It’s National Donut Day! Glad We Don’t Have Denmark’s Fat Tax

Taxes on items like cigarettes, soda, alcohol, and even marijuana called “sin taxes” have been imposed in the United States, but what about a “Fat Tax”  on items containing certain levels of saturated fat?  Could this happen in the United States?  In the spirit of National Donut Day we wanted to share our infographic about Denmark and its “Fat Tax”.  So before you chow down on a dozen donuts today, think about how much you would pay in taxes to enjoy those deep fried sugar confections if the United States approves such a tax.

What do you think about a “Fat Tax”?  Do you think it will help decrease obesity in the United States?

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  2. We are F A T !
    Health costs (and Taxes) will increase so much, society will change for the worse.

  3. I think we should have on sleeping too much. Or just sitting too long. Getting people to be more active. Like even walking more often.

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