Love and Marriage: How Much Are You Paying Uncle Sam for Your Wedding [Infographic]?

Wedding costs are back on the rise with the average cost for tying the knot at about $28,000 in 2012. Newlyweds (or their families) are spending more due to regained confidence in the economy and all the new amenities available for guests (everything from photo booths to cartoonists).  Our infographic looks at the average costs of wedding expenses and the sales tax associated with those costs.

Infographic by Column Five Media

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  1. You left out the cost of using a Church [in "Venue" costs], the honorarium to the minister, AND THE ORGANIST’S FEE.
    Everyone forgets to pay the organist!!! Some Churches reimburse the organist from a fee they collect for the wedding, but not all do so!
    Especially Roman Catholic churches don’t, it’s up to the wedding party to PAY THE ORGANIST!
    I have to pay income tax on the wedding fees I receive, so even if the wedding party doesn’t have to pay taxes in the fee they pay me, you should include it in your liset.
    A liturgical church organist.

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