When Should You Amend Your Tax Return?

A few years ago, after preparing my taxes, I realized I left off some income I earned that year. As a sole proprietor of a personal finance blog, I would receive several 1099-MISC forms each year from various vendors. A 1099-MISC is to freelancers what a W-2 is to a full time employee( a statement of income that is sent to you and filed with the IRS). I knew that since I left it off, it would only be a matter of time before the IRS checked the numbers and saw a mismatch. The solution? File an amended return.

It’s not that uncommon to forget something on your taxes considering how complicated they can be. Perhaps you didn’t record all of your deductions and credits or you entered the wrong filing status. A 1099-INT from one of your banks gets lost in the mail and delivered a few months late? If you make a major mistake, it becomes necessary to file an amended return. Here are some situations that call for filing an amended return:

  • Change in filing status
  • Inaccurate reporting of number of dependents
  • Mistake in reporting your total income
  • Error in figuring deductions and/or credits
  • You e-filed, have one of the above situations, and you received confirmation from the IRS or state taxing agency that your return was accepted

There is an exception to the above rules.  Let’s say you e-filed your tax return, but it’s rejected and you discover you made a mistake that usually calls for an amendment.  If the return is rejected, you can fix the error without an amendment, because the IRS did not accept your return.  If you missed the e-file deadline, print and paper file your corrected tax return.  Also, be sure to pay attention to your state tax return.  In some cases, it may be accepted although the federal tax return was rejected.  If that is the case, you will need to amend your state tax return.

There is usually no need to file an amended return if you have made a calculation error. Normally, the IRS will fix these minor mistakes (this is most common with paper returns). Additionally, if you forgot to include documentation, such as a W-2 with a paper filed return, the IRS will request the documentation.

How to File an Amended Return
If you need to file an amended return, you should use Form 1040X. You can file an amended return for multiple years, but you need a separate Form 1040X for each year, and each return should be filed separately. As you fill out the form, understand that Column A should include original figures, and Column C should show the new figures. The difference between the two should be listed in Column B. If you are listing changes on various schedules, such as Schedule A or Schedule C, you will need to include them with your Form 1040X.  There is no need to worry about the complicated calculations, TurboTax does the behind the scenes calculations for you when amending your return.

When you are claiming an additional refund, you should wait until your original refund arrives before you file your Form 1040X. You can cash your check, but you still should wait until your current tax return is resolved. That way, you know where you stand. In order to qualify for an additional refund, you will need to file within three years from the date of your original return, or within two years of paying your tax (whichever is later).

If your mistake resulted in under-paying your taxes, you should file your amended return as soon as you possibly can. The longer you wait to file your 1040X, the more you will pay in interest fees and penalties, if you owe. Unfortunately, there is no way to file your 1040X electronically but this may be offered sometime in the near future.

One important thing to remember when amending your tax return is to always keep a copy of your original filed tax return and create an amended tax return from an additional copy.

You can correct mistakes on your tax return with the help of an amended return; just make sure you follow proper procedures.  For more information on amending your return see Amend a 2010 Tax Return.

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  1. I filed my tax return with TurboTax and IRS just sent me a bill for $2,585 because they said that my educational credits were wrong for 2012. Honestly, I filled it all out according to the questions asked me and my statement from my school. Now what do I do?

  2. Hi,

    I filed a 5K Traditional IRA and the Bank Blocked the check so it wont count for 2013. Suggestions? Any way to still make it count?

  3. We put the wrong amount for property taxes paid in 2013. We put $1400, and they were actually $5600. Can we amend this? Also, we paid a hefty amount in taxes this year because I work a commission only job, will the IRS send us a check for the difference, how does this work?

  4. I forgot to add good earnings on two differet years books ! now how do I get them to add these two checks to my old taxes

  5. I filed in the tax form that I will contribute to Roth IRA but forgot to do ir before April 15th. I already got refund. Do I need to amend my return since there is no change in tax basis?

    • Hi Gigy,
      If you said you were contributing to a Roth IRA and did not there is no impact to your tax return since contributions to a Roth IRA are not deductible. You just need to remember that you didn’t actually contribute when keeping track of the basis in your IRA.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  6. What do you do if you in sent in a check to the IRS when filing for an extension but inadvertently forgot to put the form in the mail with the check? My wife sent the check but did not put our social security number on the check.

    • Hi Dan,
      Sorry that happened. I would definitely call the IRS 1(800)829-1040 and let them know it was sent without the voucher and social security number as they have specific instructions regarding sending the voucher along with your social security number on the check
      Hopefully there is something they can do. If not, maybe you can cancel the check and resend it. To be safe and so the payment gets to the IRS quicker you can go online and make a payment for your tax liability through IRS.gov once you cancel the check.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Hi I am 19 I filed my taxes this year but didn’t know that my mother claimed me before I filed. Long story short I never got my tax return. How can I get them fixed?

  7. I received a substantial amount of return for the Lifetime Learning Credit this year. Last year I was enrolled in more graduate courses and made $8,000 less in income. I used TurboTax both years. Nothing else in my earnings or student status was different. Was there an error in my 2012 return? Should I amend it?

  8. My mother’s tax preparer submitted her taxes electronically but forgot to include the estimated taxes she paid in 2013 to the IRS Since the payments were made to the IRS will it automatically be picked up and corrected on the 1040 return or will an amended return need to be completed?

    • Hi Sandra,
      It is quite possible they will pick it up and adjust her tax return automatically, especially if her social security nos are on her estimated tax payments. Wait until she gets her original refund to see if they picked it up. Or if she owed, they often send an adjustment letter.
      If her estimated tax payments are not picked up by the IRS, use TurboTax to file an amended tax return – be sure to start with the original tax return she filed (no changes or alterations), them enter the estimated payments in the Form 1040X amended tax return. Amended returns will need to be mailed in.
      Either way, she’ll get credited for her payments.

    • Hi Sandra,
      The IRS may send an adjustment. You can wait and see if the IRS makes the adjustment. If not you can do an amendment.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  9. Hi! Exiled returns, they got accepted. Then found a form with ~300 in interest income from IRS (May have been for refund they had owed me after I back adjusted a couple of years of returns that were incorrectly done). Is it worth it to file an amended return for this? Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa,
      If your tax return was already accepted then you can amend it, but you can also wait and see if the IRS adjust it.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  10. I filed taxes this year but forgot to include my 1098 from my student loan. I want to amend my taxes how long do I have to do so?

