"Recovery Rebate" Gives Some Taxpayers a Second Chance at 2009 Stimulus Payment

Economic Stimulus

If you didn’t get a tax stimulus payment in 2008, or only a partial payment based on your 2007 income, you could qualify for one in 2009.

You get a do-over using your 2008 income to qualify. Some people weren’t able to get a tax rebate because their incomes were either too high or too low. But a change in their financial situations in 2008, such as a job loss, could make them eligible to receive one in 2009.

But what if your 2008 return shows you would get you a lower payment than you did with your 2007 return? No worries. Just keep the difference — really. Also, if you have a baby or adopt a child in 2008, more good news. You could still get a stimulus payment for that child on your 2008 return.

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