State Health Insurance Marketplaces: How to Get Covered

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Under the new health care law, or Obamacare, each state will have an online health care marketplace (also known as an exchange) where people can shop for health insurance. These online health insurance marketplaces are designed to help you compare plan options and purchase the plan that fits your health care needs and budget.

Quick Tip: Did you know many people will be eligible for a tax credit or subsidy to help cover the cost of health insurance? Check out “What is a Health Care Subsidy?” to find out more.

The marketplaces are scheduled to open for people to compare and purchase health insurance on October 1, 2013.  Check out the links below to see information on state-by-state marketplaces.  Don’t see your state?  Check back for updates as the marketplaces continue to develop.

States with Established Health Insurance Marketplaces:





California: Covered California

Colorado: Connect for Health Colorado

Connecticut: Access Health CT


District of Columbia: DC Health Link



Hawaii: Hawai`i Health Connector

Idaho: Your Health Idaho





Kentucky: Kentucky’s Healthcare Connection



Maryland: Maryland Health Connection

Massachusetts: Massachusetts Health Connector


Minnesota: MNsure





Nevada: Nevada Health Link

New Hampshire:

New Jersey:

New Mexico: BeWellNM

New York: New York State of Health

North Carolina:

North Dakota:



Oregon: Cover Oregon


Rhode Island: HealthSource RI

South Carolina:

South Dakota:




Vermont: Vermont Health Connect


Washington: Washington Healthplanfinder

West Virginia:



Have specific questions about how this impacts you?  Ask them below or get health care reform answers in our TurboTax AnswerXchange .

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  1. yea i hate Obama!!!!!! i only make 7.25/hr single parent not getting child support cant get medicaid cause they say i make to much!! was working 40 hours now it got cut to 28 because of the stupid Obama care!!!!! I cant even get food stamps!!!! i tried to get a second job but they told me they dont want to work around my other jobs schedule and vice versa. ive been to the doctor o times in 20 years except for routine check ups. my son is 15 been 0 times except for routine check ups so what the heck!!!

  2. Does this law apply to those living and working overseas?
    A lot of US citizens live permanently overseas and are not residents of any state. Any helpful information would be appreciated.

  3. I love how this is called the ‘affordable” care act when I am now be asked to pay TWICE AS MUCH than I was paying before this ridiculous law was enacted! What a joke!

  4. I live in Washington State … The one that doesn’t have a web site to click to … Not sure what to do from here now … So this TurboTax notification didn’t help for WA State.

  5. What about US citizens who live and work overseas?
    Many of them are not considered residents of any state because of their residency in a foreign country and they file only federal income not state taxes.
    Where do they belong in this new healthcare system and are they eligible for coverage if they dont already have one?

  6. Nothing for the Washington state? Google searched what is listed since its not a link on this site. When I clicked on the website I was warned it is not a secure site. Therefore this article was useless to me.

  7. What a joke 2 times I have went in and entered all the info for it to come back and say web site not available at this time. Plus because I can’t afford my ins at work I can’t get help paying for it here. This is a joke joke joke. Plus how can the people who need ins the most fall in any kind of ‘gap’ like my son. He doesn’t make enough to get help with ins but isn’t blind or pregnant so he can’t get medicade duh stupid

    1. I’m having the same problem with my 20-yr-old daughter…seems the incentive is to become pregnant out of wedlock so she can get Medicaid. Really??? She makes about $6800/yr, but doesn’t qualify for a subsidy. This is totally ridiculous!!! How can she afford this?

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