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See Where You Truly Stand Financially with Turbo

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Ever wonder where you truly stand financially? Sure, you can get your credit score, but that is only part of the picture…not a holistic view of your financial health.

That’s why we’ve created Turbo, a free (yes, free!) financial health app that brings together your verified IRS-filed income, credit score and debt-to-income ratio: the three key numbers that matter most to your financial health, so you know where you truly stand financially.

For each of the three numbers, you get the “whys” behind it, key takeaways, and comparisons to people like you. Turbo also gives you customized advice and insights so you can begin to better understand your financial picture. Whether you are looking to save money, secure a loan, pay for college or buy a house, Turbo gives you the tools you need to make financial decisions with confidence.

You can find Turbo at and in the Apple App Store (coming soon for Android in Google Play). And if you are a TurboTax customer, when you finish your taxes this year you can choose to effortlessly transfer your tax return information into Turbo, bringing together your tax & credit report data to give you a more complete picture of your income, debt, credit score, and more – in one place.

Tell us your #RealMoneyTalk Story

Our goal with Turbo is to help you achieve your financial dreams.  And you can’t do that without getting real about money.  So we’ve kicked off a campaign today called “#RealMoneyTalk” to help break down the taboos about money.  Money talk can seem scary, but it doesn’t need to be.  So many people have experienced the same ups and downs – you’re not alone in how you feel.

It’s time we knock down this notion that talking about money is unacceptable. We want to hear your story! Join the conversation online with #RealMoneyTalk and follow @IntuitTurbo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  It’s the first step on your journey to financial health!


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  1. Love it!! Wish I could check when one or the other is ginna be deposited but that’s cool. Got my federal, waiting on state now. I trust then 100%!! Highly recommend!!

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