IRS Update: They Will Begin Accepting Tax Returns with Education Credits and Depreciation

The IRS began accepting tax returns for a vast majority of taxpayers on January 30.  However, the IRS stated that they were not processing tax returns for a small number of taxpayers filing certain tax forms, including certain Education Credits and Depreciation and Amortization.  For taxpayers claiming those forms, there is some good news today!

The IRS announced today that on February 14, they will begin processing tax returns that contain form 8863 with Education Credits.  Form 8863 is used to claim two higher education credits — the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.


They also announced that on February 10, they will begin processing tax returns that contain Form 4562, Depreciation and Amortization.

The IRS will begin accepting all other tax forms that are not yet being accepted due to late tax law changes the first week in March.  We will update the blog with the exact date as soon as the IRS announces what date that will be. Not sure if your file one of these forms?  Here is the full list of the forms that will be accepted the first week of March.

TurboTax is up to date with all tax law changes, so you can file today and feel confident that your will get every deduction and credit you deserve.  And remember, if you have any questions, only TurboTax lets you talk to CPAs, enrolled agents and tax attorneys as often as you like while you prepare your return, free.

You can read the IRS full announcement here.


Lisa Lewis is a CPA and the TurboTax Blog Editor. Lisa has 15 years of experience in tax preparation. Her success is attributed to being able to interpret tax laws and help clients better understand them. Lisa also has been a TurboTax product user for many years and understands how the software program works. In addition to extensive tax experience, Lisa also has a very well-rounded professional background. She has held positions as a public auditor, controller, and operations manager. Prior to becoming the TurboTax Blog Editor, she was a Technical Writer for the TurboTax Consumer Group and worked on a project to write new FAQs to help customers better understand tax laws. She could also be seen helping TurboTax customers with tax questions during Lifeline. For Lisa, getting timely and accurate information out to customers to help them is paramount.

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  1. I filed my taxes with Turbo Tax on Jan. 29. It shows as it has been accepted by Irs and State. Irs Wheres my refund shows only accepted. My State Wheres My Refund does not even recognize my information. Why are some people who filed after me already getting their refund and we have not even being approved or even recognized?

  2. i was accepted on july 30th and got a DD between 7-9 of aug. well that passed and got a message saying oops were sorry we did not deliver your refund when estimated.. but good news i should get it between now and the 19th of aug.. now its saying you should have your money by now do you? NO I DO NOT.. what is ging on?

  3. I talked with someone last week who told me that mine was pulled because I claimed the education credit with no wages and that was one of the tactics used for fraud. I told him plenty of people attend school and don’t work…he agreed but states that is why it’s being held and I just have to wait till the agent who has been assigned my case gets to it and verifies it.

  4. I discovered your blog site on google and check a couple of of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the rather beneficial operate. I just additional up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to reading a lot more from you later on!

  5. I submitted my return mid-January. I was audited and had to confirm my identity and spoke with the I.R.S. mid-March, the lady said she re-entered it for processing. It will have been approximately three weeks as of tomorrow, yet there is still no update! What are the delays? I know a fellow student who took her taxes to Jackson Hewitt and received hers months ago which is why I will not be a returning Turbo-Tax customer and absolutely will not be paying for what has been a nightmare. You’re Welcome!

  6. Got a notification my refund was received my the IRS on Feb. 19th. I still don’t have a date and where’s my refund has been saying it is still being processed and a date will be provided when available. It has been saying that for a few weeks now. I filed with the student credit. I know it is taking longer for students, but how long should it take? It is getting pretty ridiculous.

  7. Hi Lisa, I am a full time college student who filed a 1098T form, on Feb. 17th with Turbo Tax online… it was accepted & I was notified it would arrive NO LATER than March 10th, well the 10th came & went & I have not received any updates of any kind since. I even went into a pro tax place to make sure I did everything correctly…I did & still nothing….Do you know why, or what happened or how long this maybe for? I really appreciate your time~Warm Regards,

  8. I did not know about the two college credits and my son has been going to college full time for three years can I amend I owed the IRS does that mean they may have to pay me back.

