IRS Announces E-file Opens January 30, 2013

Today, the IRS announced that it will begin accepting e-filed tax returns for the vast majority of U.S. taxpayers on January 30, about a week later than expected.

Tax Return

The IRS anticipates that it will be able to process tax returns for about 120 million taxpayers, including those affected by AMT, the educator expense deduction, the higher education tuition and fees deduction and the state and local sales tax deduction.

Even though the IRS does not anticipate any tax refund delays due to the week slip in accepting refunds, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you get your tax refund back as quickly as possible:

1.  File Now!  Don’t wait!

  •      TurboTax is up-to-date with all recent tax law changes and has been accepting e-filed tax returns since January.
  •    TurboTax will hold and securely submit your tax return to the IRS on a first-in, first-out basis. So filing now puts you first in line for your tax refund.

2.  E-file and Use Direct Deposit

  •   E-file and direct deposit are the fastest way to get your tax refund.
  •  The IRS does not anticipate any associated tax refund delays once processing begins on January 30. The IRS expects to issue 9 out of 10 tax refunds in 21 days or less.
  • The IRS will not process paper returns before January 30.

3.  Get Expert Answers to Your Tax Questions

  •     Taxpayers wondering how recent tax law changes may impact their taxes can contact TurboTax tax experts, who are available year round to answer taxpayer questions, free.
  •   Only TurboTax lets taxpayers talk to certified public accountants, Internal Revenue Service enrolled agents or tax attorneys as often as they like while they’re preparing their tax return, free.

According to IRS, taxpayers claiming the residential energy credit and businesses claiming depreciation and amortization and general business credit will be able to file tax returns in late February or early March due to additional forms and processing requirements.

There’s no need to wait to file your tax return. Get started now to get a jump on your tax refund.

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  1. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Safari. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue solved soon. Kudos

  2. I filed my taxes early February and I still haven received half of them. It said they were confirmed and excepted so I dont understand why I havent gotten them. I filed them on E-file and they are supposed to be direct deposited. Someone please tell me what is going on.

    • Hi! The most likely explanation is that your refund was reduced by the government, either to correct a calculation error or through a refund offset. Normally, you can expect an explanatory letter with your refund or shortly thereafter. More information is available at the attached link. Good luck! –Christopher

  3. I had full physical custody of my daughter last year but my ex-wife filed with her SS number. My return was electronically filed, and rejected because of daughter’s number being used. Ex was forced by court to amend her return, which she claims she did. That was several weeks ago. Tried to “re-file” mine electronically and it was again rejected. Does this mean she did not amend her return? Because of this will I not be able to electronically file? If I have to mail a paper copy, do I have to add any “proof” since (if) she amended her return? (I have had custody of my daughter for years, why would I need to prove that this year?) Her newest is that she will give me a copy of her amended return as proof… can I send that (if I have to send something)?

    • Hi Tom – In this situation you’ll need to file a paper copy of your return. It usually takes 8-12 weeks for the IRS to process an amended return, so it’s possible that your ex-wife did amend but that the IRS hasn’t processed her 1040X yet. Once the IRS sees that you both claimed your daughter, they will investigate and determine who’s entitled to claim. You don’t need to send any documentation with your return. Cheers… –Christopher

  4. Hi. We filed our taxes on Jan 30,2013. I have also filed for and education credit (form 8863) so our taxes werent accepted until Feb 15th. Unfortunately, we were affected by the faulty software and form 8863. We had our tax preparer fax in the information needed and that was well over 3 weeks ago. We’re getting very frustrated. My grandfather passed and we were looking to use the money to get home. How much longer do we have to wait? We check the IRS website daily and it never changes! It Always says “still pending.”

  5. Hi , I have filed my tax return with Turbo tax and the system has chosen Netspend prepaid card for the return to be deposited to. I have read several reviews with several issues. Netspend withholding money, rude customer service, asking for a fax with social security numbers and a utility bill. I have not received my card yet and only a portion of my return has been deposited to my card. I hope I dont have any issues because it seems no one has been able to get there money in time.

  6. hi i called irs and they said my refund was mailed on march 15 2013 could u estimate when i will receive my refund?

  7. I got accepted for my federal and state returns today…. So how long does it take to get your returns if your doing direct deposit ???

    • If your return was accepted, then you can check the status of your refund at this link:

      Last year 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refund within 21 days after their return was accepted by the IRS. The same is expected this year. Cheers…


  8. Hi I was filing my taxes last night and recieved a email saying my refund was rejected do to my social security number was used as a dependent for someone else but that wasnt right so I called the irs and a couple other numbers and now they say I should send my refund through the mail ( 6-8 weeks) and hopefully it will be fixed by then I used turbo tax can I not send it through turbotax again ????

    • Hi Sean – If your social security number was used on a different filing, the IRS will need you to mail it in as they instructed you to do. The reason for this is that they will need to confirm and verify the information. If you e-file it again, it will be rejected if the issue has not been resolved with the other tax return. I recommend you follow the instructions provided by the IRS. Thanks, Karen

  9. when they say “it will be mailed to you on this date”, does that mean it will be there that day they specified or does that mean it will be sent out on that day and it will take even longer? I’m so sick of waiting, it will be exactly a month since I e-filed my taxes!!

  10. hi! so my question is this…my husband owes back child support and we filed together in 2011 and all of the money went to ex wife. we didn’t file in 2012. it 2013 now and we want to file but don’t want our money to go to her. help what do we do!? the ex wife don’t even have the 2 kids. 1 moved and 1 moved in with us. we have 5 kids in the house that could use the money. what can i do???

  11. Hi ,I think I’m having a big problem I’m 18 years old and of course my mom claim me in her taxes, but the problem is when I went to do mine because in my work they put me 1 dependent and I appear as married when I’m not so now I’m the one who’ll have to return. Please what can I do with this big error, I really need help. Thanks

  12. I realized I made a mistake on my withholdings by about $700. I want to file an amendment but I received the 4464 from IRS and I am in review.(probably for this reason) Should I file my amendment now and hope this clears things up?

    • Hi – If you’ve already received a “4464c letter,” then you can’t filed an amended return (you can only amend a return that has been accepted, and yours hasn’t been accepted yet). You should instead contact the IRS directly to discuss your situation. Their contact info is at –Christopher

  13. hi i dont know if you can anser this or not but my ex filed on 2/1/13 he got a letter a week or so ago about a offset for child support and sead i will get all of his refund do you know bout how long it will take

  14. I Efiled my federal taxes this year for the first time as I was told that along with direct deposit was the fastest way to get my refund. My return was accepted January 26, after waiting patiently for a month, I finally receive a letter to call the IRS to give them more information. After giving them trivial information im told that i could expect my refund in another 4 to 6 weeks. This was by far the simplest return i have ever filed. Has anyone else ran into this problem? I should have paper filed.What happened to the refund in 14 days no more than 21 days?

    • I ran into the same problem. Everything got cleared up march 1st and now I am still waiting for 4-6 weeks to go by. Still says tax return is being processed when I go to wheres my refund.

  15. I am filing my taxes with the CD version and when I get to my NC State overview it shows my non-passive business income as a subtraction from my income. While I love the idea of lower taxation, it’s adjusted my income down 58K. There’s no way that can be right as the software didn’t do that last year. Any ideas?

    • Hi Bill – Unfortunately we can’t troubleshoot individual issues on this blog. One possibility is that the income is being allocated to a state other than NC. In any case, due to the type of issue you have, it will be better for you to speak to an agent over the phone. Please click on this link for instructions on how to contact us: Good luck! –Christopher

    • Hi – Some people are under the impression that being able to order a transcript means that your refund has already been sent. That is not necessarily the case. If you don’t actually need a copy of your tax transcript, then you should simply track your refund at this IRS website: Hope that clarifies! –Christopher

  16. Hi!

    I sent my forms in the same day as a few other students at my school and they all received their refunds but I didn’t. I sent it in on the 15th of February; my status is “still being processed.” Should I try to file again or just wait?

    • Hi – If your return is showing as “Processing,” then that means the IRS has it and is working on it. You should not try to submit your return again. If you efiled with TurboTax, then an agent may be able to look up your efile record and give you more information. You can learn how to contact us at this link: Good luck! –Christopher

      • When I spoke with the IRS they told me their is an error with forum 8863. My return is in errors. They said a lot of HNR block clients are having issues with their return…. It is so stressful because the IRS is not even sure when they will be done processing my return. I was told they were going to stop sending out letter to people that filed the 8863 because it is an error in their computer due to the forum being updated….. It could take up to 45 days to fix, so my return is sitting the error department along with others that have filed forum 8863 with the HNR block. This sucks because my job doesn’t pay enough and my kids need so many things, then on top I have a student loan. :( Guess I will look to god for covering and relief of the struggle
        Seem like the hard you try to get out of poverty, it back flashes on some of us, but I know I can not give up because I have two precious gifts depending on me

    • I am dealing with the same thing(student tax refund) mine still says processing but I received a letter asking me to call them. I did las tonight and they said they want to make sure that my ssn wasn’t stolen, and asked me questions and said they will put it thought and I have to await another 4-6 weeks. Appearntly they had alot of security issues, luck of the draw! Hang in there!

