Is TurboTax Right for Me?

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Fair question! And one we get a lot. The answer, most likely, is a resounding yes! But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’d rather you hear from some of the millions of people who count on TurboTax to help them get their biggest possible refund.

That’s why we have more than 100,000 unedited customer reviews right on our web site so you can see for yourself what people like you have to say about using TurboTax.

We want you to know that TurboTax can handle your unique tax situation, whether you just bought a home, had baby or retired.

We also want you to know that TurboTax is easy, accurate and a lot less expensive than going to a tax storefront or paid preparer.

You can find out what first time users have say, like Carrie from New Jersey:

“This is the first time I’ve done my own taxes and I found this to be extremely simple, user friendly, affordable and organized. I’ll never pay someone to do my taxes for me again. We’re second year homeowners and I thought doing our taxes would be complicated and confusing, but with this easy, but simple program, it was a breeze.”

Or get the details from someone who switched to TurboTax from a national tax storefront, like Tom from Virginia:

“After a bad experience with H&R Block, I turned to TurboTax for help. I have been using it for 5 years now and am in love! TurboTax is super easy to use and helps me maximize my refund. E-file is great. I get my refund direct deposited into my bank account in about 2 weeks. TurboTax is awesome. Truly awesome.”

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