Free Tax Help for Tax Procrastinators

Tax Tips

Yep, you read it right. There are plenty of free options to help you complete your taxes before the looming deadline, or after, if you’re going to throw in the towel and file for an extension. Doing that, by the way, officially makes you a tax slacker! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But where to start looking for all these amazing freebies, you ask? I know you won’t be surprised when I tell you that TurboTax has got you covered.

Got tax questions?

Here are some great ways to get free answers:

Facebook: All you Facebook fans can join TurboTax for our live TurboChat with tax expert, Bob Meighan, CPA tomorrow, Weds. April 14, 10-10:30 a.m. PST. You can ask any last-minute burning tax questions you’ve got.

TurboTax Live Community: Get answers to your tax and product questions from tax experts and other TurboTax customers through the Live Community. Since Live Community began, more than 10 million people have used it to easily search and find answers to their questions.

Twitter: Are you one of the almost 100 million people sending 140 character tweets to your friends on Twitter? This year, for the first time, you can simply tweet your question to @teamturbotax on Twitter to get tax and tech help. If you’re curious, see what people are saying about taxes on Twitter.

Of course, there are also lots of helpful (and free) FAQs online and, if you want to go old school, you can pick up the phone and contact TurboTax customer care.

Do your taxes for free:

Not only is TurboTax dishing out free answers, we’ve got free tax prep options for you too.

Free File: If your adjusted gross income is $57,000 or less, you can prepare and e-file your federal return for free through the IRS Free File program at

TurboTax Online Free Edition: Got a simple tax return? Regardless of your income, you can prepare and e-file your federal return at no charge.

And, if you’re among the approximately 10 million people who choose to ignore April 15 altogether, you can file an extension through TurboTax.

For those of you who’re counting, ‘free’ shows up 10 times. That’s 10 good reasons to just get on with your taxes (for free). I think you get the message.