  17. I am wondering if anyone else had to file with an IP pin for previous tax fraud committed against you? This is my first year having to file with this and I’m wondering what others have experienced with filing with this?

    • This is my first year also. It’s been HELL…I had to get a tax advocate because they refuse to help me when I called the IRS..I submitted my return and was accepted 2/22/13. it is now 3/12/13..1st they said there were no errors and it is being processed after a week. I called on 3/4/13 because my status bar was gone and it said it was being processed and I would be given a date when available. I called the tax Advocate because I don’t have time to waste waiting for letters in the mail. I have bills. Then the IRS said they had to verify my identity because someone else could’ve gotten my IP PIN (What’s the purpose in giving it to me if my return will be held up???).. The Advocate verified my identity on 3/8/13 and informed them of my hardship. I called on 3/18/13 (because I don’t trust them) and after continually going back in forth with one of the rudest reps after I told her how wrong she was and proved it she finally looked up my account and said my return was accepted on 2/22/13(duhhhh) and had an error which was corrected on 2/28/13 and I have to wait 21 days from 2/28/13 to complete processing or call my advocate and see what they could do…I am waiting until Fri 3/15/13 and if I don’t have a date or my money I will be calling the Advocate..

      • Kisha you already know by now that the IRS do not care about an advocate! they do what they want to do, they make us consumers wait for our money with no updates, no calls, but with stupid letters that really has no barring on us, very unfriendly reps, the whole IRS is a joke I have been waiting since the 14th, needless to say I filed my paperwork on the 18th of January, so stand in line with the wait, I have no more patience!!!!! no letter, no phone calls has been answered and the process is still in the same status it has been since january the 30th!

  18. I filed my taxes on Feb 9, 2013 but they didn’t get accepted until the 15 of fed because of the student credit. it has been the full 21 days from the day they accepted them and WMR still says processing. I spoke to a IRS rep on march 5< 2013 and she said all my account is saying is still processing and to call back on the 8th of march. But there is still no update on my taxes.

    • I filed mine on Fed 5 and haven’t received mine. I was told the same about the student credit and now it’s March 11th…still processing…I received my state back the 20th of feb but yea nothing on federal. Glad I’m not the only one I guess…

    • I used the tax advocate last year when my identity was stolen and received my refund in about 3 weeks so I know they do work with them. The problem is this year I found out the delay is because majority of the ppl that received IP Pin ‘s got caught up in another IRS glitch that sent our returns to the error dept along with the 660,000 ppl that had a glitch from H&R.. Right now the IRS and Tax Advocate service is overwhelmed.. I have contacted my local congressmen and news stations. Although it may not do much I am not one to just sit around. I make my voice heard. If others make theirs publicly heard we may get somewhere..So sad where they victims all over again…

  19. Hello I filled my taxes with H&R block on 01/29 and had education credit coming that was excepted on 2/14 i was told my due date was 3/8 but still have not got it does anyone know what going on?

  20. so I file for education since February 15 and I still have not got my money, they keep saying that is in processed and they will let me know when the date is available but I don’t understand is already passed by 21 days when I getting my refund. I tried to call but I keep hearing from the Hotline system is not let me speak to anybody
    What should I do?

  21. I received a letter from the irs about a offset program I owe $502 my refund is over that amount I filed on febuary 14 2013 and accepted the 14 when I check the wmr it went from being processed wait 10-21days and now it’s saying processing and a it saying a dd date will be provided when available I talk to the offset program people and they said imma still get my refund will it take longer are do I count the weekends starting from the 14 of this month help I set up a payment plan so I don’t know what to think

    • Hi Taylor – You should count count the weekend days as well. If you don’t have a status change by this weekend, I would call the IRS. Keep in mind, they only update their systems one time per day…usually overnight. Thanks, Karen

  22. Why is that my return was accepted on the 14th of February but the “where’s my refund” site says that it is still being processed. At one point in time that site said that my return was deposited to my bank on the 25th of February and now when I check it it consistently says that it is being processed with no date indicating when I should receive it.

  23. I checked WMR and it said that our taxes got reduce because something we owe was suppose to get $9095 but not we are getting $8227.50. It was suppose to be deposited it today but we only got $773 TCS TREAS 449 TAX REF why and what is that? So I’m wondering are we going to get the rest?

    • Hi Toya – Could it be student loan, child support, back taxes..? Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the reason your refund was reduced. You will need to wait to receive your letter from the IRS explaining the reason, or call them at 800-829-1040. I wish I could tell you the reason. Thanks, Karen

  24. My Federal Income tax was approved on 2-26-13 but CA state was rejected. Will i still receive the Federal income tax? Or does the state need to be accepted?

    • Hi Aaron – They are two separate entities. Federal is sent to you separately from the CA taxes. Hope that helps. Thanks, Karen

  25. I got a letter from the IRS stating that i filled somthing incorrect. Can i refile correctly? What really am i suppose to do next?

    • Hi Alicia- It depends on what the letter says. If they rejected your return, you can correct it and resubmit the e-file. If they accepted it and are making an adjustment, there may be nothing more to do. Once you find out exactly what the situation is, feel free to contact TurboTax support for further guidance. Thanks, Karen

  26. I called the irs today about my refund. They told me that from today it will take another 4 to 6 weeks for me to receive the refund, but my return was accepted on the 15th of Feb. Why is that?

    • I feel the same way Jan. I been trying to get through with the IRS. I was accepted on 14th and it say on the MyTaxRefund app it would be deposited by March 7. It would be nice if someone somewhere could give us some answers of why its still taking so long to be process when people are getting their returns back within 48hrs here in Maryland

    • I got the same answer. Accepted on the 15th, but wait 6-8 weeks. WMR is still showing processing, a date will be given when available. They said they are telling people 4-6, but in my case longer due to identity tax fraud last year. I still don’t know why 4-6 weeks though. All they could tell me is that, that’s how long it’s taking for all paper returns. Although, if you go by their site, we should receive in 21 days. I think they need to update their site!

    • Jan, sorry to hear you’re having the same problem. I filed electronicsally on Feb 4th (no extra credits or delays indicated) and accepted on Feb 5th. (where’s_my_refund) said DD scheduled for Feb 13th. Received letter from IRS on Feb 25th (dated 22nd) requiring me to call. I called and waited 3 hours, then chatted to verify info for over another hour. In the end, the IRS told me “all set — you’re good to go!” then immediately informed me 4-6 weeks from that date I would have to wait. IRS.goc still shows “processing” and nothing new. The government is LIEING on all avenues because they gacve all the money away to LOSERS and Green Energy Pipe-Dreams. Don’t expect an answer of fact from TurboTax reps here on this site, they are nothing but form-letter delivery robots.
      You’ll just have to accept that the American People have placed the largest group of LIARS in charge of the country.
      Good Luck and Apply for Food Stamps like Washington D.C. wants you to!
      (What Price Dignity?)

      • I know what you mean I have seen people with no job go fill and have received there fake money when we the people with w2 forms have to wait months to get our money due us.

  27. I received my tax refund via direct deposit. When I got on to see if it had been deposited the federal refund is short 1000 dollars. Why is this?

    • Hi Regan – Is there a possible offset for child support, student loans, or back taxes owed? Those are common reasons. The IRS will send you a letter explaining the difference. If not, you can call them for details at 800-829-1040. Thanks, Karen

  28. hi. my ex-wife is behind on child support. was there a certain day that she was allowed to file? and when i expect that refund.

    • Hi Greg – I am not aware of a certain day to file. But, if she was in arrears while you were married, you may want to file for Innocent Spouse Relief. As far as a your refund goes, it depends on the situation regarding the back child support and how involved it was while you were married. Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refunds within 21 days of acceptance and the same is expected this year. Thanks, Karen

  29. If I already filed my taxes and received a refund and later realized that I did not deduct my mortgage insurance, which I am pretty sure is considered a deduction, is it possible to add this in some way by filing another claim?

  30. Good morning,

    I need to verify my customer taxes for mortgage purposes. He is a self employed and it is really hard for him to spend all morning at the local IRS office to have them stamp his copies. Is there any way I can get evidence that the IRS receive his taxes? Or at least know if they are available so I can request a transcript?

  31. Hi ,
    I filled my tax return on 3/1/2013 and received a email that the IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain dedutions or credits in them it stated it was a nationwide delay.
    I had home mortgage deduction/house improvments, employment expenses ,medical

  32. hi, i filed my taxes since January 23rd. I filed for education and it has been six weeks already and i still haven’t gotten a refund date.Do you have any idea of what might be happening? please let e know

  33. I filed on 02/03/13…25 days later and I’m still pending??? My AZ was accepted and I received my refund 2 days ago. What’s the latest update on the IRS w accepting returns?

  34. I was suppose to get a tax refund of $5052 and only received $977.67. I’m married and we filed taxes together. my wife owes a student loan from 2009. the bank transaction says pending thought. could I get the rest of the money , once the pending status finishes?

