Can I Claim My Girlfriend As a Dependent on My Taxes?

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A dependent is an individual that relies on you for financial support. Being able to claim a dependent on a tax return allows for a number of tax-related benefits. Taxpayers who dependents can claim an additional personal exemption for each dependent. However, the matter of who can be claimed as a dependent is much trickier than it appears. One of the most popular questions we see each tax season is “Can I claim my girlfriend/boyfriend?” Let us explain who you can claim as a dependent.

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  1. My bf, whom I recently reconciled with after months of seperation, has been providing support, such as rent, for me, his 10 year old non-biological son and his 8 month old biological daughter. Through our 7 months of seperation, I was receiving help from the government, such as the food stamps, and child support from my son’s dad to help with the food and other expenses. My question is will he able to claim me, my son and daughter even if we were seperated and has never changed his address. If it all matters, we do live in Texas.

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