    • Hi Tiffany,
      If adding your new form results in additional taxes, be sure to file and pay the additional taxes by April 15th. All 2013 tax payments are due on the 15th, even if you file for an extension.
      However, when a mew form results in more refund to you, the IRS will not be concerned if you amend after the 15th as they can keep your money longer, until you do file the amended tax return. Do file though, as the IRS also receives copies of those forms, and they’ll know it should be in your return.
      Note that amended tax returns are mailed in, so they’ll take longer to process.

  11. I got maried in september and filed single because I was single for 9 months of the year not realizing that I should have filed married but filling seperate. My wife filed correctly (state) and her federal return was already accepted but had her listed as single. what should I do?

  12. My daughter filed her taxes accidentally stating no one will claim her. I do claim her and did my taxes to show this. Hers were accepted, and mine rejected. She filed an amended return which has been accepted. Now when I try to e-file my federal return, it is still being rejected every time. My State (California) return has been completed with her as my dependent, and I have received my refund for the State. How can I get the IRS to accept my Federal? Do I have to mail a paper return, and if so, do I have to include anything from my daughters amended return? Please help!

    • Hi Stacy, Once a return was electronically filed with your daughter’s social security number, another return can not go through with her number. So you will have to print out and mail your return.

      If you used TurboTax, go back through and let the software know you are no longer electronically filing the return- instead you are printing and mailing it. When you print out the federal return, the instruction letter will have the address to send it to.

      You don’t have to include anything from your daughter’s return…all of her tax information was on her tax return.

      Hope this answers your questions.


  13. I filed 2011 tax files through turbo tax. Then I found out I forgot to report income due to a retirement account. I filed an amended return for 2011, for which I had to pay additional Fed and state taxes. Would this then affect anything on my 2012 returns that I would need to file an amended 2012 return for? Yes, I know it’s 2014 but want to make sure this issue is behind me before filing our 2013. Thanks!

  14. Amending 2011 return (found charitable contribution receipts not included), and following instructions. When I go to 2011 turbo tax, updating software, selecting amend, I get a message that my return is still pending even though I sent a check 2 years ago, and 2012 and 2013 were accepted. I think it was mailed, but Turbo Tax tells me it is still pending, so can’t amend! Help or hints?

  15. Hello. Last year (taxYr’12) I failed to claim (deduct) Investment Advisor fees (~$1500), so I am strongly considering filing a 1040x with a goal of a modest refund. [I filed federal, NY, MD, and VA.] My question is, if I file, will I need copies of all the W2’s etc from last year to staple to the submission(s)?
    Thank you for any help you can provide! :)

  16. My mother has recently discovered that she had about $9500 worth of income she received from being the executor of a will back in 2000. She was not aware she had to claim this. Does the IRS require that you go back that far to report unclaimed income?

  17. I am international student and i did tax returns using 1040 form.I was unaware of 1040NR form. I got mail as well that my e-file is accepted by IRS as well. but when i searched over internet, I found that as I am non resident I have to fill 1040NR. So now what should I do to correct my mistake.


  18. My children filed their taxes .Claiming themselves as exemptions on their taxes.They got a tax refund.When i went to file my taxes i couldn’t claim them as exemptions.Do i need to Amended their tases before i finish mine ?. also they got a refund do i need to return their refunds .Before i can get my refund. I know somebody needs to use form 1040x who should do this ? .

  19. Hi,
    I NEED help!
    I went to an accountant and got my taxes done. My daughters SSN was put down correctly but they put down my last name instead of her fathers which is HOW IT APPEARS on her SSN card that I handed them. NOW the IRS website says my return was accepted, my child tax credit was rejected because of the wrong name, my amount has changed, and will be deposited in the next few days! What am I supposed to do?!

    Thank you!

  20. We usually claim our daughter (a college student that works part time) with no problem, but we found out that because she made $300 over the limit of $10,000 (single), she will need to file. Should we file an amendment? Which form?

  21. I just found a tax paper for a few shares of stock I sold. I have already filed my taxes and received my state refund. How much trouble am I in?
    I am freaking out!!

  22. hey i filed my Illinois tax return and i accidentally put my employer address in Illinois but it is in OH. Will I have to do anything about this?

  23. I just received corrected W-2 forms for 1998 through 2002 and no longer have the originals, as this was so long ago. In this case, do you need to request the original information from the IRS or are there other options? Thank you so much.

  24. Hi Lisa,

    I am going to amend my Maine State tax return to include the Opportunity Maine refund. When I went to amend, it brought my federal taxes to $0 (it was previously $1,500). Is this accurate and when I print out to send to Maine, will the $0 shown for the federal affect anything with Maine?

  25. I just filed my return, but claimed student loan interest that I did not pay (but was accrued). If I don’t amend it, will the IRS just send me a tax bill for it? I did include my wife’s interest paid. I started to play with it, and it affected my return by about $200 (that I would owe back). What do you think?

  26. My brother always claims his daughter, but when she did her taxes on Turbo Tax, she checked the wrong box and says SHE pays for over half her support, rather than the one that says HE does. Now the FED rejected his return and says he can’t claim her. Can she have hers amended so that he can resubmit his with her as a dependent? How long will that take?

  27. Hello, I have filed with turbotax previously. This year I did as well. I recently got a divorce, to which we decided to file under married filling separately. However, I was so accustomed to filling jointly that i didn’t see the mistake and left it as joint. When I received my refund it was a few thousand dollars short. I did my research and found out that I had filed joint and that my ex had a debt with the federal government. Can I make an Amendment or should I file again as injured spouse?

  28. Hello I have a question, both my motber and I live in the same household (address) however I live in a back house. She recently received a audit for her2012 taxes due to her filing status head of household. I have a daughter and claimed head of household for 2012 and 2013. However she also has a daughter under 18 and has also claimed head of household. Do I need to ammend my taxes 2012 and 2013? Will she recive another audit for 2013?