    • Hi Jay,
      The Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service (FMS), which issues IRS tax refunds, has been authorized by Congress to conduct the Treasury Offset Program. Through this program, your refund or overpayment may be reduced by FMS and offset to pay:
      Past-due child support;
      Federal agency non-tax debts;
      State income tax obligations; or
      Certain unemployment compensation debts owed to a state.
      You can read more here
      I hope this helps.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

    • Jay if your wife defaulted on a student loan your both your taxes will be offset. Wait till you receive whatever refund is pending. Then ammend your return by filing a injured spouse return to get whatever portion is due to you. If she owes a loan then all of her taxes will be offset to repay that back. You can file for kids (if you have any) yourself to get the credits. You would have to file Single or married filing sep. When you do an ammnded return work witih which status gives you the best return. filing an 8379 injured spouse form with your ammended return.. They will not DD the remaining portion it will be sent by check via mail.

  35. lets just pray everyone, no one with education credts has gotton there money yet i thank that every have to wait until that 21 day

    • Gina, many people that filed school credit have gotten their money back, and many are still waiting.

      • I called the irs today about my refund. They told me that from today it will take another 4 to 6 weeks for me to receive the refund, but my return was accepted on the 15th of Feb. Why is that?

  36. Hi. I filed on 2/1/13 and was told I would get my refund by 2/22/13. It’s now the 27th and nothing. It says it was accepted. I rely heavily on that money. Would I be told there was a problem that is holding it up? How can I find out if I gave the wrong bank acct info? I’m worried and need my refund ASAP! Thanks

  37. Turbo Tax screwed me over, my husband & I had a family friend do or taxes w/ Turbo Tax 1rst time ever & let me remind u the last time!! My husband & I changed our youngest sons ss # last yr. well when we filed we used his last name well it didnt match hiss ss # , ok that was my mistake but when the irs rejected our tax return … they sent a e- mail stating it had to do w/ my oldest son the number wasnt adding up w/ his name so the same person who did my taxes reentered the ss# & sent it back through & I didnt hear nothing 2wks go by. So I call turbo tax & they said, everything looks fine so I stop thinking about it,. I called the irs the next week I still hadnt heard anything well come 2 find out it wasnt my oldest sons ss# is was my youngest & my refund was on hold all this time because of this now im having to wait an extra 2wks so its already been 2/07/13 till now plus 2 more weeks so I will never go turbo tax again BACK 2 JACKSON HEWITT!!

    • Hi Michelle,
      Unfortunately we don’t have any control over you entering erroneous social security numbers and the rejection letters come directly from the IRS. We wouldn’t know the particulars about everyone’s social security number you entered unless we were looking directly at your tax information entered which is information secured by you. I hope this helps you understand as far as the agent knew your tax return return was at the IRS, but they were not able to look at details of the social security numbers entered by your friend.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  38. I filed my taxes on Feb. 2, 2013, it was accepted the 15th due to the education credits. It says that my return was accepted, but when I check on the irs page, it says that my return is still being processed and there’s no known date on there. Has my return been accepted then? And how long do I have to wait?

  39. I filed on January 23rd 2013 and I still have not received my refund I understand that they were not accepting education credits until 2/14 but when I go to wheres my refund it says theres no record of me filing what do i do?

  40. My husband and efiled and our full amount was accepted 2.15.13. Today we received a dd that was $1097 short. Why could this happen? Everything was accepted. Never had this issue with turbotax.

    • Hi Kayla,
      The Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service can offset any unpaid federal or government debt against your refund without prior notice.
      Most commonly, the offset is taken for:
      Past due child support
      Federal agency non-tax debts
      Certain unemployment debts owed to the state
      Past due federal student loans
      State income tax obligations

      TurboTax has no control over refund offsets. We do not have information about why your refund was reduced, nor about any disputes you may have with government agencies.

      If you want to find out if your refund was reduced due to an offset, call the FMS at (800) 304-3107. Be prepared to give them your name and Social Security number.
      Here is the IRS link to give you more information
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • i filed on jan 13 ,2013 and my return was accepted on the 24th of jan and i have still not got my refund i have the education credit that did not start to accept till fed 14,2013 what should i do ? i check weres my refund and it says your refund is being processed.

      • Hi Dennis,
        There is nothing you need to do. The IRS said that it would issue tax refunds within 21 days from acceptance of tax returns. If you had the education credits that were accepted on 2/14 your 21 days starts from 2/14.
        I hope this helps and that you receive your tax refund soon!
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

  41. I filed my Return on Feb 16, however I saw on the IRS website that acceptance of certain forms are delayed due to new legislation, my return contains some of those forms would I have to file an amended return? Also my return too is still pending.

    • Hi,
      You should not file an amendment on a pending tax return. You should only amend your tax return after it is accepted or rejected.
      Hopefully your status will be updated soon.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • i filed my taxes on feb 6 along with my injured spouse form with turbo tax wen can i exspect my refund they say it could b up to 8 weeks

  42. I e-filed thru the same company I’ve used for years on 2-5-13 today is the 21st nothing. This is the longest its ever taken for me to get a refund. All of my info and claims are the same nothing has changed. What are the new issues that are causing the delays in refund time for some. Also my tax info has said processing all these days why?

    • Hi charlene if you filed on 2-5-13 and you made a commet on 2-21-13 that is only 16 days so hopefy you should get yours real soon.

  43. I am also awaiting acceptance. Can I remove the residential energy credit and re-efile? Then amend at a later date?

    • Hi Monica- Unfortunately, once your return was submitted, if you remove the energy credit form, the IRS won’t receive the change. It would just make your return inaccurate when you transfer next year’s data over. Thanks, Karen

  44. Good Morning,
    Let me start off by saying that I have never had a tax experience in the past like I have had this tax year ending December 2012. I am a senior in college and several friends who are working on masters degrees who utilized turbo tax with the 1098 T deduction for their educational credits and expenses and have received their refund respectively. I had Jackson Hewitt prepare my taxes on last year and they charged my over $400.00. With this being said, Turbo Tax seemed to be the economical choice and I have used them before. I just wanted to let the webmaster or powers that be know that I am really disappointed with not just them but the entire refund experience this year. I feel that tax payers who have their monies deducted year out of their paychecks upfront must wait for bills and laws to be passed from congress before they received monies that they overpaid in the first place! Unfair and I will certainly utilize some other means of tax preparation at the end of tax year 2013.

    • I used H R Block and I’m still waiting for my return- also claimed the education credit- Might not just be TT??

  45. i efiled with turbo taxes as I normally do for the last few years with no problems I am self-employed Stylist. Turbotax said to expect refund on or before Jan 19th its the 20th anr still no refund or information it changed from status bars to no bars and just states we are still processing your return ddd will b provided when available. I dont get the hold is should not be any problems and if so why take so long to make us aware so that it can be corrected.

  46. hi I filed through a regular tax preparer on jan 29 and itstill says processing what is goingon…its been 19 days and nothing has changed….i know there isn’tanything wrong with my return as far as I know and nothing different from last yr so what should i think or do am gettingworried…i opted for direct deposit as well

  47. I have a balance due with the irs and I filed my taxes electronically on 02/07/2013. I filed them to be direct deposit into my account. I will still have a refund after balance is paid will the irs put the remaining balance in my account

  48. please help…i filed my taxes Jan 15 and turbo tax said irs accepted my refund early on Jan 24….however i have education is now Feb 17 and still do not have a dd …the bar on irs website is gone but says still processing a dd will be available… u think something is wrong with mine? or any idea when i should get it? should i call IRS? has anyone got their taxes back that had education credits? geeze its going on 6 weeks

    • the irs id not processing any refund with education credits until 2/14 so it will be 21 days from 2/14 before u will see your refund .. good luck to you

    • We have the education credit this year for our son for the first time. We are still waiting it was accepted on 1/30 but we dont have a bar anymore and no due date. We have friend who works for HR block and he said they started acccepting education credit on feb 14. So we dont know when we are getting ours back either it could be 21 days after the 2/14. Hipefully hear something soon.

    • I have been told that if you have education or loans on your tax return that the did not look at your taxes until Feb 14. Which I think is a rip off! I have been waiting forever to get my return and it is still not here!

  49. hello wanted to know if I received financial aid last year am I able to claim the education credit as well and I have three kids will the EIC return be the same amount as if I claim two children are am I able to claim all three kids and receive the Earn Income Credit for all three

  50. I am using Turbo Tax for my 2012 return. When I got ready to efile, it came back that my return could not be efiled due to some IRS forms not being accepted by efile. I went to see the list of those forms not accepted and I do not have any of those forms in my return. I do have a NOL carryover from 2011, would that prevent my being able to efile? Thanks.Connie

  51. I e filed w/TT on 1/29/13. It was accepted 1/29/13. I just received a dd of 2/16 but the amount is less due to my sons social security number that I entered was incorrect. How do I correct this and why would they accept it if the number did not match to begin with? I have claimed my child as a dependent for the last 15 years.

