What is the current IRS status on processing returns?

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Last updated 2/15

Congratulations on finishing your taxes!

We know how important your tax refund is to you. Good news, the IRS started processing tax returns on January 30th.   Returns will be processed in the order they were submitted and as soon as your tax return is accepted, we will notify you by email.   This notification could take up to 48 hours.

The IRS estimates that you should receive your tax refund within 21 days of your return being accepted.  The IRS issued more than 9 out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days last year and expects the same results this year.

Once your tax return has been accepted by the IRS, you can track the status of your refund by logging into your MyTurboTax account or checking the IRS Where’s My Refund Tool.

IRS Update:  The IRS announced today that they are experiencing high traffic on their Where’s My Refund Tool.  As a result, there may be limited availability during busier periods. The IRS has asked the entire tax industry to remind customers to only check Where’s My Refund once a day. IRS systems are only updated once a day, usually overnight.


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  1. How do I find out why I have not received my amended tax return yet? I had filed march 5 2014 it was accepted march 28 and issued as processed and complete april 18 2014 and it is may 14 nothing yet?

  2. April is almost over and still have not received my refund!!!! whats up with this? and I can’t get through to anyone at the IRS to see whats up????

  3. Question: Is there away to check and see what dates the irs are processing for amended tax returns?

  4. I flie my taxes on Feb.4.2014 the IRS received it on the Feb.6th I was waiting and waiting still no change in my refund status I haven’t received a letter or anything so I called and talk to IRS representer and they told me my taxes has a case of I’d theft on it I don’t know how this could happen to me so the IRS respresenter told me it gone take 6-8 weeks to process I be so glad when its all I’m glad they protecting me but its frustrating I need my money so now I gotta wait 6-8 weeks after Feb.18.2014

  5. I efiled feb 4th my tax return was accepted on feb 5th here it is march 21st still no refund irs website says processing. I never recieved any sort of letter I’ve called multiple times to the irs all they tell me is they do not know why my taxes are being held just they are being further reveiwed. They told me it is going to be at least another 9 weeks and could be longer we were really depending on the money we have four children we were going to use our return for our closing cost on our home but now we have to take out more loans to do this I also am a college student who needs my transcrips so I can file my fasfa which is due end of next month but I cannot get those until my taxes are done being processed so I may have to drop out as I have no way to fund my schooling so much for trying to better my life

  6. I efiled feb 4th my tax return was accepted on feb 5th here it is march 21st still no refund irs website says processing. I never recieved any sort of letter I’ve called multiple times to the irs all they tell me is they do not know why my taxes are being held just they are being further reveiwed. They told me it is going to be at least another 9 weeks and could be longer we were really depending on the money we have four children we were going to use our return for our closing cost on our home but now we have to take out more loans to do this I also am a college student who needs my transcrips so I can file my fasfa which is due end of next month but I cannot get those until my taxes are done being processed so I may have to drop out as I have no way to fund my schooling do much for trying to better my life

  7. Hi! I filed my taxes thru TT on 2/5 and IRS accepted immediately. On 3/5 I received a letter instructing me to visit a secured website to provide information for ID verification. I answered the questions asked, and was told I had successfully completed the verification process; IRS would now continue processing my refund. My question to all of you, is how long, if any of you have had to do the ID verify process, before a refund is received?

  8. I filed my taxes feb 10th, received a letter from the irs monday they sent the letter out in feb 27th, I think I did something wrong when I was filing, but the irs person, told me it could take up to 60days for them to reveiw my return, omg I’m so angry me and my kids need a car, and this is driving me mad.

  9. I got a letter in the mail saying that I needed to verify who I was for security reasons or my tax return would not be processed the paper accidentally got thrown away does anyone know the website or phone number I call to do this?

  10. Has anyone else been accepted in February, then received a letter to verify your information, then after you did that received another letter stating that their doing a thorough review that it could take up to another 60 days which would leave me receiving my return at the end of June. STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY RETURN and it is now JULY! Has anyone else been in this same boat and received their tax refund yet???

  11. i mailed my taxes on april 15th and still have not received my tax return and its July 2nd! IRS keeps putting me on hold and wont give me any info on my tax money… anyone have any advice on what i should do?

      • I would love to no if anyones got there taxes back yet this year and if n e one knows the current status this year if there running on time or watnot…

  12. filed on 31 jan , flaged for verification, verifiedy on feb 19, verified on april 23 and still no refund. have called and all i get is another number to call.. or we have you taxes and they are being processed.. its now been a full 5 months and i try to get into the irs to day , i was nice to everonen i talked to band yet i got hung up on 3 times, like it was an accident you know.. i was told by one agent that the reason was that half the irs had been layed off and they were short on man power.
    the president is out of the country when he should be here taking care of this mess and giveing orders to the irs to get their act stright.
    i have contacted my seantors & congressman and alll i get from them is a run around. the irs has become to powerful
    to exist any more, its time to shut it down.
    if not it will be worse..
    i lay this back on teh obama administration.
    weak leadership and no hands on and no figherprints one.. the way obamas works..
    its time to shut the irs down

  13. Well here we are at June 3rd and I still have no refund. I have called them several times with a different answer each time. I e-filed on 1/25/13 and it was accepted by the IRS on 1/28/13. It is getting quite ridiculous. The IRS is right on time for every one of my pay days to take what they consider to be theirs and I have to wait for months. Put off a move to another town because of it and had to sign another lease. Come on IRS, get your shit together.

  14. Yesterday, finally I got my return it took over 3 months with e-file, the good thing is I was counting with that money for vacations in July and not to pay bills like I did last year, I can’t imagine the frustration, overdrafts, late fees I may incurred if I was counting with it this year, lesson learn there is no 2 to 4 weeks anymore!!!!

  15. It just getting better I checked the status and it said delivered I called the IRS and I said what happened? it wasn’t deposit on my account. So they told me to check with my accountant, I call him and he said because randomly the IRS check the deposit accounts from the accountants his account was in a review pocess consequently the IRS deposit (the one I was waiting for so long) was returned to the IRS on the first week of May.
    I called the IRS again and the answer was I have to wait 3 weeks because the IRS needs to see the deposit was return and then 4 to 6 weeks is going to take for them to send me a paper check in the mail. Ill keep you posted maybe by thanksgiving I would get my return!!!!

    • Wow Sam! That is a nightmare! Pease keep me posted. I am looking at June 23rd for my return. I still don’t have an DD, but they told me to call back if I don’t receive it by then. This year has been horrible in regards to this big mess!

  16. I can’t believe this the time that I am waiting for my return has to be some sort of record. My return was received on Janurary 28th, 2013. I still don’t have a DD. I spoke with an IRS rep today and she told me to call them bacn six weeks from today if I don’t have a DD. Not call back if I don’t have my return’s money in hand, just call back in six weeks if I don’t have a DD! I am never filing a return again!

  17. I honestly don’t think it is the fault of Turbo Tax. The IRS seems to be incredibly slow and inept this year for some strange reason. I e-filed on March 19th and got another letter in the mail a couple of days ago from IRS, after I did the telephone verification, saying they would now need to verify me with “others”? Basically, don’t bother them for another 60 days. This now puts any possibility for a refund into July. Trying to get through to them, for me, has been an impossible nightmare. The last time, I was on hold for over 2 hours and finally had to hang up as my cordless phone was about dead. I just imagine all the employees sitting around watching the phone lines light up like some kind of over the top Christmas display and pointing and laughing. GADS!

  18. Well after filing on Feb 13th and being accepted Feb 15th, I finally will receive my taxes tomorrow. I had called on March 8th after the three weeks when I noticed there was no DD. I called the fraud center. Since I have the world’s worst mail carrier and my bank account has been hacked twice this year because of his constant errors and him giving 50% of my mail to my neighbors, including my tax forms I was extremely worried about identity theft. The rep told me there was no problem and said the end of march I should have my return. So the end of march comes and goes and still nothing. So I call the second weeks of April and guess what….identity theft. There’s a big red Flag on my return stating it needs to be reviewed. The flag was on my prior years return as of Feb 3rd. So the other lady didn’t even check! But thank God, I got a really great lady who went through everything with a fine tooth comb while I was on the phone with her. So three weeks after she pushed my return out of the holding status and into the review department, I got my return. At least it’s pending in my account right now as I type this. So, it turned out the system mistakenly flagged our return as identity theft when there was actually no duplicate return. Just keep calling. Be sweet to them and maybe you will get someone over there at the IRS to be sweet back to you. And it doesn’t hurt to pray. I pray you guys all get everything sorted quickly and easily. It’s been a tough couple of months while we waited to pay off bills that we were hoping to have payed off months ago.

    • Why haven’t you reported the mailman to the Post Office’s Inspector General’s Office?

      • LOL…I’m sorry I have to laugh because I have. In fact I lost count of the complaints after 22. If I called every time I was missing a piece of mail it would be anywhere from 1-4 times a month. I have tried and tried to get this person fired and so has everyone else on my block. We cannot get rid of him. We’ve all gotten the excuse that he’s a rural route carrier and they have different rules and regulations that they must follow.

  19. I filed on March 1st. On March 25th I get a letter telling me I need to verify my identity. I do and then call a month later to find out where my refund is. After an hour on hold I finally talk to someone who tells me there’s been a hold put on my return. He tells me to call another number, I do and they told me it was because of a problem with the software I used to file. What software did I use to file? You guessed it Turbo Tax. That’s right, I was told by the IRS the problem with my refund was the software I used to file. If i don’t have my refund by June 1st, I will be homeless. Thanks turbo tax, for potentially putting me on the street. This is the last time I ever use your program. Next year I’m filing by hand or with an accountant.

    • you got a lot more problems than Turbo Turbo Tax. If you are at the point where if you don’t get your refund you will be homeless, what do you do next month? Geez!
      Blame Turbo Tax but you need to get a job.

  20. Sorry I’ve been busy to keep you posted for those new let me tell you I e-file with an accountant and it was accepted FEBRUARY 3rd, I wait 3 weeks so i called and they said it was an error and they have to fix it manually which means i have to start counting 4 to 6 weeks from February 16, which means April the latest that is what the operator told me.
    I contacted them 3 times during that period to make sure I’m not missing anything or they will send something by mail, I called April 16 and they said they just lifted the hold and I should expect to get my return between 4 to 6 weeks counting from April 19. I’m talking at the end of May territory. I don’t understand the exagerate delay, I’m telling you, May 3rd is going to be 3 months since I file my taxes, my frustration is over. I stop checking the website because always says in progress. Now lets wait how much longer it takes I will keep you posted weekly if possible or when I get my refund maybe sometime this year hopefully by Christmas if is going to continue with this non sense.

    • I have called them nemourse times and can never get a straight answer from any of them even the nice guys

    • ersright person who claimed I now was told it will take about 16 weeks for processingI have been following comments for the past 3 months. I appreciate the comments since it really helps to hear that you are not alone in waiting for an IRS refund check. I’ve been waiting since Feb. 21st. With no letter from IRS I ‘ve been calling over and over again and found out in March that it was with the Identity Theft Dept. Once I verified over the telephone for 45 minutes that I am infact the person that filed — I was told that it was going back to processing and I had to wait. Contacted IRS last week and the rep said a memo went out on March 15 inside IRS that they were seriously backlogged in the Identity Theft Dept. and it might take up to 16 weeks to resolve waiting claims. That would be July 2013. But he said it may not take that long because they are hiring more people to help and they go in the order that they were received. That is the only update I have hope this helps.

  21. I really can’t beleive what the IRS rep told me today. She told me yes, the hold was lifted from my return, but for some reason the processing department just has my return sitting there. She told me she put a not on it that they should put a rush on it because I need to use the irs data retrevial tool for my fasfa, but she said it could be another 4 weeks until they get to it. This is a major problem of me now because the college I want desperately to attend wants me to fill out both the 2011/2012 fasfa and the 2012/2013 fasfa. I am so sad right now!!!

    • Jasmine you and I should have a great party when we get the refund we are the seniors on this blog :))

      • I am still waighting on my return too. Had to file form injured spouse wich takes an extra 11 weeks. well my 11th weekhas come and gone I called and they said atleast another 2 weeks. so its just not you all. Im in need of my tax return ills are payed but had a storm and my roof wasdamaged pretty badly. come to find out my dads insurance on the house has elapsed due to my brother not paying it for him since he has power of attourney. So i am stuck repairing the roof an since i have not worked since Augest of last year money is in short supply.

      • Truer words have never been spoken Sam’s nephew! Half of the year will be done before I see that return, but I am more worried about the hold up for my registering for school! I need the info for my fasfa!

  22. I guess everyone got their return! I am still waiting and I still don’t have a dd yet! IRS accepted my return 01/28/13!

    • Got a letter from IRS in the mail saying my return was under review and I’d hear from them by June 3rd, WTF? I efiled on 3/19/13. I am seeing my return on the WMR website, (finally) but just says processing. No estimated DD date or anything else. I don’t know what is going on this year, but it can’t be everyone’s fault. I think the main issues are with the IRS, though there were some screwups with various tax preparers, it can’t account for all the problems people seem to be experiencing. I guess all we can do is hurry up and wait. I am so glad I wasn’t depending on my refund this year.

    • Jasmine, I would call the the IRS and see if it is not setting in the Idenity Theft program. Mine was setting there and I did not receive a letter from the IRS until after I called. My return was setting in Idenity Theft since Jan 22 I called on March 11 they said they were releasing it to me and I never received it so I called April 15th and the nice lady said they never released it and she kept me on line until she found out the released it and I received it today. The number is 1-800-829-1040 and just keeping pusing 0 and finally they will say your call will be transfered. Good luck

      • The last time I contacted the IRS was April 9th and 10th. On the ninth they called me and said my return was LOST and I should file again on paper. This was so akward so I called on the tenth talked to a nice person and she said she released the hold, my return was in the identity theft dept., but I have not heard anything since and I’ve been told simply to wait! If I don’t receive anything by May 9th to give them a call back! I am angry because after being told 21 days call back, four weeks call back, six weeks call back, is all I’m being told! It is so frustrating! AARRGGHH!

      • Shawna, did you receive your return? My return was placed in the identity theft dept as well. I had called the identity theft dept on march 8th and was told there was nothing wrong with my return ( I don’t even think she checked). I had called because I have a mailman who is the worst on the planet and half my mail goes to my neighbors so I was concerned when I hadn’t received even a DD after 3 weeks. So then I called again two weeks ago on the 12th and I was informed that my return was on hold in the identity theft dept and she was releasing it to processing. So I keep checking and still no DD. I realize it has only been two weeks but I’d like to hope mine is coming soon. Did you get your return or just that letter?

    • TX filed my 2011 late. I found out because the IRS sent me a nice letter stating they never received it. Called TX and “NO REPLY AT ALL” because you cant call them. I personally had to print the TX return and go to the Post Office “the worst” and Mail. Was refunded for 2011 from the feds but when I filled with TX feds would not accept. This is the first reply from Jasmine “if she’s real” Really? Please keep me posted. Thank you

      • Please read what I posted earlier today, but I am on hold with the IRS right now to make sure everything is ok and this mysterious HOLD was lifted for sure. Will keep you updated Paul!

    • if you filed already from TurboTax and saved your information, just reference that to complete the fasfa… that’s what I did. not really much information required from the return to do it.

  23. Really? There must be about a million ID thefts this year. I filed and was accepted 3/19/13. IRS sent a letter saying I needed to verify myself. I did via the website they gave me. Finally got through via telephone and was told my refund was on hold because my first name had been switched with my middle. WTF? Still says “no record found” on WMR website. I really think something shady is going on here. No one I know has gotten their refund as yet, with the exception of one. This really sucks a big one!

  24. I’m a little weirded out but somewhat relieved…my efile was rejected this morning too…IRS said someone else already used one of the ss numbers on my claim. Turbo Tax reviewed and stated I had to MAIL the return in…but my state only accepts electronic, so even though the prompts from TurboTax were there…BOTH Fed & State were once again efiled. I hope this doesn’t create a bigger mess! Yikes.

  25. I have seen friends and family screw themselves over and shoot themselves in the foot, year after year, by *depending* on getting their tax refund within a certain time frame. It’s just a REALLY BAD IDEA to do that. I understand that people are broke and unemployed. But if you *depend* on getting your refund within a specific time frame, that’s the same thing as spending it before you got it.

    Then, if there are any problems getting your refund on time, you COST YOURSELF money by being charged late fees &/or NSF fees for payments you couldn’t make because you didn’t get your refund when you thought you would. You actually LOSE money when you plan to pay for stuff with refund money you didn’t got yet. The net cost to you is not worth it!

    Look at it this way: you didn’t have all that money for over 12 months (while it was being collected from your checks). So what’s another 2, 3, or 4 months? Patience will save you money. Impatience costs you money. I never spend my refund money before I get it. Never. You can screw yourself up really badly if you do… seen it happen over and over again.

    • I agree with this to a point. I was one of those people who depended on their tax refund to get them out of a jam. I got behind on my rent and was supposed to get evicted. I went to court, spoke with the building manager and lawyer and they gave me until 2/20. Guess what??? that was the date of my refund. THen Guess What???? I didn’t get it. Well they gave me an extra day. On 2/21 they locked me out. I was lucky I called the IRS and they told me that I would get my refund on 2/27. I did but the bad part was that I spent 5 days in a hotel. That was the first and last time I depended on my tax refund to get out a jam….

  26. I’m hoping this will help someone out there. I filed my taxes on Feb 13th and they were accepted Feb 15th. So I waited the customary 3 weeks before calling about my tax returns. So on March 8th I called the Fraud center because I was worried about identity theft since I have the worst mailman on the planet and he gave my tax docs to my neighbors. She told me the end of March and that there were no problems with my return. So I waited until yesterday since there was still nothing about my return. I called and waited on hold for over an hour only to be hung up on. So then I called later that afternoon and finally got someone who cared. Turns out there was an identity theft issue that the Fraud center should have caught but didn’t. The System made a mistake and registered and flagged my return for review because it said my 2011 returns had been submitted twice although no second return was found. So this lady sent my return on for processing and removed the code that would have help up my return for the next 3 years. It would have been at the very least mid-may before it had gotten sent to anyone to even be looked at. So now I’m looking at a minimum of 6-8 weeks again but at least I have an answer and it should be resolved. Keep calling and be sweet to those who you talk to. This lady went above and beyond for me because I was very cordial. She even thanked me for being sweet because most people yell and scream. So remember that. It is your money but they are their to help you get it…not keep it from you.

    • My e-file kept getting rejected as well by the IRS. I called and they told me I had to talk to the fraud department. They told me there was no fraud and gave me an e-file pin that did not work. I called back and spoke to the fraud department again, and once again received a e-pin that didn’t work. I called a third time and spoke with a supervisor who gave me still a different e-file pin that didn’t work. I guess I’m doomed to paper file for the rest of my life. I don’t think we are having problems because of fraud, but rather IRS e-file glitches.

      • do you have the number for the fraud dept.? I think I might be needing to get ahold of them.

  27. just got notice that our efile was rejected because someone else filed using my spouse SSN…

    not sure what to do now, never had a problem with efile before.. very worried!

  28. this ID theft must be a huge problem this year… my efile just got rejected saying someone filed my spouses SSN already…

    argh! not sure what to do now… never had a problem with efile before.

    • I think it happened to me for the state only. I received my federal on 2/27 and a few days later I received a letter from the New Jersey Department of Taxation. In the letter they wanted me to send in my W-2s, my social security card and any 1099s that I may have gotten for the tax year. I was a victim of Identity theft last year. So since I do not just send my information especially stuff like that to just anybody, I called them to ask why are they asking for my information. They did not come out and say that there was a return already filed in my name, they told me they had to verify who I was. That was about 5 weeks ago. they told me it will take about 90 days, so now I am looking at June for my State refund.

    • I don’t think so… when my wife called, the IRS agent confirmed that a primary return had been filed with her information.

      we have filed for the past 20 years with her as secondary SSN… so, it was definite fraud in action.

  29. I also wanted to say that I am glad to see that I am not the only one getting screwed by the IRS and Turbo Tax.

  30. I file my Taxes in Feb. And i still havent seen it. I file by paper. I check where is my refund website everyday. Its still say the same . Still being process. Need some answer.

    • Hi Sam — “Processing” means that your return is with the IRS. Any delays are on their end, and unfortunately TurboTax has no way of knowing what the issue may be.

