IRS Update: IRS Accepting Final Tax Forms Impacted by Late Tax Law Changes

Tax News

Good news for taxpayers who have been waiting for the IRS to begin processing returns that include Residential Energy Credit (Form 5695), Mortgage Interest Credit (Form 8396), and the General Business Credit (Form 3800).

The IRS began accepting the last group of forms impacted by late tax legislation today, Monday, March 4.


This includes:

  • Residential Energy Credit(Form 5695) – This tax credit may save you up to $500 if you purchased energy efficient windows, doors, roofs, and insulation.
  • Mortgage Interest Credit (Form 8396) –  Lower income individuals may receive an additional tax credit for part of their home mortgage interest paid.

Most of the other forms are related to business tax credits or tax credits and deductions that impact more complex tax returns.  For a complete list of forms please see the IRS list of forms.

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The IRS began accepting tax returns for the vast majority of taxpayers on January 30. As of today, March 4, the IRS began accepting and processing all 2012 tax returns..

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