  52. Question. What if I e-filed on January 30th and still, at this time in mid-February, my state refund status is still pending and the state has no record of it..can I use a totally new means to “re-file”?? I’m sick of the no answers I am getting from these people. Thank you.

  53. If my E-file return was accepted on Feb 4th. when should I expect my direct deposit? It was looking as though the DD’s go through on Fridays and the 2013 Schedule should have it for tomorrow through Saturday. Thoughts?

    • My dads was accepted the 13th and hes getting his the 21st which is a thursday the IRS is not telling anyone when they are sending DD until they are done processing your return theres no way too forcast it my friend got accepted on 1/30 and got his on 2/6 so its about a week but no set day. Again they are not giving specific dates like that have in the past. Seems like a week after you get accepted though is about when they are sending refunds give or take a couple days and there arent any issues with said returns.

  54. Filed on Feb 9th. Turbo Tax said it got accepted that night. (I got an email from them) but on It still says its being processed. Why is that? I don’t have any education on there. Or anything else that should be holding it up.

  55. Filed on Feb 9th. Turbo tax sent email and tax saying my refund got accepted on IRS.Gov. It still says its being processed. What does this mean? I have no educational deductions.

  56. “Your federal return is lined up for processing
    The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them – like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours – no matter who prepares them. ”

    Why did I get an email stating this?

  57. I submitted my taxes on 2/2 and it still says pending more than a week later…whats the deal. I havent been notified of any errors but it still hasnt been recieved. Has this happened to anyone else

  58. What is tax topic 152 mean? Is this stating there’s a problem? It only gives refund information. I opted in for direct deposit but everyone else that filed after me has received their refund. Do I need to worry? On the where’s my refund website, it states that my refund has been accepted and is being processed.

    • Hi Lana – Tax Topic 152 is just an information article stating the different ways to receive your refund. If your return has been accepted and is being processed, give it a couple days to update the status. If you still don’t see the update for direct deposit, then you can contact the IRS at 800-829-1040 (expect long wait times). Thanks, Karen

  59. I filed on the 26th and mines was accept ed hoever when i check where is my refund its still says processing and people who filed after me have got they money

  60. I filed both my federal and ca state taxes on jan. 30 th 2013. Both were accepted the next day, jan. 31 st. I checked my state refund status today and it stated exactly that the processing time has been exceeded. What does that mean? I tried calling the number for a representative, but it was busy all day.

  61. TAX PRODUCTS PE2 – SBTPG LLC I received my refund very much short of what I was supposed to get. After being with turbo tax for years I’ve never gotten something like this can you please explain?

    • Same problem here. WMR site said refund amount dd on feb 27th, but it was about $2000 less. I also got my DD from TAX PRODUCTS PE2 – SBTPG LLC.

      • Hi Laura,
        The Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service (FMS), which issues IRS tax refunds, has been authorized by Congress to conduct the Treasury Offset Program. Through this program, your refund or overpayment may be reduced by FMS and offset to pay:
        Past-due child support;
        Federal agency non-tax debts;
        State income tax obligations; or
        Certain unemployment compensation debts owed to a state.
        You can read more here
        I hope this helps.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

  62. Due to being single & unemployed most of 2012, my child received a full tuition including room & board and dining allowance; does my 18 yr old child have to file taxes? She has never worked before nor filed taxes. I do claim her on my taxes.

    • Oh, and by the way, I used the H&R Block software and compared it to Turbo Tax this year even though I’ve been a loyal customer of Turbo Tax for years. Since they screwed us over with the delay on integrating the new 8949 and Schedule D into their software I decided to try something different. Turbo Tax was easier to use, but H&R Block got me a slightly bigger refund using the same numbers. I’m making this switch permanent, and I’m even turning off Quicken and currently looking for an alternative. Intuit has lost a lot of customers this tax season.

  63. Filed taxes February 1st and transmitted. As of today they are still ‘pending’. Everyone else in the family was ‘accepted’ the next day. The only thing we itemize deductions due to work expenses. Any ideas what the holdup is?

  64. Remind me not to use turbo tax next year. Now i know for a fact last Night, updates came in. Forms came in. And today, returns still say pending. TaxAct does not have this same delay. Yes i used the 8863. Irs said early Feb.. TT still says pending. Ugh!! This is frustrating.

  65. i did not taxies on jan 24th 2013 and now its feb 7th 2013 and the irs stated processing my taxies and i have not seen any changes yet i dont how long till the next step to show and how long it will take for it to tell me a date it will be sent out


  67. I filed and have form 1040 Schedule F included – there is no depreciation on this. Is this form causing a delay of any kind?

  68. I filed my taxes on jan 24 I received an email stating that certain forms were not available when I check your website it states that the forms are available why hasn’t my return been accepted by the IRS?

  69. I have been audited 5 years in a row. For the samething. Is this legal. Now last tax season I sent them everything the asked for. Is it likely I will be audited again. Has anyone ever heard of someone being audited this much. They don’t mess with my federal just my state…One more question. I filed on 1/30 but the tax preparer did not put my claim in until 2/4 does that change my file date to 2/4?

  70. Hello, I received a email saying my kids names and SS# did not match up. I was a mistake because our last names are not the same. I changed it and re e filed the papers. That was on the 30th. Today it still is saying return received. Is it normal to take this long? Should I be worried?

  71. It has been over 72 hours since the IRS starting accepting Tax Returns. I am using Form 8863 for education credits and I have heard that my return will be delayed till mid February, yet everything I read officially only gives a delay till Jan 30. What’s the real story?

    • The IRS opened its doors for efiling on Jan 30th, but there are still a few common forms that have not yet been finalized. Form 8863-Education Credits-is one of the forms affected. The IRS is saying mid February, but are not giving a specific date as of now. If you are in a big hurry, one option is to efile your return now without the education credit, then file an amendment adding form 8863 to claim the remaining refund once the form is finalized. Form 1040x (amendment) cannot be efiled so it will take 6-8 weeks to receive the funds once you mail it, but its an option if you’re in a hurry!

  72. I filed with turbo tax but checked the IRS page and they that they can’t find my info and it was accepted already

  73. we filed on the 22 of jan. it is a pretty straight forward deduction with children and a mileage write off for my sub contract business. our neighbors filed the same day and have already been accepted and should get their money between the 9th and the 19. do you know the deductions that take longer than others.
    thank you

  74. I got an email that said the forms was available but when I checked for updates they wasn’t! Can you help?

  75. I filed my 1040 federal and state taxes on 1/30 with TT. I am claiming residential energy credit, at the end of my online filing, I read that my federal could not be e-filed. So I printed out the 5695 form that was with my paperwork, and mailed it along with the copy B of W-2 Form, and 1099-R forms, 1040 to the IRS. This is what the file by mail instructions told me to do. TT accepted my state income tax and e-filed them. Today, Feb. 4, it TT still shows my state income as filed on 1/30 but is still in the pending stage. I had an online chat with TT and they said my state should be shown as accepted within 24-48 hours. It has been 3 days now. What is the hold-up? Does it have something to do with my Federal not being e-filed as I was told to mail it as I had the 5695 form? Thanks for any clarification. I would really like to know if my federal not being accepted until late Feb.-early March has any affect on my state refund? TT said that it would not affect my state refund.


  77. why if I am self employed with depreciation is the irs not accepting my tax return. Do you know when they will accept them?

    • IRS is saying late February or into March. You have options besides waiting though! You can remove the deduction to file it now, then amend later to add in the depreciation deduction. The amount depreciation claimed will determine how much your refund will change, but unless you bought a major asset, you will be surprised by how little it amounts to. Try removing it, note the decrease in refund, then determine if that amount of money is worth the wait! Also, if the item you listed as a depreciable asset could possibly be listed directly on the Schedule C (self employment form), you can just move it. Ex: Printer purchased for $230. Instead of listing as an asset and deducting it using form 4562, simply add an “office expense” deduction for $230 directly on the Schedule C! That will remove the 4562 form and it will be acknowledged by the IRS immediately.

      • I am also awaiting acceptance. Can I re-efile after removing the residential energy credit or will that just make things worse.

  78. I received an email stating that my return is delayed because the IRS is not ready to accept certain deductions or credit. When will my return be processed. The email gave no information.

  79. If I have an education deduction, what is the “wait time” or the estimated time since they “are not ready to accept” returns with that deduction??

  80. I completed my taxes on the 25th just a simple 1040 EZ and mine is still pending. Guess i need to cancel with turbotax and go a different rouote or something cuz that doesnt seem right

  81. I filed my return online and I just realized that I left off the amount on line 12DD. My return is being currently processed by the IRS what do I need to do?

  82. Turbo Tax will not accept the security code I type in the box. I can not understand the audio either. I’ve tried several different codes.

  83. I have clients that received their refunds on 1 February, two days ago. They were submitted using TurboTax on 29 January. That is two days, not twenty-one days. The twenty-one day word is nothing more than smokescreen to protect them from excessive inquiries.