  29. the tax preparer put my kids ssn in wrong and the irs rejected it! so I had it modified at Jackson Hewitt and resubmitted. my question is, will it go through the whole process over, or will it go straight back to the irs to continue where it left of before the rejection? ??

  30. i filed my return on jan 31st and it was accepted the same day. shortly after i realized i had entered in the wrong number for income. then a few days later i got a 1099-int from my bank. i calculated the new numbers and the difference only comes out to be about 5 dollars that the irs would owe me. i have always received my refund within 6-8 days, this is day 10 and WMR is still saying its processing. my question is will the irs catch my mistake and change it, or will they refund me anyways and then ill have to file an amendment? if they do catch it and fix it, how long will it be delayed? ive tried calling and cannot get a real person on the phone.

  31. My husband and I filed our taxes. We then decided to try Turbo Tax. It gave us MUCH more back than my accountant showed we would get. When I went to Amend, it put our refund down to $0. What does that mean and how do we fix it? We want to use Turbo tax!!!

  32. Hey there. I have some medical bills that I don’t have the access to at the moment, but I can possibly later this week. I just finished filling out all of my other info on TurboTax and am ready to submit otherwise.

    Should I wait until I get the paperwork or is it alright if I file that after I submit?

  33. I got some bad advice and deducted my personal car and mileage from my taxes even though I don’t own a business. My return was already accepted. Will the IRS catch and reject this?

  34. I efiled on 1/29/2014 and the IRS accepted my return on 1/31/14 but my friend missed spelled my children last names. I checked the IRS website and it still saying processing what can I do the children SSN was correct .I don’t know what to do.Or if the IRS will fix the typo or what ?HELP.

  35. If a state tax return is filed and a child care tax credit is used, by mistake, should the tax be amended? Turns out the agency used in the tax return is not supporting the child care because the money is paid in cash directly to the person they send and not to the agency.

  36. I forgot about 50 dollars of interest in a 1099-INT I received from my bank.. and of course I just filed my taxes without adding that. Should I amend my return? Its currently listed as “accepted”

  37. I just filed my taxes and I completely forgot about the 1099-INT I recently received for 50 dollars. Is this enough to amend my tax return?


  38. In my previous comment I meant that we filed on our taxes that we had not received the 401k check because at the time we hadn’t.

  39. We have already filed taxes and just recently received a check in the amount of $53 from 401k we did not include that amount we said on out taxes we hadn’t recurved anything. I am now scared. Will I get in trouble? What should I do?

  40. I just filed by tax using Turbo tax two days back and IRS has accepted it. I realized just now that I missed adding a 1099-B from morgan Stanley smith barney, the tax that I owe comes out of this 1099-B is just 1 dollar, should I amend my return?

  41. Hi!

    This is my first time filing my own return and filled everything out perfectly and sent it. I got my refund yesterday. I received a letter from my first loan company when I first bought the house last yr. But I had put all the info from my current loan company. I amended my return s nd added the insurance premium and a little more tax. Well my income return stayed the same I dont owe them they dont owe me. Do I still have to send it in?

  42. I have an issue where my current job reported the amount I earned form another job? it was around 900. I received two w2s, but i had an issue filing electronically, which lead me to owing state taxes.. I just found out today that the company that reported the 900 with my other income that i should combine and then report it, while the company that PAID me the 900 stated that I should contact them and that it was probably something they should not be doing?

    now im waiting for the person who filed by taxes ( HR BLOCK) but he appeared to say that there’s nothing that can be done? Is there anything I can do?

  43. I filed my returns with my last pay stub and forgot to add a 150.00 bonus, therefore my w2 is 150.00 difference. I was accepted by federal and state. Do I do an amended return now or wait and see what happens?

  44. I missed a 1099 INT for $235. Should I file an amended form or let it go? I just filed it an hour ago online with TurboTax.


  45. I forgot I didnt change my address at work when I moved and I used my new address on my return. the irs have already accepted it. does this mean I will have to amend them?

    • I forgot to change my address with my employer for the first two months of 2013, so I ended up accidentally paying taxes in Maryland even though I was living in DC. Do I need to file taxes for Maryland AND DC? Do I get my Maryland taxes back?

  46. The tax person put my son name wrong she put the.social right and his birthdate but she put my name now I file my son every.year will this delay my refund or what because they have excepted it

  47. I filed my husband and mines taxes online myself. After filing it dawned on me that he had cashed out a small 401k at the beginning of the year. It was something like 5k, I know we paid taxes on it and a fee to cashit out. My question is will the irs catch this and change it? Do I need to file an amendment and will this delay my refund? Thanks!

  48. I bought a house dec.2012,but forgot to put it on my tax return last year.Can I put it on this years return or file an amended return.This is my second home

  49. My employer changed it’s name and therefore received a new EIN. I did not realize this and filed my return with the old EIN. Do I need to amend my return?

  50. My 76 yr old father lives with me and I pay over half of all of his expenses. He does not have any taxable income. However, he filed his taxes for this year, 2013, and they have been accepted by the IRS. Problem is, he claimed himself and I will be claiming him this year as a dependant. I have NOT filed my taxes yet. Do I go ahead and claim him and file and let the IRS catch the mistake? (duplicate claim of dependant) OR do I ammend his return before I file my taxes?

  51. Hi Lisa,

    My mother has been using the same tax preparer since I was a little girl and now I’m 24 and just graduated from graduate school and work all of 2013 and I filed my taxes with my dependent and it was rejected. So I called my mother to ask if I was claimed on her taxes as a dependent and she says no way because she knows I worked all year and have a dependent. She immediately calls her tax preparer and they have indeed filed me on her taxes like the other 23 years and now we are trying to figure out what’s the next step to have me removed so I can be able to file own taxes. Could please kind me in the best direction?

    Kind regards

  52. Just e-filed 6 days ago and in reviewing my printed 1040 I realized that both of my children, who are no longer full time students and cannot be claimed are claimed on my return due to the software I used carrying over my filing info from the previous year…when should I file a 1040x, I have already created it and it shows that I owe the difference between the incorrect 1040 and the corrected one even though I am still owed a return overall…what should I do??