  9. I filed on 2-7 have not heard a thing until today when I called the IRS they are telling me it may be as late as 4-21 before I get mine!!! Can we startcharging iinterest and fees since they would do the same??

  10. Same thing going on with a friend of mine Ridiculas no letter before now but fingers crossed it is sooner then a month

  11. I efiled the 15 with an education credit and was excepted the 16th. It’s clearly been over 21 days and the only update I received was still being processed, a refund date will be given when available. I called the IRS as of today and spoke with someone who claimed my return had an error that needed to be corrected, then changed to not needing to be corrected. She said it will be another 4 weeks till I recieve my refund. Does any one know why this happends. On the 19th day of waiting I called the company I filed with to ask why it was still processing, she said the education credit was backed up. I asked if there were any mistakes on my return and she said no. Has anyone had this happened to them? If there had been an error why did I not recieve anything from anyone?

    • I filed on January 28 and the irs accepted my return on Feb 14 and is still processing as well and is saying the same refund date will be available and I called the irs on Feb 7 amd the guy said that that was the last day for education credit to be processed that my return should be approved by that Sat well it wuznt and I called the irs back on Mon 11 and the lady told me I was gettin the run around and she didn’t know why ppl were tellin me that

    • Is there a number that you called, every time I call I only get the automated message and no matter what I do, I can’t get through to talk to a real person. Is so frustrating! I filed Feb 11, accepted Feb 14 and still no DD. refund states just shows it is still processing and refund date will be provided when available.

      • I understand your frustration…but talking to someone usually doesn’t get any answers either…

    • Hi…I filed in January and it kicked it out on the 31st. I refiled and it was accepted on 02/15 and pulled on 02/26. All I had was education credit, no wages, etc. I know someone else did the same and rec’d theirs back in 2 weeks. They don’t know why it’s being held and I haven’t rec’d any rejection codes..just still processing.

  12. Does anyone know what the number is to call . Everytime my husband or I call we get an automated person and can not talk to a real person. Anyone that can tell us how to do this so we can find out when we will receive ours we would apperciate it

    • I filed on Feb 11, federal return was accepted on the 14th and I am still waiting for my DD!! Is anyone experiencing this problem still? I am stressing out!!!!

      • I have heard many are sitting in errors that its changed format of a few questions and did not notify tax software people until after they were filed. A friend was told next month and has a form to fax back . I am sorry for all of you -:(

  13. After waiting since Jan. 24 when my return was accepted by the IRS, and waiting even more for Feb. 14 to roll around due to Form-8863, I finally got my refund today! I had to call the IRS for my direct deposit date because the “Where’s My Refund” tool was not updating as it should, nevertheless, I got my refund when they said I would! Hallelujah!

  14. my federal with educational credits was accepted on the feb14th, then on was being processed until feb 23rd, now saying being reviewed and will send notice within 30days, anybody else get this

  15. Okay, so I was one of the early filers who filed on Jan. 14 with Form-8863 and got accepted on Jan. 24. After calling the IRS several times this week and hearing different things from different agents, the last agent I spoke to yesterday let me know that my refund had been approved and the direct deposit date was Feb. 27. I had been told by previous agents that my return got accepted on the 20th of February, then the 19th of February. Finally, the last agent I spoke to on Feb. 22 at the end of the day told me that my return had been accepted on Jan. 24, but did not go through for processing until Feb. 14 due to Form-8863 and my direct deposit date is Feb. 27. Also, the agent let me know that he will inform his manager that “Where’s my Refund” had not given me the updated information. Today, “Where’s my Refund” also states that my direct deposit date is Feb. 27. It almost seems as if you have to call the IRS to get your return moving! The number I kept calling was 1-800-829-0582 ext. 462. I will definitely let you guys know if and when I actually see my refund in my account so that you can also have a good idea about when you can expect your own refund. It has been a stressful month and I thank everyone who was considerate enough to share their information with the rest us us! Good luck to everyone who have yet to get a direct deposit date, I am sure it is coming soon!