    My current issue is with forms for the students. Form 8863, Education Credits can’t be submitted until 15 February? Why. Surely the IRS is kidding. These kids need their money back. I bet the IRS had no issues in making sure the oil companies’ forms are up to date.

    They had many screw ups last year, I think they need a darn good house cleaning at the SES level … and to get off their ass.

  84. I did my taxes with Turbo Tax for the lat few years. Last year they told me that my return was excepted by my state and I have had to send numerous papers back and forth to the state and still have Not got my refund, and they are still looking for more info! Turbo Tax has Not helped me at all to resolve this problem! This year I did my taxes on 01/27/2013 and they told me 24 to 48 hrs to be excepted on January 30th when the IRS starts excepting apps, and now its still pending! I have tried everything to get in touch with what they call experts and Pros, and when I call they say a 5 min wait, then I waited for 15min. to hear them tell me that I still had to wait 39 min to talk to someone! I will not be using Turbo Tax any more!

      • I see all these issue but I hardly see any replies from turbotax? Is this planned customer service?

      • You know I hate too say it and I have been a TT customer for years but I really am starting too wonder if TT is getting a little crapy, I know last year I had no documents I was waiting on and for over 3 weeks after the irs started accepting returns I was in a pending state, I got sick of it and redid my return after talking too a IRS agent that informed me if I did redo my return that which ever one was accepted first the other return would be reject I filed with taxslayer on a hunch 2 minutes after I filed I was accepted. Thinking its going too be the same this year again if I have too refile, Im sorry but TT you lost yet another customer!!

    • If you are using Form 8863 for college credits or a couple other forms they wont even start processing them returns til mid too late feb early march Im a student so here I sit in limbo mine hasnt even been sent too the tax authority so well good luck

  85. It’s an outrage that there is not an edit regarding the delay if you use certain forms while you are completing the return . I completed my return yesterday and had a whopping $265 in depreciation. I would not have claimed depreciation and would have gladly cancelled filing had Turbo tax not waited until after the fact to tell me. Now it says nothing can be done and we simply have to wait until March for the IRS to allow us to file. I think it is ridiculous, not just by the IRS, but also by Turbo Tax to not provide a warning during the process or at the very least allow us to cancel the return since it has not yet be submitted to the IRS…… I am sick about this as the lousy $50 or so it saved me for claiming depreciation, is probably going to cost us our house as we needed that money to avoid foreclosure. THANKS TURBO TAX!!

    • Hi Brad,
      Sorry you filed with the depreciation and would have rather left it off, however this post as well as our “Amercia Avoids the Fiscal Cliff” post, publically states that depreciation was impacted by the late vote on tax laws and would be processed in March.

      One alternative for you is if your tax return is rejected by the IRS, you can go back into your tax return and take the depreciation off and resubmit.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • I am sorry to hear this Brad and I think the excuse is a poor excuse, as I don’t believe the fiscal cliff impacted depreciation on us as lower and middle income. I do think the IRS should investigate all these delays by Turbo Tax, as well official accounting board. As for myself an others, to not be able to file because of inaccurate forms causing delays is irresponsible by any accounting company.

      • I am in the same pit as Brad. I have minimal depreciation on my application and would rather re-file without the credit. Is there a way we can initiate the IRS to reject the application? This just seems silly that they are so accepting to deduct from our income, yet they are hesitant to pay it out.

  86. I e-filed my taxes through TurboTax on Sunday the 27th, a friend of mine filed his taxes through TurboTax yesterday the 30th. My status is still showing as pending while his was accepted last night at 11:30 pm. I thought TurboTax was submitting on a first-in first-out basis. How is this possible?

  87. Has there been a date set yet for people with the education credit when the IRS will start accepting them tax refunds….Seems too me every year they got something coming up or something goes wrong but boy when we are late they expect it right now! I honestly think the american people should charge the IRS late penalitys for being late and interest as well just saying, but if anyone knows the dates would be helpful on when the acceptance will be if a person used a 8863 form with there taxes. thank you

  88. I called the IRS and they stated any returns that included Education Credits would NOT be processed until the end of Feburary. Have you heard about this maddness?? Why would a stipulation like this be implemented? It is not fair to those who would like to used that credit.

  89. I did my taxes through turbo tax on 1/20 and already have my state refund in my account but the federal still says PENDING. why?

  90. I filled my return January 12th. Yes I new the irs wouldn’t open till the 30th but was told sooner u file the question is seeing I didn’t give an email address how long should it take for the irs to have received them? I did the e-file 1040a

  91. Why am I unable to e file because I have a energy credit. When I try to e file it says that I must print them out and mail them in. Will efile be available at a later date or do I have to mail them in.

  92. SCREEN where it asks if you “agree” to refund processing agreement…won’t advance beyond that. Don’t even get to “File” screen. What’s up with that?

  93. Everytime I try to file my state return it says that one or more forms is not available right now. I have read else where that all forms should be available. My State return is from California. Is there something wrong with TT?

  94. I used the SnapTax app on my Android phone. All went fine, until I, just this afternoon, clicked on “File your Taxes” and the pop-up window read: “Your tax returns can’t be filed today because we don’t have the latest tax info from the government. We’ve saved all your info. Please come back in a few days to file your returns.” What gives???

  95. Hi I have joint custody of my child andf her mother does not file due to no work I supply more then half her support, mother and i have court papers we claim every other year i never claimed her and did so this year just for her to say she was letting her mom do so my taxes have been accepted by irs does this mean that the grandmother has not filed and what if she does will she be booted from rejected so my return is not delayed

  96. I just e-filed my 1040 via Turbo Tax online. I then got an email saying that the IRS wasn’t ready to accept returns like mine. I have a very basic return. Nothing other than EIC and my daughter being a first year college student so we had the 1098-T. Any idea why the delay?

  97. I have a question I filed my son’s and it said accepted and mines say pending . do you know how long it will take and why it say’s pending

    • Hi Tracy – Yours may be pending if you had an education credit or certain other forms that are not yet ready…and are preventing e-filing for the time-being. It’s difficult to know without seeing your tax return. Check it in a couple days and if you need more help, you can contact TurboTax Support directly
      Thank you,

  98. I submitted taxes yesterday (the 29th) for processing (efiled), but I know they didn’t even start looking at returns until today. How long will it be before the IRS “accepts” my taxes? I know it takes 21 days estimated for refund, but specifically about how long before I know if they accept it or not? I claimed HoH this year as I am claiming my brother on my taxes…

    • HI Clinton – You should receive an email in the next couple of days (2-4 days from filing) letting you know if your return was accepted by the IRS.
      Thank you,

  99. The Irs just told me since I efiled Jan 17 and it was accepted Jan 24th that I should have my refund on the 1st of Feb and no later than the 6th of Feb

  100. My niece has lived with me for 8 months in 2012. I filed her on my taxes for the 8 months that she lived with me and just found out that my sisters boyfriend claimed her as well. My sister is not married to him and he had no right to claim her other than my sister gave him permission. I dont have any documentation that she lived with me other than everyone that has witnessed her living with me. The one time I did change her address to my address her mother went behind my back and changed her address back to her address because she gets food stamps for her. If asked my niece would lie for her mom and say she lived with her mom. Bribery is the key with my sister & niece. I claimed my niece for 7 months the previous year 2011 as well beacuse she lived with me. So there is consistency with me filing my taxes. They are just flat out lying about everything. What should i expect and what can I do to protect myself?

    • Hi Victoria – It sounds like a very complex situation. If two people claimed the same dependent, one of your tax returns will either get rejected or adjusted with the dependent removed. So, you will have to wait and see what happens. This is a situation where you may need to get personalized tax advice or even legal advice. This IRS Publication 501 may help provide insight for you as well
      Thank you,

  101. I was just curious if the IRS isn’t processing or accepting returns until Jan. 30th then why did they accept my return on the 26th? And would that make a difference in my DD date?

    • Hi Viola26 – The IRS did a small “test run” for some tax returns…perhaps yours was one of them. But, they did not start processing refunds until yesterday. Most taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days this year.
      Thank you,

  102. I already received an email stating my return was received (jan28) how long do i have to wait to see if everything was correct?(used turbo tax) because it stated “i was completed with my taxes? thxs

    • Hi Nicole – Turbo Tax sends an email saying that your return was received by us. You should also get an email saying the IRS either accepted or rejected your return. If you don’t have one of the exceptions that are preventing your return from being filed (such as education credits or certain investments), this should happen in the next couple of days.
      Thank you,

  103. Question when will they release the EIC documents so i can efile? I have everything complete but i cannot efile yet.

  104. I filed Form 8863 Education Credit on January 299, 2013. Now I am hearing today that the IRS has the education credit delayed until mid-February. I don’t know what to do, since I did get both credits, do I need to amend 1040X & refund the money back the IRS. Since I should only receive one credit. Thanks.

  105. OK it IS Jan. 30th now, and they are NOT accepting e-filed returns.

    It is only 1:33 AM, but if there is a specific time that they will start accepting e-file, maybe they could’ve said so.