  53. hi i didnt put my apt number on my taxes on turbo tax and on rent part it was 4406 instead 3406 for address but it still got accepted now it is being dirrect deposit do i have to ammend it because i really cant afford to wait four more weeks after i amend it

  54. The tax preparer e filed and put my name were my son name gose but she put the correct Ssn andbirthdate I file my son every year will I need to file a amendment

  55. I filed my tax return e-file and completely forgot thatbi was under a temp agencybfor the month of Jan before i got hired permanent in Feb. My return has already been approved by the irs what should I do,and will have i have to wait before touching my deposit.

  56. I live in Tennessee and have filed my taxes which have been accepted by the irs. However, on turbo website it stated that my state tax is incomplete. I dont believe tn has a state tax. Do I need to file an ammendment or will it be fine as is?

  57. hi Lisa ,I was in 2 resource studies ,made 600.00 from each study. now they want be to claim it. One 1099r only has my name on it.And the other 1099 has miss spell my lst name and wrong ss number.when i call the study group they have no ideal , they every did 1099 before . Do i have to file them.i did my taxes already.thank you.

  58. My employer had the wrong Social Security number for me and I did not realize it until today. I have already filed my 2012 tax return, not realizing that the SS# was incorrect. What do I need to do to correct this matter?

  59. Hi, this is my first year filing my taxes myself. I got my 1098-t for school but nothing from my loan service. I forgot to put how much I received I. Student loans but then I was told that I didnt have to put that. I also had money from my birthday and Christmas that was spent on school expenses but I did t k ow where to put them. I think I really messed up on my return. Also I mailed in my tax forms for the year before the same way. I didnt work but I received grants and gift money I used on school. I dont want to get in real trouble for filing wrong and not reporting everything correctly. What should I do?

  60. Hi I efiled my 2014 tax return on the 25th of january and realized that my property tax info I entered was wrong I put 0 that I paid this year due to I was with Bank of America and sometime in June they decided to switch me over to Nationstar so I used the tax info that Bank of America sent me and realized I needed to wait for nationstars tax info what should I do? Amended them? I paid my property taxes all the 2013 year which was included in my mortgage payment. Or could I wait till next yr?

  61. I got married last year, but my idiot husband accidentally went ahead and filed his taxes as single last week and it’s already been accepted by the IRS. Can we edit it to change the status to married filing jointly? I haven’t filed my taxes yet because I was waiting on documents and wanted to figure out what to do about my husband’s situation before I did anything.

  62. I efiled my taxes on Jan 15th 2014 using my last pay stub of the year. My Federal return was accepted by the IRS on Jan 26th 2014. My actual W-2 was mailed and I received it on Jan 29th 2014 and when I looked at it I realized that I put the wrong number for the AGI I was off by almost $6000 because of how they had the numbers on the pay stub. I know I need to amend this but will this prolong the processing time in which my return is deposited? I heard the first batch of returns will be directly deposited on Feb 5th 2014…not sure if this is true or not but as of now the WMR site shows it’s still processing.

    • Hi Tiffany,
      The IRS matches up the amounts they receive on W-2s to what is on your tax return so they will most likely catch the error and adjust your tax return and refund amount, which could prolong the processing of your tax refund. If they adjust your tax return and refund amount they will send you a notice. If it is not caught you should amend your tax return once your tax refund is processed.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  63. When I did mine I accidentally put my address in for the employers address? I have already filed and have no idea what I do.

    • Hi Jillian,
      I think you will be OK as long as your address is correct on first page of your 1040.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  64. I just e-filed my fed return a few days ago and completely forgot to include a 1099-MISC for $1326.27.The IRS had already received and is processing my return. Do i just wait til I get my full refund before I amend? I don’t want any confusion that would result in the delay of my refund. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Christina,
      Yes you can wait until your refund is approved. When you check the status on IRS Where’s My Refund? Tool, your final status update will be “Refund Approved”, then “Refund Sent”. The IRS usually matches 1099 and W-2 copies that they receive to your tax return. If there is a discrepancy, they usually adjust your tax return and your tax refund. If so, you will receive a notice from the IRS. Also please see more information regarding refund processing
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Does the IRS match every single return to its income info they have? Or is it a random thing they do? I typed the wrong number when putting in my income and filed it before I realized. I recalculated and it comes up to a 5$ difference that they would owe me. WMR still says “processing”. I’m worried this will delay my refund.

  65. HI. I worked in two states last year but realized, after I submitted my fed & state, that I forgot to submit one of the states. It was for just one month..January 2013…should I ammend my return?

  66. Hi, I filed my taxes on turbotax and was accepted but I forgot to add my federal income tax. I went back and fixed it on turbotax and it said I had my returned fixed. I dont know if its coming or not now. I have an amendment 1040x form coming but I dont know what to do.. wait for something that may not be coming or send in the 1040x form when I get it and they will fix it? Please advice will be much appreciated.

  67. I already filed with turbotax, and I just received a 1099-R from MERS. Gross distribution was 3431.28 and Federal amount withheld was1029.38 along with 145.83 withheld for state. Federal has already been accepted but state has not. Do I need to amend them, and how would this affect my return as far as waiting? Thanks so much :) Great blog! Seems very helpful!!

  68. I need to amend my last year return 2012, because I forgot to add a FORM 1099 that I received after I filed last year. Amount is $2000
    Where would I add this amount on FORM 1040X?

  69. i already filed my taxes and they were accepted but just got a 1099 for a forgiven debt for 800 do i need to amend this?

    • I have same question but mine was for a student loan for over $7000.00/ My refund I claimed is being direct deposited today. Do I wait for letter or file amendment now?

  70. My husband and I filed our taxes on Friday then Saturday he received a W-2 for a small amount of just over $1,000 that we were not aware of. IRS and state have already accepted our return. Should we just wait before trying to amend anything?

    • Hi Jenny,
      If your tax returns were accepted by the IRS you can amend your tax returns, but the IRS may just make an adjustment on your tax return. If they do adjust your tax return they will send a notice letting you know that they adjusted your tax return.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • My husband and I both claimed our child. His taxes have already been accepted, but he has agreed to let me claim the child. Does he need to do an amendment or can the IRS make any adjustments for him?

        Also, when can I file and claim our child on my taxes?