  16. Ok I filed on January 26th received email that accepted on 2/15 my status changed to still processing yesterday 2/21 I was able to.order transcript …today 2/22 my refund will be DD 2/26…I owe also.and there is no delay I hope this help someone

  17. Hey all Form 8863 filers. I have tried three times today getting through to the IRS only to be told when transferred to call back another day because that extension is too busy. Last night when I called in they told me and I quote “the only information we can give is what is available on WMR” Anybody else hear this. By the way my return was accepted on Jan. 25th and I had Form 8863 credits. So anybody have any information for me or anybody with Form 8863 receive their refund yet?

    • I filed the 30th but they didn’t accept it tell the 14th of feb! But my status has been saying processing for over a week and half!! And I’ve called IRS 4 times and finally someone researched my refund and they told me shouldn’t take much longer.. Call the 1-800-829-1954 or 1-800-829-1040 and. Keep pressing numbers tell it transfers u to someone nd ask them to research your case

    • Did TurboTax tell you the IRS accepted your return on Jan. 25? Because if it was TurboTax, they lied! I talked to the IRS yesterday and they told me that they just accepted my return on Feb. 20! I filed back on Jan. 14, got an email from TurboTax on Jan. 24 telling me that the IRS had accepted my return, only to find out otherwise! Today I sit here with no refund, much less a DD date! Meanwhile, other people who filed later than me with Form 8863 are getting DD dates! TurboTax blows!

    • paul you have to call this number 1800 829 0582 ext 462. and they will give you a dd the wmr is not giving current info. the man i talk to told me my return processed on 2/06 and my 21 days started from that date. even though i was accepted 1/25 and put on hold cause of 8863 for. The man explain that the early filers were on hold cause of the delay and also depends on the colleges getting the info to the irs to process these returns. He said your return started processing from the day the irs received info from the college. my info was received on 2/06 and they processed my return. It didnt start the 2/14 that was for people who didnt file their taxes before the delay was announced. he gave me a dd for 2/27. Hope this helps out.

    • Recieved a direct deposit due date of Feb 27th…
      YAY… LOL.. Actually I wasnt laughing after i recieved the update because shortly after I recieved an email from turbotax saying I owed them 71 dollars because I owed out my taxes and their wasnt enough funds to cover the charges… I knew i owed a very small amount out so I was left very confused as to what happen to my refund. Afetr hours of tring to get intouch with TT and the IRS without success I wasnt very happy.. Then this morning I recieved another notice from TT stating they sent the message in error and to disregard it… ARE YOU KIDDING ME TT.. After all the waiting and BS you put us threw for the last month then you go and MESS up yet again…. I have been using tt for many years but I dont think I will be using them anylonger.. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER…..
      I also do an average of 20 returns for friends and family..

  18. Good news….people with form 8863 are now get DD days. My day is on the 26th and a friend of mine’s DD is the 25th. Hopefully we all will have our refund before the month is over!!!

  19. I would think if i was management of this company I would be helping my customers at least calling IRS finding out why you are making mr look bad accepting returns then telling people no we got it days latter . Disgusted

  20. Check this out! I just got off the phone with the IRS and they said that they just accepted my return yesterday Feb. 20, despite TurboTax telling me that it was accepted back on Jan. 24! This is really bad business on TurboTax’s behalf because they should not have accepted payment and let people file before the IRS was accepting returns, especially if your return contained one of the delayed forms! Not only that, I never had the opportunity to re-file without Form-8863, in my case, because my return was held by TurboTax! Hearing today that my return was just accepted yesterday is just demoralizing when I could have been given the heads up to wait until Feb. 14 when the IRS was accepting Form-8863 or file without Form-8863 on Jan. 30 and amend later! Now I have to start counting the 21 days the IRS has to give me my refund starting on Feb. 20 when I filled back on Jan. 14! I would definitely call the IRS if I was someone who filed early with Form-8863 to find out the ACTUAL date of acceptance. I know that the whole delay in filing and the delay in filing certain forms was the decision of the IRS, but it was TurboTax who could have approached this tax season with more professionalism and allowed it’s customers more options and given more information with regard to the delays and possible alternative actions! TurboTax accepted my payment and told me that my return had been accepted by the IRS, when it had not, did not allow me to re-file, and did not give me accurate information! Shame on you TurboTax!