    • Hi martmann – If this is for your federal return, the IRS announced a delay in accepting filing for certain taxpayers who have education credits. Those returns will be delayed until mid-February. If that is not your situation, you can contact Turbo Tax Support for information on your particular situation.


  106. My state return for ma was accepted on Jan 23, 2013 for this year When will I get my refund deposited is it the same as the federal

    • Hi Michelle – Each state is different…and processing times vary depending on the state. However, most states did not begin processing refunds until yesterday. If you don’t receive it in a timely manner, you can contact the state for which you submitted your return. Once they leave Turbo Tax, it is up the the taxing authorities as to when you receive your refund. Direct Deposit is always the quickest way to go!
      Thank you,

  107. I completed my taxes on turbotax 1/28. As of today 1/29, I received an email stating that the IRS has “accepted my return.” I then got a 1098 for student loan interest in the mail today. When I went back to turbotax it allowed me to add this info and it increased my refund. It is still saying that my return has been accepted and when I review my forms they have the added info from the 1098 on it. Will the change be submitted come tomorrow? Or will I have to do some sort of ammended return to add the 1098?

  108. I filed my taxes with TT today and got all the way to the end and was informed the there are forms that are not ready. I requested an email to inform me when they will be. Does anyone here have any clue as to when they might be?

    Form 8949
    Capital Gains & Losses Ready soon

    Schedule D
    Capital Gains & Losses Ready soon

    What does “Ready soon” mean?

  109. This year in addition to my full-time job I did some babysitting on the side and made $2300. When I entered this in for self employment income I expected my refund to be lower because of owing self employment tax but my refund was increased, I went ahead and e-fi led today, could this be right? Could it cause a delay in my refund?
    I am a low income single mother who relies on my refund to help make it through the year. I really hope I did this correctly as this was my first time preparing my taxes without a professional.

  110. I completed and transmitted my taxes today through turbo tax when I check e file status it shows as pending will this change to something else once my file is actually submitted to IRS or will it go from pending to accepted or rejected

    • Hi – It takes the IRS 24-48 hours to update its database. Your status will change to either “accepted” or “rejected.” Stay tuned! –Christopher

  111. I am a partnership llc filing as a joint venture with a schedule C- PA requires a RCT-101 form-to be filed with the state tax return-How do I get the information in your tax program if the Home and Business does not include an RCT-101 form but I cant use the Business program for LLC 1065. because we file as a joint venture.

  112. I was able to file my 2012 fed tax return but it state for california that they are waiting for the CA california adjustment form which willbe ready on 1/30. Other have been able to process their cal. return. Is this a problem with turbo tax or are some of the california forms still be updated.

    • Hi! Not every CA return would be held up for one form that is not yet available. That’s why some can file and some can’t. It has nothing to do with TurboTax. We are showing the Adjustments form as being available now! –Christopher

  113. I e-filed my return last evening and realized this afternoon that I may have made a mistake. Since my return is ‘in holding’ can I some how retrieve it to make corrections?

  114. Hi, I’m confused…I have prepared all of my taxes with turbo tax as of two weeks ago–I have a Capital Gains form and a Schedule D form that I was told Turbo Tax was waiting for the updated versions of…I checked out the form that will not be ready until mid Feb or March and these forms are not included. So, although I have everything ready to go and as far as I can tell I should be able to file on 1/30/2013, I keep reading that I can submit my filing anytime and it will be automatically sent by Turbo Tax on a “first in, first out” basis…??? This doesnt’ appear to be the case as I can’t submit anything, but have been told I’ll get an email when I can send them through…so which is it? Is the IRS incorrect and those two forms I need WON’T be ready by 1/30 (which will irritate me to no end) or is Turbo Tax mistaken and you can’t submit anything until the actual date of 1/30 regardless of whether forms are prepared or not…I read all of the info re: TT on TT own site and the IRS info on their site…thanks

  115. Hi, Can you tell me exactly what this message from TurboTax means and when I can expect my return to be processed:

    The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them – like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours – no matter who prepares them.

    • It means that your return is fine and ready to be processed, but the IRS has discovered that its computers are not ready to process one or more forms in certain returns. Once the IRS corrects its own computer programs, it will be able to process your return. –Christopher

  116. I am attempting to E-file both the federal and MA returns and under the “Consent to file your Massachusetts Return” section it will not allow me to hit “continue” and proceed with E-Filing. I am getting a prompt that says “field must be same as your first name” and “field must be same as your spouse’s middle initial”.

    Both of these fields appear to be correct. How should I proceed?

    Thank you.

  117. Will Turbo tax hold my return to file until IRS updates their forms? education credits? Thank you! I am trying to complete FAFSA and CSS and it looks like I cant finish my taxes before the due date if I cant file until Feb? Am I understanding I cant file until Fed due to education credit.

    • The IRS has announced that processing of tax returns that include Form 8863 (Education Credits) will be delayed until mid-February. Form 8863 is used to claim two higher education credits – the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit. This is a nationwide delay, affecting all tax returns that include this form. No matter which tax preparation software, tax preparation service, or tax preparer you choose, all returns containing Form 8863 will be delayed.

  118. Employee-related expenses are only deductible to the extent that they exceed 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income. So it could be either that you are not benefiting from itemizing at all (i.e., not exceeding the standard deduction), or that your work expenses aren’t more than 2% of your AGI.

  119. If I used and my federal e-file had already been accepted january 25th does that mean there are no problems with it and I should accept payment within 3 weeks from the 25th?

    • Hi! The IRS is not processing refunds until 1/30. Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refunds within 21 days. The same is expected this year. –Christopher

    • Hi! The IRS is not processing refunds until 1/30. Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refunds within 21 days. The same is expected this year. –Christopher

  120. I filed on 1/25/13 with turbotax deluxe. Today on 1/28/13 my return was rejected for “Taxpayer TIN in the return header must not be the same as a TIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period indicated in the tax return. I thought Turbotax was holding the returns to file on 1/30/13? Did the IRS reject my return thinking I filed another return for tax year 2011, or should I truly be concerned that someone has filed under one of my social security numbers? Turbotax pulled all my SS #’s from last year and I double checked, they are correct. I am married to the mother of my kids, so no chance an ex filed on of them as a dependent. What’s going on?

    • Hi! This is not a TurboTax issue. Someone has filed a return using a SSN of someone in your family (you, your spouse or your dependent). You should contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 for additional guidance. Good luck! –Christopher

  121. So when will my return be accepted or when can i submit my return if I claim deductions and credits for Education and mortgage interest?

    • Hi!

      The IRS has just announced that processing of tax returns that include Form 8863 (Education Credits) will be delayed until mid-February.

      Form 8863 is used to claim two higher education credits – the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.

      This is a nationwide delay, affecting all tax returns that include this form. No matter which tax preparation software, tax preparation service, or tax preparer you choose, all returns containing Form 8863 will be delayed.


      • So should I wait to file my taxes until Mid-Feburary(and are we talking exactly on Feb-14 as there are 28 days in Feb?) or can I go ahead and file with Form 8863 and just wait til it’s processed?
        Please respond to my email address if possible.

  122. I got an email saying that the state has reject my efile because the federal rejected, but I check and the federal is still pending. What’s going on?

    • Hi!

      Some customers’ e-filed state tax returns were erroneously rejected with code REJ001 along with the message This state return was rejected because the federal taxing authority rejected the federal return even though their federal returns were either in Accepted or Pending status.

      We are working on fixing the root cause of this issue so that future returns will not experience this rejection.
      If your state tax return was rejected

      We have notified all affected customers via e-mail that they should resubmit their state returns.

      If you haven’t already done so, you can resubmit by opening your tax return, clicking File, and following the on-screen instructions.


  123. When will Schedule C be available on Turbo Tax? Software will not me file for this reason. All updates have been applied. According to your site this should have happened on the 1/24 update.

  124. I just received notification that the IRS accepted my 2012 tax return (1/28/13). Have they started processing them a couple of days early?

    Does anyone think this well expedite returns being directly deposited?

  125. Started last night filing taxes. Entered union dues and gloves and boots – total 812.00 dollars – every year I got a credit/deduction for this but not this year. Is there a reason why? We itemize – using TT home & Business

    • Employee-related expenses are only deductible to the extent that they exceed 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income. So it could be either that you are not benefiting from itemizing at all (i.e., not exceeding the standard deduction), or that your work expenses aren’t more than 2% of your AGI.

  126. If I have solar energy credit will Turbo tax hold to file until IRS updates their forms? Also education credits? Thank you!

    • TurboTax does not “hold” returns that are submitted for efile. We plan to start sending them tomorrow (1/30) when the IRS begins general processing of returns. As for the education credits, the forms are correct; the IRS simply can’t process them at this time. But there is no need to wait — TurboTax is up-to-date and good to go!

      • This is good if you are not waiting for forms from TurboTax, which will makes behind most other fillers.