      You may want to try contacting the IRS directly. Their contact information is available at the attached link. Good luck! –Christopher


      • IRS told me that there is a delay getting people their refunds due to the Additional Child Tax credit. Its been 10 weeks since I e-filed using Turbo Tax. They said that they had to verify the kids on the form are my kids… If these kids aren’t mine I’m divorcing my wife and suing for cruel and unusual punishment!

  31. I come to this blog frustrated and confused….filed my return on 2/2/13…recieved acceptance 48 hrs later. ON Feb 22 recieved my state refund. Its april 10th stillno federal refund. Called IRS twice…first timeshe said my e-file was rejected and voided b/c of problems with previous returns and need to send original copy signed. Sent original they recieved it march 27th. Now have to wait another 4-6 weeks for processing. Called today to follow up and the rep told me that they signed off on it yesterday to go to different department for processing…WTF!!!…she said 8 weeks to recieve my return…..i am really pissed!!! idont know what else to do!…guess i will have to wait till June to see that money :(

  32. I file February 15 through Jackson Hewitt. Not only have I not received my refund yet 4/10. But after calling the IRS various times I found out the the IDIOT who did my taxes put me in for double payment on my first time homeowners tax caredit and ended up paying $1000 instead of $500. WHERES MY REFUND??? Wish I could charge them interest…

    • I feel your pain. I was told that my refund was delayed because of a mistake the IRS made in processing the 2008 First Time Home Buyers Credit repayment. The repayment is $500 per year. They told me that for some reason they have ALL tax returns liable for only $250 even ‘married filing jointly’ returns. My return was e-filed and accepted on Jan 31. I was told my return was erroneously sent to corrections and released to be posted on March 6. It could take 6-8 weeks to receive my refund. I called the advocacy line and asked if the IRS was giving priority to the returns that THEIR mistake had delayed. They told me there was no difference being made in processing returns…I should be patient. It could be May before I see my refund and it’s THEIR mistake.

      • OK…so I called the IRS to get yet another update on my return. I was told that NONE of the answers I had been given up to now by the other IRS reps are correct. I was told that my return was in the errors department as of March 23 and it would be a *minimum* of 19 days for it to be released for posting. Once it’s posted it will be a *minimum* of 4 weeks before I see my refund. So that puts me at getting my refund on May 9 at the very earliest. That is almost 4 weeks past the date I could send them money if I owed them. Pretty pathetic. If I was going to be late with my taxes I would have to file an extension. They, on the other hand, have no responsibility to contact me in any way regarding my refund taking in excess of 14 weeks to process, and nearly a month past April 15.

  33. Why is the IRS now telling me to scrap the return that was accepted by them from me in Janurary! They are actuallly telling me to do my return all over on paper and start this process all over again I can’t beleive this! It really is a bad situation this year WOW!!

    • IRS told me the same thing a few weeks back. I called a CPA and she said not to do it. She told me to call tech support for the service I used and to get verification that my return was indeed accepted by the IRS. I did that…then called IRS back and some lady apologized that I had been told to submit a new return. She finally told me what had really happened…it was an IRS mistake. The CPA told me that submitting a new return would have caused even further delays because it would look like I (or someone else) was trying to cash in twice on my refund. So you may want to call the IRS again…

  34. I had filed with h&r block on february 25th. same woman and everything from last season and yet the irs couldnt identify who I was.
    I webt into the branch office in march and found out that they opened an investigation march 6th. I was told it would be 6 to 8 weeks from march 6 date.
    now ive called the taxpayer advocates and irs again. my account is closed but theyre now estimating another 6 to 8 weeks from april 3rd, when they closed the damn thing, so it might be until june. wtf!?
    the taxpayer advocates dont do shit to help, and the irs is playing b.s. ima begin calling the news media as well as sending out letters to congress and irs figureheads. I refuse to be bullied. that was money for my first car and theyre not gonna piss on my parade..

  35. I filed with turbotax on feb 23rd. Immediately accepted. Waited for a few weeks. Got a letter from the IRS. Diversify. Did that and it has now been almost a month. Called the IRS the other day on hold for 2 hours and when I finally got someone they said the system went down. Great! They said it may be 4 more weeks. I have alway filed with turbotax and never had this problem. Really need the money but as usual we are at the mercy of the IRS.

  36. Update : I called yesterday to see if I can get an advocate to speed up my return (Filled on Feb 3)and I have to show prove of eviction notice or things like that now she said to wait until April 19 this is just crazy!!!!

  37. I filed on Feb. 14th, was accepted on Feb. 14th. It is now 8wks and I am still pending, won’t let me resubmit for Fasfa or get a transcript, my daughters college is giving us till May 1st. Just keep praying it gets done soon! Guess I will call tomorrow and see how much longer!

  38. I filed my federal return on Feb 3rd, and it was accepted the same day. The check your status website has said that it is still being processed. I finally called the IRS today, and after waiting 50 minutes, I find out that my refund is “being held” – but the rep I talked with had no idea why, and he also said that there was no evidence of the IRS trying to contact me to let me know there is an issue. Apparently my refund was just going to sit for who knows how long. He said he had no idea why this happened, but in his “script” at the very bottom, it says I need to mail in a copy of my complete signed returned to the IRS in California, along with W2s and my student loan interest 1098-E form. After I mail that in, the IRS should contact me, he says. How ridiculous is this?! Is anyone else having this issue?

    • Wow! That stings! My return was accepted on Jan. 28, I still have not even received a date yet! This is really ridiculous! I am on hold right this moment trying to get answers about when I can order a transcript, I’m not even worried about the return anymore, I need the transcripts for my FASFA!

  39. Enough already!! It doesn’t make anything go quicker because you vent your spleen!

    I have called to the IRS number I was given twice this morning – wait was no longer than 4 minutes, and in each case the IRS agent was friendly and helpful. The call center staff has a difficult job, and treating them as the enemy doesn’t help at all.

    Lighten up! You’ll have an easier time dealing with delays and difficulties.

    • Well I do agree to a point. It does not help when you are argumentative from the start. Every time I callled the IRS I spoke to them in a courteous manner and they were helpful. If you call them and start off from the onset as being defensive, well you are going to get the same in return. As I stated several times here if you just calmly state your case without being accusatory they will go the extra mile.

      • Has anyone from Texas called and talked to a live person? I have tried several different numbers including several different local irs offices and have yet to talk to a live rep. Maybe i am calling on the wrong week day? Any positive advice is welcome. thanks.

  40. Filed feb 2,2013 None of the forms i filled were associated with the ones the irs said would have Delays. I called the IRS after 21days they said ” since the 21 days have elasped we have to send your return to the error processing department. it could take up to 30 days. 30 days was over March 28th. I have not received 1 letter or 1 phone call. Everyone says they don’t see anything wrong with my return they dont understand whats the problem. Now they sent my return to Tax payer Advocate i was told i will be contacted within 7 days. ( I know they will not contact me trust me ) April 9th will make 7 days. I called in April 2nd to tax payer advocate. Tax payer advocate says their is still a process after 7 days. I have already gave up on my tax return for 2013 all thanks to turbo tax and the entire IRS staff and BS computer system. ( P.S i was told by several reps their is nothing wrong with my return, i have received NO letter)

    • I live in Austin, TX and I called the help center at 1-877-553-8824 number and had to wait about 4-5 minutes then I did speak with a person. Took him about 15-20 minutes to be able to actually help me, but he did help me with the bar code to accept my code. So I’m finished. Whipeee!!! It’s done and over with.

    • same deal, got letter, called , verified, 4 to 6 weeks , no info, no refund. the one years i really could have use the money to good advantage.. .. tried to call, been nice and polite, but all i get is call this number, then they say call this number. seems like its just past the buck time at the irs, the woman who talk to me about the verification, seem to be more confused about it than i was..
      she said , your varified, your refund will be 4 to 6 weekls, … so i have waited.. to no avail, no one to call except the nubmers they pass on to me. i have to ownder if this couldl be due to the so call sequester. could the irs have order to hold up money just to
      make things look worse than they are..
      well, maybe tomorro, something to look forward to, and whe it doesn not show up , something to fret over..
      your government at work. no offense irs, iknow you have a large job… but seem youj could be a little more efficent.

  41. The blog has been very quiet now I guess everybody got their refund, well my weekly update as promise. Filed with e-file through an accountant received February the 3rd I have student credits I called in 3 occasions so they said we have to do it manually wait 8 weeks counting from the 14 of February which based on why I’m seeing that is going to be April 14 not before is anybody else going through the same waiting 2 months already???

    • I used turbo-tax to file and my return was accepted on 2-7-13. Since then, I received a statement from the IRS stating I owed $669 additional for 2011, but nothing about my 2012 taxes.

      The “where’s my refund” website still shows it is still being processed. It is now approaching 2 months since I filed.

    • I was charged $111.98 by Turbo tax even when I haven’t received my tax refund as yet I know they are aware of this situation but, just like everyone else they don’t really care what happens to you as long as they get their’s I called and all the they said was I was charged for the forms that I used. Okay this caused an overdraft to my bank account which they charged me $36.00. So now I didn’t get my refund still getting processing message, Turbo Tax crabbed their money Suntrust overdraft fee and took my little income that is a direct deposited to my account with them, I am a single mother who really need this money and could use it now.

      • i called turbo tax, told them the irs was verifying me and their money would be their when the
        irs deposited my funds… 4 to 6 weeks or longer
        they told me they would waver the fee and i could pay it when my refund came thru.. .then
        they went ahead and deducted it from my bank account and throw me into overdraft. cositn me another 60 dollars in fees..

        dturbo tax can shove it next year. i will use someone else..

      • Hi Joe,
        Sorry about the issue your having. Can you please call customer service at 1.800.4.intuit so they can help you.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

    • FILED IN FEB AND AS OF TODAY…NO REFUND!!! Contacted the IRS over 4 times and these people are reading from a SCRPIT To tell us BS!! They screwed up and we are left to wait and not get answers!!! Calling the 800 number is a scam in its own. When you reach someone they place you on hold only to be hung up on. And the I was told everything was fixed on 3/15/2013 and everyone should receive their return on 4/1/13..TOTAL BS

    • I filed e-file on february 3rd and have education repayment deductions. I have called various numbers only to receive an automated system. I am guessing i am in the same boat as you as i haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone at the irs to tell me whether or not they need additional info. i haven’t received any documentation in the mail so i am at a loss.


    • I’m still waiting. My taxes were sent in and accepted on 2/14, and I still haven’t received a word back. It’s really frustrating. I claimed the lifetime learning credit, which is what I guess is causing the delay. I just want some kind of estimate on when I’ll get it. I wish I could charge them interest!!

  42. Hi Everyone. I promised to let you know when I receives my DD. I just checked the IRS website, and will see the funds by April the 8th after using the American Credit form and being accepted and in processing since 2-15. Hang in there!

  43. My return was accepted on jan.28th. So on Feb. 22nd I called the IRS because I had not received my return and was still getting the message that my return is being processed. I received letter 4883c stating that additional information was needed before processing could continue. I was asked to fax a copy of my 2012 return which I did on March 1st, I called back yesterday and still could not get any info, but still getting the message that my return is being processed. Has anyone else gotten letter 4883c, and if so did the problem get resolved? This is a big headache!!!

    • I received that letter as well from the state but they didnt say what they were missing or needed. just said it is taking longer to process and additional info may be needed… yet nothing!!! i received my federal, yet not my state!

      • Still nothing yet! Called IRS today and they told me that my refund is pending!?!?! But on the where’s my refund site still getting the ” your return is still being processed! My return was accepted Jan. 28! I was also told today that I might have to wait an additional 3 to 4 weeks.

      • I received a letter from NJ last month saying that they needed me to send additional information for my refund to be processed. they asked me to send them a copy of my ss card, my w-2, and any 1099s that I received. So I called them and they said because I am getting a refund they had to verify who I was. I asked them did they not get that information from TT because I electronically filed. They told me that they do not get anything from them other than a notice telling them that you are entitled to a refund and the amount. So I sent them the information they requested and now I have to wait 90 days (less than 60 now). Seems like we are getting screwed by the Government and the State this year.

  44. Updated I filled my taxes withe-file through an accountant in February 3 I have education credits which push my date until February the 14 because the same history i called the IRS and said they found an error on my application so they are doing manually which may take up to 8 weeks starting from february the 14 not the 3rd which was the original date I filled my taxes, now rumors are they are going to start sending money on April because of spring break they may be delays and this week would not count. Lets see, if by April the 6 I do not get my refund I will try with an advocate. I will keep you posted every week or as soon as I get my refund so don’t blame your Tax companies Turbo Tax, H&R and others because this has nothing to do with them this is a big screw up from the IRS this year!!!!!!!!!

    • I filed my taxes on February 15, 2013. I used efile. It was accepted by the irs on February 16th. I got the bars saying received and then accepted. Around March 7th I called to see if everything was alright because i was then getting the message saying processing and date would be given when available. I was told that a letter was mailed out to me and i had to call the number on the letter and that my refund would not be processed until i called He gave me the number to call because he did not know if they sent the letter to my old address or new address I call the number Feb 7th. I was verified and told that it would take 4-6 for my refund to be processed. I was able to order my transcripts on March 15th and on March 16th I received a message on WMR system stating that my check would be mailed on March 22, 2013. On March 26th I received my check in the mail. It took about 19 days after being verified for me to receive my check in the mail. 4 days after the treasury department mailed it out. Good luck to you all. You have to keep on track with the irs. This has been the worse filing season that I have experienced so far. I only had education credit. No dependents and filed iingle.

    • I am having the same problem. I actually completed my taxes on January 24 and wasn’t told it would be February 14 when they could be submitted with my Education Credit. I am still waiting for my refund. For a month now, my status on Where’s My Refund is refund is being processed. H & R Block said they are seeing customers refunds coming through with the Education Credit but still haven’t seen mine. Hopefylly it is soon.

    • I had the same issue, and received my DD date today Sam, I don’t see why you would not see the funds by April 6th =).

    • Hi – Are these state tax forms? All federal forms are ready now. If you’re using a desktop version of TurboTax (download or CD-ROM), be sure to update the program via “Online” – “Check for Updates.” Hope that helps! –Christopher

  45. Updated Finally Irs approved my return with home energy credit form that they accepted on 3/4. However they reduced $1000 on my tax return which I don’t know what the hell it was and will DD on 3/27


  46. I just want to confirm there is a serious issue with TAXES this year. I filed on JAN 30TH. ACCEPTED on Feb 1, 2013. Was told by IRS rep.. my taxes were not processed until FEB 14, 2013 because of the EDUCATION CREDIT delay. I called back two weeks later. for and UPDATE because WRM says PROCESSING. I WAS TOLD…they found ERRORS and my file was transferred to another DEPARTMENT. I still haven’t received any letters in the mail and every time I call or check WRM.. they say its being process. Almost 3months later and I still have no DEFINITIVE ANSWER on my DD. I tried to order a transcript based on the information someone provide on this BLOG.. and it said ,, NO TRANSCRIPT is available. Im sure the IRS/GOV knows many people were unemployed, and many people experiences hardship this YEAR. why would they do this. THESE DELAYS are a major inconvenience for so many people and the PROFESSIONALS who handle our TAXES are not KNOWLEDGEABLE.. they have no REAL ANSWERS and they have not been very HELPFUL.. I just wanted to ADD my comment to this BLOG. HOPEFULLY this will serve a purpose.


  47. Hopefully this gives someone a ray of hope. I filed on feb 14 through HR block with the EIC, so of course, it was delayed for what seems like forever. SO yesterday I was finally able to order a transcript, then when I woke up this morning my bar was back and I had a DD of MArch 27 so hang in there guys. I will let you know what happens that day, so keep your fingers crossed for me. everyone on here has been such a help, if nothing else, just for letting me know I’m not alone, so thanks you evryone

  48. I filed my taxes thru efile on the 12th of march not too long ago and it’s the 22nd called today to make sure with IRS and they confirmed . I went to some agency that was new and upcoming really thought guy was scamming me but turned out the complete opposite just waiting on that check says it takes several weeks . Anyone know how long is several weeks in IRS language ?.

  49. Accepted January 25th still no refund! After calling 3 times and having rude people answer the phone finally got someone who was nice. She said their was an error they are trying to fix themselves and that she would have some one call and tell me my new refund date. Well it’s been 5 days no one called. And what does she mean by error? That I made an error or they did! It is unacceptable that two months go by AND no refund or a letter even saying there was a error! God forbid you try calling them and making them answer questions!

    • This is THE SAME thing that I Am going through! filed through jackson hewitt 1/20. still say s processing! NO LETTER! they are so Rude!


  51. I don’t know what in the world they are doing this year with income taxes, but I know they messing up a lot of peoples finances that depend on this money to pull them out of debt from the winter months. I’m a student, and this money helps me get through paying my bills most of the year while Im out of school, untill im back in and working via workstudy. This is ridiculous. I filled on 1/31, the dang thing wasn’t even started in processing it till 2/14, its 3/20 and they still processing? WTH?! Pardon the profanity, but really? It’s taking two months to process a simple claim?! Then these fools got the nerve to send me a letter last week stating they just started processing? HUH? But the email said it was being processed on 2/14….this some bs, now im facing sitting in the dark for a while till it comes?…THANKS ALOT!

    • @CiCi Dont feel bad…I am in the same boat. I recieved a letter from the IRS stating they are holding my refund until they finish reviewing my tax return. They expect to complete this task by May 2nd. 2013. The funny thing about it is i had ) income for the 2012 tax year and only got a return because of the education tax credit. Now I have bills from Christmas that soon need to be paid and am flat broke. I wonder if the IRS are going to be paying us intrest on delayed refunds? God knows if we owed them money they would be knocking down the doors as we speak.

  52. Update on mine filed February 3 with student credits, status as of today in process called a second time same answer count 8 weeks starting February the 14 because it has been done manually I did not received any letter or action required from my part they said if by April 14 I don’t get anything to call back again this is just unbelievable!!!!!!
    It’s has been now 46 days and counting.

    • I was in the same boat and mine fixed itself and now I have a DD for 3/20 and I have been waiting since Feb 14 as well cause form 8863 ( education ) It should be anytime now ….good luck

      • Is the IRS going to fix the website or updated. I called yesterday and nobody answered the phone… Pissed off alot

    • same here with me i filed feb.2nd they recieved it the 4th of feb the pulled it on the 19th of feb to be done manually now they say 6 to 8 weeks from the 19th and the said if i havent recieved it by april 14 to call in as of now its been 29days from the 19th

      • IRS does not have time to process our returns because they are too busy making stupid Star Trek training videos!!!!!! I have been waiting since 2/14 also, bars, no bars, bars, no bars, what a joke!

  53. Hello,
    I filed my taxes last night, learned tonight they were rejected. The reason was because someone had already filed and the IRS accepted a return for 2012 already. This was impossible, as I had not even filed yet. After calling the IRS, they did some checking and confirmed it was a clear case of ID theft and advised me to print off the ID theft form and mail it in with photo ID’s. They said nothing about my actual return, so do I also send that in as well? What about all the other sheets like the 1098T and 1098E, 1099, W2, etc?

    • This happened to me a couple of years ago. You will have to send in a paper return. It is a really long process. I think it was 5 months before I received my refund.

    • my son had the same thing happen to him last year and it took him 10 months to get his money. there is a very long process’s to try and get your money back. It happen to be one of his friends that he lived with filed using his info.

      be patient it takes a long time to get your money back because they have to trace all the information and who received the money that was sent. I feel bad for you. its really terrible ordeal.

  54. I filed Jan.30th and still has not recieved my refund.It has been saying “processing for over a month. It was accepted a month ago and i was told it will take 2weeks to recieve it. I checked the “wheres my refund” site and it still said “processing. Then I called the IRS and they told me 2-4 weeks. Its been well over so I called again and was told it may take up to 8 weeks.!!! WTF.!!

    • Can you please tell me what number you called for the IRS all the numbers I call I keep getting recordings need a real live person.

    • Britney did you by any chance receive a letter from the IRS stating that additional information was needed in order to process your return? I did! And I am having the same problem as you are. The letter is Letter 4883c and I had to call this number and was asked to fax in a copy of my return, I did that March 1st, and today is March 26 and still not a word, and I am still getting the still being processed message.

  55. We filed ours through a private CPA on Feb 22. The IRS Where’s My Refund tool says they have no record of our filing. We’ve called the 800 number and got the same response. We also called our state and again got the same response. It’s been a month and no one even has record of our filing. We’ve also not received any sort of confirmation or acceptance letter. It seems our return has just disappeared. Is there a number that we can call to talk with a real person? As it is, we just get hung up on as soon as the automated system tells us there’s no record of our return.

