The TurboTax All Star Celebrity Treasure Hunt on NBC


If you’ve watched any TV lately, chances are you’ve seen an ad or two for TurboTax. You may have even caught some of the ads that feature talent from the NBC Universal shows in customized ads. This week, TurboTax will be sponsoring a first ever “primetime “ sponsorship takeover by an advertiser, with a “show within a show” event. Tune in on Sunday 1/30 to watch the NBC airing of “National Treasure” (8 to 11 p.m. ET/PT) …and be sure to watch the commercials!

The ‘All Star Celebrity Treasure Hunt’ hosted by Brooke Burns, takes place during the commercial breaks, and will pit three teams against each other in a challenging competition for the chance to win $50,000 for their designated charity. The teams include award-winning recording artist and actress Brandy Norwood, actress Lisa Rinna (“Dancing with the Stars”), and Jeremy Roenick, a former National Hockey League player and NBC analyst.

Just watching TV could earn you some cool prizes. Viewers can play along throughout the night at for their own chance to win $25,000 and other unique prizes. There are also multiple opportunities to win cool prizes online through April 18.

This special event incorporates how TurboTax provides easy, expert guidance to help people get their maximum refund. For example, the same way that the GPS system guides the ‘All Star Celebrity Treasure Hunt’ teams to their destinations, TurboTax helps guide taxpayers to their own treasure by identifying all the deductions and credits to which they are entitled.

For more information or to play along, go to

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  1. I thought this was the most incredibly moronic show I’ve ever seen. If I’m a stock holder of TurboTax, I’ve got to question the grotesque ignorance of anyone in power who would greenlight this insanely stupid program. Who are the imbeciles at TurboTax that said this was a good idea ? Whoever was ultimately responsible for approving this pathetic show should be fired, drawn & quartered and their heads checked any brain cells.

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic, a bunch of has been no talent losers parading around on a horrifically ignorant show or these losers agreeing to prostitute themselves for another few minutes of “celebrity”. The “charity” was only an excuse to get their talentless faces in front of a camera.

    This was truly embarassing for everyone involved, it was a complete waste of millions of dollars for TurboTax and of everyone who I’ve spoken to about this PR disaster universally considered the show a bad joke. TurboTax will lose more clients because of this and they should have given the millions of dollars in production costs directly to the charities.

    Why would anyone with 2 brain cells trust these clowns with something as serious as a tax return ???

  2. Thank you for your feedback about the Celebrity Treasure Hunt event. As a brand, we are always looking at trying new and creative ways to reach our customers and that allow them to engage with the brand in fun ways. We hope you’ll continue to support TurboTax.

  3. When are these media/marketing idiots realize that when they indulge in these ridiculous marketing antics they are actually driving customers away. I had done my taxes on turbtax but after watching this fiasco I am heading to H&R. Why would I pay a fee to a company that is just going turn around and spend it on stupid advertising. TV is getting so bad that we record everything…and I have coined the phrased “Power Watch” it later. Where do they find these add exec’s.

  4. The most offensive commercialism I’ve ever been victimized by. After the second commercial, when I realized the invasion was going to continue I changed channels. Plenty of other viewing options.

  5. I played the all-star celebrity treasure hunt and at the end, the page with my points flashed by for 3 seconds. I did not get a link to claim my points. Supposedly, the site said to login or register on the myNBC fan-it site, but when I did that I got nothing. I think it’s wrong and fraudulent to create a game that does not allow its contestants to claim their entries. From what I could see on the twitter posts many other entrants had the same problem. I think I may give the FCC and BBB (or whatever Federal agency deals with sweepstakes fraud) a call or email to report the wrong doing of NBC and Turbotax. Hopefully, someone will bring a class action lawsuit, because this game totally sucks, for lack of a better word.

      1. Hi Rawya,
        Thank you! We’re glad you are enjoying it. Check back for more up to date and interesting information.
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

  6. Unbelievably STUPID! Worse than watching commercials – oh yeah, they put regular commercials on afterward each segment — really lame, not to mention ridiculous “celebrities”. Right, really famous, huh?

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