  71. I filed my taxes last Wednesday but just remembered that I have a W-2 from another job. My return was accepted for federal but mailed in my WI form. Im not sure what to do?!

    • Hi Andrea,
      You have to make sure it’s IRS acceptance. If it is IRS acceptance you should amend your tax return. If you are rejected by the IRS you can go in and fix your tax return.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Do you have any advise to take care of this as easliy as possible?

        Thank you so much for your help

  72. I just filed my taxes for this year and used my AIG as I couldn’t get my e-filing number. I just discovered that my taxes from last year were rejected! The e-mail notifying me must have been sent to my junk mail. I used H&R block last year and Turbo Tax this year. I have a copy of last years taxes and forms that I submitted..do I amend it or what? Last year was my first time filing.

    • Hi Margaret,
      You will have to mail in your 2012 taxes you don’t need to amend it just send it in since you cannot fix a 2012 tax return and resubmit it for e-file.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  73. Hi,

    I filed 2013 return and was accepted by IRS. Today, I received a 1099-INT from mail on $50 interest that I totally forgot. Do I need to file an amendment over a couple extra dollars of tax?


    • Hi Ken,
      You can wait and see if the IRS adjust your tax return since if it is a small amount. The IRS will notify you if they adjusted your tax return.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  74. I efiled my return on the 31st but after reviewing it I noticed on box 12 I accidently put code D instead of DD…will it get rejected? ? What do I do??

  75. I filed my state and federal taxes earlier this week, and the yesterday I got a 1099 for $12.00 of interest. Do I need to send an amended form, because it changed my amount due for Federal taxes to 2 dollars more than what I sent?

    • Hi Mike,
      No you don’t need to file an amended tax return for that small amount. First wait and see if it is accepted by the IRS. If it is rejected you can fix your tax return. If it is accepted the IRS will just adjust it for that small amount. The IRS will send you a notice that they adjusted your tax return.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  76. I took a refund of my public retirement because I found another job. Can I defer paying this on my current taxes? This income puts me in a different tax bracket.

  77. I am a caregiver and has been working for this person for 5 years and was paid with a personal checks. The client passed away last year 2013 and now I received W-2 for the last 5 years. What should I do because I have never received any W-2 yearly or ever informed by the family of this. Is this even legal? Please help me of what to do in this matter. Thank you!

  78. I recently found out that Married filing seperately is better for my wife and I. I realized this would have benefited me greatly the last few years. However, I read somewhere you can not amend a return to change filing status from filing jointly to filing seperately. Is this true ?

  79. My Daughter filed her taxes and forgot about a W2 which she just received. The Taxes were approved and are in the processing stage. The amount of the W2 is for $157.00. Should she file an amendment or should she just wait and see what happens?

  80. I was a contract employee and filed my taxes without a W2 using turbo tax. The amount was correct, but apparently my boss did not know that according to the IRS i was employed by the payroll company…. I filed it as if i was employed by the employer and used their Employer ID and Address. If my return has been accepted, and the amounts are all correct, is it necessary that i file an amendment? I really need my return as soon as possible… I have a surgery i need to pay for.

  81. I submitted my taxes . After I did this I get a 1099-c in the mail that I knew nothing about. It is for a debt 10 years ago but they paid it this year. I did not know I owed this and never received anything from them. Can I wait and see if my tax form is accepted or rejected and hope it is rejected so I can fix this. Can I wait to get my refund and just ammend my return and pay any difference after I get my refund as I did efile and have an direct deposit ?

    • Hi Teresa,
      Yes, you should wait and see if your return is rejected. If it is you will be able to go ahead and fix your tax return.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  82. TurboTax Lisa
    I forgot a w-2 with $30.05 in income & 1099 misc. $1400.00. My fed has been accepted per TurboTax but State has not. I click the Amend button and it is changing my original return and not giving me 1040X. also this income will result in my refund being reduced. what is my next step.

    • Hi Ken,
      First make sure it is accepted per the IRS. If you receive IRS acceptance then you can amend your tax return if the IRS rejects your tax return then you can fix it. If you received IRS acceptance meaning they processed your tax return and approved your tax refund please follow these steps
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

    • Hi Ryan,
      You shouldn’t amend until your tax return is approved by the IRS.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  83. i filed my taxes with turbo tax, and that night I so tired that I submitted it Single instead Head of household and by the time I realized it had already submitted it. if I amend it is there going to be any delay?

  84. I filed my taxes and both have been accepted. Today I received a revised W-2 stating that I earned about $450 more in my total wages. The taxes taken out are only off about $50 fed and $20 State, Should I bother to amend my returns or is it not worth the hassle?

    • Hi Anthony,
      You can not amend your tax return until you receive IRS acceptance. If your return is rejected you can just go in and fix it. If it is accepted the IRS will adjust your tax return for these amounts and send you a notice letting you know the amounts were adjusted.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  85. Hi,
    I left off a payers identification number from my 1099-misc, and completed the e-file before I remembered it. Will this omission be an outright rejection from the IRS, or will they request the information from me?
    If they reject it is the turn around for the updated refilling a drawn out process or does it happen quickly if I submit a new e-file?
    Thanks in advance.

  86. Hi, I failed to input a payers federal identification number on my 1099-misc before mop letting my e-file. Do you know whether this omission is something that the IRS will reject outright or just request the information on?

    Thanks in advance.

  87. I was waiting on a EIN, from a 1099-misc, got the information, and completed and filed without adding it! Will the IRS reject it, or just request the information?


  88. ugh! i filed my taxes and rec’d a refund – i later rec’d a 1099r for an early withdrawal from my 401k – i know i need to an amended return? but will i end up owing double tax?

  89. i used my last paycheck to file electonically i entered the wrong amounts by about 300$ on line 3 on w2 form will the irs fix it or am i going to have to file amended return and wait forever for refund.my efile was already accepted

  90. I submitted my taxes before receiving my W-2. It has been accepted by the IRS. I recently received my W-2 and I noticed that I didn’t include Box 12 DD that reports health care coverage. Do I need to amend?

  91. I submitted my taxes before receiving my W-2. It has been accepted by the IRS. I recently received my W-2 and I noticed that I didn’t include Box 12 DD that reports health care coverage. Do I need to amend?

