The IRS Opens E-file Monday for Taxpayers Impacted by Processing Delays

The IRS begins accepting 2010 tax returns affected by IRS processing delays on Monday. There are officially no longer any reasons to wait to file your taxes!

Starting Monday, you can e-file your tax return with TurboTax, even if you are itemizing deductions or claiming the Higher Education Tuition and Fees Deduction or the Educator Expense Deduction and get your refund back in as little as 8 days with direct deposit.

“It’s time to get down to business and claim your tax refund,” said Bob Meighan, CPA and vice president of TurboTax. “More than 75 percent of all taxpayers got a refund last year and, according to the IRS, federal refunds averaged almost $3,000. You want that money back in your pocket where it belongs and TurboTax guarantees you won’t get a bigger tax refund anywhere else.*”

Already Filed With TurboTax?

TurboTax began accepting e-filed returns on Jan. 6 for all taxpayers and held returns for taxpayers impacted by IRS processing delays and unable to e-file. The IRS will open e-file for those returns Monday, Feb 14.  However, during the week of Feb. 14-18, the IRS is limiting the number of tax returns it accepts daily to manage their systems capacity and ensure successful filings of all returns.  The IRS has required that transmitters of e-filed returns, including Intuit, to stagger submission of returns from Feb. 14 to Feb. 18.

This means that some taxpayers may experience delays in their return processing and in the time it takes to receive their federal tax refund.  We know getting a fast refund is important to customers and we are working closely with the IRS to process all tax returns as quickly as their systems will allow.  You will receive a confirmation from TurboTax that your return has been successfully e-filed and will receive acknowledgment that the IRS has accepted your return 24-72 hours after.

Where’s My Refund?

With tax season officially in full swing, the most popular question we get is “Where’s my tax refund?”

TurboTax has a quick and easy answer. “MyTaxRefund” is a free, easy-to-use iPhone and iPad app that helps you get the status of your federal tax refund. If you e-filed your return, sorry no snail mail, you can download the MyTaxRefund app to get the status of your return and see the IRS estimate on when your refund will be received.

* To learn more about TurboTax products and Maximum Refund Guarantee details, go to

TurboTax Ashley

I have worked on the PR and Social Media team at TurboTax for the last 5 tax season. In addition to helping customers, I enjoy traveling, a glass of red wine and reading a good book.

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  1. My return was accepted by TT on 2/25th however on the WhereMyRefund site for the IRS it states my refund is still processing and I should receive it within 21 days of receipt. I understand the delay was due to the 8863 form however, am I expected to incur even further delay with the staggered processing that will be conducted on 2/14-18th?

  2. i have filed my tax return electornically and the H&R website says that the IRS has accepted my e-file. it already has been more than a week since i filed and everytime i check the status it says nothing on the IRS site. what’s with the delay? also in the past since i’m divorced i claim my two kids every odd year and never had to send a 8332 form in order to claim them. will i not get my return until i send this 8332 form?

  3. i filed my refund on jan 16th.2012 it was accepted on jan 17th 2012.they gave me a date of jan 25th to receive my deposit never refund wasnt found for 2 weeks after that.Now my refund say if i filed correctly it could take up to six weeks from the received date.this wed makes six weeks am i going to get it on wed? whats going on here and why did it take this long?i need my return asap!!!

  4. my return was accepted by the feds on feb 2.
    it is feb 16 and still no refund and when i access the fed site ‘where’s my refund’ they say they have no info of my return and thus no refund status. i called up the IRS and they said wait another week. Is this turbo taxes fault?
    what should i do?

    • Hi Brenda,
      I am not sure how you filed and when you filed, but I would suggest checking the IRS “Where’s My Refund?” site here,,id=96596,00.html

      “Where’s My Refund?” is updated every Wednesday, so check after Wednesday for the most up to date Information.

      Or you can call the IRS Refund Hotline (800) 829-1954 or their Automated Information Line (800) 829-4477 to get your federal refund status.

      The IRS issues refunds every Friday, so if you check on Friday and you don’t get an expected date, wait until the next Friday to check back.

      If you don’t receive your refund within 28 days from the original IRS mailing date listed, you can also use Where’s My Refund? to initiate a refund trace.
      I hope this helps you!
      Best regards,
      Lisa Lewis

  5. I’ve bene filing using turbo-tax for over 2 years. I’ve really enjoyed the ease and quickness of everything! It took about a week and a half to two weeks for mt refund to go through. Love turbo tax it’s the best.

  6. Why I can’t e-file my federal return from the state of Florida. Every time I try e-file my return on the Turbo Tax program, it keeps telling me can’t e-file in Florida. WHY????

  7. Is it really true that ALL taxes can now be filed electronically. I have applied for the Homebuyer’s Credit, and TT told me my taxes could not be filed electronically.

    Bill Hogan

  8. i checked where’s my refund it said it was mailed our march 11th i called irs and the guy told me the same thing i called back march 17th cause i didnt get it and this lady told me im not getting a refund it’s being reviewed as of march 4th but how and i have a date saying it was mailed out in accepted already do she know what she’s talking about

  9. I sent my e-file in on feb.28th and got a reply back on march 2nd saying it will take 24-72hrs. for TT to notify me if my return is accepted.It’s been longer than that.Now what??

  10. Hi AJ,

    The IRS is the end all be all when it comes to what date you can expect your refund. The TurboTax app and site update your refund information based on the IRS time table. The IRS only updates your refund estimate once a week….on Wednesdays, so you should check on Wednesday for the most up to date info.

    Did you sign up for direct deposit to get your refund?


  11. I filed on Feb. 10th, it was accepted on Feb. 16th I still haven’t recieved my return, it’s been close to a month, when will it be dd?

  12. 3-5-2011. I’m having trouble downloading updates. My internet connection is up and working but I cannot get the updates to download. Any ideas?????

