TaxCaster Mobile App for Windows Phone 7 Arrives November 8!

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TurboTax today unveiled TaxCaster, our first app for Windows Phone 7 (WP7), at Microsoft’s annual Professional Developers Conference. TaxCaster provides a quick tax estimate so you can get a good idea if you will owe money or – hopefully – get a nice big tax refund. You can enter exact amounts or estimates to see what your fate will be come April 15.


TaxCaster takes full advantage of Microsoft’s easily styled controls and animations to create a compelling user experience. The pivot control enables you to quickly navigate through the application to enter your tax data.  TaxCaster builds on the momentum of Intuit’s innovative, multi-platform suite of mobile offerings for consumers and small businesses. We expect to introduce several new WP7 apps in the coming months.

TaxCaster is expected to be available for free download to Windows Phone 7 users in the U.S. on Nov. 8. Updated versions for the current tax year for all mobile platforms, including Android and iPhone apps, will be available in mid November.  Bloggers can also download it as a plugin here.

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  1. I would like to know if there is a number to reach a “REAL PERSON” I have obviously mis understood the 1040-es form and thought i was arranging payments for the 2011 tax I OWED. When I recived a letter from the IRS reguarding late fees and unpaid tax I almost died! Never have I owed before nor did I fully understand the TURBO TAX RIG-A-MAROLL…. I have made a payment now for what I MIGHT if anything owe next year. I do not want to may such payments as I understand now why I had to pay instead of recive a refund. I do not wish to pay you for taxe3s I MAY owe in the future. I also would like to apply the payment I have made to THE IRS FOR WHAT I ACTUALLY OWE. As I originally thought that was the case. I will never use TURBO TAX AGAIN AS IT IS EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING TO NOT GET HELP OR ANSWERS WHEN I OBVIOUSLY NEED THEM. I WILL CONTINUE TO TRY TO GET IN TOUCH WIth someone to get my payment applied to the proper dept at the IRS!! UNBELIEVABLE!

    1. Hi Mary,
      I am sorry you are having difficulties. Please call They should be able to help you.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  2. Why did the turbo tax program (deluxe) this year not generate a 5329 form for our early distribution of an IRA? (It did last year). I have put this question in your question section and it does not have an answer. WHERE IS THE PHONE NUMBER YOU STATE ON YOUR WEBSITE TO TALK TO AN EXPERT? I have been looking for this phone number for over an hour without any success.

  3. I will not be using turbotax on-line filing because i need information which is not provided in the search engine. I feel like I’ve wastwed precious time because there is no means to talk to someone who can answer a simple question

    1. Hi Robert,
      Sorry you are having difficulty, but our live tax expert offering is available through TurboTax online. It is the best way to be routed to an agent, because the program ask you specific questions so you can be routed to the appropriate agent related to your question category. You can also get to the live tax experts through our desk top products.
      What exactly is your question?
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis


    1. Hi Alfred,
      I’m not sure what type of 1099s you have. If they are 1099-Misc from your own business then you can use Home & Business, which will also be fine for every other form you need to file. If they are 1099s related to interest, you can use Deluxe. Also, regarding the Trusts, if you are receiving K-1s from 3 trusts, then either Deluxe or the Home & Business product will work for you. If you are the owner of the trusts and need to prepare a trust returns, then you need to use the Business product. Also, if you are filing for your family, you get unlimited federal returns and 5 free e-files.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  5. Hi Joel…You can ask your question and look for answers using the live community under support tab at It is free and includes lots of great information. Here is a direct link to a similar question you may want to look at as well or simply go into live community and ask “can I deduct what I pay into retirement plan”?

  6. I am a civial service worker and pay into my retirement plan. Can I deduct what I put into my retirement, on my 2010 taxes?

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