Turning the Page: Common Ways to Save on Textbook Shopping [Infographic]

Every year back-to-school comes far too soon for not only students, but parents. With the extensive list of books and supplies required and the rise in prices, parents and students are always trying to find different cost saving alternatives. The U.S. economy has impacted back-to-school and back-to-college plans, but take a look at our infographic to find common ways students are buying textbooks to save on these education costs. Full story

It’s the Fourth of July: Independence Day Boost the Economy

It’s the Fourth of July: Independence Day Boost the Economy

Independence day is here! The day we remember those who fought for our independence in the past and honor our heroic military troops of the present. It’s also a day we celebrate with our families and friends by doing everything from firing up the grill to attending explosive firework shows.Our infographic shows you everything from how much Americans spend on Independence Day to how many millions of dollars in damage their personal firework celebrations are causing. Full story

College Grads and Gifts That Keep Giving [Infographic]

May and June are exciting months for college grads, parents, and relatives, as college graduates take that final walk across the stage and grab that much anticipated diploma. Parents and relatives are so excited this year, that they are expected to reward the Class of 2012 with $4.7 billion in gift cards, cash, electronics, apparel and other presents. Take a look at our graphical presentation of the college gift giving trends and student loan debt. Full story