  13. Spent a couple of retirement hours reading all the comments. What I find amusing is that the majority of the writers seem to think that TT Ashley can resolve all the problems created by Congress and the IRS. Have any of you watched the news lately? On the assumption that all of the authors have at least two digits in their IQ number, you need to just sit back and listen to yourselves. When does the government or any of its agencies do anything in a logical, sequential manner, tax refunds notwithstanding? I’d love to add an image to this, but they didn’t have one of the north end of a horse traveling south

  14. I filed using Turbo tax on Monday February 21st, It is now March 2nd and I have received no confirmation that the IRS has accepted or rejected my filings. What should I do

  15. I filed my taxes with Turbo on 1-31 but they had to be held until 2-14 when the IRS would begin accepting them. It was accepted by the IRS on 2-16 and my direct deposit was scheduled for 2-25. I checked on where’s my refund on 2-26, 2-27, 2-28 and 3-1 and it said “we have received your tax return and it is being processed you should receive your return on 3-1. It’s 3-2 now and still no refund and now the IRS says my tax returns are being processed and no date is given on my refund deposit. This is so frustrating.

  16. how do i know if my return was approved…the site irs site says i should receive my return on the 8th but can i be so sure if the turbo tax site says that it was just accepted

  17. My returns were accepted on 2/17. The IRS website says in will get my refund by 3/15, turbotax calendar says by 3/4 and th iPad app says 2/25 which has passed and the bank that processes the return says 3/4 so who is correct. This is my second year using turbo tax and my last. I had issues last year. If it’s only supposed to take 8-14 days…really what dates are you going by

  18. Hi TTAshley, i have recieved my federal but still have not recieved my state, an they were both already accepted. everyone in my family e-filed the same day i had and they all have already gotten both of theirs along with a few other people i know. i keep checking and still nothing. i would like to know why i still havent received my state refund yet.

  19. HI Desiree,

    Do to the high volume of returns the IRS is receiving, you might see delays in the time it takes to get your refund. I recommend checking the IRS Where’s My Refund tool for the latest information on when you can expect your refund.,,id=96596,00.html

    Keep in mind, the IRS only updates it once a week on Wednesdays, so check back after Wednesday for the most current status.


  20. The irs says my refund was DD on the Feb 18th but i called my bank and hey said they have never recieved anything from the goverment. and its now feb 27th… is there any delays?

  21. Hey I used turbo tax on monday the 21 of feb. I had gotten an e-mail that the state accepted those returns but not he federal yet. It is now Friday. I just want to be sure that they received them so what should I do now…wait?

  22. I have been sent in circles about my refund. The IRS told me this morning that my refund was deposited on Feb. 18 into a Turbo tax acct. I gave you all the correct routing number and acct number to my bank and its the 24th and I still dont have my refund. Will I use TurboTax again? NOT!!!!! I cant even talk to a real person about the issue. I had to sit on the phone 3 different times with the IRS so that I could have a trace put on my refund. The rep said that you all have my refund. Now, can somebody please tell me what is going on. I filed on Feb. 3rd and it was accepted on Feb. 4th… I need some answers now please!!!!

  23. I’m just wondering if the submissions of orders for the prepaid cards is done by a person or is it automated? I only ask because I input the correct address when I signed up, but when I called to report a card never received the address read back to me was incorrect. No

  24. I am also a very dissatisfied customer. I went to the on line chat, told them I was going to the better business bureau, the refunded my money for my federal tax processing, or at least said they did, I still have not received any confirmation of that on my end, by that I mean a rebate to the credit card I used. Yes it is a very small gesture from TT. It certainly does not pay for my aggravation.

    I was one of the people that filed in January, and watched 1,000’s of people get their taxes submitted before mine, including my mums, which I did Feb 13, and was submitted before mine. Would I use TT again? NOT in this lifetime.

  25. Hi SAH and Amanda,

    Yes. It’s possible, but not likely that someone who filed after you, had their return transmitted to the IRS before you. To the best of our ability, we processed held returns on a first-in, first-out basis.

    We apologize for any inconsistencies.


  26. Hi Peggy,

    I checked with our tax and product experts for you and if you had a normal adoption (you did not have a failed adoption), the form is final in TurboTax. You can go ahead and complete your return.

    Keep in mind, if you are filing this form you need to print and mail your return in to the IRS.

    Hope this helps.


  27. Hi Carla Johnson,

    The IRS only updates their Where’s My Refund tool once a week, on Wednesdays. I would check the IRS site next Thursday for the most accurate projection on when you can receive your refund. The IRS is the end all be all when it comes to your refund….their projections should be the most accurate.


  28. Ashley,

    Thank-you so much for taking the time to answer my question. You have been extremely helpful and I agree that you need a vacation courtesy of Turbo Tax.

    Thanks Again for your time. :)

  29. MOM OF 2

    “uneducated people should stop giving their opinions when they don’t know the facts……”

    This is America, we’re allowed to vent, share opinions (intelligent or otherwise). But name calling is a bit 2nd grade.

    We aren’t ganging up on Ashley, most of us are upset because we still don’t have an answer to 1 basic question.

    If we got an answer to that question, we’d stop complaining about it. Now if you can answer it, then please do. If not, I would ask that the official reprensative of Intuit should answer the question.


    I am still waiting for an answer to my SPECIFIC question..I have asked this a few time now..maybe this time I will get an answer…WHY WERE RETURNS THAT WERE FILED LATER THAN MINE SENT TO THE IRS SOONER..”

  30. Just wantd to ley everyone know TAXACT cost me only $17.95. They stated my taxes would be held until 2/14 and then released to irs. They kept their promise and submitted it on same day 2/14 I got accepted email from irs on 2/15 and direct deposit is scheduled for 2/25. Next year try tax act they are HONEST AND CHEAPER!!!

  31. One more thing. I have been using a purchased Turbo tax program to do my taxes and my children’s for about 6 years. I have never had any problem with the system. It has been accurate and great. This year has been a gliche, but not because of Turbo tax. Thank you

  32. We are filing using the new adoption credit and need form 8839. It is available on the IRS website, but turbo tax says that we can’t complete the form and print to mail the return until February 24th, why?

