Infographic: Filing Your Taxes Online


Staying timely, with the IRS announcement that e-file is officially open, this image shows how people are filing their taxes.  Last year, taxpayers e-filed a record 95 million tax returns, about two-thirds of all individual federal returns filed. Consumer use of do-it-yourself tax software and online tax preparation Web sites, such as TurboTax, was up 20 percent last year, making tax software the fastest-growing tax preparation choice. Check out the TurboTax press release announcing the kick off of tax season for more information.

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  1. Now a Days when all the things and work are being done online to save your time.This is really a great thing that you can file tax online to save your time.

  2. Hi, TT folks —

    This is a good-looking graphic. However, some of the artistic rendering contradicts the numbers on display. For example, the pie reading 22/78 percent looks just like all the other pies, but *should* have one piece that is less than one-quarter and another that is greater than three-quarters.

    Also, what is the coloration on the US map supposed to signify? Oregon, Arizona and Texas are the same shade of blue, and yet clearly Texas far outstrips the other two for e-filing…. so it can’t be that…?

    Making these fixes would help your readers get more out of this visualization project.

  3. Is it ACTUALLY free this year. The last two years it was ADVERTISED as free but there was a charge for the process. The IRS says it is free. Before I buy the software I really want to know IS THE SUBMISSION to EFILE free?

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