      • I filed my taxes Feb 1rst and they still have not been accepted they Fed and WI state are “pending” when do u think they are going to accept or reject them? its been 48 hrs now

  127. I filed my Taxes Jan 17th and was accept Jan 24th. I am still getting updates on the 1040, will this delay my refund? or since it was accepted early will it come early

    • TurboTax (as well as other tax providers) are working with the IRS to start sending returns through the IRS system, in the order we received them, as they ramp their systems up for the official launch on January 30th.

      Because of this “limited early processing” some customers started (and will continue) seeing IRS notifications of acceptance or rejection.

      Please note the IRS does NOT start processing refunds for any returns until the 30th.

      Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refund in less than 21 days. The same is expected this year.

      If you have any questions about this, let us know.

  128. Is there a major update pending for February 2013? We started our filing last night and it says we owe a massive amount, which is not typical for our household. Our payroll specialist said there’s an update that could impact our totals. If this is true, kindly direct me to the website where this article is posted so I can learn more. Thanks!

    • There are no pending changes to the tax code, now that the “fiscal cliff” has been resolved by Congress. The best way to determine why your refund is different from last year is to compare your 1040s from this year and last year to isolate the change.

      • I also logged into Turbo tax yesterday and the only options was FAQ and phone number, what is happening to Turbotax, forms not available, limitation to contact personnel, mixed message, I am getting concerned.

  129. I received an email yesterday saying that the IRS had rejected my return because of an error in last name and SS# not matching. First, I’ve been using the same name and # for 19 years for my kids, and second, I thought processing didn’t begin til the 30th. Is this a scam?

    • No, The IRS are accepting efiles but not processing them until the 30th. Check the spelling of your number and SS#. 1 letter or number wrong is all it takes

    • this also happened to me very frustrated and not sure if i should e-file again or what? definaintly like only paying a little but feeling like I should have payed the extra and went to a tax place

    • TurboTax (as well as other tax providers) are working with the IRS to start sending returns through the IRS system, in the order we received them, as they ramp their systems up for the official launch on January 30th.

      Because of this “limited early processing” some customers started (and will continue) seeing IRS notifications of acceptance or rejection.

      Please note the IRS does NOT start processing refunds for any returns until the 30th.

      Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refund in less than 21 days. The same is expected this year.

      If you have any questions about this, let us know.

    • Hi Debbie,
      Yes Christopher is correct and this is not a sham. The IRS issued a release stating that they would not begin accepting tax returns until 1/30 this was a statement made for the entire industry no mater who you filed with. Fortunately the IRS worked with a few providers to accept some tax returns a little earlier. Regarding your error for last name and social security number please double check that the social security number was entered correctly and follow these instructions If you need additional help you can talk to one our agents live. You can get to an agent from the page I gave you by going to the help along the way tab.

      • Hello Lisa,
        I know the IRS is not accepting returns until tomorrow, but I did put all my info in on turbotax so it’s there first thing in the morning. I triple checked our socials and names, but the error I’m getting is:

        We could not e-file your return for the following reason: Duplicate Social Security Number: A tax return with the same Social Security number has already been submitted – in other words, it appears your trying to e-file the same return twice. If you need to change this return, you’ll need to file an amended return on paper, by mail.

        But that was the first time I had attempted to submit. Again, I triple checked my socials and names. I did already contact the IRS, and they gave me a list of numbers I needed to call for Identity Theft.
        I guess my question is, since they’re not actually accepting until tomorrow, is this possibly a glitch in the system reading last years return? I already called one place on the list, should I continue to call the rest or wait and see if it will accept tomorrow, and then call the numbers I was given if I continue to get the same error.

  130. why did i get letter saying irs accepted my return early i thought they were not accepting until jan 30th i received first email stating it had been e-filed successfully on jan 22nd and then on jan 26th i received email that irs already accepted it. so has it been accepted or is it really not until jan 30th?

    • TurboTax (as well as other tax providers) are working with the IRS to start sending returns through the IRS system, in the order we received them, as they ramp their systems up for the official launch on January 30th.

      Because of this “limited early processing” some customers started (and will continue) seeing IRS notifications of acceptance or rejection.

      Please note the IRS does NOT start processing refunds for any returns until the 30th.

      Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refund in less than 21 days. The same is expected this year.

      If you have any questions about this, let us know.

    • I have been waiting for 3 weeks for Turbo tax to update its forms so I can file. The bad part about this is, other company are processing even tho it sits waiting for the IRS. If I could file with Turbo tax instead of waiting for forms, I would be wasting my time typing now.

      • Hi Robert – Which forms do you think other firms have but we don’t? Let us know! –Christopher

      • Schedule D capital gain and loss, which no one at Turbo tax can explain when the form will be available. This is a Turbo Tax issue not IRS.

      • Does anyone have any answers at Turbo tax other than 30 Jan the IRS will start. I am still waiting for an honest answer.

  131. Is Tubrotax reliable because when I put in my W2 and deductions I gotten I higher refund. My first time and I am scared to file.

    • Hi Teena,
      Congratulations on finishing your tax return! Yes, TurboTax has been helping customers for 26 years. We have tax experts who are CPAs, IRS enrolled agents and tax attorneys who work here year round and also help develop the product. There’s no need to worry. There are many reasons you may have received a higher refund than before. TurboTax asked you questions so you get all of the tax deductions and credits you deserve. I’m not sure what method you used before, but you may have received more tax deductions and credits than before or may have had more taxes taken out or made less income.
      If you have more questions, remember we’re here for you. You can ask one of our tax experts your question for free at

      Also, here is a support article which gives more information regarding why your tax refund may be higher
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  132. This afternoon I filed my taxes with H&R block, same person has been doing them for 6 years. But today I feel that paying H&R $319 to file my taxes is ridiculous! Since the governement isnt accepting any returns until the 30th of this month, can I call H&R and cancell my return submittal so I can use a different company or online service? I should note that they were e-filed. Thank you.

    • Hi Rachel,
      I’m not sure what their policy is on cancelling payments after they prepared your taxes. I also don’t know how their system works while they are stockpiling your tax return. It can’t hurt to check so you can save hundreds and see how easy it is to prepare your taxes with software. At TurboTax you can also ask tax experts your tax question for free.

      Hope you can get your money back. Check back with us if you can. Good luck!
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  133. The IRS is accepting some now! A test batch….I used taxact and got the notification today my return was accepted. It says the IRS is “accepting a small number of returns between the 23rd and the 29th” before the official date…

  134. Why does it state that my Illinois return is able to e-file on 1-25-13 but I cant efile my federal due to the energy credit form not being avaiable. It stated I can efile the federal on 2-7-13 but this article says late Feb. Which is it?

  135. I have a question. I efiled last week with the understanding that this would be “qued” and ready to go on 1/30 when the IRS started to pull… or request… returns. I was shocked and amazed to get a email today (1/25/13) that my return was accepted. Does this mean that they are starting to process some claims early. Maybe testing the system? And does this mean tat I should (we hope) have our return 21 days from today or 21 days from the 30th?

  136. I filed my return via Turbotax and received an email this morning at (12:27 am) that the IRS has accepted my return, but I’ll have to wait til the 30th for additional refund information.

  137. I received a text that the it’s accepted my return @ 2am. Will they hold them until the 30th before they start processing them?

  138. I just received a text at 2am that the IRS accepted my return. Will they hold it until the 30th before they start processing it?

  139. Everything I read says TurboTax was released my forms until the 30th. Today I received a text message saying IRS accepted my forms early why is this, When r TurboTax said it’s not going to release them until the 30th

  140. I finished my tax returns on 1/16 and I just got a message via text that my returns were accepted. I thought the IRS was not going to start accepting returns until 1/30. Is this correct??

  141. Hi I filed my federal taxes on 1/16 and I just got message via text that my taxes refund was accepted but I thought the IRS wasn’t accepting returns until 1/30. Is this right?

  142. I efiled my federal return last week where it is being held for IRS processing until the 30th. I have realized I did not enter the amount of health ins paid by my employer (new entry on line 12 DD this year). This will not affect my tax refund but do I need to file an amended return or can I just log back in and enter it on my W2 page since it hasn’t been processed by the IRS yet?

  143. Why am I not able to take the “standard” deduction for sales tax? The field will not update.

    I was sent the email that all the forms were in place.

  144. If I read the IRS site right – if you are claiming your mortgage interest from your home loan you also will not be able to file till feb or march … is that correct?

  145. I wonder why I’m getting a ton of emails every day with others’ questions and answers, yet never got a response to my question which is will the IRS only be issuing refunds one day a week again?

    • HI Sach – Sorry about the delay… This year, the IRS didn’t create a Refund Cycle Chart as they have in past years. I imagine that it would be the same, however, regarding the once per week refunds. The IRS says most taxpayers’ returns will be processed within 21 days. As always, e-file and direct deposit are the quickest way to go.
      Thanks for your patience!

    • Hi Derick – I agree it can be frustrating. With the delays this year resolving the “fiscal cliff” issues, it do go a little later this year. Most years, the IRS begins processing the middle of January. Filing by e-file and with direct deposit is still the quickest way to get refunds. Let’s hope for an earlier date next year!