  33. My taxes were filed on 1/21, but were impacted but they were finally sent in on 2/16 and accepted at 448am 2/17. The irs sent me an email saying to expect my refund on 2/25, but the bank that turbo tax uses for the fees is saying 3/4. so which date should i go by..and also it isnt showing anything on the irs site about my refund status…ASHLEY COULD I PLEASE HAVE A RESPONSE

  34. Hi Anna and nika,

    It can take up to 72 hours for the IRS to process and then accept or reject your return once they have received it.

    Hope you get an e-mail confirmation that it has been accepted soon!


  35. Hi Wendy,

    “Tax Authority” just means your state department of revenue. If your e-file status says your return is sent to the tax authority, it means your state return was state to your state.

    Hope this helps.


  36. Hi Eric,

    Are you looking at the IRS Where’s My Refund tool? If you are, they only update your refund status once a week. I recommend logging into TurboTax to check your e-file status. It will show you when your return was submitted to the IRS.

    Also, it is typical for your return to be “pending” at the IRS for 24-72 hours once the IRS has received it. It may take longer for your “pending” status to change on their “Where’s My Refund” tool.

    Hope this helps.


  37. Hi Brian,

    This is the refund process:

    1. You prepare and e-file your return with TurboTax.

    2. TurboTax transmits your return to the IRS

    3. The IRS receives your return from TurboTax

    4. The IRS processes your return and acknowledges/accepts your return or rejects it (can take 24-72 hours)

    5. TurboTax send you an e-mail notifying you that your return has been accepted or rejected by the IRS.

    Sounds like the IRS has your return, but has not processed it yet.

    Does that help?


  38. Dear Ashley

    I sure hope you get a Vacation after this tax season, with tt footing the bill. You are not to blame for any of this, and uneducated people should stop giving their opinions when they don’t know the facts……Also to Al, you obviously have NO idea of what you are talking about based on your comment to me !!!

  39. To Al.

    I absolutely have to pay back my tax credit from 2008. You see the credit that I received was from bush not obama. The bush credit must be repaid at equal amounts of $500.00 a year for the next 15 years…it’s kinda like a no interest loan instead of a true credit. Anyone receiving the credit in 2009 or 2010 do not have to pay back the credit. Please understand that you MUST pay it back if you purchased a home in “o8″

  40. I am still waiting for an answer to my SPECIFIC question..I have asked this a few time now..maybe this time I will get an answer…WHY WERE RETURNS THAT WERE FILED LATER THAN MINE SENT TO THE IRS SOONER..if you were indeed sending them on a first in first out not getting an answer is only confirming my suspicion that turbo tax was not being truthful with that statement..and just trying to pacify us. I want a refund.

  41. I am also beyond frustrated, and reaching the point of disgusted regarding all of this. I submitted my taxes as of January 30th. I have no information from Turbo Tax, and it is still pending. The only itemization’s that I made was for my girlfriend’s tuition.

    With that said my sister-in-law had the same exact itemization, even down to the fact that it was the same school, and not only was it accepted, well over two-weeks ago. In addition, I clicked the box choosing to not submit the additional form, so that I wouldn’t have to wait… and here I am.

    Still pending. On Thursday the 17th. It’s a quarter to 4 in NY, so obviously I’ve missed the 11am mark for PST. This is ridiculous. After using turbo tax for years, I will NOT be using it. If I could cancel at this point, I would… and if anyone ever asked me about turbo tax, I will be screaming from the roof tops to STAY AWAY. STAY FAR, FAR, AWAY… which is really a shame, because I’ve been using TT my gf and I for the passed three-years, and only ever had good things to say about it.

    Next year, I’ll be going elsewhere.

  42. Well hopefully TT learns something from all of this. I will be raising cain if I dont get confirmation by Friday that the IRS has accepted my return. This WILL be the last time I trust a 3rd party to submit my taxes on my behalf. Sorry TT but you did NOT pass the test. I doubt that the IRS all of a sudden on the 14th said oh wait we cant process everything, dont give it to us all at once. Don’t make promises that you cannot keep TT. I consider the fee I paid you a COMPLETE waste of money. I was willing to pay it for peace of mind but look where that got me.

  43. TTAshley,

    It is obvious you never even read my post as there was no offensive or abusive language. Unless you mean for Intuit to be more FORTHCOMING as abusive… Which it isn’t.

    I was evening coming to defend TT and what was going on (I know shock right).

    But in the end I like others hopes this puts an end to the shenanigans that Turbotax and Others have been doing in this tax season.

  44. I filed my return on Febuary 14th 2011 and still have not received an acceptance from my federal or state…What is going on?

  45. I was hoping to get an answer or explination to a question posted earlier. What does this mean…

    “Current Status Details

    The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.” Thank you

  46. I filed my taxes on monday, they said it was going to be accepted by today, but still no acceptance and I was wondering if I will not be in the 25th check date distribution? Since it was received on the 14th?

  47. I submitted my tax return on January 31st and they still have not been accepted. Whats going on?? I submitted my parents taxes Feb 8th and theirs were accepted the next day. Help!!!

  48. Hi Barbara,

    We approve all comments unless they have profanity or abusive language in them, per our terms and agreements below.

    Sometimes it can take a few minutes for me to approve comments though. Thanks for your patience.


  49. Hi Cort,

    Once your return is accepted by the IRS, the IRS processes your refund based on the IRS E-file Refund Cycle Chart. You can go to the IRS E-file Refund Cycle Chart to get to the IRS projected date of your refund based on normal processing.

    Keep in mind, once TurboTax transmits your return to the IRS, the IRS takes over processing your return and issuing your refund. TurboTax has no control over the dates quoted per the IRS E-file Refund Cycle Chart.

