TurboTax Employees Connect with Customers


Ever wonder who’s behind your TurboTax software? We have more than a thousand employees who build and support TurboTax. They’re tax experts, engineers, product managers and developers, customer support agents and lots of other folks who work hard to make TurboTax easy.

Each of these employees has the opportunity to connect directly with customers so they can better understand what questions you have and to learn more about how we can make TurboTax even better. In fact, more than 85 percent of all TurboTax employees spend time with customers – that’s true across the team, from the GM of the TurboTax business down.

Last week, during one of the busiest filing periods, TurboTax employees from every part of the organization came together to help customers. They took time out of their day job to answer questions via phone, chat, email, even through Twitter.

There’s nothing more important to us than helping our customers. It’s part of what makes Intuit a great place to work. Our focus on delighting you.