    • I mailed mine Feb 11,2013 and seems to have vanished into thin air also. Called and told me to give it another week and call back again for possible re-filing!! Grrrr

    • Brandy,

      Do you know if the CPA efiled or mailed in your return? If it was mailed in, it more than likely is sitting on someone’s desk waiting to be entered and processed. The IRS says to not even call the automated system until 4 weeks after it was mailed. You just have to be patient. I know how frustrating it is.
      NOW, if our CPA supposedly efiled it, you should’ve received notice in less than 24 hours that the IRS has received it. If you didn’t see the CPA file with your own eyes, I’d be questioning him/her!!
      Good Luck

    • You need to call 1-800-829-1040 and when it prompts you for menu options repeatedly press “0″ (zero) until it says ‘please hold while we connect your call’ this person will not be the person you’ll need to speak with but once you briefly explain your situation they will be able to redirect your call.

  56. I originally filed with TT Feb 2nd only for it to be rejected by the IRS due to PIN issues? So, on the 6th of March 3 days after it was rejected. I applied for new pins. Did the whole TT all over again and guess what? IRS accepted that next day. IRS has completed my taxes and the disbursement date is the 20th!
    Being from a Bookkeeping back ground I knew this was going to be a FUN year for filing as well as refunds.
    We have reworked our W-4s to give us the monies during the year and placing it in savings in preparation that next year we won’ t see any refunds!
    We have learned our lesson on counting on IRS refunds in a speedy manner!
    I can breathe knowing my daughters Pre Wedding festivities will be as we planned beginning March 23, 2013.
    O and The IRS cut it close but it turned out fine!
    It was NOT TT fault it is the governments fault! The new tax laws were NOT signed until January 3rd by O! That was nearly impossible for the IRS to get all the new changes into place for everyone to file early!
    Read the IRS site to keep up to date from Dec 1st until you file your taxes people! Next time you will be forewarned of delays!

  57. I filed on 2/14 and received an email saying that it was was being processed. on 3/7 my where my refund status changed to still processing a date will be available when ready. but today is 3/19 and its still saying the same thing. Who should i call to see if there is a problem?

    • yes you should call. mine says the same thing but it is only because i was a victim of ID theft five years ago my refund always takes longer

  58. This seems like the blame game- TT and HRB messed up every ones taxes???? If you didn’t file with either of these companies did you get a refund? Did you get a return with an education credit and didn’t file with these companies? IS this an IRS issue or a TT/HRB issue? WOW what a messed about event-

    • I haven’t recieved mine yet. I’m supposed to get mine by march 12 that’s what turbotax website showed me once you login it said track your refund. And then I go to the IRS website and it says still processing and when available date is ready they will let me know. I am pissed off so much. My boyfriend send his by mail on the feb 1 from where he did his and then I did mine by turbotax website on feb 20 the irs approved it and now making me wait also and my bf hasn’t gotten his yet either.. Why????

    • Okay guy’s here is what happened to me. We filed March 1 I called March 14 due to no status bar or no change to the phrase of “your return is being processed a date will be provided when ready” so the guy on the phone said he could not see anything on his end on my account until 21 days so to call back. I then call my friend who works for the IRS. I hated to bother her but was worried something was wrong and I needed to fix it. No mind you most of these people working for the IRS are working for a 3rd party and from HOME! So I ask her about all the questions you guy’s were concerned with 8863 and EIC and what not and she said it has been such a mess. That the govt didn’t give them forms until late and changed systems at the last minute and that even people who pay quarterly are being screwed because the forms for that are just being sent out 3 days before they are do. I will say I randomly checked the WMR site on Sunday and i have a status bar and a refund coming on the 20th supposedly. So, this is not a TT or HRB issue it really is an IRS govt issue and we all feel trapped and imprisoned by the power they have over us to even do anything. We need to start making this a big big BIG deal to get it changed. We need to start making a lot of noise about how we do not like it to get things changed. We just don’t want our names on it for fear of audit! lol It sucks because it seems all of us are doing the right thing and not screwing with our numbers and meanwhile the jack-wagons that cheat the numbers have no issues and are the ones screwing us in the end.

    • I filed with FREETAXUSA and I still do not have mine! I filed Jan 17, and accepted Jan 25, but didn’t find out about the hold on the Education Credit until Feb3. Although the IRS started accepting the 8863 forms on Feb 14, I still have nothing! I prepared a friend’s taxes three weeks ago with the same efile company and she too had the 8863 form, and she got her refund last week! I am going to have to say that it is the IRS at fault!

      • *Update* I see on these boards where people say they will give an update but then you check back and they don’t, so here is mine! I called the IRS back on 3/19/2013, and I actually got a man who was willing to look at my account and tell me what he seen; he said that with the forms 8863 there was the first delay which put the processing off until Feb 14 (which we already know) and once they began processing the form, they ran into another issue which caused a second delay, and for everyone who got caught up in the second delay, their taxes were being sent to the Errors Dept. for attempted fix, and any taxes that the department could not fix, the recipient would receive a letter with instructions of what to do/what they need. I was one who was in the second snag of errors, however they corrected mine and I was told to expect mine by the first week of April, keep in mind I filed Jan17! I was also told a few weeks ago by a IRS employee that if you can order your 2012 Return Transcript, then yes, your taxes have been processed and you will get them; on different blogs I have read that if you can order transcripts you will have a dd within 2 days, I do not know how true that is but I am testing the theory. I could NOT order transcripts prior to speaking with the IRS on the 3/19, but around 1am that night (3/20) I WAS able to order my transcript, so now I will continue to look for a dd over the next day and see if it is a myth or if it is factual! Here is the number to call along with an extension to reach a live rep who can help you 1-800-829-0582 ext.362. There will be a wait still, but at least you will not go through a million prompts before reaching someone! I will be back with an update as soon as I have one, and I really hope this info helps someone!

      • *Update* So I guess the theory is correct about ordering your transcripts and getting a dd! As I stated in my last post, after calling and getting some answers I was able to request my transcript, and today 3/21 I have a dd for 3/25! Although they reduced my return by $1000 :( and say I will get a letter as to why, I now know I will get my return Monday (or at least hope). I am thinking they took my Education Credit off as their way of “fixing” my return, and if that is so because I don’t know what else they could of reduced, I will Amend them and get my money!

      • i ordered my tax transcript on march 7 and i still have not got a dd date so no its not always true. I have called them 3 times since then and always get the runaround that it can take up to 8 weeks. I have not received a straight answer yet and this is starting to get anoying. my electric bill is on a payment plan but i get a yearly bill for what i use over that and have to pay it. I use my tax return to help with this and never thought it would take this long to get my return back filed the first week of feb. no edu or other papers should of went straight through and still has not

      • today i recieved a letter from the irs saying that i am required to call them and until i dont they wont process quickly my refund for 2012.

      • Krystine, I received the same letter, it is due to Identity theft. they will just ask you a few questions. You might be on hold for more than 30 mins. I was on hold for 1hr 11 mins. Good luck

      • Shawna, someone try to steal my id so that the main reason they want you to call, maybe someone try to do it to you

      • @Jason call this number, you will have to wait but it was the only way I got any info 1-800-829-0582 ext. 362. And I had read where many people ordered transcripts and then suddenly got a dd, I was not in belief of it but then when it seemed to work for me I thought maybe it was accurate, although it is probably coincidence. I hope you get some resolution soon!

    • I did not file w either company (filed w a personal tax company) I filed jan 30 was accepted jan 31 and as of today (7 wks) mine still says processing. I do not have any educational claims, or off sets. I have called my tax preparer & the irs several times! I have not re roved a letter or any kind of notice stating there is a problem.. The irs stated “I would receive a letter” but never did. Then they stated ” there was a problem but its been fixed & I should receive a dd but never did. Then stated no problems it was pulled for an adit by an individual n it should be done processing n a day or so but that was a few wks ago. So it’s not just certain company’s or ppl this is effecting lot of refunds & no one seems to have any answers so good luck cause I guess all we can do is hurry up and wait!!

    • I filed with HRB and still have not seen or heard anything about mine, I am on hold with the IRS to see what the hold up is………. Getting really frustrating.

  59. I filed with T.T. and was accepted 2/14. WMR says i should have it, and was deposited feb 27. Never got it. Called IRS, its in review, and I should receive a letter within 2 weeks. I guess I shall wait till next week and call again.

  60. 45 days and no refund. I check the status on line daily, still processing. I call and the rudest women I have ever spoke to was completely unhelpful and knew nothing! Wouldn’t I have gotten a letter by now if there was an issue? My return was accepted January 28th!

  61. I efiled feb 5th accepted feb 6th it’s now march 14 i have yet to recieve my refund.. Dont know what’t the hold up, i only claim EITC for my three kids and i remember my accountant asking me for a copy or proof that my kids live with me.

  62. I check my refund last week it said that I was approved ,that my refund was going to be sent on the 11 and now it said still processing what dose that mean .

    • Hi Tammy – It might be that the IRS Where’s My Refund page was updating. Have you checked again since then? Or, did you have your TurboTax fees taken from your refund as that will add a couple days. If you don’t have it in the next day or so, you may want to contact the IRS directly to learn the reason for the delay. Their number is 800-829-1040. Thanks, Karen

  63. I filed at the end of January and did not file any of the delayed forms. I also owe. How long can I expect to wait to get a transcript? It still isn’t available and I need it desperately for a home loan. What is the timetable for delays for people in my position as opposed to people who are getting a refund? I can’t find anything online.

      • Just an update if anyone is interested: I called the IRS like Christopher suggested. They told me that they will not be processing ANY returns for people who owe until June. Doesn’t matter if you filed in January or you’ll file in April. If you owe, you have to wait until after June for your transcript.

    • My problem is the same as well. Accepted on February 14, have educational credits and already called the IRS. Three times! Still can’t get an answer. The first rude and nasty agent told me I am getting a letter. Didn’t get one. The tax advocate told me everything is fine and its delayed because of educational credits. The agent today told me it is still processing, she doesn’t really know why or what is wrong. I may or may not get a letter, because correction department is trying to resolve it on their own. It is because of educational credits and they were told to tell people to be patient. Let me translate it – they don’t know what is going on either. Three IRS agents three answers. Great!!

      • I sm in yhe exact same boat Steph. I have passed 2 closing and I am in danger of the seller backing out of the contract. Our loan is approved just waiting on the TRANSCRIPT which isn’t going to come until June or later. Please keep an update if you are able to find another way. My lender is working hard to go around this transcript thing but it doesnt look good.

    • Hang in there… they are bring processed. I’d just keep trying each day. We filed in Jan, accepted 2/14, had the delay because of the 8863 through H&R. I talked to an IRS rep last week and yesterday, and the one yesterday told me everything is being processed and it definitely will not take 4-6 weeks as they are told in the guideline. Finally today (3/13), I as able to order my transcript and link my fafsa to the irs to transfer my data. Still no update on WMR, but from everything I have read, ordering transcripts usually means that a DDD is a couple of days away.

  64. I filed my taxes 4 weeks ago and I have yet to receive my refund. On the IRS website it states “still processing” what does that mean??? And how long is this processing going to take??? Please can someone help me in understanding the issue going on. Thank you!!!

  65. i filed my taxes on feb 7th and it is now march 11. on the irs website it says still processing. i havent been notified of anything wrong with my paper work. has anyone else had a problem like this?


      • we are still waiting as well. we were suppose to get ours on the 8th of March. it states still processing.. what is going on ?

    • Alex, did you take the education credit? That is the reason for most of the delays 2 questions on form 8863 had issues so ppl making that claim are delayed.

    • My Federal was accepted on Jan 30th. My taxes still show processing as of today March 12th. I have not rec’d any letter from the IRS stating there was a problem. Not sure what the hold up is unless they are looking into my 2 foster children that I have had since July 2011. This is just ridiculous now.

      • Elizabeth, you are not alone, I filed on Jan 28 2013 accepted 1/29/13 today is March 13 2013 and I have no refund, no DD date and no answers. What I did get was a notice from Turbo tax stating they will be debiting my account for filing fees on March 22. Turbo tax has yet to even comment on this problem at least H&R Block has!

      • Hi Tarsha and Elizabeth,
        H & R Block commented because they do have an error on their form 8863. TurboTax did not submit form 8863 with errors. I am sorry you have not received your tax refund yet, but your delay is not related to the problem H & R Block is having. Here is an IRS FAQ that may help answer questions about why your tax refund may be delayed http://www.irs.gov/uac/2012-Tax-Season-Refund-Frequently-Asked-Questions
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Tarshajackson, I got that same notice and then I got a retraction from the President of Turbo Tax saying that the email was sent in error. However, to this day Turbo Tax has not made any kind of comment on what is causing the delays on their end. Don’t believe the BS that it is all the IRS fault if your refund status here says pending it means that the IRS has not received it and calling them is not going to change anything. the Robots are not going to give you any answers, they are just going to keep posting out of date links that have no new information.

    • i file on the six in it still says its still Processing in a date will Be availiaBle what does that mean

    • Did mine the same day and haven’t heard anything. I noticed the next comment said she was told it had to be resubmitted. I wonder if they will notify us or if we have to search this information out…?

    • YES. I don’t owe anyone any money either so it wasn;t intercepted. My accountant just tells me to be patient. My return was accepted 2-15 and they are saying it’s still being processed. Got my state refund already!

    • Alex IRS is screwing with people’s refund, they are manually re-doing people’s Tax Returns to find ways of cutting down on the refund they will be sending you, that is why it is taking them longer to send refunds. Please be sure to seriously contest any reduction to your refund even it means getting a lawyer to do it, they are using all types of tricks to stop from actually sending you the amounts you deserve. So contest any reduction to your refund.

      • I thought the same thing! They are the Governnent! They overspend we pay for it!!!

    • I e-file february 3rd still in process I called and they say it may take 8 weeks from february the 14

  66. Hello everyone, i filed my return on 01/30/13, i called once it had been over 21 days and was told that they were delayed because of a review. Then I called again today 03/11/13 and was told my return was annulled or canceled because there was some type of trouble when it was recieved electronically and was incomplete so i need to resubmit it. Very frustrating, but the worse part was that they did not send me a letter or notice had i not called insisting on what was wrong with it, i would still be waiting because it still says on the irs website processing.

    • I was told the same, but they told me they would take care of it and no action is required from my part they also say to wait 8 weeks from feb the 14 which means april 14 but now with what youre saying Im going to callback again

    • What number did you call? I have the same problem and can’t find a “person” to talk to. Every number we call is a computer….

      • Well i called the IRS today again for the 3rd time. I submitted my return January 30th an received confirmation for it February 1st. It has been 48 days since then and still it saids processing o the site and when I call the IRS they tell me nothing. Today the man who I spoke to said wait 30 more days and then call back. I don’t understand how noone can give me a straight answer as to what the problem is

    • johanna i had the exact same thing happen to me I filed an 8863 form (educational tax credit) my wheres your tax refund on the irs site said still processing for at least a week when I talked to the irs agent they told me i would receive a letter and never did and now today I have a DD for the 19th so hang in there.

  67. I Filed on Jan30, and i finally am getting my refund march 14!!! Theres hoepe people good luck it has been saying your refund is being processed, a refund date will be given when available until yesterday woohooo!!!

    • did you file for the student credit. and how long did it take after it wax accepted did you get a refund date.

  68. Return accepted on Jan 28.. Status has been ‘your refund is still being processed’ for almost 6 weeks now !! Simple return,, no deductions, no education credits…nothing !! What a JOKE!!! Everything’s becoming a JOKE!!!


      • so trur if we owed IRS it would b no issue a letter would b mailed n a date with it. amazing what the govmnt can do to regular working people.

  69. I e-filed 2/6. Return accepted by the IRS 2/10. Ever since it’s been saying “still processing retrun” on the WMR site. Nothing received from the IRS. Just sitting there. Wondering if the Taxpayer Advocate will take the case (>30 days to resolve a tax issue).


  70. Just wanted to give all an update on me, i had told everyone on here that I filed on January 30th and and my taxes were finally received on February 14th because I had an education credit. Well yesterday I was fed up with my bar not changing even on the 22 nd day after the 14th so I finally talked to so someone from the IRS and was told that there was something wrong with papers and that in 2 weeks I would receive the papers that needed to be filled out. They would not give me any more information than that. So I called H&R Block where I filed mine at and they told me that since I filed my taxes earlier and with an Education Credit that there were some new information requested that I simply should bring the paper to them and they would handle it and then I guess I wait again. But anyway wanted to share my story as this may be the case for some of you as well.

    • I also filed mine thru H and R block. They have made so many mistakes with mine to get it there. It kept rejecting it because of the wrong social being put in. And this paper that we may have to submit. Since it’s there fault why do we have to wait two weeks for the mail, Why can’t they just fix it. We pay out enough to have are taxes done. I filed mine before the 14th and the IRS accepted it the 17th. Today 03/10/2013 I have a processing screen but still no date I will recieve it.

    • ** posted on HR Block FB page**
      H&R Block has confirmed with the IRS that there was an issue with certain tax returns filed before February 22, 2013 that included certain education tax credits claimed on Form 8863. We have worked with the IRS to expedite a solution to this issue for all of our affected clients.
      If you received this letter of notice requesting additional information for Form 8863 and already responded to the IRS, or have not received a notification to date, there is no additional action needed at this time.

      For those clients who have received notification from the IRS and have yet to respond, please call your local H&R Block office or 800-HRBLOCK. The office or customer service agent will be able to better serve you and provide next steps.

      For those clients who received the IRS notice regarding form 8863 that said it would take 6-8 week to receive a refund after this issue was resolved, we are assured it will not take that long. We continue to work with the IRS and as we have more specifics on timing and any other updated information, we will share it with our clients.

      H&R Block appreciates that this issue may cause problems for our clients. We will continue to update clients as more information becomes available. We thank clients for their patience while we work with the IRS to expedite the filing process on their behalf.

    • I received the IRS letter on Saturday 03.09.13. Boxes 25 & 26 are unchecked on many taxpayers filing through H&R block. The letter instructs me to send in the answers to these 2 questions. I called H&R & they told me that they knew about this & have been working with the IRS to get our returns all corrected. H&R told me to ignore the letter and read me the letter they have from the IRS stating that it has been corrected. When you call H&R, give them the letter reference & they will tell you this same information. They do receive copies from the IRS. I have been waiting since JAN 16th for my refund!

      • Thats impossible to have been waiting since Jan 16, as the IRS did NOT accept any returns until Jan 30th. Some fell thru the cracks on the 29th but they didnt accept any of them until at least Jan 29th, the public was made well aware that the 30th was the date in which they begin accepting returns, and its probably why your waiting so long, they probably either didnt recieve it or its been buried.

      • Richard, that is not entirely true. There was a small percentage of people who returns were accepted prior to January 30th, when the IRS started mass accepting returns. I know, I was one of them. I was accepted on 1/26. The IRS accepted about 1% of the total returns prior to 1/30 to test the system prior to 1/30 and that is when the problem was uncovered. Unfortunately you are not going to get that answer here or from H&R Block beause they don’t want you to know that.

  71. Its been well over 21 days.. this is getting annoying… they want your money every week but can’t seem to get ours in a timely manner.. freaking sucks.

  72. I filed my taxes on 02/14/2013; IRS didn’t confirm they rec’vd my info until a week or so later. My status on WMR has been in rec’vd forever and a day….it has been well over 21 days, getting pretty frustrated with the delay. IRS takes their money from my paycheck every two weeks without delay, but now when I’m on the rec’vn end they are taking their precious time…ugh!

  73. Please everyone stay com I’m sure everyone is doing there best to get everyone there money. It takes a strong person to sit at a desk and take negative comments all day long
    Thanks to all at TT and IRS for the great job that they do.
    I’m not a government employee by the way

    • I don’t know about TT, they have said nothing of value since this thread was opened. However, I do agree that you should be patient with the IRS. They did not cause the problem. If you have read this thread, the problem started with TT because they submitted returns with the wrong form but so did H&R block in the beginning. So the IRS held them until the 14th and put them in the error files. Now, they could have just outright rejected them and sent them back and said tough cookies, but they did hold them and manually fix them. That is why every time I called them, I have been polite and respectful and they were very helpful. NOW as far as the ROBOTS on TT go. I have nothing nice to say because all Lisa does is spew the same mechanical answers and BTW, why hasn’t the President of TT come on and make a formal apology???? It was their fault.

