"Recovery Rebate" Gives Some Taxpayers a Second Chance at 2009 Stimulus Payment

Economic Stimulus

If you didn’t get a tax stimulus payment in 2008, or only a partial payment based on your 2007 income, you could qualify for one in 2009.

You get a do-over using your 2008 income to qualify. Some people weren’t able to get a tax rebate because their incomes were either too high or too low. But a change in their financial situations in 2008, such as a job loss, could make them eligible to receive one in 2009.

But what if your 2008 return shows you would get you a lower payment than you did with your 2007 return? No worries. Just keep the difference — really. Also, if you have a baby or adopt a child in 2008, more good news. You could still get a stimulus payment for that child on your 2008 return.

Read more about the recovery rebate.


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  1. I pay taxes every year in the u.s. based on my retired military pension and I did not file taxes for the year 2007 and 2008. I have recently filed my 2007 taxes in May 2009. I been living in australia for ten years. Can I still file my taxes in americia and receive a stimulus payment.What do I have to do.

  2. i got a letter from IRS stating that my turbo tax calculated wrong and i owe an additional $1200. i have already paid $1300. it has to do with line 42 on the 1040A. whats up with this.

  3. does my family get a stimulas this time around? My husband is an active taxpayer using a ITN for about 14 yrs. I was born here in america and dont work because of epilepsy and collect permenet disabilty.We have three children who were also born here(usa).He makes very little considering he has no social #. This May we will recieve his workers permit and social # finally. We already did our taxes, is there a way so that my children and I can finally get our united states benifets like everyone else?

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