and operation hours of nearby attractions, and suggest the best activities for you to do—all without an Internet connection.

JetLag Genie

Price: $2.99

Devices: iPhone

Jet lag is one of the most inconvenient side effects of travel. Luckily, this app helps you make the best transition possible. JetLag Genie takes into account your flight schedule and natural sleep patterns, then gives you an action plan and tips to beat jet lag as quickly as possible.

Global Tipping Guide

Price: Free

Devices: Android

Tipping is customary in some countries; it can be insulting in others. For international travelers, this handy app will let you know what is acceptable in the country you’re visiting. It will also calculate your tips and give you an expense report for future reference.

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