    For the most current status of when the IRS expects you to receive your refund check the IRS “Where’s My Refund” tool. “Where’s my Refund?” is updated every Wednesday, so check after Wednesday for the most up to date information. (,,id=96596,00.html )

    Hope this helps.


  50. Okay great. Ashley confirmed that Turbo Tax uses PST so us on the East Coast must consider that ALSO when it comes to time frames for our taxes. I am hopeful since it is not 11am PST yet (for me within the EST) that there is still a few hours for me to see something positive.

    I do not like the fact that I paid for a faster refund, but in the end even without the hold up there should have been NO reason my form was paid for on the 13th, and then sent on the 16th.. it should have been sent on the 14th… or even EARLY 15th, but the 16th? That is the 24/48hrs I hoped to capture when using TurboTax and paying their fee.

  51. HI Everyone,

    Some good news for you. As of 7pm (PST) last night, we had transmitted all held returns to the IRS.

    We understand that this caused a lot of anger and frustration and thank you for your patience this week.

    You will receive an acknowledgment from TurboTax, once your return is accepted by the IRS. That usually takes 24-72 hours. Once your return is accepted by the IRS, the IRS processes your refund based on the IRS E-file Refund Cycle Chart. You can go to the IRS E-file Refund Cycle Chart to get the projected date of your refund based on normal processing. (link to PDF chart: <> )

    To find out when the IRS currently expects to issue your refund, check the IRS “Where’s My Refund” tool. “Where’s my Refund?” is updated every Wednesday, so check after Wednesday for the most up to date information. (,,id=96596,00.html <,,id=96596,00.html> )


  52. I know there has been a ton of frustration and disappointment this week.

    I want to assure everyone, we do value each of our customers and take it very seriously when we do not meet their expectations.


  53. Hi MishMish,

    We are actually pacific time, so you posted that comment at 1AM our time. I approve all comments posted over night when I get into the office in the morning.

    Thanks for your patience.


  54. You know I am just wondering why we had the option to pay a fee to get our return faster and that didn’t happen at all will those people get their money back? I would really appreciate if I did because what was supposed to have been done was not. Also, when it says that my refund was sent to the agency and the agency had accepted it but has yet to acknowledge that they have, I am really confused bout that if you could please let me know what that means…… Thanks Jess

  55. And please for the people who keep saying “What’s the big deal”, yes we understand the following:

    1. Congress passed a bill late in December

    2. That bill delayed the IRS until Feb 14

    3. The IRS is backlogged

    4. Turbo Tax told us about the issue and that the IRS would start things on the 14th

    Yes, we understand that… however the issues are:

    1. Why did people (like my wife) who didn’t use the software until Monday evening, get processed before the rest of us.

    2. If the floodgates opened on Feb 14th, why weren’t we transmitted on Feb 14th.

    Telling me that it was in date order, fails to make sense when other people literally filed on Monday and got a response later that evening.

    That’s what should be addressed and that’s why I believe TT (Intuit) should compensate us. ESPECIALLY those of us, who have been loyal customers and used the service/software before. Don’t you appreciate our business? Don’t you want us to buy this again next year? If you have that many frustrated customers, then it is good business to make them happy.

  56. Ashley,

    In your February 15th, 2011 2:42 pm post, you detailed how the IRS will process refund batches.

    My questions is, I filled on 2/13 with TT, I received notice on Wed Feb 16 09:07:33 PST 2011 from TT that my “return has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing”

    Will my return be included in the batch that will be direct deposited next friday, or Do I need to receive acknowledgement by 11 today?

  57. Cripes, isn’t anyone even watching this place to release comments/questions … where is the moderation? Posted 4am EST, it is now 11am EST.

  58. Just wanted to say that it is to bad Turbo Tax has to take the hit for congerss changing tax law so late in the year that the IRS was not ready. This entire problem is the result of congress so if you are upset write congress. The service I have received based on the government imposed delays was outstsnding.

  59. I’m also very upset. I filed on Jan 24th and was anticipating that they would be submitted on 2/14. If I had known that the original filing date wouldnt matter I would have prepared and just waited to submit MYSELF on the 14th rather than relying on TT to do it. I am still waiting on acknowledgement. I ended up having to use another tax prep to do my state return and next year TT will not get my business again. This was my first time using them and it will be the last. I would be patient except I am also waiting for the IRS to return my 1st time homebuyer credit which is 4+months now. After buying the house and waiting for the credit I’m pretty broke, being a young professional.

  60. Just wanted to see that Turbo Tax has to take the hit for congerss changing tax law so lat in the year that the IRS was not ready. This entire problem is the result of congress so if you are upset write congress. The service I have received based on the government imposed delays was outstsnding.

  61. “All held returns will be transmitted to the IRS by the end of the day today. You will receive an acknowledgment from TurboTax, once your return is accepted by the IRS, usually within 24-72 hours after it’s been received.”


    If I did my taxes in January and the IRS opened the process on February 14, then why did it take TT until the end of day on the 16 to send my return? You are admitting that this was two days afterwards.

    If the doors opened on Monday, then like many other customers, we would expect you to send them immediately. From a personal and professional standpoint, I really could care less about the IRS being flooded. Especially if this was an attempt to help the IRS handle the volume. If they couldn’t handle the volume then they should have worked harder on their own systems.

    However, my business relationship is with you at TT (Intuit) and waiting 2 business days to send my return is completely unprofessional. If “I” took the time to do my taxes early, then obviously I wanted them filed immediately on February 14. It’s as simple as that…

    And you really should be offering some sort of compensation for the fact that you delayed the process. We understand that the IRS was backlogged, that’s their problem. We ONLY care that our returns were actually sent ASAP on the first day of processing. That’s what you told us would happen.

    And “If” this is not true, then why haven’t you answered as to why people who used TT on Monday got submitted BEFORE the rest of us. You really should offer some sort of compensation.