      • Oh god. the Robot speaks again…..Yes Lisa, I read all of the links that you have repeatedly posted and in fact I was probably one of the first ones to actually have been impacted because my return was accepted on 1/26 and I did not get it for over 30 days….And yes, I still believe that TT and H&R blockheads are at fault mostly because first the first notifications went out on 1/30 because that is when I received mines which was before the IRS started processing them, and second ever since then, you have provided nothing of value — no apology to the tens of thousands of customers who have been impacted, no real explanation because there are plenty of people here who filed after 2/14 when the corrected form was released and they still have not gotten a notice saying it was accepted let alone processed. SO riddle me this ROBOT, why are so many people still in PENDING status on Turbo Tax. I think it would best if you took did the same thing that many of the other robots have done and just shut up. You have no explanation for this and you are just pissing people off. Go back into hiding for another week and then come back and post some more out-dated/non-informational link.

      • Okey Dee here is a question for you, if IRS is reworking people’s Tax Return and sending them refunds that is less than what TurboTax predicted. How do we contest it, if all the info on the tax return is correct to the best of my abilities?

      • Sidney, are you trying to find the status of your refund? If so, what I did was call the IRS and asked for the Account Management division. I don’t know of any other division that will not give you the run around because when I first called the IRS they told me the same thing they are telling most of you which is it was 21 days after the new acceptance date which is not true. I told them my situation, they looked into my account and gave me the DD date. I filed on 1/26 and got accepted the same day at first. When the problems with form 8863 were announced I was told they would not start processing returns with form 8863 until 2/14, I got an email on 2/15 saying it was being procesed. My original refund date from TT was calculated as 2/20 or before (that is what the WMR on TT gave me), I got my refund on 2/27, which was 7 days after the date I got from WMR on Turbox. So in total I got my 12 days after it was marked being processed on 2/15.

  74. I filed my taxes on the January 30th, and was told it would be 21 days, well after I kept checking the website and it kept telling me that they had yet to receive mine, I called H&R Block for them to then tell me that since I claimed an Education Credit, that mine would not be looked at until March, well I finally seen that on February 14 they were received and that is all that it has said since then and to day if the damn 6th, needless to say that I am very fustrated because with this is how I usually pay the outrageous taxes on my house and such but until then, I am screwed and will continue to be penalized…..


  75. Filed on 2/18 accepted 2/20 still processing. Called every possible irs number, have spoken to over 5 different reps and none of them have given me an answer. They just say wait the 21 days for processing! Has anyone who filed on or after 2/18 received a dd date or refund?

    • Filed same day, accepted 035 for fed, and 036 for state. They say early 15 Mar but i’m thinking 22 or 29 Mar. Hang in there, felt same way WILL NOT USE TT NEXT YEAR, Best friend file same day with other tax service got his in 16 days total

    • H&R block sent my taxes out on 2/15 I am still waiting on a return date, after being told 21 days. I’ve looked all over the place online and can’t find anyone I can actually talk to. The wheres my refund tool still keeps saying its being processed.

    • @Lilo Lopez hey did you get your refund yet? I filed the same day 2/18 and still saying the same freaking thing……

    • I filed on 2/20 for school. Because I am going to school so I had to fill out online TT education credit and I got accepted on 2/20 the same day I e filed it and they said by march 12 and nothing yet I am so fed up also can’t wait to get my refund how long more do we have to wait for our money to be sent.

  76. Will you people please stop complaining about Turbo Tax!!! The delay is on the IRS side — not on the T.T. side. Also, get off your political soap boxes and deal with the fact that the tax codes had late changes (again, not an issue cause by T.T.). Personally, as a sole proprietor of a small business, I’m glad they did change the tax code – The Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 is something you should look at before you gripe at T.T. Lisa. See http://www.sba.gov/community/blogs/official-sba-news-and-views/open-business/small-business-tax-incentives-fiscal-cliff for more details. “Where’s my Refund?” is overwhelmed – because Turbo Tax says it has been “Submitted” or “Accepted” does not mean that the IRS has actually reviewed it. I’m sure that there are many filers that will get early tax returns, but if you filed anything more complicated than a basic return with no rental income, no business income, etc., you will have issues (whether you used Turbo Tax, H&R block, Joe’s Tax Service, or filed yourself). T.T. Lisa can’t say it, but I will…What a bunch of whiners on this blog!

    • Brant I disagree to an extent. I was one of the early filers, I was accepted on 1/26. I was informed via email by Intuit that there were problems with the returns of people who submitted a return with form 8863 on 1/30, that was the day before the IRS started processing. So why is it that I got a notification of an issue before the actual processing started as the IRS did not start accepting returns until 1/31. I was one of the few people that the IRS accepted early because they were testing. I think the real problem here is that people just want to know what is really going on. TT Lisa is just posting the same links that have been spewed out with no real explanation. Most of the people here have gotten more of an explanation from calling the IRS themselves. Why is it that no one from Intuit has manned up enough to come on this blog and say “Okay, we have a problem…and this is what we are doing to correct it” Again I have to disagree with you on one other point — there is no way you can sit there and say that the IRS has a return when it is still saying PENDING on the Turbo Tax site. This is an epic fail on both sides. At least when I called the IRS I got some honest answers and not an out-of-date link that provides no explanation to what is going on. So before you start calling people a bunch of whiners maybe you can get the president of Turbo Tax on here and let him/her tell us what they are doing to correct the issue on their side. I am sorry but in the real world — the whole bunch of them would have been fired by now for the lack of honest communication.

    • Oh yeah and this is another reason why so many people have a right to be pissed with Turbo Tax. When you filed your taxes (and correct me if I am wrong), you were given a projected DD date from the beta version of Where’s My Refund from Turbo Tax, not the IRS. I know because I used it and it gave me the projected date of 2/19 on 1/26. Now given that this issue came to a head prior to 1/31, why did the Turbo Tax where’s my refund adjust the Direct Deposit date? I checked on 2/19 and 2/20 and the Intuit (tt) where’s my refund site told me I was still within the 21 days of processing by the IRS. It was not until 2/21 when the date passed that the Turbo Tax WMR directed me to contact the IRS…It gave me a message — “Oops, there might be something wrong with your refund. Please contact the IRS”. I kid you not, that is the message I got. I think a lot of people would be less heated if they were told in some way, shape or form that as a result of this issue that their refunds would be impacted from the beginning. All we have gotten is silence. Their WMR app did not change the DD date and provided no further information other than to contact the IRS once their projected date passed.
      So do people have a right to whine???? I absolutely, positively think so.

      • Absolutely!!!!! The deadline for my daughter’s FAFSA was 2/4. So think about all the students who will not get financial aid this year because they have missed the deadline. I could have been one of the many who stopped posting here because they have gotten their refunds. yes I got my federal refund nearly a month ago, however, I am here because these talking heads here at Turbo Tax are not giving you the truth. They keep telling you to read links that do not provide any information and are out of date. The PResident of this company refuses to make a formal annoucement apologizing to all the people who are still waiting. these are the people with the insight but yet they send out the talking robots who keep posting useless links. Well, I am here to tell you it’s worse than you have been told. The refunds have been further delayed because a number of tax processors have been put on furlough because of the sequestor. Of course, it’s going to be denied, but it is true.

  77. I filed with HH block- Called, was told they can;t tell me anything until it has been 21 days. I checked today and my status changed from recvd, to an odd status saying your return is still being processed, and a refund date will be given when it’s available. WHAT??????
    I did get my nj state DD today.

    • Matt, same here. I filed with HR Block and IRS accepted return on February 15. I check Where’s My Refund tool on IRS.gov and it says my return accepted and in processing and refund should be issued in 21 days. Today is 21 days, No Refund, and now WMR tool says same as yours= Your Return is still being processed and a refund date will be given when available. WTH???????
      Anybody else incurred this issue but has received their Refund?

      • Filed 2/19 and finally got accepted 3/4. no update on WMR so I called IRS. Got a lady to look into my account and finally got back and said return is processed and my DD is 3/13. You gotta keep bugging them and get to the right person to get correct info. No sites are current/up to date.

  78. I have used TT for 15 years and NEVER experienced this sort of delay. I filed on 2/17 and am still Pending for BOTH Fed & State. Really need our refund ASAP. May not use TT in the future when others have received their refund when filing thru H&R Block. So frustrated! Heather

    • Hi,
      Everyone has a different tax situation and the IRS extended their lead time for processing tax refunds this season. The IRS announced that they will process most tax refunds within 21 days of acceptance. Last tax season their estimated processing time was shorter.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Oh God….The Robot is back, spewing the same dialogue.

        Duhhh…TT Lisa …. You are saying 21 days after acceptance. This person is saying that both their returns are pending after 15 DAYS…..WAKE UP!!! They have not even been accepted yet. Can you read???? God help this company because I can see you are going to lose a whole lot of customers. Where is the president???? Why doesn’t he/she give an explanation instead of these pre-programmed robots!!!! I got my refund but I am pissed seeing these poor people here asking for assistance and all they are getting is a run around.

      • Its been over 21 days since they received mine
        .and still nothing. Still being processed. Come on guys

      • why would by bar on my where is my refund say being approved and then when I dont get my refund on the day i should ..i check the wheres my refund and it said being process and no bars are up there anymore

    • Filed on 02/18 recieved my accepted 05 mar. hang in there, WILL NOT USE TT NEXT YEAR, best friend filed same day at a tax service and has had his return over a week ago.

      • this is absolutely ridiculous from what i understand it is the early filers that have the issues b/c TT emailed all their past customers and urged them to file early! so I did! now I am stuck! everyone who filed after the 2/14 have their refunds! TT this is my last year filing with you and I hope like hell everyone else’s too!

    • It is not Turbo Tax, it is The IRS. I filed through H&R block and mine says that still processing ….blah blah”. Others have the same problem too. I also have heard other people say on another website, that the WMR tool is messed up. They have already received there refunds yet the Where’s My refund says “still processing.” When I talked to The person I did my taxes through they said that it was accepted. However, as I stated before the tool says “still processing Yes it is Very frustrating. I came across this website because I have been looking for answers myself. Tried calling IRS but after finally being able to speak to an person, “said due to high traffic my call cannot be taken” and to call back later.” ughh.

    • i used HR block and havent gotten mine either(over 21 days)–its not the provider you use that determines the delay–Its the IRS….

  79. so today is day 28 and still no refund. i called the number i found on this blog and they asked if i had ever been a victim of identity theft and i said NO! they updated some information and then came back and told me it would be about another 2 weeks before i hear anything. i was on hold the majority of the time. 36 minutes on the phone just to get that answer. i will never do turbo tax again. my friend did hers with HR&Block and get her refund in 8 days.

    • This is what you have to do….Call the IRS back. Ask for the Account Management department. Tell them your situation and ask them, (I mean ask) if there is any way they can look into your account and tell you if it has a date as of yet. Tell them you have to file your financial aid forms for your kids and because your forms are pending you cannot get a transcript. They will look it up for you and tell you what the status is. It worked for many of us here. Good luck.

      • I received notification my taxes were accepted by IRS on Jan 28th and the only message I have been greeted with on the WMR site is pending. I followed the above steps yesterday and found out I was selected randomly for extra 45 day review period. Thanks for the advice, I would’ve never found out even though they say a letter was sent to me.

      • dee i have called the irs 4 times and hav egotten 4 dff ans–the 1st call said there was an error on schedule A line 21 and tht a letter was generated on 2-15 but he couldnt see wut it was and to wait–2nd call the nice lady said that all 8863 refunds went to error dept and tht if i didnt receive by the 7th to call back and that she couldnt see where the 1st guy saw any error and tht my return looked fine–3rd call the guy said i will gt a letter from the date of tht call-4th call said they see and error but its not in the dept tht is for audits and to wait on the letter ,if any– im sorry my 5th call said tht my return has only been processing for 11 days and tht if i dont receive a letter from the irs by the 20th to call back so they can send an email to the error dept to tell them to send the letter–wth??
        filed 1-30
        accepted 1-14 with 8863,eitc
        still processing
        3-4 my bars disappeared and my refund is still processing and a date will be given wen available

      • tbluegreen — I wish I could remember the name of the gentleman who assisted me from the account management department. He did tell me one helpful thing — most of the regular agents do not know how to read the information in your account, that is why I stressed to ask to be transferred to the Account Management Dept. Once I asked for them, I got the right answers. I would suggest you try one more time and be adamant and tell them that you have gotten several different scenarios and you would like to speak to someone from the Account Management department to have them review your account. At this point tell them anything, tell them you need to know when you can get your transcript because you have a child in college and the financial aid deadline is coming up. Be firm but don’t be rude. It worked for me.

    • I don’t think it’s just TT. I filed with h&r block on the 8th of February, and it didn’t get accepted till a week later exactly. And the site still says its still being processed.

  80. well I filed on 16 Feb and 4 days later its said pending well its macrh 4 now and its still pending. I thought filing thru e-file was quicker

    • I filed on Feb 6th and my taxes were finally “accepted” on March 3rd. Now apparently another 3 weeks for processing. There is a light at the end although the wait was unsettling…..

  81. I filed on February 16th. My response that day was that it was “pending” How long will it stay in pending. As far as I understand it has not been sent to the feds yet. What is goiong on?????

  82. It is now 3/4 and my taxes are still pending and not filed with the IRS I completed them on 2/20 with a Form 5695 which was supposed to be accepted by the IRS starting at midnight on 3/4 why has it not been filed yet?????

      • Hmmm, first it was 2/14, then it was 3/1 and now it is 3/4. I am starting to believe that this person is a robot because she has not yet given anyone any useful information. It does not take 21 days….most people got them within 7 – 10 days after it was accepted. I tell you someone need to fire the whole group of you because not one of you have done anything useful except post out-of-date/misinformed links.

      • I didnt need any of those forms and my return was accepted feb 4th and i am still waiting. Forget about calling the IRS unless you want to spend 8 hours on phone .There is something else going on when some people that filed later than others and got theirs.WTF

  83. Yay!!! My taxes were finally accepted. I filed on 2-15 with education credits and with passive loss form. I wasn’t stressing over the refund itself…just wanted to see that the IRS has my taxes. Resting easier now….

  84. FYI everyone…My refund status updated to approved overnight with a refund date of 03/06. There is hope! Just hold on!! I hope everyone gets their refund soon. :)

    • Princess – OMG girl!!!!! I am so excited for you and YES it does make me feel better – Thank you

    • My return did the same thing overnight and I got the same deposit date. Been waiting awhile and look forward to actually getting my refund, FINALLY.


    • The bar moved to approved and finally I got a dd too. True: if you are able to order a transcript from the irs website, and able to transfer your 1040 info to the fafsa site, then it is done processing. Thank you guys for being my support group and source of REAL information. Good luck everyone

      • i starting to hate turbotaxes is alway something with them. i did my return back in january and it still pending. I ask both irs and turbo can’t get an answer.

  85. OK – so today I checked the WMR and the graph is gone. The message says “your refund is STILL being processed and you will receive a deposit date when available” – anyone else get this message? Paul – is this the message you have had?

    • Cynthia,
      Yes this is the message that I have been getting since February 14th and it has not changed. I have called in numerous times. Turbo Tax sent an old form with my return and it had to go to the error and resolution department to be fixed. True my refund went up a really good amount. I have been calling in every day just to tick them off. I did find out that my return was accepted on February 22nd and that it is cleared of errors in and in normal flow. They asked me to wait the two more weeks from February 22nd and to watch my bank and WMR. He told me our status updates ONCE A WEEK and the WMR updates daily. I have to wait even longer than anticipated. I got my letter about the mistake but it says nothing about my refund. One thing that is good as I am sure you have seen on here. You can tell that your return has been completely processed by seeing if you can order your 2012 return transcript. If you can then your return is done being processed. On a last note if your return went through error and resolution they hold your refund for 7 calendar days and why I could not find out. This is all the information that I currently have. Also I am done with Turbo Tax and I feel that with their lack of communication and concern for their customers they will be losing many of us next year when it comes time. Also these people saying about free file crap that some of us people use. There is no such thing as free and Turbo Tax gets paid for doing the free file returns. If you think they do not get paid then you must have sand for brains.

      • Paul – I found the number for transcripts – and guess what?? i CANNOT order mine – now of course I feel worse. Jeez….this is so frustrating. I did call the IRS and the lady I spoke with stated everything I already knew. She said if I do not see my refund by March 8th I should call back. She also told me my refund was accepted on the 15th of Feb.

      • Cynthia,
        It took me some time to find out that once your transcript is done and you can order it that your retuurn was finished. I just checked my mail today and I received my transcript in the mail today but they cannot send my refund to my bank??? A lot of red tape bullcrap is what it is.

      • Ok Paul – I almost do not even want to post this. I called the IRS and was on hold for 1.5 hours!! The gentlemen that helped me explained this. My return was in error (as we know) Once the error is corrected the WMR site will change to being processed because now it is back in the normal process. The bad news he told me was that it can take up to 5 weeks to be deposited in my account if it had to go thru the error and resolution dept. I am hoping for the best but this may explain your delay and others. The WMR bar graph should reappear once there is a direct deposit date for your refund. UGHH…I am dying here.

    • @Cynthia..That hasn’t happened to me however I have read some other comments from ppl saying that happened to them. When the graph came back their refund had been approved. Hopefully that is what is happening with yours. Mine is still showing processing.. :-)

      • Hopefully – I feel like I am going nuts just from lack of real information.

      • Cynthia
        Im going through the same thing. accepted on the 15th of Feb. Still in processing. When I check wmr in the morning it shows processing but in the evening it shows that they have no info. The irs gives me the same 21 day generic answer.

      • Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. i didn’t even expect my refund just yet and woke up this morning and checked my bank account for other reasons and there it was, in my bank. Funny thing is the wmr website never did update past the approved part. Good luck to all!

      • Yes I had education credits and job expenses to name a few. I did sweetly call the IRS every day after I wasn’t getting any where on the wmr website. Not sure if it helped but hey I got it

    • I got this message today! The graph bar is gone and instead now I got this message. Does it mean that there is an error in my return? I filed on 02/18 got accepted a few hours later. Anyone else getting the “your refund is STILL being processed and you will receive a deposit date when available” message?

      • yes…….i got the same thing was accepted on 1/26…………then tt said the irs wouldn’t process until 2/14 because of the education credit……had the bar now its gone…….waiting for a deposit date when available……someone give me some good news please……..

    • Filed 1/30 accepted 2/10 with form 4562. Bar went away two weeks ago apparently was mistake on form. IRS gave me diff story every time I called from refund in 21 more days to 5 week wait for error correction.
      Today I spoke to tax advocate who said that my dd date is 3/6 !!!!!!!
      So error correction added a few days not weeks’nn

      • How did you get hold of a taxpayer advocate?
        Thanks for any information.


    • I saw that for about 10 days before the bar moved again and gave me a DD date. However, I would depend on WMR at this juncture. Your best bet is now that you got that message “still being processed” call the IRS and ask for the Account Management department, at this juncture they can actually look at your file and give you the DD date. Hope that helps.

    • Yes Ive been getting this message for two weeks. I called the IRS and it was due to the school credit form. I did my taxes early and since they couldnt do anything with it my taxes went into the error department. If you did yours early this might have happened just have to wait it out

  86. I do believe that my calling the IRS several times might have helped. When I finally called the last time yesterday the guy went over my return page by page, we were on the phone over 20 minutes not including wait time. He said there were no issues so I am going to manually push it through. Another 10 agonizing minutes and he said “there we go I got a date of March 4th”. So I truly believe this man helped me.

    • Hi Cdawn

      Do not get your hopes up after going through what you said you went through. I went through the same thing talking to a woman at the IRS. She went through my return line by line and after looking told me my deposit date was 2/28/2013 and here it is today and NO DEPOSIT. I would not believe everything that you are told. Just a little information to be passed along.

      • I have now called the irs 3 times and got 3 diff answers!
        Infield 1/30 accepted with form 4562 on 2/10 and processing. Was told return was fixed due to math error in my favor. Each rep told me another story from 10 more days, anyway and lastly you have to wait for a correction form an then a paper check 4 weeks later!!!
        I’m so frustrated
        Any advice?

      • Paul – I have to tell you that I am so frustrated and angry with TT. They knew that the forms were incorrect. They had to have known they were rejected – they had to have known that they would be delayed. They could have explained the truth and asked us to all refile. I filed my daughters ON the 14th with an 8863 and she got her money 8 days later. If we had been allowed to refile our taxes on the 14th – fresh – we would have our money by now. All these posts etc. with all this frustration and obsessiveness – could have been eliminated if they had been honest. I WILL NEVER USE TT again – just because of the dishonest way that they have handled this situation. Please let me know your progress. I will keep you updated as well. I do believe that we should have our money within the next couple of weeks. Other people on this blog in the same situation received their money today – that is the first money dropping in our situation. Keep your fingers crossed :)

    • Cdawn – please keep us posted as to if you get your refund on the 4th – sending you $$ positive energy!!!!