    • Here is another lie from turbo tax. I am going to call IRS now

      Just got off the phone with TT. Here is the conversation;
      You have been connected to 10_Paris S.
      10_Paris S: Hello, and thank you for using TurboTax. My name is Paris, and I will be assisting you today. Before we get started, could you please confirm your email address?
      Deb Thompson:
      10_Paris S: Thank you. We use your email to document this conversation, as well as to send out a survey in about 24 hours to ensure that I have done everything in my power to resolve your issue today. Would you mind filling out the survey upon arrival?
      Deb Thompson: yes I will
      10_Paris S: Thank you. How may I assist you today?
      Deb Thompson: I am trying to find out my status of my taxes like everybody else. I filed on the 30th, was told my a Brandon at TT that they were scheduled to go on the14th, I spoke with someone last week, who said I looked at your file but can’t tell you, so I am getting a little frustrated.
      10_Paris S: Ok, so you just want to know the filing status?
      Deb Thompson: yes
      10_Paris S: Ok, give me just a moment to pull up your filing records.
      Deb Thompson: OK
      10_Paris S: Is the email address y ou gave the one that you filed under?
      Deb Thompson: yes
      10_Paris S: Ok, both of your returns are with the IRS. Your state return was accepted, and the federal is delyaed because the IRS is not ready to review a specific form you have in your return.
      Deb Thompson: the only form that is still holding it up is #### which in turbo tax, it states that some of them would go today
      10_Paris S: The form is Form 4562 – Depreciation
      Deb Thompson: I thought that was ready on the 10th of February
      10_Paris S: It may have been ready for you to use and fill out.
      Deb Thompson: On the IRS website, it states that they will start processing forms with #### on the 10th
      10_Paris S: I apologize, but that is the message the IRS has given us regarding your return.
      Deb Thompson: OK I will call them. Goodbye

      • I am mad turbo tax took my money on the29th and never warned me I could not file till mid feb. I was getting error messages over the weekend at where my refund so I called Monday said they just received my return bs Friday it showed on there site. Point is The IRS does not have there act together either.. So I am hoping I get my return next week but not holding my breath
        Form 8883 education credit

  21. I filed 1/26, accepted 1/29. Has been in “PROCESS” Mode for almost two weeks.I have the education credit as well. I believe this was intentional on the IRS part to hold up $$. My husband pays in and there is NO hold up on that return,:PAY! The Gov. is a mess….!

  22. Can anyone tell me what this forms is form?
    Passive Activity Loss Limitations?
    And no i did not file for any real estate.

    • Neither did I, we did do Schedule C for 1099 Misc with Car expenses, but we have no real estate or assets and we have Passice Loss on ours. I don’t think we will ever get our taxes accepted