  62. I received an email from TurboTax last night stating that my return had been accepted by the IRS. I also checked the IRS website this morning to find out more information for the processing delays, it clearly stated that some tax preparers were CHOOSING to stagger their returns. Although I am grateful that TurboTax processed my return before the direct deposit cutoff date (today at 11:30), I am sad to see that either the US government is lying or TurboTax is lying about who is staggering submissions of tax returns. Either way I will not be using TurboTax next year.

  63. Just a little confused. Maybe someone can help me understand this. I completed my taxes with TurboTax completed/paid) at 2:51pm PST, Feb 13th.

    E-file status shows sent to taxing authority on Feb 16th, 9:00am PST.

    Current Status Details

    The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.

    My question is… does this mean my federal return was accepted already? Does this mean I fall into the refund cycle of Feb 10 and Feb 17, 2011 with an excepted direct deposit on? Feb 25, 2011

    I am hopeful someone can shed some light on this for me.

  64. I filed on feb 2nd and was accepted on feb 16th at 10pm so hopefully i get my refund next week. Anyone elses held return not accepted yet? bc they were all spose to be done today. word up

  65. has been repeated numerous of times on this thread and from Turbotax that the IRS has new tax laws in place that have resulted in a processing delay, thats understandable. But what I do not understand is why Turbotax continues to advertise that consumers could potentially receive their tax returns within as few as 8 days up to 14 days. According to the many complaints from those who filed in January/early February this does not hold true.

    I filed 02/05 yet the IRS states I should not expect a deposit until 02/22..that is far beyond 8 days and so called “Friday batch processing” deadline TurboTaxAshley mentioned.

  66. I don’t understand you guys; when you filed it plainly stated that if you took deductions with itemizations that the IRS would not accept these returns until 2/14 because of Tax laws that were passed late in 2010 and it took that long to get the IRS computers updated (which I think is a BLEEP because how long could it take – there were some jobs that could have been created CONGRESS). Thank Congress for holding it up. FWIW, I filed on 1/29, TT sent mine to the IRS yesterday afternoon and I received acceptance acknowledgement tonight and that would mean that hopefully DD will be made on 2/25.

    No matter where you went or who you filed with if you used Schedule A you weren’t getting money beforehand. For those that want a refund, if you bought the software at Costco would you go back there and ask for a refund for it? Of course not. The dumbing down of America continues, give me give me give me for free since I can’t read.

  67. How can it be that people who e-filed with TT this week and people who filed using other software/accountants this week received acknowledgment/approval from the IRS already and I filed mine with TT on the 8th and still have no acknowledgment/approval from IRS? TT needs to get their story straight. Received an email Sunday stating the returns would be filed on the 14th but that was not done. Then TT stated that they would be filed on a first come first serve basis yet TT continues to e-file returns of people just filing this week. I will never again use TT, will post blogs everywhere about TT incompetence. I am very disappointed and will advise everyone to use another software program next year.

  68. If you scroll down and read Ashleys post, let me quote it for you:


    All held returns will be transmitted to the IRS by the end of the day today. You will receive an acknowledgment from TurboTax, once your return is accepted by the IRS, usually within 24-72 hours after it’s been received.


    Its 7:53pm where I live, my status reads:

    2010 Federal Personal Received by TurboTax 01/24/11 11:25:06 AM

    Still nothing sent to the IRS, so Ashley, you better get your facts straight when you say something. Tomorrow I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, and disputing the charge on my credit card.

  69. Interesting that you just removed my post because I suggested people dispute the charge on their credit cards. Either post all the comments or none at all.

  70. I am disputing the charge to my credit card. There is no first in process concept. Turbo Tax should not have accepted returns they knew they could not file.

  71. From the time I have posted my original post, I have already been to 4 forums, signed up, and told them about how bad Turbo tax is. I hope you at TT enjoy the comments I am leaving EVERY WHERE about how bad your service is.

  72. I will again, post my comments, without the swear word I used:) I filed my taxes on January 25, with TT, I have yet to be submitted to the IRS. On Feb. 13 I submitted my mums, her’s have been accepted. So, if it is on a first come, first serve basis, why is my mums accepted, and mine still pending?

    TT has really dropped the ball here, I have used TT for 3 years, never having a problem with them, till this debauchery that TT has gotten themselves into. I am notifying the Better Business Bureau, after I get done here. I want my money back, your policy does state complete satisfaction…..I am NOT satisfied. I will NEVER again use TT, every blog I see with a good comment about TT, I will tell them my experience with TT. Every time I will be there, to tell them how you guys dropped the ball, and you did drop the ball, in a very bad way.

    At the very least, you should admit your mistake to the general public, and file our IRS returns for FREE, this is not the IRS’s error, it is yours, so pony up.

  73. I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. It clearly states that there would be a delay because of new tax laws. Did you people not read or understand that? I’m waiting for my refund like everyone else! Be patient!

  74. It has been interesting to read many of the posts on this topic where most people are claiming that it is just TT making it up about staggering the returns. At there is an article from Feb 16 about the E-file topic which states CERCA (Council for Electronic Revenue Communication Advancement) released a statement “…that there will be some continued delays in return and refund processing. The article goes on to state “As a result of the IRS request for e-file transmitters to stagger their submission of tax returns, taxpayers may experience delays in their return processing…”. Just thought everyone might find this interesting.

  75. Thanks Ashley. Since returns are due to the IRS tomorrow in order to receive direct deposits next Friday, how does the 24-72 hour window come into play? Is that the range of time it takes the IRS to acknowledge receipt, or is it the time it takes the IRS to process the return? If it’s the latter, I’d assume many some returns sent tonight wouldn’t make the cutoff and thus wouldn’t receive direct deposits next Friday. Is this correct?

  76. Hi Al,

    We approve all comments on the blog, except for those that have profanity or abusive language. If you read the terms and conditions below, it explicitly says that we will not approve these comments.

    Feel free to repost your comment without the profanity or abusive language and we will approve it.


  77. Funny I made a comment at 7:33 Am this morning and it was waiting Moderator approval and it was removed.

    Why are you censoring something to hide?