    • @Cdawn…I’ve called several times. I’ve been very polite. The first two times I got the run around. The last three reps said the same thing. My return was received on 02/18 (a holiday) and that there was no deposit date as of yet. I was advised my 21 days started 02/19 even though I have a confirmation e-mail from TT stating it was accepted on 02/14 at 9:40am.

  87. I still do not have a DD date. My refund has still not been approved. I am still in processing status with one week (7 days) left remaining out of my 21 day timeframe.

    • My has been over 30 days and I am still pending. Was told yesterday they would not even look at mine until early march.

    • Princess – I too have not been approved on the WMR site – I believe we should start to see something next week. The IRS agent I spoke with stated by 3/8/13. Dont worry – the returns filed before the 14th have just started to post – ours will be next :)

      • Got on the wmr site this morning and that bar finally moved from processing to dd date of march 4th so hang in there. I waited nearly 1 month.

      • well turbo taxes never e-file my return but i pay them to do this.if you have problem call this number 1-800-8290582 x462

      • Ok this starting to move crap is really bad and I do not think it is true at all. Look at this (Cynthia can back me up). I filed my return on January 14th 2013. Turbo Tax website said that they had all of the proper forms and would hold my return until January 30th when the IRS opened for filing. Turbo Tax went and sent my return (allegedly) to the IRS on January 24th and it was (allegedly) accepted on January 25th. The notice from Turbo Tax said that refunds would not be issued until January 30th when the IRS opened. I have the form still that says all of this. So since my return was accepted on January 25th and today is March 1st I have been waiting for 34 days all in total. Moving quick is something that is NOT happening at all.

      • Paul – what is the number for the transcripts – maybe I can sooth myself with that – lol

      • Cynthia,
        I ordered my transcript through the IRS website. It is in the middle of the page. I order a RETURN TRANSCRIPT. Also when I called in and talked to the man that pushed my return forward he told me that after finishing the returns in error and resolution they are on hold for two weeks. He told me that my acceptance date was 2/22/2013 and to wait the 21 days which would be March 15th but if all goes as normal with other returns he said around March 11th. Also Cynthia have you noticed when you call in that you get a different story each time. I am thinking about calling them everyday until I get my refund. Think they will like that?

      • Cynthia,
        I got up this morning and checked the WMR to see what it says. That old message was gone and the bar graph was back saying my refund approved and a date of 2/6. It also explained how my return was fixed and my refund adjusted by over $1,000 in my favor. I will still get on and let you know if I receive my refund then. Good Luck with yours.


      • Paul – I am so excited for you!!!! Ill keep you posted on mine. Hopefully – I will see something within the next 2 weeks.

      • Paul!!! Princess – cdawn and all my other cohorts of the Turbo Tax Blog – I finally got a DD on the WMR site today of 3/7/13. Thank you guys for all of your support.

      • I just got accepted as of today 1 month 6 days later. I did the direct Depo from turbo tax and used there bank and paid the fees. How long does it take for them to Depo the check where I was accepted from the IRS ?

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      • Cynthia,

        Cool I am happy for you. We have all waited so long for somebody to stop dragging there feet. Next year I have not decided who I will go with. It will be something to think about.

        Paul Scribner

      • To cdawn – wonderful!!. Princess and CC – we are next – dont worry. Im curious – I filed with TT on 1/26/13 – did you guys file around the same time?

      • Hi Cynthia,

        Here it is Feb. 28th like I was told and NO deposit. I do not really know what to believe. I am a little ticked because Turbo Tax sent my return in with the wrong 8863 which caused my refund to increase after the IRS fixed it but now my refund date is here and almost gone. From this point it is like what do I do now? Also WMR is saying the same message it has been saying for me since January 30th, go figure.

      • Paul – that stinks. I was thinking of you this a.m. I am on the phone holding with IRS as we speak. I did find out about ALL of our returns being in the error and resolution dept. – that is the main reason for the hold up. I do have a good number for the IRS 1-800-829-0582 ext.462. Try it – maybe you can get some better information. I am so sad you did not get your refund today. I will keep you updated on anything I find out.

      • This error and resolution thing stinks. My return went all the way through and still no deposit. And to top this off the reason why returns have went to the error and resolution department is because Turbo Tax submitted a old form with our returns so the IRS had to fix it. I have been on hold and was on hold and then talking to a rep and when I asked her “why is it every time I call in I get a different response and was lied to about my deposit date” and she hung up on me. Now everybody can see why I am so ticked off and all you people here saying dont blame Turbio Tax can take your excuse somewhere else. The funny thing Cynthia is that I did and filed my brothers return and he had form 8863 too and he got his refund yesterday. Now what are we all supposed to believe that are waiting and waiting and told not to be upset.

      • Cynthia,

        I just got off hold with the IRS. She told me that my return was accepted on February 22, 2013 and I have to wait two to three weeks from then to receive my refund. She said that many returns have taken 10 days or less. I just have to keep checking my bank account. Many people do not trust WMR as our returns were put in error resolution dept.

      • I just got off the phone with IRS after about 30 min. I was told my return was rejected – I filled on Jan,30. Thank God I called… reason for rejection was that form 8582 is not going to be processed until first week of March. I was told to re sub-mitt via e-filing then check in a few days then sub-mitt by paper app if not found.
        I’ve heard nothing from TT or IRS. Zero!

      • I filed Jan 30th and was accepted Feb 15th. Im concerned because my sons fasfa forms were due feb 15th. I have tried to be patient but now Im just worried.

      • @ Cynthia…I filed on 01/28. The IRS says they didn’t receive my return until 02/18 (on which the rep advised they were closed for a holiday). I have a confirmation e-mail from TT saying my return was accepted on 02/14 at 9:40 am.

  88. My return has been “pending” since Feb 19. It looks like other have been waiting also, that makes me feel only slightly better. The state does not process returns until IRS “accepts” it? I have never waiting this long. Always have gotten state well before Federal. What gives?

  89. I filed at the end of jan but had a 8863 and wasn’t accepted until 2/14. I have called several times and gotten the run around. I talked to a nice guy today. He said my refund had been in the resolution dept for 6 days and they were supposed to send a letter out but have not yet. He couldn’t tell me what the issue could be. He also reviewed my return and couldn’t really see any potential problems. Anyone have anything like this happen?? I’m so frustrated and just need my money.


    • Jessica – YES..everyone that filed with an 8863 before the 14th got rejected and had to go thru the error resolution process with the IRS. TT neglected to inform us of this. Many of us have called the IRS as well and found out the same info as you. Even when TT sent the forms thru on the 14th – they had incorrect data because they used the old form. We all have to be manually corrected. This info cam directly from the IRS agent I spoke with. Hopefully – our money will start to come in within the next couple of weeks. You are not alone.

  90. E-filed on February 16. My return contains Forms 4562 and 8582, two of the forms which delay processing. According to the latest information, returns containing Form 4562 began processing a couple of weeks ago; some Form 8582 returns are now being processed. 8582 concerns Passive Activity Loss Limitations; I have a passive activity gain. Seems like my return should be in the works, but it is still pending. TurboTax could be doing a better job of keeping us informed as to when our returns will be transmitted to the IRS.
    But remember who created this mess, the do nothing talking heads in Congress who have consistently managed to put off doing anything until the last minute. By the way you may notice that they are at it again.

    • Hi Allen,
      The IRS opened tax season for the majority of taxpayers on 1/30, unfortunately there are a small group of people like yourself that have forms that the IRS was not ready to process until the beginning of March. We should be hearing the exact day of processing any day now and we will post a blog. Here is more information about the forms that were impacted.
      I hope this helps you and that you receive your tax refund soon!
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Can someone fire these people????? I mean seriously, these guys have been quoting the same garbage for weeks now. Lisa comes on post a link and then guess what???? that link takes you to another garbage site…OMG….This place sucks. I got my refund on Wednesday and I am still shocked that no one from this company has come on here and given a real heartfelt apology for the screw up.

      • @TurboTaxLisa…..Does TT even care what you all have done to our tax returns?? I mean come on. You have blatantly lied to us. You have sent us inaccurate information. You refuse to address what is going on in this blog. You answer random questions and do not address the bulk of what the 1400+ comments on this article are about. My gosh woman. Do you have any ethics at all? Do you know the difference between right and wrong? Or are you just a robot that sends automated responses? This is wrong! TT has manipulated me since 01/28. Now since our returns are FINALLY in the IRS’s hands you’re pretending like the problems that WE ARE REFERRING to on this blog are coming solely from the IRS. Why did you not allow us to get our tax returns back when you realized that the IRS could not accept them?? Why did you blatantly lie to us saying that our returns had already been sent and that was the reason we could not receive them back?? Why did you send me an e-mail saying my return was accepted 02/14 when it was not received by the IRS until 02/18?? Why did you not APOLOGIZE for lying about the true status of our returns when we were waiting for 02/14 to come?? Why did you lie saying our returns would be the first ones sent and received on 02/14?? The comment that I posted on 01/28 is still awaiting a moderator’s approval. I know why. Because I asked to get my return back on that date. I asked for an explanation of why you continued to accept returns knowing they could not be processed. Don’t want anybody else to be able to know, huh?? What the heck is you people’s problem??

  91. when are they accepting the returns that include the morgage intrest credit, mine has been in “pending status” since jan 31st…..

  92. After waiting since Jan. 24 when my return was accepted by the IRS, and waiting even more for Feb. 14 to roll around due to Form-8863, I finally got my refund today! I had to call the IRS for my direct deposit date because the “Where’s My Refund” tool was not updating as it should, nevertheless, I got my refund when they said I would! Hallelujah!

    • Yes has been a frustrating month, but I finally rec my refund today also, and state on Tuesday. Usually it takes my state refund forever until this year apprx two weeks. I hope everyone is getting there’s in a timely manner. Good luck everyone

      • Finally some good news. The WMR site still says processing but I called the IRS again and got the nicest man in the world, He went over my return step by step and gaveme a dd date of Monday March 4th. I won’t jump up and down yet but I do feel a little relieved. Keep us updated on how you progress.

      • I got minds today! Your refund is coming! It is the darkest just before dawn, never give up you will get it. IRS is moving as quick as possible to get your money to you. This year has been trying for all.

    • I’m so frustrated filed on 1/30 with form 4562 accepted morning on 2/10. Wmr went from processing with one Orange bar to still processing no information on dd date. When I called IRS they told me there was a math error (in my favor) and it has been corrected and reseqyenced on 2/19. So I gather than meant it was like being submitted on 2/19. But if that’s the case shouldn’t I have a dd date yet? I was never able to order transcript. Now when I try to order it says a transcript was ordered in the last 14 days…I never ordered one hhhhmm???

    • glad to hear someone finally got a Fed return! mine hasn’t been accepted and I filed on Feb 1st. been on hold with T.Tax for 10 min waiting for them to answer.

    • I filed Feb 4th and it is still pending. I had depreciation forms included in my tax return. I have no idea what is going on and I am very frustrated. Someone help!

    • If you file and your return status is “PENDING” and it’s been a week or more…it may be due to the forms that have been filed! If you filed form 8908 or anything dealing with energy credits, the IRS isn’t dealing with those until the FIRST WEEK IN MARCH!! I filed my retuen on Feb 22….and a nice lady in the IRS told me that I should call back on March 8……

  93. Well after two week of drama and being told different things from different entities. I finally got my refund this morning.

      • Is every one finally receiving their refunds? I am happy for ya’ll but still am in processing limbo myself.

      • @CDawn….Me too. I haven’t received any new information. I’m feeling encouraged but still very confused.

      • I’m with you cdawn. I’ve been in processing limbo since Jan 31st. I’ve gotten no answers from 3 chats with TT of what is holding up my return from being submitted.

      • When did you file? I filed Feb. 6th and still haven’t gotten mine. I filed with TurboTax online and alot of people that used them haven’t gotten theirs yet.

    • Dee, I also received my money this morning it took 14 days from Feb 14 to get my refund. And the WMR still shows it has been approved so they are behind in updating the site.

  94. So what is going to happen on Friday (3/1) when the Sequestor kicks in and the government start shutting down services? The News already indicated yesterday that tax refunds will be further affected because they will start laying off IRS employees. So first we got kicked because of the Fiscal Cliff and refunds have been delayed because forms had to be changed and now it will probably be further delayed for those who are anticipating a refund after 3/1. We have to pay our taxes on time but every year it seems like we are getting the run around to get out refunds.

      • Hey Princess – and everyone else – I have an update. I spoke with an IRS agent this morning and he was very helpful. He told me that anyone who filed before the 14th of Feb. with the 8863 – technically our returns were initially rejected and had to go thru the error and resolution department with the IRS. When they began accepting them on the 14th they began to be “fixed” with the updated forms. I do not have a DD date yet either but he did tell me that my return was in the “error/resolution” department for about 5 days and he projects a DD date of 3/4/13. What this tells me is that TT sent our returns and they did not have the updated forms in their system. Any returns with the 8863 filed before the 14th of Feb. were technically rejected and had to be manually corrected by the IRS. Dont worry Princess we should start to see DD dates soon. Those people that have DD dates that filed before the 14th are already processed thru – we are in that same process. I am upset that TT gave me inaccurate info. He also told me that my return was not officially accepted until the 15th – TT told me the 14th at 7:00am. Anyway – no worries – it is pushing thru. I called 1-800-829-0582 and pressed extension 462. – try it – maybe you will feel better. I held for about 15 minutes.

      • New info folks. Just talked to the IRS again (3rd time this week). Apparently they did not actually receive my return until 02/18. That is the date my 21 days begun. The rep said all was processing ok but they have only had it a week. SMH. Next year I will DEF find another way to go about processing my taxes. This whole scenario since 01/28 has been nothing but misinformation, after bad information, after wrong information.

      • Thanks Cynthia! I posted some updated info as well. I was told by TT that my return was accepted 02/14 at 9:40am. This turned out to not be the case. IRS stated they just got my return on 02/18. I hope everyone who sent their return through TT with the delayed forms gets processed soon. Thus far TT has done nothing. Not even acknowledge what they did was wrong. They should have just allowed ALL OF US to get our returns back and resubmit them OURSELVES AFTER 02/14. First the lied saying they were already sent and that was the reason we could not get them back. Then they contradicted themselves saying our returns were being “securely held”. I can securely hold my own tax return WITHOUT screwing it up. I am so disgusted with TT. I keep posting to give some kind of real information because we are all just lost in the dark. ALL of our returns came through invalid because of TT’s decision to with hold OUR information for their own gain. They should have just told and allowed everyone to resubmit their own return after the date the IRS began accepting them instead of choosing to deceive customers and then send incorrect information to the IRS to prevent losing any money. I’m tweeting about this right now TT

    • Ok, TT i just got off the phone with the IRS. The lady i talked to was very helpful, And when she went to check on my return, the system wa not allowing her to get out of a screen. She asked for my number, to give me a call back, when it was taken care of. YEAH RIGHT is what i was thinking. Well i stand corrected. She called me back about 10 min later. My refund was submitted jan 29 by TT, it was rejected. As i have one of the forms that were in the delay pile. She said i had to resubmit my returns. I am pretty sure TT is supose to be taking care of this. I have NOT received any info about this from TT. So i want to thank you for a VERY POOR SERVICE.

      • Patti – I too am in the same boat. See my post on this blog – I called IRS today as well. All returns filed before the 14th with an 8863 – were rejected and had to be manually corrected by the IRS. The IRS agent explained it to me. He also said my return is out of the “error/resolution” dept and is now being processed. He projected a DD date of 3/4 to 3/8 for me.

    • Dee, these cuts have nothing to due with the IRS it mostly cutting the budget of the Military. I think we need to cut the pay of Congress and we will have enough money to operate.

      • Uh- we have a neighbor that works for the IRS- he is concerned that he will be furloughed shortly…. So, we may all be up a creek a bit longer!

    • I dont know what going to happen, BUT i called the IRS to find out what is going on with my tax forms, the lady told me TT had to resubmit because of mine being in the delayed form, then i called TT this morning and they are saying the IRS has my forms, but are now not accepting until the 1st week of March. So after 1 month i have no more info then when i first started. But i did hear on the news this morning, that our government was going to be sending billions of our dollars, to another country to help them, REALLY ????

  95. thanks to all of you for hanging with us because we are truly in the same boat my status says the 8th of march

  96. Thanks to all who continue to post that they too are still in processing limbo. It does give a sense of calm when we realize we are not alone.

    • Dawn I see you got a dd for 03/04. Congrats! When did you get accepted. My status bar just doesn’t change….I see yours never did but you got your dd after calling IRS. I called got generic answer of the 21 days. Got my return accepted but status bar won’t move from step 1 “accepted” to step 2 approve. Any thought.

      • @sandra I am in the same boat as you. I filed on 2/2/13, and got the email from TT that my return was “accepted” on 2/14 like everyone else. Since then nothing but pending and wait 21 days. This morning I was working on my son’s fafsa for college and from the fafsa site entered my PIN to retrieve my 2012 IRS return data. It was there and able to be retrieved so I am a little hopeful that maybe next week . . . . but only a little.

  97. I filed our return on 2/7. I have received our state tax refund and our Federal Tax refund is still “pending”. I haven’t received a notice that it has even been received. What’s up with this?

      • It seems to say pending and check in 24hs to see the same thing. This makes ne sence to take so long.

      • I your return is still saying “PENDIND” that means that the IRS has not even received it yet. So calling the IRS at this juncture is not going to get you any answers. If your return on this site is still saying PENDING. I would call and keep calling customer service and demand to speak to a supervisor or a manager, OH (and don’t take it the wrong way) and I would say to connect me to someone in the US. Unfortunately the underlings are only following a pat script and will not be able to give you any answers.

      • Hi Dee,
        Pending means that the IRS has not reviewed or processed your tax return yet. The IRS could not show pending if your tax return was not submitted.
        Here is an FAQ and IRS link about the process:
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Hi Lisa,

        I am pretty sure that most of the people here who are saying that their status is still showing as pending means that it is with TT. There are way too many people here who have that status where when they call the IRS they are told that they have not received their returns as of yet. Question….where have you been all this past week when people have been asking about why their status has not changed and once someone says that they should call TT and not the IRS that one of you decide to quote a link? You don’t have any answers other than the canned responses you have been pushing all along. Most of us have gotten our own answers by calling the IRS directly, so when I say that the IRS has not received it as of yet if your status is still pending…there are at least 10 other people here who have called and gotten the same information. NEXT!!!!!

    • I called and talked to a live irs agent. She just told me what I already see on the wmr site. It is processing and will/can take up to 21 days to complete the processing. Ugh!!!

      • I just talked to someone live too…. she said I have to wait out the 21 days before anything can happen. All she sees is mine is still in processing mode and that some of them can take the full 21 days to be processed.

      • Just so you know mine has been pending since Feb 2nd way past the 21 days its TT I don’t have education credits only own my house and had w’2s

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      • I got the same song and dance the first time I called and spoke to a live agent. When I called Friday, the guy I spoke to gave me the exact date. He said some of the agents can’t read the account properly. I would call back and give them a real sob story…I gotta get my daughter’s financial aid form in by 3/1…” Usually if you give them a pretty legit reason and no attitude they will go the extra mile for you.

      • I called twice. The first time he would not give me any information after I waited 37 minutes to talk with them. I was upset so, I called back and pretend that I knew nothing. She asked if I received an accepted email and I said NO I did not and then she looked up my account and gave me my deposit date. I think that is pitiful that you have to lie to them in order to get them to their JOB! I would call back a play boo boo the fool with them so you can get your information.