  92. I e-filed my fed and state taxes earlier this week when I got (what I thought was) the last of my W-2’s. Sure enough, I got another that I had completely forgotten about. Wages earned for the forgotten W-2 was only $80. Should I still file amended fed/state returns or is the amount so small as to not be significant?

    • Hi Mark,
      For that small amount you can wait and see if the IRS makes an adjustment on your tax return. If they do they will let you know.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • I filed my taxes on the other day and I file under my married name and didn’t even think about my social security card not changed from my maiden name. What should I do? Do I need to call them or amend the taxes after I get an email?

  93. I realized when doing 2013 taxes that I made $2000 ira contribution, not the $3000 I claimed on my 2012 tax return. Is it to late to amend it?

  94. I have a question, after e-filing I was looking at my w-2 and realized that the amount in line 1, 3, and 5 are not the same. I put the amount from line 1 on my w-2 down for 3 and 5 too. Will I need to file an amended tax form? Thanks

  95. I filed married filing jointly as soon as my social security disablity SSA 1099 came in and his W-2 came in. It was accepted by the IRS on Jan. 27, 2014. The next day I got a 1099-C out of the blue and had not expected it, much less even heard of it! It was for forgiveness of a federal student loan due to permanent and physical disability on me for over $7,000. From what I have read it must be included in income and that knocks us into a new tax bracket. After playing around with a dummy turbotax I find it leaves us with almost $700 in a refund as opposed to almost $4000. (EIC and Child Credit). Since the return was accepted does this mean they will catch it before refunding the money and if not do I sent a check when filing ammended? Does Turbotax charge me antoher fee for ammending if that is what I have to do? I already know it can’t be e-filed if I have to ammend. So confused and freaked out.

  96. My wife e-filed and it got electronically accepted. She claimed me as a dependent since I did not work since the beginning of January 2013. Two days later a my W-2 and 1099-R came in the mail. I forgot that I had one last paycheck for the beginning of January 2013 and I also forgot that I withdrew everything from my retirement. The amount together totals just under $6200. Will I need to amend my taxes?

    • Hi Joe,
      Yes, if you received an IRS acceptance and not a rejection then you should amend your tax return. If your tax return is rejected you can go in and fix your tax return instead of amending.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  97. I already e-filed my taxes. My federal has been accepted. The company that I worked for was bought out in Jan 2013. I rec a w2 from them for $1555 the day my return was accepted. Should I go back and amend my return when able?

  98. I efiled just last week for the first time and noticed that I had placed an amount in the wrong deduction area. Im freaking out now, will i need to amend or should i just wait to see if it will be rejected or accepted?

  99. I just filed my taxes and when i got home was reviewing taxes and notice for child care my tax person put wrong info i said i paid 150 a month for child care and she mistaking put 150 a week its a big difference for the year what happens now ???? Please help

  100. I e-filed my taxes and sent in yesterday. Today my employer informed me that the amount on my W2 for line 12bw is incorrect. It should be more than what they put. I am getting a refund. Should I ammend my taxes ?

    • Hi Martha,
      You should not amend your tax return until you find out if your tax return is accepted or rejected. Once it’s accepted you can amend your tax return. If your return is rejected you can go in and fix your tax return and resubmit it.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  101. Literally 10 minutes after submitting electronically through Turbo Tax, I saw a form 1098-T for 2013 for $5400 tuition billed in 2013. I didn’t start classes until January 2014, so I didn’t realize I would get a tuition statement. Is it worth it to amend once the returns are accepted? Will this delay my refund?

  102. After submitting our taxes electronically on turbo tax, my husband and I realized we had entered our bank account information for an account we have just closed. How do we change that account? The its has already accepted our return this morning.

  103. I already e-filed my taxes and forgot to include my 1099-INT. Does anyone know if I need to make an amendment?

    • Hi Mary,
      You should not amend your tax return until it is accepted by the IRS. If it is a small amount they may just do an adjustment so you may not have to amend. If your tax return is rejected, you can fix your tax return and resubmit it.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  104. Hi, my husband filed his taxes on TT and didnt claim me and our 2 children because we are in the process of a divorce, well we found out the huge difference in return refund if he was to claim us, I know he can no longer change anything since he hit efile already, my question is……can I go and file claiming him and the children even tho he did and when his comes….amend his??? Or will both of them be rejected and we be in trouble???

    • My husband did the same thing on our tax’s. Turbo Tax told us to wait till his our excepted and we receive his refund then amend his add me and our childrens info and print it and mail it in. What a long dreadful process… sucks!

      • Hi Jami,
        Unfortunately once you submit your tax return, you have to wait until it’s accepted because if you try and submit your tax return again before the IRS accepts or rejects it they will show that someone with the same social security number already tried to file. It’s best to wait, because while you hope your tax return is not rejected, if the IRS rejects it you can just go in and fix it and resubmit it.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

  105. My tax return for 2013 is in Pending status. I just received FORM-1099INT from my bank and I’m supposed to report it in my return (although dont have to pay any taxes). How can I get report this in my tax return which is in Pending status ?

  106. I filed my tax return and put in the wrong wages using the wrong number and its off by 1000, (i reported 1000 more than it was). I efiled and its too late to amend. All the other numbers were correct as in federal and state taxes just the reported income. Will this be cause for rejection or will IRS adjust for me?

    • Hi Melissa,
      It may be rejected since the amount you input does not match what has been reported to the IRS, but no need to worry. Once it’s rejected you can go into your tax return and fix it and send it again. If it is sent through the IRS will adjust it for you.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  107. I used Turbo Tax online to e-file my return. I just now realized that I used the wrong W-2. I used last years by accident. My return is currently pending until Jan 31 2014. Why wont Turbo Tax allow me to edit or change my return before the IRS accepts it? Will this cause the IRS to reject the return? If they reject it great but if they don’t I assume I will have to file an amended return? Will I have to pay the filing fee again to Turbo Tax and does TT online allow you to file an amended return? Sorry for all the questions but I just can’t believe I did this.

