TurboTax iPad App Helps You Tap Your Way to a Tax Refund

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Great news if you have an iPad and still need to file your taxes.  Today, we announced that TurboTax now has a new app for the iPad- combining the unparalleled ease and accuracy of  TurboTax with the convenience and portability of the iPad. TurboTax is the first and only app that lets taxpayers prepare and e-file their federal and state tax returns using only an iPad. So now you can tap, tap, tap your way to a refund.

Watch a short video of the iPad app in action:

Optimized for the iPad, the app lets users choose whether to work in landscape or portrait view and gives them the freedom to work on their taxes anytime and anywhere, even when they’re on the go.

Like all TurboTax products, TurboTax on the iPad guides people step-by-step through their returns to their maximum refund.  Customers can also e-file their return from the iPad and get a refund in as little as eight days with direct deposit.

To try it out, taxpayers can download the mobile app for free from the Apple App store and pay when they are done. Customers begin in TurboTax Deluxe, starting at $29.99 and based on their tax situation, and can choose TurboTax Premier or TurboTax Home & Business for an additional cost. State tax preparation is additional. All pricing includes e-filing at no additional cost.

After they have filed their taxes, for a true end-to-end iPad TurboTax tax experience,  taxpayers can check the status of their federal tax refund based on IRS projections with the free MyTaxRefund iPad app.

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  1. I just spent $64+ with the turbotax app and when I was ready to efile my return it said I cant efile it. I followed the instruction about clicking on home button and relaunching the app but still thesame thing. What a waste of time and money!

  2. it cost my 71 dollars to file both state and fed on my ipdad. then I get this email today filed 3 days ago and its 15 for state and free for fed. I am pissed off. I will never use turbo tax again swindlers.

  3. i used the Turbotax app for ipad. when i was ready to transmit, i was told i had used the deluxe version of Turbotax and would be charged $29. I contacted Turbotax via live chat and was given a code to use on my return to reduce my fee and when to look for the option to use the code. Since the field for the code had not shown up yet, i clicked continue and the Apple window popped up for my password. at no point after that was there a place to insert the code and now i am being charged for the $29. I went to the app and clicked to go to the developers page but it just took me to a main page with no help. my alternative is to drag out my laptop, connect to itunes but isnt that why i bought an ipad, not to have to use my laptop.. I have the code and copy of the chat. please help.

  4. I used turbo tax on my I pad, I am at work now with out it and wanted to finish it up on my computer at work. I see that it does not transfer to other computers. Why is that??

  5. So how do you pay for the filing? At the end it asks for my apple ID so is it paid for with like the App Store gift cards?

  6. I downloaded the app and it wont let me tranfer last years returns!!! Whats the point?? The whole bonus of using turbo tax is the convenience of it saving all your info from year to year!!!!

  7. The app is fantastic! Felt great knowing that everything had additional password protection, and it is so easy to use. The ‘help’ icons that explain certain terms or specific items are very useful and easily open and close.

  8. I have run into trouble e-filing my state return in the past, I’ve had to print and mail. Is that an option with the iPad app? Can you still generate copies to e-mail/save?

  9. I keep trying to download the app it said on the site it is available however when I click the link and it takes me to the app store it says the request could not be completed, I haven’t run in to these problems on any other apps it it not ready yet? Is there anything I need to do thanks for any help

  10. Sorry I left the wrong email. Please let me know about the app and why I can not find it in the store or when I click your link.

  11. I live in Arizona and have been trying to download Turbotax for Ipad 2, but It does not appear as an Ap option. Is there a reason why?

    1. Hi John,
      Our 2011 app for iPad will be available in January. Please check the blog for announcements.
      Thank you!
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

    1. Hi Jess,
      TurboTax for iPad 2010 does not support data from prior years(2009 and earlier), however good news TurboTax for iPad 2011 will support prior year transfer starting with 2010. Stay tuned for instructions on how to transfer your 2010 return.
      Here is other information that may be helpful:

      Thank you,
      Lisa Lewis

  12. Hi. Do you provide closed captioning for your product videos? I recently got an iPad and was curious about using TurboTax on it. The video on this page doesn’t have closed captioning so I couldn’t figure out all the features. I’m worried that the TurboTax app may use videos that don’t provide alternative scripts or closed captioning either.


    1. Hi Jeff,
      The videos do not provide closed captioning at this time, however they are only used as an addition to the tools we currently have on the support site. You will get all the assistance you need when you use TurboTax on your iPAD. There is an abundance of written content on our support site to help you with your questions and the features available. The content available is in the form of FAQs as well as a live community. In addition, TurboTax guides you through your tax preparation.

      I hope this helps you!

      Thank you,
      Lisa Lewis

  13. Hi Diane…Unfortunately this year you will not be able to transfer previous year information to the new iPad app.

  14. Hi Michael,

    The iPad app is free to download, so if you’ve already purchased the desktop version but not yet filed, you can still work on the iPad, then transfer it over to desktop to file/print. You just don’t want to file from the iPad as we would charge you at that point.

  15. Last night I purchased an iPad 2. For years I have purchased the OSX version of Turbotax, including for 2010, is it possible for me to obtain an evaluation copy of the 2010 Turbotax for the iPad, without additional cost? Or at least a viewer(reader) so I could use my return on the iPad?


    Michael mbohlig@cox.net

    Sat Mar 12 11:15am pst

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