  78. to MOM of 2

    Tax Credits don’t get repaid unless you were the incorrect credit or overpaid. If that’s the case you should have received a letter a LONG time ago from the IRS. As I received a letter 6 months after my 2009 filing asking for additional documentation to prove my first time home buyers credit.

  79. have filed since jan 27 2011 and been accepted and by feb 15 2011 an rejection from irs . please can sombody explain why

  80. Just wanted to give everyone an update.

    All held returns will be transmitted to the IRS by the end of the day today. You will receive an acknowledgment from TurboTax, once your return is accepted by the IRS, usually within 24-72 hours after it’s been received.


  81. I filed my federal and state tax on the 10th, got a reply from turbo tax the returns are pending due to some law and will not be sent to I.R.S. and the state until the 14th of February, I have yet to receive any reply, other than they are still pending as of today, Wednesday the 16th of February, when can I expect my forms to be sent to I.R.S. & State?

  82. Also, there should be clarity about the process overall. Is it 72 hours from when you send it to the IRS? Is it 72 hours after they finally receive our taxes? When does this 72 hour period start? And really, the other people are right. My wife used the software today and got a reply immediately. Why are newer submissions being processed ahead of the people who did our taxes weeks ago?

  83. I think we just want to know when you will be sending the information to the IRS. Stating that something is processing doesn’t mean you have transferred the information to the IRS. You would have less complaints if there were more transparency in the “processing”.

    And even with the IRS issues, this is going to affect how I use TT in the future. I may not choose this option next year.

  84. I want my TT fees refunded. TT did not do what I paid them to do, which was submit my return to the IRS on 2/14. 2 days later it has still not been submitted.

  85. I received an email on February 9 stating that my Federal return was Received. I know about the delay in processing; but my question is will I receive an email when the return has been Accepted?

  86. Can TurboTax provide the following:

    1) Schedule to show estimated e-file acceptance dates for Federal returns based on original submission date with TurboTax for those returns which were held for IRS delays.

    2) Statement from TT whether or not it would have been quicker to submit federal return on February 14th, rather than submitting earlier and subsequently having to wait in line during the batch release process.

  87. I too filed in January and got email yesterday saying it was accepted and DD should be Feb 25. Be patient people, there is nothing you can do about it!

  88. It looks like next year Turbo Tax will be losing alot of money because I don’t think that we will be coming back to them. The main problem is that we paid for these services, not for delays. We should be getting a refund of some kind just for them to save face. Perhaps if they gave us some sort of refund we would come back next year.

  89. I filed mine jan 18 and still not sent to irs. They must not be sending in order if they havent gotten to jan 18th yet.

  90. This is really ridiculous. You sent a email saying that you would start processing returns on the 14th and now it is on a first come first serve basis. This is crazy. I filed my taxes on 2/7 and I know people who filed there return on the 2/14 with tt and have already had there return accepted with the IRS and I am still waiting for a response. I need my return to be sent to the IRS. You are deliberately misleading your customers and not being truthful. What is taking so long and why can’t you tell us which returns are being sent on which day. I will definately not be using tt in the future.

  91. So you guys are still holding my taxes. Filed Feb 1 st. My friends filed last Thursday and already hers has been processed. So since you haven’t sent mine to the irs, can I just refile with another more efficient company?? I’ve used turbotax for over 15 yrs and this will be my last.

  92. Ashley,

    You state that as long as the return is accepted by the IRS the refund should be in the Friday batch. Accepted and acknowledged or accepted? I can see where mine was accepted at 1141 pm on the 15th and now waiting for acknowledgment. Do they need to acknowledge it by Thursday at 11 to get my refund next week? Thanks!

  93. my husband filed ours using TT on Jan 30, 2011 and it stated it was accepted on Jan 30,2011 and our state was accepted on Feb 1, 2011. The irs website stated on Feb 11, 2011 that it was DD and it wasn’t. We have no idea where our refund it. I checked the IRS site today and it says Refund Status Results

    We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund. For more information, please continue.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:

    A copy of this page.

    A copy of your tax return.

    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.

    The date you mailed your return.

    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.

    IRS Hours of Service:

    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.


    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.

    From outside the US call 267-941-1000.

    TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

    WTH!! from the 11 till today (feb 16) things have changed. Where is my refund at. I dont understand what is going on.

  94. Good news… I filed on 1/27, it was transmitted on 2/15 at 11:00am and I received the acceptance this morning at 7:26 am 2/16. Direct deposit on 2/25.

    Stay calm, tt is submitting the returns. I too was upset but now things are moving.

  95. I filled on January 30.The only itemized deduction was my mortgage interest and mpi insurance. I have used tt every year and this year will be my last.If I had known that my refund would be held indefinitely I would have gone elsewhere.From what I have found out from irs was that this truly was tt problem. Their software was not updated to late tax laws.I feel those of us waiting and not able to pull our return should be offered a refund or at least partial refund. This is bad business and bad customer service.

  96. I filed on January 15 and have yet to receive word from Turbo Tax as to the whereabouts of my refund. This was my first time using Turbo Tax, as I didn’t want to pay HRs exorbitant fees. I will not use Turbo Tax again. Poor customer service.

  97. I filed on January 20th, and I my refund still has not been sent to the IRS. I personally do not believe the statement that they are sending them in the order they received them. There could not have been that many people who filed before the 20th of January, so I am not sure why mine still has not been sent to the IRS. My wife and I were very pleased with TurboTax…until this year. We both decided that we will never use TurboTax again, and will be switching back to H&R Block next year. I’m sorry, but TurboTax has NOT been transparent in this process at all. You should be able to give a general outline of the dates each batch will contain. And Ashley, here is the problem: You say they will all be submitted by the 18th, but THAT IS AFTER THE DEADLINE FOR THIS WEEK!! How can TurboTax justify making someone wait an extra week for filing early? If I had waited until Monday to file, it would have been submitted immediately, but becuase I submitted on the 20th, it might not get in this week. How is this fair? This is deceptive, and entirely unfair. I have told my family and friends never to use this service, and to stick with anyone besides TurboTax. With the way this has been handled, I woudln’t be surprised if TurboTax “misplaced” a few batches along the way. If that happens, they should have to refund people their fees, along with an error fee on top of that. But, they won’t, because they have handled this whole thing with deception and misdirection.