  23. I have been getting the run around from turbotax. I filed on the 30th, told I had to wait because or form 4562, fine. then a brandon from turbotax last week said it went on the 14th, wait till Monday and if I did not get an acknowledgement to call back turbotax. Well I called back turbotax, and this is what they said. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE
    All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
    You have been connected to 04_Joy S.
    04_Joy S: How may I help you today?
    Deb Thompson: trying to find status on my tax returns, keep getting different answers from TT agents
    Deb Thompson: last thursday and TT agent told me that it was sent to IRS and I should here by Monday at the latest
    Deb Thompson: Social Security # ###-##-####
    04_Joy S: Go to check on my efiling status.
    Deb Thompson: I HAVE I filed it on the 30th, then I was today that on the 14th it would go still waiting. I know how to check my efile status
    04_Joy S: Then what exactly would you like me to do?
    Deb Thompson: Why hasn’t it been received by the IRS last week Brandon from Turbotax said that it was sent on Thursday the 14th, ( I orginally filed on Jan 30)and if I did not hear back that it was either accepted or rejected to call TurboTax back again.
    04_Joy S: I checked your efiling status but I am not allowed to tell you.
    Deb Thompson: excuse me, why not I had not problem before
    04_Joy S: Our policy has changed cause of certain reasons. All I am aloowed to say is that delayed cause of certain forms.
    Deb Thompson: IS there a supervisor I can talk to because lst week it said turbotax said it was sent to the IRS
    Deb Thompson: or I email address to find out what is going on with my tax return
    04_Joy S: That are not processing it cause of certain forms in your return. That is all.
    Deb Thompson: then why was I told something different last week from Brandon.
    04_Joy S: Probably because the IRS was accepting certain forms on the 14th and then delayed certain other ones later.
    Deb Thompson: Thank you TUrbo Tax is such a great help

      • I filed H&R and I am having the same issue. I filed February 8th and still have yet to receive anything!

      • Friend in deep financial trouble called tax advocate she got hers back in less then a week

    • My husband builds websites and we claimed our internet bill and his cell phone bill and in doing that we now have thet form. Its just being held captive!

  24. What is going on with the people who”accidently” were put into an error batch with the irs because turbo tax sent too earily

  25. What is the number to talk to a real person from the IRS? I can only get an automated machine that doesn’t help me at all.

  26. Had code 9001 show up yesterday after accepted spoke to nice irs agent who says well it is just showing received today. She spent awhile researching fine more information. Just being a widow who had to front money because of incompetant fed contract dr. I am scared if something happens my savings is depleted

  27. I filed my taxes 1-25, state return has been accepted however the federal is still pending as of today. I had depreciation / form 4562. should I be worried about the lack of movement on my tax returns on the federal side?

  28. I files the 16th of January and was accepted right away and my status has not changed from processing since then. They asid it takes 72 hours for things to change with the education credit from the 14th…has anyone seen anything different? And is it 21 days for us from the 14th now and not from when we originally got accepted? I see a lot of people have gotten emails telling them about the delays and I never got anything. This is super frustrating. I don’t know about anyone else but this is a crappy group of people to delay. Most students are the ones that really need money.

    • Jessica, I also filed in Jan. (24), accepted 2 days later but still processing 24 days later. They should have had all this ready 12/31. The Gov. is a hot mess. I get no different info when calling either. I wn’t use TT next year either.

  29. Is it possible to get an update to the wheres my refund app tonight or Monday or do I have to wait till Tuesday….

  30. I efile my tax on Feb 6. Stated accepted, but NOT Federal. I only claim student credit. Why my status is still pending? Today is Feb 17
    Turbotax is NOT Help at all. I am afraid I will switch to H&R next year!

  31. I filed on the 31st of January with form 1098 for student loan payments and here it is the 17th and mine still says the irs isnt ready to process it yet. My husband was told on the 14th that the irs had 72 hours to either reject or accept our return and here it is the 17th. Lets see what happens before midnight. Has anyone else heard this?,

      • And see i dont get it. I only paid like less than 500on my student loans so i Dont see what is so difficult about that. Its judt so frustrating.

    • This is what I found:

      IRS Starts Processing Returns With Form 8863

      Updated: 2/15/2013

      Article ID: GEN83271

      UPDATE: February 14, 2013

      On February 14th, the IRS began processing returns that include Form 8863.

      Please be aware that your return will remain in “Pending” status for another 24-72 hours after February 14, as the IRS works through the backlog of stockpiled returns. Also, if your federal return is being held, your state return may also be delayed. Some state tax authorities require that the federal return is accepted before they can start processing.

