TurboTax Bilingual Blog Launch Scheduled for January 2019

Announcements Turbo Tax Bilingual Blog Coming Soon

We are bilingual!  That’s right – in January 2019, we will be relaunching our TurboTax blog as a completely bilingual hub. You will be able to get relevant tax tips, tools and the latest news in your language of choice, English or Spanish.


What to expect in January:

  • You will be able to simply click the language toggle at the top of the blog homepage and will have immediate access to hundreds of pieces content in Spanish.
  • Whether you are looking for tips to maximize your tax refund or to understand how tax reform impacts your unique tax situation, te tenemos cubierto!
  • You will also have access to dozens of bilingual educational tools and interactive guides focused on helping you get every dollar you deserve at tax time.


TurboTax is committed to the Latino community by providing in language educational content that will empower Spanish speakers to take control of their finances starting with their own taxes.


Stay tuned! Nos vemos in January!

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  1. I haven’t seen anything yet about the new change regarding Alimony. The “Ex” that sends it can’t claim it as a deduction and the party receiving it doesn’t have to claim it as income. Is this true?

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