    • Marlene, this is exactly my situation. I went through TurboTax for State and Federal. I received an email within the 48 hours, maybe less, from the State saying my return was accepted and subsequently the money was direct deposited in my account about a week later. TurboTax kept indicating “Pending” on their tracking site, that it took the IRS 24 to 48 hours to “process” the e-filed return and to check my email, that they would let me know when my return had been accepted by the IRS. Well after about 3 or 4 days of “pending” on the TT site I came across forums, etc. where other filers had experienced the same thing and the reason was that the iRS was experiencing various delays for getting some new software in place for reviewing returns, or if you filed certain forms with your return , etc.. So I waited patiently until about the 10th day at which time I tried the IRS’ “Where’s My Return” route. That IRS site said “no information could be found on your return. I tried both the TT and IRS trackers for about 3 more days but to no avail and was beginng to think my return had been sucked into one of those “Black Holes”. Then I came across the 1-800 number for inquiries about Federal returns. The gentleman that “helped” me, and I use the term loosely here, insisted that I give them 21 days from my e-file date before he could do any investigating into the status of my return. I tried very hard to explain to him exactly what the 2 tracking sites had indicated to me. That is, that I needed to allow 24 to 48 hours for the IRS to receive and accept (as in no errors or flags), then that from that point of acceptance (to be notified via email) an additional 21 days to receive the refund into my account. I told him I had received no such email and that it still showed as pending at TT. Well finally this morning, 23 days after filing, a different gentleman at the IRS told me that they have not seen it and had no evidence of ever having received it. He indicated that the problem was with TT and the original filing never went through to the IRS, to try filing again. Why couldn’t TT have let me know that the reason I had not received an email and that a failure for the IRS to “accept” could be due to them never having received the return. Why didn’t the 1st gentleman at the IRS not know that the 24 to 48 hours pertained to them having received it or not and the 21 days was from that point forward until I could expect to receive my refund. I need that return. I am about to be furlouged. I should have been informed after 48 hours that my return may have never made it to the IRS. I will go home today and try and refile with TT if they even have that option. Somebody dropped the ball here.

      • Hi John,
        I am not sure why the IRS is not showing your federal tax return. We transmit federal state at the same time as long as you were not impacted by the forms that were delayed like Form 8863 for education credits or residential energy credits. Please see more information that may help you:

        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-lewis

      • Really Lisa – give me a break – did you know all of our returns with 8863 were rejected? did you know that they all had to be manually corrected? did you know that the IRS actually rejected them and you told us they were in line for processing? did you know that Turbo Tax DID NOT have the correct forms for the 8863? REALLY???? You didnt?? Maybe YOU should call the IRS for more accurate info to give your customers.

  98. Just wanted to let everyone know that my daughter filed with an 8863 – but not until the afternoon of the 14th. Her money was in her account this afternoon and her dd date was for 2/25/13. Mine is still in the “received” mode on the IRS – WMR site.

    • I would just call the IRS at this point Cynthia. I know a lot of us don’t have the time to be on hold for upwards of 20 mins but you are not going to get an answer here. I called and told them what was going on. I filed with TT and it was accepted by the IRS on the 26th of Jan. Due to the issue with 8863 it was not accepted until February 14th. The WMR site is not providing updated information and the TT where’s my refund app is still giving the old estimated refund date. Wham Bamm thank you maam they went into the system and found my dd date 2/27. 20 mins of hold time for a 2 minute conversation,it was worth it because I got what I wanted.

      • I’ve been waiting since feb 2 and on my 22nd day and still pending this is a joke

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      • Dee – I called. I am still processing. She did look up my account and there are no apparent issues – just that I do not have a DD date yet. Thanks for the advice – Ill just keep waiting – patience is apparently what I need – it has just become so frustrating.

    • Hi I did my taxes EFile on 2/21/13 I got accepted 2/22/13, It 1st was showing me the bar now its showing me a messsage saying my taxes are still being processed, When I call it says the same thing still being processed will be giving a date when available.

      • It gave me 1 date of 3/1/13 as my earliest date & then it gave me 3/15/13 as my latest date, Said I shall receive my funds direct deposit within 21 days…

  99. Okay, so I was one of the early filers who filed on Jan. 14 with Form-8863 and got accepted on Jan. 24. After calling the IRS several times this week and hearing different things from different agents, the last agent I spoke to yesterday let me know that my refund had been approved and the direct deposit date was Feb. 27. I had been told by previous agents that my return got accepted on the 20th of February, then the 19th of February. Finally, the last agent I spoke to on Feb. 22 at the end of the day told me that my return had been accepted on Jan. 24, but did not go through for processing until Feb. 14 due to Form-8863 and my direct deposit date is Feb. 27. Also, the agent let me know that he will inform his manager that “Where’s my Refund” had not given me the updated information. Today, “Where’s my Refund” also states that my direct deposit date is Feb. 27. It almost seems as if you have to call the IRS to get your return moving! The number I kept calling was 1-800-829-0582 ext. 462. I will definitely let you guys know if and when I actually see my refund in my account so that you can also have a good idea about when you can expect your own refund. It has been a stressful month and I thank everyone who was considerate enough to share their information with the rest us us! Good luck to everyone who have yet to get a direct deposit date, I am sure it is coming soon!

    • Working Class – thank you so much. I am in the same boat. Filed 1/26/13 with 8863. Got accepted the 14th and the WMR site still only says “received”. I will call the number you gave and really hope that I also hear that I have a DD date. I really appreciate your info. I filed my daughters ON the 14th and she already has her money – she had 8863 as well.

      • Hi Cinthia, what is that 88135? form you guys are talking about ? I filed 1040, simple form I guess, on 02/18 accepted….no change on status bar as today…

    • Ok, so after being on hold for just a little over 10 minutes I have an IRS agent researching my account. I gotta say my heart is beating so hard I almost feel as if I am wating for for the grim reaper to come and take me away. Ok, so now I have talked to live person I don’t know any more than I did before I called. Blah blah blah 21 days to process. If any one else wants to call and see if they get any more info than I did I recommend the 800-829-0582 ext 462 number. Good luck to all!

    • Ok, so after being on hold for just a little over 10 minutes I have an IRS agent researching my account. I gotta say my heart is beating so hard I almost feel as if I am wating for for the grim reaper to come and take me away. Ok, so now I have talked to live person I don’t know any more than I did before I called. Blah blah blah 21 days to process. If any one else wants to call and see if they get any more info than I did I recommend the 800-829-0582 ext 462 number. Good luck to all!

      • Cdawn – I called too – same thing. No dd as of yet but she did look up my account to tell me this. She was very helpful – I just do not have a date yet – so you are not alone. Hopefully by the end of the week – ours will have dates.

  100. What is the new “refund approved? In the past, I have always efiled one day, was accepted later that day, and if it was a business day, processed the next business day or two and that was it. Are they going into everyones returns and verifying every line on the w-2s or something before they ‘approve or deny’ a refund somehow? I notice this is the first year they are doing that and was wondering, because it is sure not as fast as years prior. What is new with the ‘approval’, are returns being audited as they process them or something? Is this a fancy word for ‘processing them’ etc?

  101. We e-filed February 18th and we are still pending. The bad news is that the college financial aid departments need completed returns by March 1st. I need to amend the return to reflect the correct number of dependents TT did not allow me to make those changes in the original. I can not wait the two weeks or so many have waited to go from pending to accepted. Can we re-do manually outside of TT while this is pending?

    • Hi College Dad,
      You should not amend your original tax return while it is in pending status. You should not amend it unless it is accepted by the IRS or rejected. If accepted you can amend the original. If it is rejected you can go in and fix the tax return and resubmit it. A manually prepared tax return would have to be mailed in and could take 4 – 6 weeks to process. You also would not be able to resubmit a redone tax return through efile, because the IRS would show duplicate social security numbers have been filed.
      Hopefully you will receive IRS approval soon so you can amend your tax return.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Lisa – I would like you to know that I spoke with an IRS agent this morning. He stated that ALL returns filed before the 14th of FEB. including those coming from turbo tax that contained an 8863 – were rejected and had to process thru the error and resolution dept. he also stated that my return was not accepted until the 15th of Feb while TT told me 7am on the 14th. Thus the delays for people that filed electronically before the 14th – what bothers me is that you had to have been informed of this. It would have saved all of us alot of time and stress if you had explained the delay. Nobody, including TT had the updated forms before the 14th. Any filers that used TT or any other company used the incorrect form for 8863 and had to be manually corrected. My daughter filed ON the 14th with TT and already has her money. Bad business TT – you should have explained – in truth – this process and it would have made you appear much more trustworthy and informed.

      • I told you,they are just giving out canned, generic responses. They have nothing new to add to this conversation. We have helped each other more than the so-called “experts”

  102. apgjr, I e-filed on February 2 and I am still in pending status. It will come soon I am sure. Many more people filed early this year.

  103. What is this new deal “refund approved’, return received, and so forth? In the past, I have always efiled one day, was accepted later that day, and if it was a business day, processed the next business day or two and that was it. Are they going into everyones returns and verifying every line on the w-2s or something before they ‘approve or deny’ a refund somehow? I notice this is the first year they are doing that and was wondering, because it is sure not as fast as years prior.

    • Don’t know if this is true I heard on TV that their checking each return to see if the people have medical insurance if not they will be penalizied 2k for not taking out Obahma care.I filed 2/12 feds not accepted yet. hang in there. Steph

      • Well I just got off of the phone to IRS, actually spoke to a very helpful older lady who talked about her grand kids and such while waiting to look over my return. Apparently, TT sent it in on 1/27 knowing that they weren’t accepting returns with education credits on it until the 14th of February so it was rejected (I never knew this) and when I got the email from TT saying it was accepted on the 14th at 9:08 am well that was a bold faced lie because they didn’t accept my return until 2/18/2013. So instead of being 11 days since my return was accepted it has been only 7. She did tell me they are extremely backed up and that the WMR isn’t always accurate. And she said “I should” have my refund by March 11. I hope sharing this information helps some one.

      • It did – I called and got similar info. My return was not accepted on the 15th and because it had 8863 and I technically filed before the 14th – the forms needed to be corrected. My return had to go thru the “error and resolution” dept. It is now being processed and I should have it by 3/4/13. Amazing isnt it – TT did give us incorrect info and I had not been blaming them. Although I understand the process – I just wish they had explained all of this.

  104. I filed my 2012 Federal Personnel Tax and it was received by Turbo Tax on Feb 17,2013, 7:31 AM PST. today is Feb 23 and I have received no notice from IRS that it has been excepted? What do I do know??

  105. I used FreeTax USA they held my return until the morning of 14th Feb and I have a DD date for Feb 27. Everyone hang in their and you will receive your return. I know it has been a hassel but it’s not the IRS’s fault.

    • Hey Thanks Shawna! But in my case I havent even gotten a notice the IRS has accepted my efile from TT so I think I am one step behind the general wave…. You are right the IRS got blindsided by congressional events this year.

      • I have been pending since Jan. 30. I have yet to receive any thing stating mine have been accepted by the IRS either. Just that info would be great.

  106. Submitted my Fed return on 2/6. Turbo Tax says my return is pending; however, the IRS never heard of me. Up until today I liked Turbo Tax. Not so sure now. I sure would like proof that the IRS has my return which I would have if I had mailed it. I have my state refund already. I’m not a happy camper and am a little worried.

  107. I filed on Feb 6, got receipt from TT saying stand by for IRS acceptance. NO WORD as of today feb 23. I have depreciation and education credits BUT those were supposed to be accepted starting feb 14 (happy Valentines day). Getting a bit concerned – anyone else in this boat or have info? Thanks!!

    • I’m in the boat I filed on feb 2 and still pending. No edu dedication just own a house who knows

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      • Well i wont see my return till the begining of april most likely had to file a Injured Spouse Allocation form to keep my return from being taken has anyone else filed this form and received any info

      • I am in the same boat. Mine has been pending since Jan. 30. Have not gotten any info from Turbo Tax at all. And i have also used the WMR, have called the 800 #. And the IRS have no info on me either. I would like some answers as well. Like have they been sent at all. I will not use TT again, for the simple fact there customer service is very much lacking in the service .

  108. This is messed up! All of these people filed on the 14th of Feb? We filled on the 2nd of Feb and no word??????!!!!!
    Monday, time to begin calling TT and IRS! Never has our taxes taken this long to be accepted or processed!
    I am outraged!
    I have a daughter who’s marriage is IMPORTANT to me on March 25th!!
    I was planning on using our return for our daughters Weddings 2013!

    • Mine was alos filed on 2nd with no reply, getting worried myself, however, state did go through. So I know that they at least submitted it. Hope we hear something soon, getting worried myself. Have house and auto air conditions out, summer is coming.

  109. My taxes were submitted Feb 13th. I have yet to receive accepted notification for my claim. What do I do or what can I do to get this moving?

  110. I am still in pending since e-file submitted on Feb 1st. My state e-file has been refunded 2 week ago. Is anyone know exactly what happen? Thanks in advance for your reply!

  111. I never had a complaint about TT until now. My DDD date was scheduled for 2/25/13 it arrived on 2/22/13 but it was not in my account. Somehow the bank account information was placed with an account that was totally different now I’m praying that I get a check. I would like to talk to someone about this but do not know a number for TT. I paid 30 bucks for my direct deposit and didn’t get the service I paid for at no fault of my own I would like that money back.

  112. I filed Feb 4, and am still pending, when checking IRS site it appears they have no knowledge of me. The state taxes are fine, wtf!

  113. OK guys my status just changed from accepted to approved with a DD date of Feb 27 and if it is not credited by March 4, it says I should call them. It looks as if everyone who was accepted on the 14 should be getting theirs around that time from 27 or 28 maybe earlier. Hope it works out well for us all.

      • Lucky you! WMR still says they have received my return and it is being processed. I can’t get through to any one on the phone and it’s so frustrating.

      • I too got a response on the IRS “where’s my refund” site of DD of Feb.27th. Anyone use the option to have tax fees deducted from return? Is TurboTax’s (Meta Bank) slow? Just wanted to have an idea if I wait for turn around from another bank. It could add a week or so to the refund.

      • @ cdawn. It should be at anytime now that they approve your refund. I can see within the past couple of days, the IRS has sped the process up a little. You should continue to check the system at least 3 times a day, because the system updates many times through out the day. If you find yourself still cant get answer, try to call back the IRS at 800-829-1040. Now the way I always get someone is, once the system ask you to make the proper selection in order to get the information you need, do not press the key option for getting information on your or individual taxes. Press the key option for lets say Business Taxes! Once you pass that point it will ask you for your next selection. At that point press the pound key, then it will say it doesnt recognize your selection and make another selection, then press the star key. It will tell you again it does not recognize your selection and will then transfer you to an agent. Tell them you called to get information on your personal income tax. They will then directly connect you with the correct department. It usually works for me quickly and I dont have to wait that long. I hope that works for you. If you select the option to get information on your personal taxes when you first call, it will only keeping giving you info from the automatic machine. So try it the other way. GOOD LUCK

    • Ok – so my refund status on the WMR still only shows “refund received”. I was accepted on the 14th after being in pending with TT for a while. I see a lot of people are getting DD dates. Anyone else still waiting. I am getting a little nervous as to why I have not been given a date as well.

      • Mine was accepted on 2/14 at 6:14am and still says processing on the IRS wmr. I too am a little bit unnerved by all of this.

      • Hi Cdawncrane,Shooby, Debi, CB, Rae, Gerard, Sandy, Stephanie, Ray, Charles, and Steve,
        You are wondering why it is taking longer to process your tax returns. The IRS has extended processing times this tax season and announced that they would process tax returns within 21 days of acceptance. I know some of you are concerned that your tax return still shows as processing or not at all. Please see this IRS FAQ that will answer your questions about why you may be seeing this
        As a reminder, once tax returns are sent electronically from TurboTax, we have no control over the date the IRS approves your tax returns and sends your tax refund.
        I hope these FAQs help you and you receive your tax return soon!
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • I’m also pending since 2/2. Wondering how people who submitted after e are getting processed when the original message stated we would be first in line when processing was opened up to all filers.

      • im like you. I was accepted on the yet my still say being processed.i know a few ppl who has gotten dd dates for feb 27. im like ok when will i see a dd date.

  114. Ok I tried giving the IRS a call today. I was able to speak to a representative but the only information she told me was that is was being “processed”. She kept saying she couldn’t access my account until it was “accepted” to give me a DD date.

  115. Does anyone who filed before the 14th with a 8863 form have a DD date yet? I’ve noticed in some other forums that some people have received one. Anyone here yet?? I still don’t..

    • ours were fIled on jan 25 and not accepted tIl feb 14. now our frIends that were accepted same day got theIrs back and we stIll have nothIng. we also fIled 1 week before them, how Is thIs processIng returns In order recIeved? makes no sence.

      • Same here – I flied on 1/26/13 and was accepted on the 14th – still no DD date. My daughter filed on the afternoon of the 14th and has a DD of 2/25/13 – we both had education credits 8863.

      • Has anyone with form 4562 (depreciation/amortization) received their refund yet? I submitted mine on 1/31 and was on hold until 2/10 when the IRS started accepting this form. On where’s my refund, mine still shows received. I’m trying to hold off on calling for a status, so if anyone has information regarding their refund, please advise.


      • It looks like the TT users who filed before the 14th aren’t getting processed in the order in which received. I don’t know if we’re at the end of the line or what. I was accepted as of 9:40am on 02/14 and still nothing

      • I had depreciation…so did my brother..he got his refund last Saturday… We got ours today! Yea!!

      • I filed Feb 8 and still am in pending – no DD date. IRS website states -
        “Starting Sunday, Feb. 10, the IRS will start processing tax returns that contain Form 4562, Depreciation and Amortization. And on Thursday, Feb. 14, the IRS plans to start processing Form 8863, Education Credits”

      • I completely agree. I filed early on the 5th of Feb. I have filed early for the past 15 years. I have never waited this long before. I check everyday if the IRS has any info on Wheres my refund? It always says theres no info on my account. I never see any orange bars and never recieved an email.I have no idea what the hold up is. I didnt even file an 8863 or any of the other ones hat require for it to be delayed. Help!! I may be homeless by the time this goes thru. That it self is a long story. Bottom line, I really need this money for me and my daughter. I am literally pulling my hair out.

    • @apgjr…I asked a question for info. No one was complaining. We are trying to gather information on our own because NO ONE has provided us with any real information besides wait 21 days and see.

      • hey princess, i was accepted 2/14 at 9:20 am as well, I had ed credit too. I was finally able to order transcripts this morning at 6. I finally called and spoke to someone who was willing to look me up. so, I have a ddd for 2/27. is what she told me so hang in there! and no updates are showing on refund sites or on the phone!

      • Thanks for the info Melissa – does your status on WMR site with the IRS still show “received”?

      • There are no updates on the wmr site or on the refund hotline. which is not surprising from the comments read. nothing is updating. I will tell you I have seen many getting progress within the last 2 days I was persistant and kept calling untill I was lucky enough to get a nice person willing to help. I told them I needed my refund for school and I needed transcripts to file my fafsa and she put me on hold and looked up my file. not all people are recieving updates! definetely not me I was left in the dark!

      • May I ask what number u are calling for the IRS because when I call both number I get an automated system and im getting very mad cuz I do want to talk to someone. It keeps telling me they have no information for me or I have entered it wrong.

      • @Melissa…Thanks for the info! Wow. I’m so glad for you! It’s encouraging to hear that people are actually getting their refunds processed. I think I will try calling and just having a rep look at my information because my WMR status has not changed. Nell also commented that she too received her DD date and refund and WMR was not updated with the correct information.

      • OK guys my status just changed from accepted to approved with a DD date of Feb 27 and if it is not credited by March 4, it says I should call them. It looks as if everyone who was accepted on the 14 should be getting theirs around that time from 27 or 28 maybe earlier. Hope it works out well for us all.

    • @apgjr…I asked a question for info. No one was complaining. We are trying to gather information on our own because NO ONE has provided us with any real information besides wait 21 days and see. Hopefully you and everyone else gets their refund soon

    • I did efile on the 14 with that form and I talked with IRS today and they said I should receive deposit on the February 27th.

      • I finally got through to the IRS to find out what was up with my return. Of course Turbo Tax messed it up and it was put on hold. The IRS has fixed it and I am suppose to have my refund on 2/28. I guess that I will see. The lady I talked to at the IRS was the friendliest. She put me on hold and checked my return then looked at why it was on hold and told me that it had been fixed yesterday. I look forwward to the 28th and to see if I get my refund.

      • Paul, can I ask you why you blame it on turbo tax. I have been doing my own taxes for years, and to my knowledge tax software responds to input produces output. Just asking

      • Ok. Here is what the IRS told me. I filed my tax return on January 12th because the ads for Turbo Tax said that all forms were available but no returns would be submitted until January 30th. Now that the IRS has processed my return the forms that Turbo Tax used for my returns had incorrect dollar amounts for Child Tax Credit and EIC which the IRS fixed. So I put correct figures onto a page that had age that was NOT updated.

      • OK guys my status just changed from accepted to approved with a DD date of Feb 27 and if it is not credited by March 4, it says I should call them. It looks as if everyone who was accepted on the 14 should be getting theirs around that time from 27 or 28 maybe earlier. Hope it works out well for us all.