      Note: Don’t worry if your tax return includes these education credits and has already been accepted by the IRS. You don’t need to do anything on your end. We will communicate with you directly to let you know when we are transmitting your return to the IRS. Once your return has been accepted by the IRS, you can expect to receive your refund in 21 days or less.

      But does anyone know if this is Business or man hours?

  32. My federal return was accepted on Jan. 26, 2013 with the 8863 form. My question is now that Feb. 14th has come and gone, how much longer will it be before my return is processed as it is still being processed 2 days later?

  33. I filled with h&r block on 1/30 and it was with the education credit I was told it wouldn’t be accepted tell the 14th well it was accepted at 1am on the 14th and I log on to the where’s my refund and it keeps telling me wait 24hrs to check after getting a email. How long will it be tell I get my return?

  34. so i was told by a friend and also i saw a website that said anyone who filed before the acceptance date would be rejected who had education credits so does that mean we have to refile and basically get back in line or are they automatically refiled I called hr block they told me as of the 15th they still hadnt been released to file. So i asked them about the rejection they acted as if they didnt know what i was talking about anyone know anything?

  35. This is the first place I have been able to find information on why TurboTax has not transmitted my return to the IRS. (It contains a form 8582.) The TurboTax phone agents need to be more up to speed on this information. Their explanation was “Maybe the IRS is backlogged.)

    • and Stilton — Here you go:”The modern Republicans lack the cauorge of their (presumed and sometimes expressed) convictions. They usually praise the New Deal and make no real effort to restore Constitutional government. This has effectively made them co-dependents and enablers for the Democrats. Ronald Reagan at least promised to abolish the Department of Education, but then didn’t, and didn’t even seem to try very hard to do so. George W. Bush even vastly expanded the power and funding of the Department in his “No Child Left Behind” act. The complaint of the Democrats, of course, was that the Department still didn’t get enough power or funding (nothing, to be sure, will ever be enough), while at the same time the act made some moves towards requiring competent teachers — anathema to the Teachers Unions. But it is local control and educational choice (vouchers, etc.) that will keep the schools honest, not ultra vires Federal control.”Here is the rest. Scroll down a slight ways… for it is good.

  36. Ok I.submitted on the 26th and was accepted like the 28th according to ft but IRS just show received. I’m confused

  37. It is now February the 14th and the “Where’s My Refund” tool still says that my return is still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available! Nothing has been updated now that the 14th has arrived! I filed on Jan 14th with Form 8863 and got accepted by the IRS on Jan 24th! It has been a long nerve-racking wait for my refund this year! I just can’t believe Turbo Tax did not know about the delay in processing the education credits! You would think a major tax preparer would be informed about these major issues. Why allow us to file and take our payment so early if updates were still to come and the filing day was delayed in the first place! If they had not allowed us to file and pay prior to Jan 30th, we would have been made aware of the delay in processing certain forms and taken alternative action! Turbo Tax dropped the ball big time this year! Not sure if I am going to continue to be a customer! Turbo Tax should refund the money those of us paid for preparing our returns!

  38. My tax return contains education credits an TT still has not transmitted my return after filing on 2/14. I thought the IRS began accepting education credits today. I got the following message from TT after submitting my return,

    Your federal return is lined up for processing
    The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them – like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours – no matter who prepares them.

    Next step: Keep watching your email
    We’ll send you another message when your return has either been accepted or rejected by the IRS.

    Please advise,
    Many thanks,

  39. My tax return contains education credits and I filed today. The email message from TT states, “Your federal return is lined up for processing. The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them – like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours – no matter who prepares them. Next step: Keep watching your email.We’ll send you another message when your return has either been accepted or rejected by the IRS.”
    Today is the 14th. Please let me know why my taxes were not submitted.

