Where’s My Tax Refund if I Paid TurboTax Fees Out of My Refund?

Many of you may be wondering where your tax refund is after you’ve filed your taxes. For those of you that opted to have TurboTax fees taken out of your tax refund, we have created a visual breakdown of the process your refund goes through from when the IRS gives you an expected deposit date to when your refund will be made available to you at your bank.


Lisa Lewis is a CPA and the TurboTax Blog Editor. Lisa has 15 years of experience in tax preparation. Her success is attributed to being able to interpret tax laws and help clients better understand them. Lisa also has been a TurboTax product user for many years and understands how the software program works. In addition to extensive tax experience, Lisa also has a very well-rounded professional background. She has held positions as a public auditor, controller, and operations manager. Prior to becoming the TurboTax Blog Editor, she was a Technical Writer for the TurboTax Consumer Group and worked on a project to write new FAQs to help customers better understand tax laws. She could also be seen helping TurboTax customers with tax questions during Lifeline. For Lisa, getting timely and accurate information out to customers to help them is paramount.

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  1. You only paid for your Federal return the first time, the State fees were the cost to purchase the Turbo Tax software, even if done online. The second time you had to pay for Turbo Tax to submit your state return electronically, which the program doesnt charge you for on your Federal return. If you filed the State return by mailing it in it would have not cost anything when you actually filed it (2nd time). As for not receiving the State return by 3 weeks, every state is different and Turbo Tax on proclaims that you will receive your Federal return within 2-3 weeks in 9 out of 10 cases. Anyway, I hope I helped clarify things a little and also hope you have received your state return by now as its been almost 3 more weeks since you asked this question. Good luck and enjoy your day and many happy returns!

  2. I paid out of my refund for State out of the Federal return and then when I filed my state I had to pay again with a credit card to get the State to process. Its been over three weeks and still don’t have my State return

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