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Back by popular demand! Starting today taxpayers with tax questions can get an easy – and free – answer from a TurboTax expert.

How it works:

TurboTax will answer one personal, tax-related question for free through Jan. 31 at Anyone can submit a question – whether you use TurboTax or not. Simply submit a question online, and you’ll receive a personal call back at a time you request from a tax expert.

If you’ve been reading the TurboTax blog or glanced at recent news coverage, you know there are lots of tax savings opportunities this year tied to the Economic Stimulus plan. In fact, an estimated 95 percent of taxpayers are expected to benefit, whether they’re first-time homebuyers, Cash for Clunker recipients or college students.

Whatever your question is, tax experts are here to help. Our experts are highly qualified tax pros with extensive knowledge in tax law and with TurboTax software. They’re enrolled agents and experienced tax preparers with advanced education and they’re standing by to help you. This is the third year that TurboTax has offered Free Tax Question.

Questions after January? Not a problem.

If you have more than one question or you want answers beyond the January offer, TurboTax Live Community is free, and offers year-round, anytime access to online answers from a community of millions of TurboTax customers and tax experts.

You can type in a question and immediately find answers.

Giving taxpayers free options for their questions is another way TurboTax makes it easier to get more money in your pocket…and who doesn’t want that? There’s no purchase necessary to participate, but it is subject to availability, so be sure to take advantage of the free offer with your taxing question.

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  1. I received a $100.00 credit in 2010 from the City of Portland (Oregon) for a City Fee that was erroneously deposited by my CPA

    for a business that I sold in 2009. I now have a 2010 Form 1099-G for $100.00 that I need to put into my taxes someplace. It wants me to put it in as a business entry and I no longer have a business. Once you deposit anything to a business, it opens up a myriad of requirements. I don’t want that! Can I just include it onto one of the various forms without going through the guided systems?

    Thanks for your help.


  2. I have lived with my ex-husband for 20 years. Three years ago he was injured on the job and has been unable to work. He obviously has lived in my house for 12 months and I have provided for him. Can I claim him as a dependant.

  3. Does turbo tax automatically deduct federal taxes withheld from empolyers based on the id numbers for employers?

  4. Why dose the first page of my California return not match the offical form? This is the page with signature at the bottom. The top of the form is not formatted and has bunch of numbers in columns etc. thanks

  5. Was on unemployment in 2010 made 16,000 appr. they only took 1,400. appr. off have a dependent to claim and property taxes on my house will I get a refund?

  6. My son went into a Medical facility this year and was unable to pay any of his bills. As such, we had all of his paychecks, STD, and LTD dollars received deposited directly into my account so I could pay his bills for him using his money. In this situation, since I paid his medical bills using his money, can I deduct the medical payments made in 2010 on his income tax return? He is not a dependent on my return.

  7. If a dependent buys a home in 2010, but has no income to otherwise file taxes, and all related expenses regarding the home are paid by the tax payers, is it possible for the taxpayers to claim the home buyers credit instead of the dependent?

  8. Im trying to help a friend fill out his income taxhis taxable salary was 12081, he get soc security but none is taxable, he has now children and is low income, can he claim Making work pay credit and EIC?

  9. I have w-2 form, mortgage and form k1. I would like t know which Tootax should I buy. You have Basic,Deluxe, Premier and Home&business. Which one should I buy.

    Thank you

  10. I got married in October 2010. My husbands refunds have always gone to back child support. This is my last year inchapter 13 bankruptcy, which a portion of my refunds have gone to the court. How do we file our taqxes this year to ensure his child support and my chapter 13 all gets paid without losing EITC?

  11. I separated from my husband earlier this year. We havent filed legal separation or for a divorce. I have been recieving help from the state with the cost of daycare. Since we are still married can we file taxes together?

  12. My wife must take an MDR for 2010. We thought that taking money out of her IRA would satisfy this requirement. However, she has a 457 State of NJ deferred comp acct and we are told she must also take money out of that account. Is this correct and if so will there be a penalty because we have gone past Dec 31. If there is a penalty how much would it be?

  13. my wife works as a in home caregiver and uses her personal vehicle to go to and from clients homes.she only gets paid for time at clients homes and no drive time pay. is there any tax break we can use to help cover gas and wear and tear on our vehicle? if so what do we need to claim on taxes?

  14. ive been staying with my fiance for going on a year i have a 3 year old son whos not biologically his but he takes care of him because i have no income can my fiance claim my so on his taxes this yr

  15. My mother passes away 2 years ago. I was on the deed to her house but not the loan so I am now sole owner. I have continued to pay it and after fixing the house up I have now rented it. How do I claim the mortgage interest and property taxes I have paid through her mortgage company? There is little to no income from the property because of the cost of repairs and other losses. Do I have to continue to file a return in my deceased mother’s name until I can refinance?

  16. If my employer is paying my tuition, can I claim the amount on the 1098-T that the University sends me? As far as I know, the amount is not included on my salary on my w2 form. However, it is a benifit.

  17. I am a widow with two children. We recieve SS from my late husband and this is our only income since I was layed off work. My mother has been living with us for two years since my father passed away. I am not filing taxes this year and her accounten told her to file my children on her taxes. I need to know if this is legal? I have never done anything like this. She does live with us and her income does help out in the household but I don’t want to do anything that will affect the social security that I recieve to raise my children. If anyone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.

  18. My husband was laid off all of 2009 and received unemployment. I was employed and we have two children and own a home. I use Turbotax every year but am wondering: do we have to file jointly or can we file separately. And if we can file separately, which way is better since he is going to get hammered for receiving unemployment that was not taxed.

  19. I E-Filed my taxes and already received my refund.I then received a W-2 that I forgot about.I printed the 1040x amended return. My question is do I just enter the W-2 that wasn’t included in my original 1040ez or all my W-2’S

  20. Hello, I was paid a $25 per diem from my company last year whenever I was out of town overnight for M&IE. The federal per diem for my territory is $46 per day. Can I deduct the $21 difference under business travel expenses?

  21. my girlfriend and I purchased a house a year ago we file taxes seperatly, got our tax statement from the morgage co. can we file this seperatly or put it all on like my tax form how does this work

  22. I’m getting ready to purchase turbo-tax. The only major deduction I will have will be my home intrest. Can I get buy on just the basic package.

    thank you, Dennis

  23. I get reimbursement for my gas I put in my car for work at a average price per gallon for milage.It is determined by were you live.I also get paid 365 a month for my car.This is all done by a third party.They send us nothing for taxes cause they say it is tax free.How do I put this on my turbo tax were it won’t count a taxable income or does it count as taxable income if it is a reiumbursement.

  24. My daughter is 3 her biological Father is in prison and has no rights to her. I am not married and have not worked this year at all. The man I have been seeing for the past year has been our soul provider. Can he claim her as a dependent with my approval, since i have soul custody of her?

  25. Have taken a 25000 distribution in 2009 from IRA and converted it into a Roth IRA. I know I have to pay tax on the 25000. Why is Turbo Tax telling me I also have to either put some back or pay an annual tax of an additional 1500 because the Roth is overfunded?

  26. I am not sure if I qualify for the Life Time College Credit. I am currently in grad school but my tuition was paid for with loans…can I still account for the amount the tuition cost..or can I only tax the amount that I paid out of pocket only

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