    Transmission Confirmation

    Returns received by TurboTax

    2012 Federal Personal
    2012 Maryland Personal

    Time returns were received

    February 14, 2013, 5:24 AM PST

    Can I get my return back?
    Unfortunately, no. It’s like dropping your return in the mail. Once it’s transmitted, you cannot get it back.

    How to amend a return


    We recommend keeping copies of all status emails for your records.
    Thanks for using TurboTax!

    Note: This email was automatically generated. Please do not respond to this email address; it comes from our automated alert system, which is not monitored for responses.

    CMC ID: 26229

    © 2013 Microsoft
    English (United States)

    © 2013 Microsoft
    English (United States)

  40. Did turbo tax sumbit education credits today?
    Gotta love the army my son ROTC and scholarship govt Dr mis wrote and he has to wait for the waiver to get paid so I had to shell out lots of money

  41. Thank you to those who have posted and tried to keep the rest of us up-to-date. I am anxiously awaiting a refund that includes an education credit too. My biggest concern about the whole process is the IRS representatives – I have encountered the worst attitudes. Reps seem to forget that our taxes also pay for their positions. Seasonal or not, reps should not be allowed to treat inquiring taxpayers so rudely. Any other business entity would have a recourse regarding treatment of clients or customers. For any IRS reps that continues with snyde comments, unsolicited opinions, and hanging up before the end of the call- maybe you should find a job that doesn’t require you to deal with people. For those I have encounted, I hope you are treated the same way in the future by someone holding your money!!!

  42. both of my college student children filed their taxes already. in the question that asks about scholarship/grant money being used to pay non qualified expenses (room and board) we don’t think we answered that correctly, said no, and therefore have messed up both returns. as i reviewed their returns, one would be getting an Amer. Opp Credit of 204.00 thus increasing her federal return by that much, but my son who has a 463.00 Amer Opp Credit of 463.00 would really have an additional 537.00 (1000.00 total) to that credit. My daughter paper filed and my son e filed, but waiting for the govt. to accept due to educ. credit. What should i do? we have never filed amendments before. i was told that can raise flags in the future for audits etc. but i feel sick that they have 200+ and almost 600 more coming to them. please help

  43. Working with the turbotax 2012 cd program and it says the depreciation is not available. I downloaded updates as the system asks when you open it and it still will not let me update 4562. Does anyone know how I can put my depreciation in because it’s 2/11/2013 and I need to get the return done for son’s college loan forms. Thanks

    • When I logged on to TT today it stated my return was accepted by IRS. I was waiting on form 8863. When I logged on to “where’s my refund” it stated 21 days

      • mine was accepted on January 25, 2013. It showed accepted on the Where is my Refund Page. Then on the 28th I received a message that it was accepted by the IRS, but they will delay the processing until further notice. Then I called IRS a few days ago and was told Feb 14 it will be processed.. I just checked Where is my Refund and the Bright Green rectangle that showed accepted is gone. There is just a paragraph and it states that my tax refund is processing. SO, I have no idea if my taxes were accepted and just sitting at irs or if turbo tax is going to re-release them.

  44. Hi Everyone,

    I just got off the phone with the IRS to check on my return. One thing she did not know about was Form 8863 and then she read the memo. My return was sent to the IRS on the 1/24 and accepted by the IRS on the 1/25. First of she said the IRS is not processing any returns with Form 8863? I really do question that. At this current time even though my return was accepted on the 1/25 nothing counts toward processing except from 1/30 and on. For me I have waited 12 days so far and she told me I am still in the 21 days time period for them to process my return. Just a waiting game still is what it is.

    • I worked for the IRS so your return could have been received in the system but there is no way it was accepted. Conspiracy theory if you want but it just had the update finalized in their system. After Congress makes their changes it takes 7 to 10 weeks to make the program changes. In order to start most taxes they do updates little by little so they are not bogged down due to the wait. I assure you they will process your return but complaining here is not going to make it come any faster. Most of us are waiting as well lets be happy they are accepting the returns now. Another thing is there is no way you were accepted on the 24th when no return was even taken by the IRS until the 30th.