  98. I want to know why people who filed today were accepted by the irs, but I filed 2-1 and you havent even sent my return. I am contacting the Better Busisness Bureau. It IS NOT THE IRS it is turbo tax because I contacted the irs and they are accepting returns now. I didnt even claim education tax or tuition. I want my money back.

  99. Believe me, I can understand the frustration that everyone is feeling right now. We are not yelling at TT per say, but what customers are looking for is some sort of timeline… Ex. If you filed between 1-15 and 1-25 yor return will be submitted on 2-16 or something that would give all of us who are checking our filing status every hour something to go by. I personally filed on 2-2, and my sister did hers yesterday. She already has a confirmation and yet mine is still pending. I feel as if this is not only a ploy by TT, but just a way for the government to gain a few extra interest dollars on money due back to people. My husband and I purposely claim single and zero so we can get a nice “chunk of change” back in the beginning of the year. That way, when his job is slow, we have that extra money there, you know, just in case. True, we have a savings account too, but it really nice to be able to add 5 or 6 thousand dollars in one lump sum. If the IRS says only so many returns can be accepted daily, fine, it is what it is, but at least TT should make sure that they are going out IN THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY WERE RECEIVED!!! Not e ones who filed yesterday going out before those who have been “stored in their database” until given the ok. Having used TT for several years now, and for those previous years, having great customer service, I have to say I am disappointed with everything this year. ALL WE WANT IS A DARN TIMELINE SHOWING WHEN OUR RETURNS ARE SCHEDULED TO LEAVE YOUR SO CALLED DATABASES! Honestly, I did not think that was too much to ask!

  100. I filed on 1/16/2011 and nothing has changed on my status. That should be a first in date. What is really going on?

  101. I don’t think those of you defending Turbotax get it. This is THEIR fault. They promoted on TV, and even in this blog about filing your taxes today and getting a refund quickly. Now they spill the truth, they have your money. Those of us who paid up front for services not delivered deserve a full refund. Intuit should eat all the early filing costs. It’s pretty simple, the used the IRS delay as a marketing tool and told us that as soon as the gates open, they would get our returns in. Now they tell us there is a delay.

    If I don’t see a full refund, I’ll initiate a charge-back to my credit card for the filing fees myself. If I would have waited until Monday and used a different program, I’d already have an acceptance by now.

    The errors this year have put the icing on the cake. Intuit lost credibility and will lose business unless they do the right thing here. They used creative marketing (and still are) to promote a service they simply CANNOT offer at this time, (per there own comments).

  102. TurbotaxAshley and TurbotaxChels, why don’t you both QUIT giving your “canned” answers, and answer the questions that are being asked. #1. What is this so called schedule for your submissions? Give an outline by date turned in to you as when you will turn in to IRS. #2. Why is Turbo Tax the only company who has been told to follow this procedure? Could it be because this is just an excuse, a way to create more problems then are needed.

    Please QUIT treating those of us the TT is screwing with and Just answer these two questions. NO more “canned” answer. Be a little more RESPECTFUL then that. Thank you…..

  103. People, get a grip …you are all blaming tt for the irs mess up. I filed my taxes on Jan 30th and I did not file them through tt, but tax act. I too have been given a message that my taxes were to be held because I am to start paying back the home buyer tax credit from 2008. Well, I think this is completely unfair because NO WHERE on the IRS website did it say anything about the repayment of the credit will hold up you taxes… fact even taxact did not divulge that info until after my return was submitted. Now it is Feb 15th and still my status say awaiting acceptance….wtf. But it is not right to blame tt for something that is out of their control.

  104. All that TT users are asking for is a chart showing what day you will send our staggered return in compared to the day when TT accepted it. It is now late on the night of the 15th and acording to your site, you haven’t even sent my return to the feds yet. You have had my completed return since 2-2-11. When will it be sent in???????????? are you still sending ONLY january returns as of tuesday night??????

  105. TO Robert Hoffman —

    Because we expect accountability for a service we all paid for, does not mean we are all financially irresponsible or “county our chickens” and you’re arrogant to assume that. If I pay a service, I expect that they will do what they say, in the time frame that they said they would do it. You are expecting more accountability from the customers on this website that you are the company who has received probably millions of dollars from tax payers to do their job. I believe TT stock piled returns so that they wouldn’t lose business to other companies. H&R block, Jackson-Hewitt and others aren’t having this issue–if you’re so smart, please explain that to paying customers!

  106. Do you at intuit/turbo tax send returns once a day or throughout the day, 24 hours a day, or just bankers hours? Do you update the status on returns daily, I know the federal government does it once weekly. But the status provided by you? Mine hasn’t changed in weeks. No one seems to answer the questions asked.

  107. No other company doing efile is staggering their returns already submitted. So why are you?? Guarantee the fastest refund, we will send on feb 14th,, what a lie. Status for mine and five other family members says your return has been received but government isn’t processing till mid February??? So all six returns total done on Turbo tax from jan 11 – feb 5th are not sent to government yet. But I know another family member filed yesterday with you and already got their federal return notification. This is a bunch of lies from turbo tax. The irs agent I talked to less than a hour ago told me they are not experiencing any issues and have no idea where the info came from concerning efile companies having to stagger returns. Intuit/turbo tax is full of lies! Way to mess with the money families count on and deserve, hide cowardly behind your miss advertising and deceit. After ten years of Turbo tax usage, guarantee I won’t be doing that again!

