The Days of Our Lives

Taxes 101

There are 105 days between Jan. 1 and April 15. Most of these days are just normal weekdays and weekends. At some point during one of these days, about 130 million people will dedicate some time to doing their taxes. Another 10 million, by the way, will procrastinate and file an extension – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But between now and then, there are some special days that I think deserve a shout out. These days get the shaft, passed over in favor of the ‘big’ days.

We just passed “Make Your Dreams Come True Day” (Jan. 13) and one of my personal favorites, “National Nothing Day” (Jan. 16). I hope none of you did anything!

But never fear, not only do we have some oldies but goodies – Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day and April Fools’ Day – coming up, we’ve got some other gems as well:


21           National Hugging Day

25           Opposite Day

29           National Puzzle Day


8             Fly a Kite Day

20           Love Your Pet Day

22           Be Humble Day


1              Share a Smile Day

9             Employee Appreciation Day

22           National Goof Off Day (seriously!)


7              No Housework Day (because you’ll be doing your taxes)

14           International Moment of Laughter Day (because you’ll be so thrilled you finished your taxes)

15           Tax Day

27           Tell a Story Day (which is exactly what you’ll be doing to the IRS if you don’t file your taxes on time)

Are these all the exciting days between now and April 15? Nope, not even close. I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone who celebrates Umbrella Day (Feb. 10) or International Waffle Day (Mar. 25). I only want to shine a little light on some of these humble days that seem like they should have really taken off, but didn’t. I mean, have you ever seen a card for National Goof Off Day? I think that’s a shame.

But we can do something about it! We can help make every crazy, random holiday feel extra special. So, let me know what other days I missed and which one is your favorite in comments. The twentieth person who leaves a comment gets free TurboTax this year.

Because I think every day should feel as wonderful as Donut Day (Jun 1) or Lazy Day (Aug. 10). Both of which should be national holidays if you ask me.