      • I do not know who you are or if you DID work for the IRS. My return was sent into the IRS on the 24th of January and accepted on the 25th of January. I have the printout to prove it. The IRS pulled a bunch of returns to test the system. So you might wanna change that “no way you were accepted” and if I could put my page on here I would.

  45. None of these dates have been correct yet. The IRS updated a major amount of forms on February 7th including Form 4562 and Form 8863. Most of the forms listed on the IRS memo have been updated. Ths IRS is working hard to get this done. Now you ask where did I hear this from. (1) I talk to a person on Turbo Tax Chat and he told me this (2) I talked to my friend who works at a tax place (I will not mention) and they are already sending in returns with 8863 and 4652. The only thing I can say is that Turbo Tax is sitting their proverbeil butt, doing nothing, and not caring because most of the people with two two forms used free file and Turbo Tax makes no money off of them. It is completely up to everyone here as to what they want to believe.

  46. Wow…I was on hold for almost 3 ours waiting for support…i had to finally give up as phone battery ran out!!!
    I filed 1/30 with 4562 form and never heard a thing…
    My NY return was accepted and is being dd on 2/14…
    I have posted in so many tt blogs but never answered…
    Where is my return???
    Why didn’t I rec. an email that they are holding or will submit it today?
    My status says only pending nothing about being held…
    I have a feeling there is a problem…could it be lost?
    It is so odd that you cant the support on the phone and the live chat (which i waited 62 min. for) told me be patient…they know nothing!
    Any advise?

  47. Will somebody please answer the question of what is turbo tax doing with returns that had the form 4562 and are listed as pending….. Will they send it on the 10th??? I have to say lots of people are having quite a time with turbo tax and I hope I don’t have to join the ranks of calling with complaints!!!! I think all that the people listed here want to know that if they have filed their taxes and they had one of these forms will turbo tax submit these forms as soon as they are able tomorrow or the 14th…

  48. Does anybody know how reliable the Where’s My Refund application is? Past couple of years your refund would be sent and it would take a week before it would show up as being sent on the Where’s my Refund.


  49. Can I please get an answer. I originally submitted on 1/30 and status says transmitted not aknowledged but the next day I got eMail advising me of the form4562 being held. I have not recd any further emails from turbo saying they will send my return on the 10th. So I ask where is my return? Please don’t ask me to call TT as the wait is 90 minutes and the rep was so rude and provided no info.

    • If you submitted your tax papers through turbo tax and you are in waiting because of form 8863 tt will automatically submit your forms when the irs starts accepting form 8863


    Important Update About Your Federal Tax Return
    Good news! The IRS will start to process returns like yours soon.
    We will send your return to the IRS on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013. This is the date they will begin processing returns like yours that contain Education Credits, Form 8863.

    Next step:
    We’ll send you a message as soon your return(s) are accepted or rejected by the IRS.

    Read the IRS statement

    • This happened for those that filed after Turbo Tax was told of the holdup. Mine as well as my roommates was filed and accepted by the IRS before the date they said they would hold them (the 24th they were accepted and the IRS came out about the hold on the 28th), Turbo tax,I believe, was told not to send any more with this update. H&R Block did the same thing as well.

    • This email that u got about ur taxes will b sent to the Irs on feb 14 a lot of People got them and à lot of People did not. I Spoke to à turbotax agent and she inform me that they have sent some through.

    • SEND THEM NOW. Why are we in limbo in TT system. They could start processing anytime this week. I rather be sent to IRS now. Others just SEND them.

      • When I logged on to TT today it stated my return was accepted by IRS. I was waiting on form 8863. When I logged on to “where’s my refund” it stated 21 days

  51. I filed my tax return on January 29th and its being held for the education credit. Since I submitted it that early will mine be first in line?

    • I filed mine January 17th and my roommate on January 14th…..I believe and hope that they will process them in the order they were received

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