Vera Gibbons Simplifies Taxes


Allow me to introduce myself – I’m the newest TurboTax contributor, Vera Gibbons.

You may know me from MSNBC, where I work as an on air Financial Analyst. You’ll find me on set every Saturday (with anchor, Alex Witt), and occasionally during the week, depending on what the “news du jour” is. My job, essentially, is to decipher the economic data and explain to viewers why they should care, and how things like financial reform, healthcare reform, budget deficits, a weak dollar and quantitative easing affects them.

That’s what I’m good at – breaking down complex subjects, and speaking in a language that anyone can understand.

My background as a print reporter – I have written for Inc., SmartMoney, Kiplinger’s,, the New York Times; I currently write for Real Simple, Reuters, and AOL’s – has served me well. I have interviewed everyone from economists to fund managers and written about everything from the housing market to inflation.

And now: taxes.

This year, things may seem more complicated than ever, particularly the uncertainty surrounding provisions that expired at the end of 2009. Not to mention, the many provisions that are due to expire at the end of this year: Washington has done a lot of talking about extending them, but they haven’t done it yet (tick tock).

Any idea what any of this means to you and your overall tax strategy? Are there steps you can take now to ease the tax burden down the road? I’m here to help you figure this – and all things tax-related!

Feel free to leave any questions, comments, concerns here, and I’ll try to make this season a little less onerous.


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  1. I’m divorced recently, I have a job where my taxes are withheld. My former had a contract job and he did not have taxes withheld. I have a payment to the irs and im afraid my x wont pay his share and the irs will file a tax lien against my property. What can I do

  2. I want to take advantage of 0% capital gains this year. I think my taxable income is low enough but Turbo Tax keeps taxing my capital gains at 28%.

    My error or Turbo Tax?

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