    • Hi Mike,
      TurboTax won’t let you edit once you hit e-file. Once the IRS begins accepting tax returns on January 31, your tax return may be rejected by the IRS, beause your W-2 will not match their records. Your will get a message that your tax return was rejected and you will be able to go in and fix your tax return and hit e-file again. You will not be charged to fix your tax return. Also, you can amend your tax return on TurboTax online, but you don’t need to. Plus you would not be able to amend a tax return that was rejected so don’t worry.
      I hope that helps you.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • how do you get a rejection? do you get it by mail, or do you see it on WMR or what? I totally used my last paycheck and put in my fed taxes wrong, and I know I need to amend. It is a difference of about $7500? I am ready to amend, but still waiting through processing, as I don’t want it to appear that there is a repeat ss number…this I have learned from you. I will file an amendment after I hear…it will probably be rejected….IT was an honest mistake, but it is the second year I did it..ughhh..so dumb. I have learned my lesson and will pay what I owe..just unsure how to go about doing it…thanks

  108. I made an error in my last years taxes with the amount I put into my Ira. It turns out I put it in too late to claim thematic 2012 taxes. Do I make an amendment? What will be the interest and fees.

  109. I accidentally submitted my 2011 tax return with Turbo Tax as an independent contractor, when I was in fact an employee (FICA and Medicare were both taken out of my check every paycheck, and I really was an employee at the time, set schedules, extensive training, etc). I do not see the ability to change my status from independent contractor to employee on the 2011 tax return amendment form. What do I do?

  110. I Have a question about my taxes I’m a small business owner, For the last 4 to 5 years ive been doing my taxes with turbo tax, I have a fairly profitable business its not super rich money but really good money for the area in which i live. for the last few years i have been able to purchase some nice vehicles and motorcycles, boats etc….I know that i make decent money but after my taxes after all the reciepts and other write offs somehow its not showing that im making that much money? My Concern is the simple fact that if for whatever reason someday i would maybe get audited or something of that natural and the question comes up “where did you get the money” to purchase the cars and things when your taxes only show that your making 16k per or so? I am apparently missing something im not accountant only went by what turbo tax ask me to do?? im feel certain that i easily make more than 50k per year? im gonna go to an accountant this year to make sure im doing this the right way. but in the mean time my question is ? is it a big deal to amend my prior years of taxes? and would that raise a red flag and cause me grief? I just feel that theyre not done correct and would like to prevent any type of issue in the future.. thank you and help would be great

  111. If you did and amended return with turbo tax because of a brokerage error, and it ended up with a 7 dollars or less amount owed. Do you still need to file it with the IRS or not? I presumed you would, but wanted to verify it. Thanks!

    • Hi Rebe,
      If you are aware of the error you should file the amendment, but if you don’t the IRS will adjust your tax return for the amount.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  112. Hi,
    I have been separated from my wife since July of 2010. For various reasons, we have not been able to finalize the divorce so we are legally separated I suppose. We filed our tax return “Married but filing separate” so as to not mix any more of our finances. We came to learn later than as a result of this filing status we were not able to claim numerous deductions to include EIC or our child’s daycare expenses.
    My question is, can we re-file as single or even as married? Were it a small amount we’d let it slide but as it is now the difference would appear to be in excess of $2k.
    I don’t see why they don’t allow people to take deductions that are rightfully deserved when filing separate yet if you don’t want to mix your finances they require to file apart, forcing people into a tight spot. It’s not just.

  113. I e-filed my 2012 returns thru via turbotax. I received a refund from Fed but had to pay state. Then I discovered I had to file an amended 2011 return. The amended 2011 returns have been processed and I have received additional 2011 refunds + interest from federal and minnesota state. Do I now have to amend my 2012 fed and state to report the additional refund amounts ??

    Thank you

  114. I had my Girlfriend living with me in 2010 tax season. while she was unemployed so they prepared my taxes as her being my dependent. On my 2011 taxes she was making minium wage and I figured they would either put the same or Domestic partner. We split up right after tax season ended. she did mail me my refund but no paer work. when finally obtained a copies of the taxes I Realized they had me filing as married? please help me. this year i filed single.

  115. While filing this year tax return we forgot to include schedule C to FORM 1040 about a dormant company we opened and that never traded. Anyone know how can we amend this? Do we need to file a 1040X form? We are past the deadline of a week. Will we pay a fee? Thanks for any help and indications!

  116. Turbo Tax glitch resulted in my return saying yes to ‘I made payments that require a 1099′ and yes to ‘I will send documentation of those payments’. It did it last year and this year too. I am a home daycare provider and did not make any payments requiring a 1099. I called last year and a Turbo Tax rep told me that I did not need to file an amended return because the glitch wasn’t a ‘tax issue’. Is that right? And what can I do to change this going forward?

  117. I know this is so last minute but I’m freaking out. My husband & I e-filed married jointly on TT and thought we were able to claim our 21 year old as a qualified dependent because he made less than $3800.00. We’re getting a refund of $120.00 (F&S). I e-filed my son’s taxes on TT but as single, not a student and someone else can claim him (he’s getting a refund). All of this would have been perfect until I found another W-2 for him causing him to make more than $3800.00. His federal was accepted / state is still processing. Our federal and state were both accepted. Nobody has received a refund amount as we only just filed today (I work a lot and husband is over the road driver). I’d like to change my son’s returns right now because of the missed W-2 or do I have to wait until he gets his refund? I will have to wait to amend ours because I know that we’ll owe and I won’t have the money until later this week. Will I have to wait for our refund as well or can I amend it sooner? It was an honest mistake and I’m sick over it. Thank you so much in advance.

  118. I filed my son’s return and said that no one is declaring him a dependent. He has already received his refunds. Now, in doing my taxes, I see that I can still claim him and need to do so (and did do so). Should I go in and amend his return now? Does Turbo Tax charge you again for this? Can I do it on TT and not pay? Plus, I see that I forgot to add income of $2K which was a withdrawal from my IRA. Should I wait for my refund and then amend? Do I use 1040X? Thanks.

  119. I have exiled my return and as soon as I hit submit I realized I typed the wrong state tax withheld on a 1099 as 2400 instead of 240. What should I do? This reduces my refund amount greatly.

  120. my son wrote the wrong amount of tax from the tax table, which resulted in lesser refund. Will he file an amendment return or the IRS can detect the mistake and automatically sen the
    correct refund?