      • I have my due date .. It suppose to be on Feb.25,I hope there not lying cause I filed Jan.26 and they didn’t approve it until Feb 14

    • Princess – do you have a DD yet. I am still waiting and only show refund received on the WMR site. I was accepted the 14th with education credits.

      • Mine was not accepted until Feb.14 and I just talked to someone @ IRS who told me my 21 days will be the 28th and to keep checking the where is my refund website. Like most people, I have bills to pay and I am tired of waiting and tired of checking.

    • Princess – my daughter got her money in her account 1/23/13 and her dd date was for 1/25/13. I filed her taxes on the afternoon of the 14th. She also had an 8863. I still remain as “received” on the WMR site with no deposit date.

  116. Mine is being held because of form 8582 that TT threw in there abd I dont even own a home much less a rental property. Very frustrating, and I WILL NOT be using TT again next year. Ive used them for over 5 years now and have never had a problem.

    • If this form 8582 is in your return, it is because of the information that you entered on your return. I think it is sad that you used this product for five years and now it worthless to you.

      • Yes it is worthless because when i call they offered me no help except to pay for my next years return fees. I pay for them every year, because i dont feel comfortable dping them for free. When i called she just said it was because of my student loans holding it back. When i called the irs and asked him, he told me that student loans were not counted toward the educatio credit. So i called TT again and all she could say was how the irs blames it on tax preparers and makes them look bad when its their fault, not TT. Im sorry but thats not help at all. She had nothing more to say and saod she couldnt help me.

      • Would you happen to know what that form is for? Because i sure dont. My husband got paid for a job and we used or cell phone bill and internet bill as a deduction. Would this be why? And like i said before, we do not own any property. I looked up that form and its used for rental properties. And on another note. I did mine on 01/31/13 and it hasnt even been sent over to the irs ever. TT still has it.

      • Lajuana; You are totally wrong. Sorry.
        Form 8582 is added to some persons forms completely out of the blue, for no reason whatsoever. This was definitely a software glitch that will cost Turbotax big time in future subscribers. However, recently, they put out a software update that FIXED that glitch. I re-ran my return with NO CHANGES and it came out WITHOUT form 8582, so current filers wont be affected by this, unless they actually NEED a form 8582. All the people affected, including myself, will be dropping Turbotax. Not because of the software glitch, (stuff happens), but because they are trying to blame the IRS for the delays. And…they are not providing any support for this.

      • Congrats DCL – I am still stuck in ‘refund received” on the IRS site. Paul – really hope you get your money on or before the 28th!!! Let us know

    • @Paul Scribner…Yay!! You have waited a loooong time. I’m happy for you. I think I will try calling the IRS on Monday as I was unable to contact them today.

  117. C.C, if you check WMR, the status bar says return received, and you look further down and it says ” We have received your tax return and it is being processed…..” Then IRS has it. When they have completed it, your status bar will move to Return Approved, and you will have a DD date at the bottom.
    Will: Just as i said earlier, There is no order, they are just processing as they come. TT stated we would be first in line..
    Lajuana: if you only knew the half of it. If it was an irs issue, everyone would be having this issue!!.. Everyone isnt! Just TT users!
    Darren: You need to call IRS, 22 days on pending.!!! Sh*$!!!!

    • People who filed with H & R block is having same issues, I just went on a blog for them and people are upset too. Here is one of them.”Any word on the 8863 education credit form? My return got delayed but shows “processing” for quite some time now on IRS website. Just curious if this means they finally started processing these forms or not. All I can seem to find is that these forms would be processed sometime in mid-Feb. Well it’s mid Feb

      Best wishes and thanks for any help” IRS dropped the ball not the software companies. I stand by that.

  118. Just got off the phone once again with IRS. I swear some of the chicks in there be so damn ghetto. I was on hold all of 20 min, when someone finally picked up, she didn’t know that here phone had picked up the caller. As Im there continuing to scream HELLO, HELLO, these chicks on the back ground gossip telling the other “Girl these people are crazy, one man calling asking for his refund. Hell I don’t know. He was talking about he about to lose his house etc…” I mean why are they sitting on their asses there gossiping about people instead of getting this shit handle quickly. These are people lives we’re talking. But anyway once she got on I went off, and explained her my input esp on the correct form that are suppose to be used. She replied it doesn’t really matter if these taxpreparer’s used the correct for or not, once it comes into the irs they have the forms already.So once it comes there the information automatically generates to the proper forms. As far as paper filers, once the papers taxes come in and if their not on the correct forms, then they have to manually input the correct forms. So regardless they will have the correct items needed. I asked her why is it that some people who filed later than others are getting theirs back faster than people who filed earlier. She then stated that the returns are handle in no particular order and the however the system pulls and generates the taxes are just how they are handled. So you still have to wait the 21 days. Then she had the nerve to say ” We all in the same boat. We that work here at the IRS are tax payers too. We still waiting on our taxes!” I’ m like ok and that you, but we as tax payers also have the right to know what the hell is going on and where’s our damn money!!

  119. So my return notification email says it was accepted on the 14th and on the “Where’s My Refund” website it says they have received my return and are processing it. I also opted for Direct Deposit. I received my CA tax refund this morning. Where is everyone getting info about the date when they will receive their return?

      • Hi Cynthia,
        Just as of this morning I received a DD date of the 27th. Mine was held up due to education credits. Yours will probably get processed by this weekend’s end hopefully.

      • Thanks CC – I sure hope so. I have become ridiculously obsessed with this whole thing and that in itself is annoying. I will do my best to wait until Monday and check the WMR site – Cindy

      • I can complete understand the frustration. This accepting/ processing delay is completely ridiculous. This is the longest I have ever waited on a refund. I have been e-filing since 2009 and I have always gotten my refund no later than the 7th day with no problem. I feel for the people who have been waiting since January.

  120. Please look into h&r block. Everything went as it should; but today is 21 days and hasn’t shown the timeline that initially was there and sorry to say, no progress.

    There was a jackass on here defaming classes of people, and what not earlier in the blogs. It doesn’t matter what class, how you handle your personal finances and none of his freaking business. I felt like giving a comment. But I wasn’t here to entertained his ranting. Blah blah blah

    Mine is Still saying Processing. I do want to say that this is the fault of TT in regards to the IRS’s back log. They (IRS) should “Under promise & over deliver”. They established the e-file; not TT, nor H&R. However, I do believe the tax preparer you used should have provided a pop up or what not.

    If you try not to expect, you won’t be disappointed. Can’t say that for myself. It’s hard to not check it daily since they update statuses overnight.

  121. Still pending since 2/15.I know it doesn’t seem like that long but it states up to 48 hours.Both my sons were accepted within an hour.Somethings going on that just doesn’t seem right.

  122. I efiled on Jan. 26th. Today is Feb. 21. My status is still PENDING. The IRS has recieved nothing. This is not the quality of Turbo Tax that I was accustomed to enjoying. I think I could have obtained faster service elswhere.

    • I filed on the 29th on jan. The same for me, its still pending, I don’t know if its turbo tax or the irs, Or congress that messed this all up, seems certain forms are waiting, My problem is turbo tax filed a wrong form which puts me waiting til irs gets to those forms.

      • This is crazy I don’t have a education tax just own my house for the last 10 years. Don’t know what could be the holdup on mine? Did them feb 2 and still shows pending

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      • Upset – I also was finally accepted on the 14th after being in pending since the 26th of Jan – no DD as of yet. However, I filed my daughters on the afternoon of the 14th and she has a DD of 2/25/13. Obviously there is no order but progress is being made.

  123. Good News!!!
    Okay, lemme help everyone out.. Since i been with yall since day one in here.
    For 1 There is no dam order. They just processing as they are going. Mine hasnt yet been processed, but my friends are, And they filed after me Also, a guy and his wife filed 15 mins after each other, Man getting his money on the 25th, nothing back from her. She is in the waiting game like me
    I dont know who what and why all this havoc, but im a lil settled, it seems im starting to see the light down this little tunnel. Im praying to God, yall get good news as well.! So remember, there isnt an order, TT just said what they want to. But stuff is getting processed finnally.! SMH, im still not using turbotax next year!

    • I am still waiting for my return with form 8863. Why blame a software company for IRS foolishness. I will use TT because it is not their fault that IRS is having issues. Turbo Tax is a software to prepare taxes, and have nothing to do with IRS accepting them.

      • Everyone needs to check the where’s my refund website.. I just did and my refund date says Feb 25 and they just approved it on Feb 14th so don’t give up everyone.. How you have the same blessing that I just had.. Have a great day the wait is finally over!!!!! Yea..

      • Yah. Lajuauna:

        TT should not have false advertisement for saying FAST REFUNDS to lure dopes like us. I have to wait over 21+ days for mine, and been accepted. I am better off old school mailing mine next year. I still wait the same amount of time of electronic file 21 days. Besides, its free. TT is getting sued for false Advertisement.

      • TT is a great program. I have been using it since 07 and have never had a problem EVER and I have a lot of forms that have to be filed. Big brother don’t have to tell anyone how they do their business, why BECAUSE THEY ARE BIG BROTHER. So just sit back and chillax, your refund will be here in good time. Look at it like found money, don’t spend it before you have it. Conduct your business and when the refund comes, WONDERFUL. In the mean time keep putting one foot in front of the other. Peace.

    • I’m still confused as to why people who submitted their returns using the same forms have been processed and have direct deposit dates within 2-3 business days after the return was received. Mine is still in processing. Nell commented that hers was resubmitted on 02/14 and she got her return yesterday. I don’t know what is going on. Does anybody have a number that you can speak with a live IRS agent at??

      • I did get mines yesterday, those that have the DD for the 25th will get, my DD was the 25th when I looked this morning, my bank just don’t hold the funds so as soon as they got they released them.

        They system shouldn’t have opened up until the 31st, and those whom had the forms that were put on hold should’ve been told the real deal.

    • Same here. Mine was pending with TT since 1/26/13 and was accepted by the IRS on the 14th – it only shows received on the WMR site. My daughter’s was filed later in the day on the 14th and her DD is 2/25/13 – we both have the 8863 education credits.

      • hey RSA that is great news. What day did you actually file with turbo tax (before the 14th?)

      • My return has now been PENDING at TT for 22 days. I have now of the weirdo deductions that are causing delays. How is this possible??????


      • I filed January 28 and finally got accepted on Feb 14. Also I filed my son’s girlfriends on the 29th and hers was finally accepted on the 14th as well. Her DD date is the 25th.

    • I have a friend that filed her taxes through H&R block and she had education credits also and she still doesn’t have her refund yet either so I don’t believe it has anything to do with how you submitted your taxes. it has to do with how your taxes are being processed. When have you ever known the government to do exactly WHAT you want them to do, WHEN you want them to do it. they move at their own pace. you will get your money… it is coming. but i think you all are blaming the wrong people.

    • I know the feeling cause I file with Efile on 2/21/13 got accepted 2/23/13/ , wheres my refund gave me an earliest direct deposit date of 3/1/13 & no later date 3/15/13. Well today is 3/29/13 still no direct deposit . This is taking to long , I need my money I got things to do. Now maybe things will get to rolling for IRS . Cause the 15 th of April is right around the corner, Father God Please answer my Prayer,

  124. Submitted on 2-2. Still pending. Held hostage. Wish I had gone with H & R again! Daughter and BFF filed day before. Both got refunds within a week. UGH

  125. Without a doubt, this is not TT fault.

    This is our government at work. Think of the $$ of interest they pick up each day on our money.
    I love this country, hate NYS.
    Paying tax on a refund that you already were tax on? Looks like the MOB does run this state. I wonder what the VIG is?

    Can’t wait for Obama care -oh boy..
    3rd world country here I come.

  126. Clearly a TT issue, should have been honest and not instruct us to submit the return because of unknown consequent. No it was more important to get paid or fear of someone leaving the site because you couldn’t submit. TT lured.us to believe everything was fine. Now my return is hostage, can’t do it over again, can’t go to another service. My $ is in the hands of unresponsive, now untrustworthy org. I’m so frustrated and have wasted so much time. Just allow me to have my information back and I will go away after 12 years of customer locality. It s clear what the corp goal has been, funny guy under the sink. Short term gain. I hope in a few years TT returns to core values

    • sad thing is i took up for tt and said it was all irs, and well majority of it was or so i thought until i got or tried to get info from tt twice i was told “we have no information for you or even help to give” we are just a software company. and that is all you purchased beyond that go to irs, i said really and saved my chats with them i said your promise on tv and here says help all the way.. hmmmm i could get no information from them and i file and accepted on jan 26th.now its a waiting game i guess is all i can do.! I wont use them again, i even turned those rude chats into a supervisor was told none available then emailed them no response, they may not be responsible for all delays, but they are wrong for not giving out correct info! or helping!

    • Mark

      I agree with you, we meaning everyone that simply gave TT their money and depended on them to file the e-file, should have been told the TRUTH. It is really simply TT tells us the truth and then we can trust them for our 2013 taxes. I will NEVER use this software again, it is too to much.

    • I filed my taxes on 1/17/13 with TT and my return was accepted by IRS on 1/24. I was then informed a week later that because my taxes contained 8863 form, it would not be processed until 2/14. I checked the WMR IRS site and it said will be processed within 21 days. That was on 2/7. It now says “still processing” and I have not been given a refund date. I feel that TT was not up front and honest with these delays. They stated that if you did your taxes early, they would be first in line to be processed. Now because they were “too” early, they are being flagged and put into an error folder???? Like everyone else here, I count on my refund to help with bills, etc…I just feel so misinformed by TT. I would have just waited until 2/14 to file and probably would have received it by now. So frustrated!!!

  127. Hello Everyone

    Here is some information if you filled with the 8863 on the 14th your return is going to process without any problem. If you filled before the 14th there is going to be a delay with the IRS because your forms where flagged. They were flagged because it was submitted before the new form was updated and put into what you call an error folder. They are in the process of lifting the error but it’s going to take a little longer. If you filed but had to resubmit on the 14th you should still be ok, and process regularly.

    This information was giving by the IRS

    • I must be missing something, I filled with the 8863 form. I was under the impression that on the 14 of February my return would be submitted to the IRS with the correct form. I was told that IRS was not excepting returns until the 14 with the form 8863. Why would the form be flagged if they didnot except until Feb. 14

      • All those filed before the 14th have to be updated to the new form, they were flagged with an error because the old form was used. Updating those that were filled before the 14th is taking a liitle time. That’s why there is the delay. My friend was told everyone should have there funds within 1 to 2 weeks if not you should call in.

      • I dont think this is completely accurate. If you filed with TT before Feb14 it shouldnt be delayed. Say you filed Jan 25. IRS would not start to processing until Jan 30. They recommended that you file just so your refund could get in line, so that by the time Feb 14 did role around they wound just accept them and get them out in the order they came in line in. I filed on Jan 30 and mine was accepted for processing on Feb 14

    • This is So phucked up!! .. Okay people from TurboTax, Speak up on this, Verify it, We shouldnt have to do the work. Hell, i know yall reading this stuff. Someone needs to comment, and i meant comment fast before i start feeding this thread to CNN! You got everyone flagged?? Yall are ridiculos.. And yet you make commercials dissing HnR Block. Yall Suck!

      • All we can do is watch and wait, there is no way to speed up the process it sucks but there is nothing we can do. They are saying 1 to 2 weeks with the hopes it won’t take that long.

      • so wait it said your return has been received and is still processing this morning and now you have your refund? did you submit your taxes before the 14th too?

      • I dont know when we are going to get our refund but when we all do, I will not use this software again, after 7 years of service, I will be back with H and R block.

      • Yes I had the 8863. The lady that did my taxes did them on the 31st my state went through fine got that a week later. They wouldn’t take my federal so on the 14th she resubmitted it. I got it tonight not expecting because this morning on the IRS site it just said received.

      • so i called them and they told me my dd was the 26th is it possible to get mine tomorrow or before that date because that would be great.

      • If the IRS told you the 26th then you will have it then – it is possible that it may be sooner. My boyfriend was told 2/4/13 and he got it on 2/1/13

      • I’ve been in pending with the IRS since feb 2 I don’t have any education taxes just own a house what could be my issue?

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      • @ apgjr Did you just buy ur house or file anything regarding your home, Because the home credit had provisions also

      • No I have own the house for 10 years so this is a first for me to ever have to wait this long.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • You might want to give them a call then and speak to an agent. (800) 829-1040. I called earlier and I asked her why is it that some people who filed later than others are getting theirs back faster than people who filed earlier. She then stated that the returns are handle in no particular order and the however the system pulls and generates the taxes are just how they are handled. So you still have to wait the 21 days. Then she had the nerve to say ” We all in the same boat. We that work here at the IRS are tax payers too. We still waiting on our taxes!” I’ m like ok and that you, but we as tax payers also have the right to know what the hell is going on and where’s our damn money!!

      • correction: processing time could take up to 21 before u get ur taxes, but they said 9 out of 10 times they get the taxes back by the 10 day! BS so far to me.

    • This is insane. I wanted my return back on 01/28/13. Couldn’t get it. I was forced to have my information held by TT only to have it sent in with the wrong documents. Please tell me this is not correct…

    • I filed a form 4562, continued from last year…and efiled on 2/10/13. The last update I read was that they had already started processing those forms but my forms are still “pending”. I am way beyond frustrated, disgusted, and have no more patience. Kindly tell me what the freak is going on.

    • Thanks. I think this is me. We filed Feb 4th with education credits. So far I don’t even have an email saying it was accepted. frustrating.

  128. My return has said “Processing” since 02/14/13 at 9:40am. It has never taken this long to be completed before. Is there something wrong??

  129. I see alot of peeps saying that they called the IRS and they are waiting on TT to send the forms over, Hmmmmmm. TT is really going pay for their mistakes, I myself am going back to H&R Block next year !!!! Whos with me?

    • TT still says pending since 2/2, yes there is an education credit, which is a mute point now. I’ve been 12 years with TT personally, although I use Taxact for family. Doubtful the truth will be ever told. But customer service dropped the ball. There is no clear direction, no one on one assistiance, information coming from a Blog? tell me that makes sense. TT blew it. They really pushed the Marketing though, TT does represent the unmanged customer service experienced in other Intuit products. In time, the bottom line will feel the affect of unhappy consumers. I know I’m fed up.

    • T SAD,: did you use the form 8863? If so, your 21 days start over!. It started over on the Feb. 14. smh… I just wanna cry every time i think about it

      • i am in the same boat as you T SAD I am at 21 days, with a simple 1040EZ form I have never waited this long last year I had my money DD on the 8th day after I was accepted.

      • Damn, that is jacked up. Theres no excuse for that one!, Yall called IRS to see what the delay is? If i were yall, id call them so you can hear it from the horses mouth why your return is held longer than 21 days!

  130. I filed on 1/31 with forms:
    Please if any of these have slowed my return down I would really like to know. Because on the 14th my husband called the IRS and was told that TT hasnt sent it over yet and thats what they were waiting on. But why is it that today it still shows the following?
    2012 Federal Personal

    TurboTax Electronic Postmark: January 31, 2013 04:41 PM PST

    Status: Pending

    What this means:
    It takes the IRS about 24 to 48 hours to process efiled returns. During that time, they are considered “pending.”

    Next step:
    Come back here later (we suggest waiting 24 hours), or check your email. We’ll notify you as soon as your return has been accepted.

    I too did not get anything about any type of delay until “After” I filed. And even til this day i have not received an email or anything in the mail about my return. Some real help would be greatly appreciated. And yes i have looked all over the IRS website and all I see is that they atarted exepting education on the 14th. Well why wouldnt TT have sent it over on the 14th? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I just got off the phone with the IRS and he told me that what I filed had nothing to do with any hold-ups. He said tio contact TT and ask them why they havent sent it over. He said that they are waiting for it! Im on the phone with TT now. I will let you know what they say.

      • smmfh @ TT. This whole process is the worst I’ve ever experienced from anyone!
        Its alright though. Net year, im going with taxact.
        ANYONE on here with the 8863 have their DD date yet? or even their money???

    • The IRS is accepting all returns as of 2/14/13 according to IRS officials I contacted. Also, I contacted my congressman who contacted the IRS he states the IRS is accepting all returns, no matter what forms were filed with the return.
      TT has a problem as no other tax software has this problem. So ‘fess up TT and tell your customers the truth before you lose all customers.