  146. Hello I e filed my return the morning of the 10th. On the 30th when turbo tax releases my file to the IRS will I be part of the first come first serve situation. I heard that turbotax sends e files first come first serve so does that mean because I filed on the 10th that my file will be recieved by IRS faster?

    • Hello Sabrina – The files will be sent in the order that TurboTax received them. And, the IRS will process them in the order they receive them. The IRS is saying that most taxpayers’ returns will be processed within 21 days.
      Hope this helps answer your question!

    • I efiled on the 18th and got a email this morning from TurboTax that my return was accepted today 1/25… Have you gotten anything like this?

    • HI Trena – please see my response to your post above. It should be available with the next update.
      Let us know if you still don’t see it after tomorrow.

  147. My forms are complete with the exception of form 8917. Why is this. I went on line and pulled up the form. Why is it not in the Turbo Tax system?

  148. I have finsh filing preparing my taxes and when I indicate to have my refund direct deposit nothing happens. So in other words, I do not proceed to any page to know if I taxes are on hold until January 30, 2013. What has happened.

    • Hi Carol – Turbo Tax will hold your tax return until January 30th when the IRS begins accepting returns for processing. If you click the File tab, you can check the e-file status. It may show Pending or something else.
      Let us know if that works and gives you the information you need.

    • Hi taxpayer – It is possible, but that is completely up to the IRS and the information that is on your tax return. Just make sure your return is complete and accurate. Also, e-filing with direct deposit is usually the quickest route to take for refunds.
      Thank you,

    • Hi Erica –
      I haven’t heard that. I do know the IRS will begin processing returns on January 30th this year. And, most taxpayers will have their returns processed within 21 days. The best thing to do is to make sure your return is complete and accurate. Also, e-file with direct deposit will result in the quickest refunds.
      Hope this helps…

  149. So does TurboTax now have all the new tax laws in place? If I buy the software at the store, it updates when it connects or something, right? I would hate to submit my taxes now and find out later that I could have gotten more back (or paid less). I know people were waiting for the new forms because of the ATRA or whatever it was.

    • Hi Madeline,
      Yes TurboTax online has been open and up to date since 1/3. There’s no reason to wait. There are only a few forms related to depreciation and the residential energy credit that IRS has to update. 90% of taxpayers are able to file now. regarding the software at the store, it will ask you to update when you load it on your computer. It is always best to update before you start using your software and before you finish your taxes. TurboTax online is automatically updated. You may want to try TurboTax online. Happy Filing!

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  150. So my husband is waiting on a k-1 to file. Will i still only be waiting 21 days if i cant file till the middle to end of february when the accountant says they should have the k-1 finished by

    • Hi Soniclisa-
      The IRS is sticking by the 21-day estimate. Last year, 90% of all refunds were issued within three weeks of receipt, and they estimate the same timeframe this year. Personally, we usually file in late March and receive our refund within three weeks.

  151. I had to save the file because there was no “transmit my return now button” after I put the security code in. Is this because it can not be E filed until the 30th. And if so does that mean I go back in and then transmit the form on the 30th? thank you in advance

    • Hi Tina-
      The missing button was the result of a program bug, which has been resolved. You should be able to go in and submit your e-file now. It will be held on the Turbo Tax servers until the 30th, then it will be sent to the IRS for processing.

      Let us know if you have any more issues with submitting your return!

    • Hi Lawana-

      Did you mean your taxes were done on January 10? If so, the IRS does not begin processing returns until January 30. Your return is on the Turbo Tax servers and will be submitted to the IRS on January 30. Last year the IRS processed the majority of e-filed returns with direct deposits within 21 days, and they are anticipating the same timeframe this year. You should look for your refund by the third week of February.


  152. When will the Tax Freedom Project Addition be available to use? As of this morning its still not available. Thank you.

    • Hi Carol,
      TurboTax Freedom Edition will be ready next week on 1/30 when the IRS begins accepting tax returns. You can also file with our Free federal edition now.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis




  154. I need to know if you can help me since I havent filed in the last two years, I need to file for those years and 2012 and whatever money is due to me apply it to the last two years, should cover most of it!

  155. I also have rentals, so that is why I thought I would have to wait on the 4562. I don’t have much deprec, I am thinking about deleting the form.

  156. I don’t understand this, when I did my taxes it is not telling they are waiting on form 4562. I am waiting on employee expenses. I can not believe we have to wait 21 days now from acceptance to deposit this year. That is terrible. I did even know that until I read this blog. Boy they screwed us this year.

    • Hi Tabatha,
      The IRS has stated that the refund delivery time this tax season is 21 days from acceptance of tax returns with e-file combined with direct deposit. E-file and direct deposit are the fastest way to get your tax return. You can start preparing your tax return now and TurboTax will hold your tax returns and securely submit them to the IRS on 1/30.
      Good luck filing your taxes and don’t forget if you have questions we have CPAs available to answer your questions for free.
      Thank you,

  157. If I submitted my 2012-1040A returns through TurboTax online on 01/9/2013, until when should I expect to be on “pending” status through my turbotax online account?. Taking into consideration the recent IRS updates. Your response is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Hi Phillip,
      Congratulations on completing your taxes! Your tax return will be held and securely submitted to the IRS on 1/30 the day they begin accepting tax returns. Once the IRS receives your tax return, you will receive a notice about whether it has been accepted by the IRS
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  158. I have a couple of questions…

    1. TurboTax site says that the sales tax forms will be ready on 01/09, but on 01/10, they are not. ?

    2. TurboTax site says I can file on 01/10, but I logged this morning, and the site still says not ready. ?

    Is it a government delay, an out of date message on the site, or both? I am ready to go, but nobody else is…

    • Hi JayB,
      I tested and logged into the site and I am not getting the message that the site is not ready. We have been open for filing since 1/3. People are saying they already completed their tax returns. You should be able to log in and prepare your taxes. Here is the site

      Also, can you tell me what sales tax form you are referring to. If you are claiming the state and local sales tax deduction the IRS will have the related form completed by 1/30, the day they begin accepting tax returns, however you can still prepare your tax return in TurboTax now.

      Also, if you have any more questions you can talk to our tax professionals for free.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • I have completed my return, but not actually filed it yet. I was waiting for the 10th (what your site stated was the date I could submit the return), but this morning it still said no… ? I’ll try again…

        I also was referring to the IRS standard state sales tax deduction, given – but not sure it matters, as I am taking the “standard” deduction. So, should I wait until the 30TH for the IRS to have this form, or go ahead and file now?

  159. So I already have my tax form if I do it next week I will be in the front of the line? How long is the norm to get a return on dd if you are one of the first filed

    • Hi Donna,
      The IRS stated that the refund delivery time this tax season is 21 days from acceptance of tax returns with e-file combined with direct deposit. E-file and direct deposit are the fastest way to get your tax return. Happy filing!
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  160. I hope the IRS doesn’t have another snafu this year. They will get so many returns on that date (cause mostly everybody will have their w-2’s, 1099’s, etc). We probably won’t get a refund until April!!!!!

    • Hi Jazzy,
      Hopefully not. The IRS states that refund timing is 21 days after IRS acceptance with e-file and direct deposit together. They don’t foresee any further delays for tax returns under the normal review process. The best way to get your tax refund fast is to prepare your taxes as soon as possible so you can be first in line to have your taxes submitted to the IRS on 1/30.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • 21 days is not the norm with e-file and direct deposit it has been right at or under two weeks. for the last 5 years. I have a feeling they don’t have the money to pay and are trying to prolong the inevitable.

      • Hi Lisa,

        Thanks you have been so much help. For the past four years I have been filing with Turbo Tax and its awesome highly recommend it. I only have an issue today that i filed. I received an e-mail that said: Your federal return is lined up for processing
        The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them – like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they’re ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours – no matter who prepares them.” PLZ help

  161. Is it just businesses claiming depreciation and amortization or also individuals claiming depreciation and amortization (ex. on rental property) who will have to file late due to additional forms and processing (i.e., Form 4562)? The general news stories out there did not make the distinction “businesses claiming depreciation and amortization.) Thanks in advance for answering.

    • Hi Beloizeau,
      Yes, you are correct. Individuals claiming depreciation and amortization on rental property will have to wait for Form 4562 to be updated by the IRS. Please keep checking back for updates.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • How can I file now when your forms are not ready even tho you announce they will be ready by yesterday

      • Does your company ever reply in a timely manner, with out making you think you are being answered but your not.

      • I’m sorry I don’t know how to post on this. I got a few emails back after using snaptax and the first ones told me it was rejected then accepted, why is that? I didn’t change anything!
        Now it’s telling me my state tax return is rejected. It says,
        “You can file again after after you fix the error in your return, and then select “Approve” in the Answer Questions and get ready to efile sections of snaptax” what does this mean? And what is code error REJ001? Please help!!

      • Hi Lisa,
        What effect does the IRS delay have on state filing? I’m in AZ and their version of ‘Where’s my refund?’ also states that my refund is not in their system.

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