  121. My son wrote the wrong amount of tax from the tax table, which resulted for a lesser refund. Does he need to file an amendment or will the IRS fix the computation?

  122. I made a mistake on my federal taxes (something I thought I could deduct that I really can’t). That resulted in my getting a refund from both federal and state. I already received the federal refund and my state still says processing on the state’s website. Should I file an amendment now? Both returns were ‘accepted’ after I e-filed. Thanks.

  123. I already filed my 2012 Federal and State online and they were both accepted. I owe a large amount to Federal and received a small state refund. (I have not paid Federal amount yet.) I later realized that I should be able to make an IRA contribution and reduce the amount I owe on Federal by that amount. I think I should be able to amend my Federal and probably the State tax forms.
    I haven’t seen any questions about this. Do you see any problems with I am thinking about doing?

  124. I e-filed and then realized I forgot to include the last half of my Roth conversion from 2010. I recalculated my taxes and it appears adding this amount to AGI will not change my taxable income. Do I still need to do an amended return?

  125. Hi i have amended my tax return because i have forgotten to add my children as my defendant but i am not sure if the kids father has claimed them as his defendant if i were to get audited due to who have the rights to claim the children what types of proof would i have to provide that i am the custodial parent?

  126. Tax return completed (refund paid already) for 2012 tax year. Filed as married. Can I re-file as “married, filing separately” still? What does the spouse do to re-file?

  127. We e-filed over a month ago. Soon afterwards we realized we had put down the wrong year in which we bought our house, which would lower our return. Our status has been “return processing” for quite a while now. Should we go ahead and send an amendment?

  128. i realized i left out some medical deductions that would have effected my return should I amend?

  129. We received a refund already, then received an mended form regarding our sales of stock. It did not change our refund when we input the new numbers. Do we still have to do an amended with turbo tax!

  130. I efiled with turbo tax and our refund was $8k. it’s been accepted. I realized i forgot to put a 1099-Q from my stpedaughter on there. it’s not significant to really change our taxes. When i went on turbo tax to amend it it chnage our amended refund to $0. what happened to the origional amount or has that already been accepted and turbo tax is just saying with the amended it isn’t increasing our refund? I need to mail the amended one soon. thanks

  131. I filed a return and then realized that Turbo Tax didn’t automatically pull in State refunds that should have been taxed. I have tried to use the amend function on Turbo tax with no success. The change is increased taxes. My return has been accepted. I can complete a 1040X, but will the IRS adjust on their end?

  132. I missed a 1099-DIV form for 2011 but after filing 1040X, I notice no additional tax. There is no change in taxes (seems the amount on 1099DIV form did not push my income to a different slab). As there is a change only in Gross Income, should I still file 1040X? Will this be a problem in future?

  133. I e-filed with turbotax and it was accepted. I thought I needed to amend them and started it on turbotax but found out that I do not need to do that. The amount now says $0. Will that change anything since I havent mailed it out or anything?

    • Hi,
      Unfortunately, the amount changed, because you changed your tax return. You should not amend your tax return until it is accepted. If it was already accepted and you don’t need to amend you should be fine. You just need to have a copy of the tax return that was accepted if that is the correct one and make sure you re-enter your correct tax information so the correct information transfers over next tax year.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • I didn’t have to re-enter any information because it was still on there but the total still shows $0. I have the original that was accepted by the IRS saved to my computer. I just don’t understand why it’s still showing $0. My main concern is that since I didn’t amend it it wont affect what the IRS has and it wont affect my time on my return.

  134. I filed our taxes at turbo tax and got accepted and got refund, then the w2 for 401k early withdrawal came, what do I do now? Do I have to amend if now?

    • Hi Marisol,
      Yes unfortunately you will have to amend your tax return. You can go into your tax return and amend the software will guide you on what to do.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  135. Thanks for the good info!
    My return was just accepted and I realized I filed my 1099-Misc income in the wrong box. The 1099 shows box 7- Nonemployee compensation but I filed it in box 3- other income. Do I need to amend?

  136. I missed a W-2 for my son but it does not effect his refund since he did not make enough even with the additional wages from the missing W-2 (he is getting back all the taxes he paid). Do I need to do an amended return for this?

  137. What if I e-filed my tax return and accidently added the amount of medicare paid to the federal paid and then left the medicare paid box blank. And then the IRS accepted my return? Should I contact the IRS and ask them if they will be reviewing my return or just go ahead and file an ammendment? I really don’t want to wait 12-16 weeks for my money to come in the mail. But, I don’t want to have Uncle Same all in my biz.

  138. I noticed that even thought I reported my retirement check 1099 it didn’t include it in my income. The 1040 block 16a has the income annotated but in 16b it is zero. Unfortunately I didn’t see this error till I filed it and received my refund. How do I initiate an amendment? Can I send it electronically or do I have to print it and send the amended copy with the W2 etc via mail.

    • Hi Grace,
      Even though you reported income from form 1099-R it may not be taxable. Without seeing the codes indicated on your form in general your income on form 1099-R is taxed according to codes indicated by the administrator of your retirement income. For instance, box 2a “Taxable amount” should be indicated. Your administrator may have put 0 was taxable. There are also other codes that may indicate that the income is not taxable. Please look at the actual amount in box 2a and the box 7 distribution code. The income may not be taxable. See http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1099r.pdf for distribution code meanings.
      If you do need to amend your tax return you can do it through TurboTax, but you will have to print and mail the return.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-lewis

  139. I already filed my tax return and submit it but only to find out the next day that I received a W-2 from social security . What should I do?

    • Hi Cristy,
      Wait to find out if your return is accepted. Once it is accepted then you should amend your tax return. If it is not accepted you can just go in and fix it and resubmit it.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  140. This is a great post. I like this topic.This site has lots of advantage. I found many interesting things from this site.

      • I got married in sept2011.that year . I always filed as single . I thought because my spouse was unemployed. Its ok like filing single. Every where, to stop any more complication, we had a rough relationship. We are still married , I thought I am saving money, I did get the tax rutern from both state and fedral. Do I have to change it. From previous years. This year I just changed it to married. I use turbo tax. Can I just fix it for previous years the last 2 yrs as married.

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