    • So apparently i dont have an 8863, i have an 8562 or whatever.the lady said it wont go to processing until march. Wtf. If tt has the updatesdates than why werent we notified of the same thing. I found out it was delayed because i went back into my return and thats when it told me. And, this was after tt knew of the delay from the irs. So tt gave me next years for free but i doubt i go back. Tt hasnt been helpful to me or anyone else by the looks of it. So now i have to wait longer for a form that i have no clue what its for!

  131. Question, Anyone on here who used the 8863 got an official DD date yet? Has anyone made it to the processed status yet? Im only asking because everyone i know is still in ACCEPTED status, no DD date for no one.

    • Romeo, I was wondering the EXACT SAME THING! I filed 8863 and was accepted the 14th but has not moved to APPROVED or given a dd date yet! Also my sister filed a regular return with no extra forms around the 1st of feb (after the irs was up and running) and her status remains in accepted status with no dd date. I am sure the are bogged down by all the returns that were sent in all at once. Getting discouraged!

    • I’m just like you…accepted but not processed… no date..state was accepted on the 14th and says to expect direct deposit within 7 days. BTW, I used Tax Act..we are in the same boat..

    • Nope. No DD date. No refund. Nothing. WMR shows “processing” and no updated info. It’s been like that since 02/14/13 at 9:40am.

      • I just called the IRS refund status line at 1-800-829-1954 and received a message stating due to technical difficulties they could not answer my call. End of call.

      • My refund was accepted on Feb. 14, and on turbos my refund date says before March 6, and then it also said the earliest before Feb.24th .. I hope it’s right because I need my funds ASAP and I talked to turbow they said that my refund was with the IRS and its accepted I’m just waiting on the funds to be deposited and I’m like thanks for telling me something that I already knew.. I also talked to the IRS and they said its 21 days after it was accepted on the 14th and I think that’s some bs too because I filled on the 26 of Jan. said to keep checking and it might still say processed but my fu des might be deposits before then

    • My daughter has a DD date of 2/25/13 Romeo – she had a 8863 but did not file until the afternoon of the 14th. I filed with TT on 1/26/13 and was accepted from the IRS on the 14th. I do not have a date yet but she does – so I guess it has no order. This was as of today.

  132. My return status has been “pending” since February 9th. I know that is not a terribly long time, but everything I see says 24-72 hours. I had an education credit, but those began being accepted on the 14th, right? Just wondering what to expect now.

  133. I filed our taxes on 01/31- they have yet to be accepted. I have education, depreciation and mortgage interest credits. Does anyone know when my taxes may be accepted??? I did a friend’s taxes and she had education and mortgage interest credits- they have been accepted and she should be getting her refund anytime.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    • Hi christy,
      I filed on Jan 27th using the mortgage interest credit 8396 and mine is still pending as of today. The education and depreciation forms are being accepted as of 2/14 but now you have to wait on the mortgage interest which I’m being told wont start processing until the first week of March…extremely frustrating

  134. I completed both tax returns with TT on 02-07. Status has been “pending” since then. Live Chat – REALLY??? There is no one at the helm. Once the returns are completed, customer service (what little there was) goes away entirely. I have absolutely no evidence that my returns were actually transmitted. This is definitely my last year with TT.

  135. I filed my federal on Friday 2-15 at 5:00 in the evening. After I filed I received an email stating “Your federal return is lined up for processing
    The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them – like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours – no matter who prepares them.” I thought that they were accepting returns with education credits as of the 15th? I still haven’t been accepted. Should I be worried?

  136. I have had no information on my refund for about a week now. It states on the WMR website that it is still processing and a date will be available when it can. It did show as accepted but I have heard nothing else and have received nothing else from turbo tax stating anything. I did have the education credits and mine was accepted on the 25th of Jan. and I know that it had to wait until the 14th but I have gotten no other information from anyone. Is any other person getting this and what should I do? Should I contact the IRS or TT because my 21 days will be up on the 19th of Feb. Any suggestions anyone?

    • Theresa – did you here anything on your status. I called the IRS today and they told me I have no DD date as of yet – still being processed. We have similar situations – I filed on the 26th of Jan. – accepted the 14th of Feb. with 8863 education credits. So…hopefully soon we will get a date.

  137. ok so now my WMR status went for recieved on the graph – to no information available. Any experience with that anyone?

    • Mine is doing the same thing since Saturday 16th and I checked this morning same thing, no colored bar, I was able to order return transcripts on the 15th?

    • Mine disappeared too…for a few days…went from processing lit ip…to no graph and just a statement saying was in processing and would list a deposit date when available……when it updated over night last night…it came back with accepted and a deposit date.

    • Mine was going back and forth like that until the 14th and since the 14 is has been on the “your return is still being processed and you will recieve a refund date when available” message. My return has been at the IRS since January 30th (I was one of the test ones) and not counting today my 21 days will be on 2/20/2013. Cynthia when did you file your return and when was it accepted?

      • Hello, did you file a 1040EZ, I was accepted in 1/27/13 and I know I have to count from the 30th but WMR now states, your tax refund is being processed, a refund date will be provided when available since the 16th, what is going on???

      • Hi Paul – just wanted to update you. My return is still showing received on the IRS graph. I filed my daughter’s return with 8863 late in the day on the 14th and she shows a DD date on the WMR of 2/25/13. Do you have a date or your money yet? This is as of today.

      • Paul – I wanted to let you know my daughter got her money DD in her bank yesterday – her date on the WMR was for 2/25/13. Oddly enough, I did not file her taxes until the afternoon of the 14th. My status is still “received” on the WMR site. I filed on the 26th of Jan and was processed thru on the 14th. Can you believe it? She also had 8863 form. She is the first person that I am aware of with an 8863 that actually has their money. It happened late this afternoon (2/23/13) Happy for her but confused about mine.

      • Cynthia,

        Hey you need to do the same thing that I did. I called the IRS at 180082910 n hit en 0 then 0 then it will put u through. When the person comes on the line you tell them that “your return was accept3ed on Feb. 14th and is showing nothing on WMR” and they will put u through to somebody. You will have to wait awhile on the phone but once they answer you tell them the same thing about no info on WMR and you would like for them to check and see where your return is and such. It worked for me. I have heard that like me mistakes weree made on returns filed too early through TurboTax and those returns were pulled fixed and put back in. I think that it is worth the wait to find out.

      • Hey Paul – I did call the IRS today and I still have no DD date. They told me it is being processed – but that there are no flags or anything on it – just normal processing I guess. I just hope it moves soon. Thanks for your help and good luck with your refund. I hope you get it sooner than expected.

  138. ID have to say what hapened to this company last year was the top this year the bottom. all ive heard is people complaining about TT last year was great but this year half the stuff we could skip it wouldnt let us and screwed us in the end

  139. evening all well the question i have is i have a form 8582 but i deleted it off before i sent it in. when i done my taxes it wouldnt let me go anyfourther until i done it. It has no bearing on my refund it was 0 but even though i deleted it when i done a final walk through it sent it in any ways now i have to waight till after march this is a crock of shit. TT needs new scripters and coders if they cant do there job right

  140. Hi what is going on with my return I filed the 19th of January got accepted but the irs.gov says still processing do I need to redo my taxes if i have a education credit or do they just reprocess my forms on the 14th of february and when wilI we hear from them

      • @TurboTaxChristopherT The link you provided contained no information regarding a “major delay” with processing the 8863 form after 02/14/13. It was the same information that was updated as of 02/14 saying to wait 24-72 hours for acceptance. What about after that??

    • Hi Chassidy & Princess — It’s been a few a days now and the IRS seems to be making good progress on processing these returns. So perhaps “major delay” is no longer accurate. In any case, if your return continue to say “Pending” on the IRS website, then you may want to speak to one of our agents to see why there your return is still held up. You can learn how to contact us at this link: http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/go/GEN12151

  141. Still Pending from Feb2, yes there was an education credit application. IRS indication is no electronic return, TT has no answer, Customer service no help. Says it is delayed with IRS. Dont know what to do. Please HELP

  142. I have sent my return two times and it says rejected, I have went back over it and there is nothing wrong with it. Please tell me what I need to do. It keeps giving me a code 0092 TIN

  143. still pending.
    any idea when they will start processing complicated returns???
    google search says mid feb to late feb. even possibly march….
    anybody??? lisa??? pam??? luke???bill???

  144. turbo sent my returns jan 28, 2 weeks later, the state has accepted its return but my federal is still in the pending status! how/who can i contact at turbo tax to find out what is going on?

  145. I checked on the status of my federal claim. I filed on Feb. 9th and per the tubro tax site it is still pending, the state one has been accepted. Is it unusual for it to be pending so long?

  146. I filed our tax forms with TurboTax on 2/7/13 and the state forms were accepted immediately. I see that our Federal forms are pending, what does this mean. I would like some word on this and confirmation that these forms have been accepted for Federal refund. I just lost my job on Dec 31, 2012 and this refund is very important to us. Please reply…..

  147. my return has been pending since January 27th, the rest of my family got theirs within a week.What could my holdup be?

    • Mine disappeared too…for a few days…went from processing lit ip…to no graph and just a statement saying was in processing and would list a deposit date when available……when it updated over night last night…it came back with accepted and a deposit date.

  148. What I want to know is why am I paying a 3rd party bank to deposit my refund if its coming straight from the IRS? Why use a 3rd party bank if the IRS can deposit it into my checking account?

  149. why are people that filed with H&R Block, gettin their returns in a weeks time and it already been two weeks for me?? the filers i know that got them back in a week also itemized?? ANSWERS??????

      • My son used a different Tax service, His was accepted within one hour of e-file, And has already received his refund, He filed on Feb 1st.And recieved his refund on Feb 11th.
        I used turbo tax, I e-filed on Jan 30, and mine has still not even been accepted..

      • Lisa, You keep sending the same links. But not answering any questions. I have been in the pending state since Jan.29. I have went to the WMR and the IRS still has no info on my taxes. I have NOT received any further communication from TT. I think we can all agree we understand delay with IRS, but can not understand the lack of customer service and knowledge of anything, you all
        have at this point.

  150. I filed on 1/25 and my federal still shows Pending. My State was accepted on 1/7 I have a AMT credit from last years taxes is that still holding up my federal? When will it be processed?

  151. I filed on fed 2 and mine is still pending…well if the government would get the stuff together we would be getting our refunds…in the 7-10 days..this is not rite..if we owe them they can put liens on our property and accounts..wonder if this works both ways…come on someone just be honest get real

  152. I filed my tax return on Feb. 6th and it was on hold until Feb 14th for the Education Credits. I should have received a notice from TurboTax that the IRS has received it. This is the first year I used TurboTax and I never had a problem with H&R Block filing. At least H&R lets you know that the IRS did in fact receive your return.

    • patty – I was in the same boat as you but on the 14th I DID receive a notice the the IRS accepted my return from TT. You may want to check your efile status on the Turbo Tax site

      • Hi Cynthia, I still have not received anything even though I recevied an e-mail on the 14th saying my deposit will be in my account in two days.

  153. DCL said: on February 17, 2013 at 2:49 am
    Hi All….well….I’ve been on here from the beginning…like many of you….as a re-cap..LOL i did 3 returns for us and 2 Fam. members in Jan…..after several delays, pending s, accepted but no movement for several weeks…..my mom’s return was accepted, approved, and direct deposited within 15 days…..my brothers. Was accepted, approved, and deposited within SIX days….ours was accepted, approved, and deposited within 12 days…..WMR was updated last night…mine fiiiiinally says approved, lights graphic back up…and dep. date of Feb. 22nd!
    Hopefully all of you guys was updated last night as all…. Best of luck! :)

    • Hi DCL, Did all the deposits post on a fri? I know in previous years returns always post on a Friday. I’m just wondering if we may get ours mid week

      • Hi can.t wait…no…my mom’s posted on a Wed…my bro…was earlier than expected! Should have been today! The 19th…he got it SATURDAY,!! Guess cause yest. Was a holiday…they deposited it early?? And mine is scheduled for the 22nd…This Fri…

  154. Well i have been pending since jan 30. I go to WMR and they still have no info on me. I am only wanting some confirmation the IRS even has my stuff.

    • In the waiting game with you…only thing im upset with turbo tax is..people say they recieved emails about what is going on we havent. I understand no control over the IRS but it would be nice to know TT values us and is doing its best to keep us updated. i found this blog by accident thats how i know whats going on.

    • Same here. Would be nice if someone would give us a straight answer. WMR and TT have given no information for over 2 weeks, and I am on the 19th day since filing my return.

      • the 21 days starts from the day that irs accepts your return not when u send it sry. and yes tt needs to be more responding to there customers

  155. Apparently if you had any college deductions or credits the IRS didn’t start processing those until Feb 15th. Don’t know if this help anyone else but it’s what I found out about our return. State was accepted next day after filing and recevied Direct Deposit in less than a week.

  156. Completed our taxes 31 Jan. As of 16 Feb it still shows pending. IRS said they started accepting property depreciation 10 Feb. Why is mine still in the queue? Frustrating as heck!

  157. I filed w TT on 1/16 w the 8863 form and then TT dropped the ball on 1/28 or something on the IRS not accepting returns like mine until mid Feb. So I decided to refile somewhere else without the 8863 form on 2/6. It was accepted the same day by the IRS. Then TT sent my return to the IRS on 2/14 and it was rejected since it was already accepted with another preparer. I dont plan on using TT for anything since they dropped the ball after the fact…but will TT try to resend even if I ignore their request to correct things w them?

    • First of all Annies you cannot blame TT because IRS delayed accepting the form 8863 including other forms that was not ready. I had the education credit also and my returned was delayed also. I am in shock that grown people and I am going to assume that you are grown if you submitted a return to the IRS is blaming a software company for their return being delayed because of the IRS. TT will not resend that return; it will be up to you. If you had done your home work you could of taken that form out before you e filed with TT. As I stated don’t blame a software product that had nothing to do with the IRS and their delays.

      • Lajujana…I can read and nowhere when I filed did is state my type of return would NOT be sent until mid Feb. The message I got was they would not be processing returns until 1/30 & I got that message AFTER I completed my return with TT!!! Nevertheless, my problem is they keep lying to the customers by telling them they cannot refile without the education form(those whom been sitting in “pending status” before 2/14) with TT or any other preparer. TT NEVER sent anything to the IRS before 2/14 so therefore you can file somewhere else. TT wont tell their customers because they wanna collect the $100 they charged…They WONT get mine…

    • TT shouldn’t refile your taxes again unless you correct the mistakes and choose to send. I’m curious as to why you’re upset with TT? You received the message stating that because of the form 8863 that your taxes would not be filed until mid Feb. and yet you decided to drop the form and file with someone else…..? TT did their job and moved your return from the status of “pending” to “accepted”. Seems that all of this could have been avoided if you had exercised a little patience…….just my two cents.

  158. I file my return on feb 8 and it’s still saying pending…this was my first and last time using turbo tax…i can’t get any good answer as to why my return is still pending. except for the irs was not taking the education credit yet.

  159. I filed a week ago and the return is still pending. Friends who went with HR have had theirs accepted (same tax situation) and I cannot get an answer from anyone other than wait. Some have stated that we need to be patient as we are getting free money, BS, I over paid by a significant amount due to pension changes and tax codes and no this was not the Republicans fault, but something that changed in 2009. So basically an interest free loan to the Feds.

  160. has TT received any information as to if the IRS has started accepting the efile returns that have educational forms?

    • Hi P.W. — The IRS started processing these returns on 2/15, but there is a large backlog and many returns still show pending and may continue to do so for a few more days. Hope that clarifies! –Christopher

  161. I filed on January 24th and I’m still listed as Pending. This is getting ridiculous. I got my state refund back a week ago.

  162. We are upset. We filed federal with TT 2/1/2013 with a standard deduction and no credits, nothing remotely complex. Our return is still pending (and has not been received by the IRS). We have written several questions on your site with no response at all. We have read both IRS and TT materials on factors that might delay IRS filing and don’t believe any of them is involved. What is going on? We used TT last year with no problems.

      • Apparently the holdup is form 8582 (Passive Activity Loss Limitations) although there was no loss. I guess this form was filed because of <$300 in book royalties. Does that sound correct? It is upsetting if the efile is still pending since 2/1 for something that reflected no loss. But thank you for taking time to answer although the FAQ is not exactly helpful. I'm just guessing that's the holdup.

      • And there is that same old link you keep sending. WHY are you all not responding to your customers??????

  163. I filed my Return with TT on Feb 4 and received an instant email confirmation that my Return was received by TT. The email also said that my Return was “lined up for processing,” but that the IRS was not ready to accept my Return – apparently because it contained Form 4562. The email said that my Return would be “automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to receive it.” I have not been told, as promised, if it has been forwarded to the IRS – yet when I check TT status of my Return I am told that it is “pending” at the IRS. Question: Where is my Return and what is its status. Clearly, the 24/48 hour period for response has long passed. What’s up TT?

    • Hi Tom – Your return is with the IRS and the delay is entirely on their end. There apparently is a significant backlog of returns with Form 4562, and many returns are still showing as “Pending.” That’s all the information we have right now. Thanks for your understanding! –Christopher

      • Christopher,

        Is the same thing going on with Form 8863 as you told TomG about pending returns? Just wondering because my return has been at the IRS since January 30 and has 8863′s, two of them, on it. So does my 21 days start all over again with February 14th or stay with January 30th?

  164. Everyone needs to be patient we are all waiting for returns remember even if you filed early and you have one of those forms that can delay your refund in could be up to three weeks before you see any money. You can not blame the IRS all this blame goes on the Republicans they are the one’s who waited to long to get a deal on the Fiscal Cliff. so if you want to blame contact your Republicans.

    • You are completely Wrong Shawna, The Republican passed several efforts through the House to avoid the Fiscal Cliff. It was Harry Reid that killed every Republican bill and refuses to pass a budget. The reason the Republican did not bow down to Obama is because Obama played the class warfare game for all he could. In the end we are all paying more in taxes because of Obama policies. The tax the rich gains Obama got was worth 8 days of Federal Spending and the Feds keep printing money like there’s no tomorrow. If the Federal Government would live within a budget the tax code would not have to be modified at the last minute. Shawna, with all due respect THINK before you vote!

  165. Well, my friend did hers and it was accepted on the Feb 10th. She didnt have educational credits. WMR still says accepted. The rest of us got our stuff accepted yesterday.. still says accepted!

  166. Hey Paul,
    Did u ever get you refund deposit date?? Mine was accepted (finally) on the 10th of Feb… WMR said received with the lights graphic…but today..like yours said…it now says processing, no graphics, they went away, and a deposit date will be posted when available???? Uggggg what has been your progress?

    • Hi DCL,

      As with you my tax refund did have the graph and was colored on Return received. Now my WMR update says that my return is being processed and I will be given a refund date when available. I do nbot know what to think other than being asked to wait 24-48 hrs for a update. My return waws “allegedly” accepted on the 25th of January even though the IRS told me on the phone that was impossible that they didnt open till the 30th or TT telling me that they sent no emails to people saying that their tax return was accepted before January 30th. Whatever I find out I will put it on here ASAP. Thanks

      • Hi! Thanks for answering…. I also called today when the message had changed on WMR…the IRS guy said…that was the latest update..and not to be concerned..it was just in processing?? When I told him that my mom’s and my bro…NEVER said that and that their graph NEVER went away??? And mom got her refund..and the graphs said dep. date etc…. And my brothers as well…his is to be deposited on the 19… Again…my only concern is that the graph went away?? And now not even within 21 days…but?.when available?? So…guess we’ll keep hanging on.. Lol… I’ll post as well when my status changes…thanks for answering?

      • I filed my return on Jan. 26 and as of Feb.14 my return was approved from being in pending status for day and days … On Feb. 15th my refund showed that it was not only approved but that I should be receiving it before March 6, now I don’t know if anybody else taxes has been showing with the calendar and the due but mine did and I am very thankful .. Also it was another part that asked when you might expect it and it told me the earliest Feb. 24 if this help anyone !!

      • Hi Paul…..well some good news for me! Yea!!! WMR says approved, lights graphic back up…and dep. date of Feb. 22nd!
        Hopefully yours updated last night as all…. :)

      • Paul – any DD date as of yet. I am still in refund received/accepted mode and havent moved an inch. Pls let me know when you get it. Have you check your bank lately?

      • hey Paul – Cynthia here- any news yet? Mine still shows as “received ” on the graph.

  167. I just checked again @ 6:02 AM ET still processing, I filed a 1040EZ simple accepted 1/27/2013 this is taken too long compared to other years.
    Is anyone else in this situation???