  108. Ok.that still does not answer my question..WHY are other returns that were FILED LATER already accepted..I would like an answer to THAT question…

  109. Ok why is my questioned being ignored…why is it that other returns that were filed after mine already accepted?

    • Hi Amanda,

      As Ashley said below, it’s completely normal for the IRS to take up to 72 hours to send you an acceptance notice for your return.
      The good news is that your return has been sent to the IRS and your refund should be processed in this Friday’s refund batch.

      Hope this helps!
      Chelsea with TurboTax

  110. Hi Amanda,

    It is completely normal for the IRS to take up to 72 hours to send you an acceptance notice for your return.

    The good news is that your return has been sent to the IRS and your refund should be processed in this Friday’s refund batch.


  111. I filed with Turbo Tax on the 24th…I checked my status today and it said they were sent to the government but they probably will not be acknowledged till the end of the week…to me it just sounds like they are just trying to pacify people…I want my refund..I paid for your services and I don’t understand why we were lied to. Makes no sense for others to file later and be already accepted from the government..

  112. i just check my status and it said it was transmitted but not accepted yet, when will i here that it has been accepted????

  113. Hi All,

    We are submitting as many held returns daily as the IRS systems will allow, which is why we aren’t able to give you a date your return will be submitted. We are submitting them in first in, first out basis.

    Once your return has been submitted it could take up to 72 hours for the IRS to send you a confirmation. Also, the IRS “Where’s My Refund” tool is only updated once a week, so it may not show accepted even though your return has been sent and accepted by the IRS.

    How the IRS system works:

    The IRS batches refunds every Friday. All returns that are accepted by 11:00 a.m. ET on Thursday are paid via direct deposit the following Friday. If the taxpayer e-filed their return, but elected to get their refund by check, it will be mailed the subsequent Friday.

    For example, a return is accepted by the IRS by 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, March 3, the taxpayer would be paid via direct deposit on the following Friday, March 11. If the taxpayer elected to get the refund by check, it would be mailed on Friday, March 18.

    What this means is, if your return is accepted by the IRS before Thursday at 11AM, the date you will receive your refund will not be any different than if they accepted it Monday.

    I hope this helps.


  114. You can be sure this wil hurt intuit. Next year I will not be using turbo tax, as I have in the past many years since e-filing started. Better dump their stock!!

  115. You know in this day and age there was a way to fix this. All turbo tax had to do was put a box to check if you were filing for education deduction. If no they could have sent our returns and there would be no problem, but instead they cheaped out and didn’t do it.

  116. Well, I do not see my comments here, so that tells me turbo tax did not like what I had to say and did not post it. If my taxes have not been filed with the IRS as yet, I want a full refund from turbo tax, and maybe some interest on my money!!

  117. It was previously discussed in the comments here that returns will be transmitted to the IRS in the order that they were submitted to Turbotax. So if you submitted on 1/26, then everyone who submitted before you is ahead of you in line, and everyone who submitted after (like me) is behind you. If your return still says “pending” then it has not yet been sent to the IRS.

  118. I spoke with two different people via chat today and neither of them seemed to be able to answer my very simple question. How are the delayed tax returns being submitted since they are staggered. BOTH people I talked to said that my return was sent to the IRS and it has been sitting there since the 26th in a pending status until they were ready to review them. The information provided here makes it sound like it has not been submitted. Is that correct. My status is still pending and the status history only shows where TT received it on the 26th. Nothing about submitted/transmitting it to the IRS. It is very confusing and frustrating. I think because there is not very clear information out there and when you do get through to someone to talk/chat with. They are not giving the same information. *sigh* I would just like to know when they predict the returns submitted on 1/26 are going to be transmitted to the IRS.

  119. OK, we get it. This is not Turbo Tax’s “fault”. There was a government delay. Turbo Tax, you’re ignoring the question people are asking repeatedly: If we submitted our taxes prior to February 14, but were affected by the delay, WHEN EXACTLY will you be submitting them to the IRS? Yes, we know they will be “staggered”. We know you are claiming “first-in, first-out (although I have my doubts since someone filing today gets transmitted immediately). ANSWER THE QUESTION: WHAT IS THE SCHEDULE FOR WHEN EXACTLY YOU ARE TRANSMITTING THE RETURNS?!?! Please don’t respond with a vague “between Feb 14 and Feb 18″. We want to know when, exactly.

  120. Is it possible to go to a physical place and file my taxes now if I’ve already filed with you but it’s still pending and hasn’t gone through yet?

  121. There is an old saying: “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. No one – not even Intuit/TT can predict what our Government will do on any given day.

    Are we really so desperate to get a refund that 4 business days will make or break us? You need some type of high interest loan on your refund for heavens sake to keep your habits going.

    Its no ones fault but yours if you financial plan includes using the IRS as an interest free savings account, so you can pay off your credit cards before the APR increases – yikes. How about doing a calculation of what you will owe, and keeping your money throuhgout the year to pay your bills.

  122. Okay, for those of us who know TT isn’t being completely honest…here’s proof. I went with my sister to file her taxes yesterday at H&R block…as of this morning, they have already been accepted by the IRS. We need answers or I am personally going to file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, etc. and so should other users of TT. There has to be some reason that TT is stalling on our returns. Either they stock piled to many and can’t get them to go through to the IRS or there is something else going on. Why can someone file on 2/14 and get them accepted and those of us who filed weeks ago can’t? Ashley, we need a non-standard answer here.

  123. I filed my returns on Jan 21st and was later told it would held because of a credit i claimed. I had no problem with that because it would be sent on 2/14. But that has came and gone with no new updates. I received my state check within a week with no problem and thought the federal check would go just as smooth..but i was obviously wrong!!! I am getting married next month and made plans and arrangements with this money!!! This is the first time ive ever used turbo tax and very disappointed.PLEASE GIVE ME SOME TYPE OF ANSWER

  124. We know everyone is VERY frustrated. For now I have shared all the information that I have. I will update you guys here if I get any additional information.

    Thanks for your patience on this. We are working hard to get everyone their refunds as quickly as the IRS systems will allow.


  125. I just had a chat with:

    08_Russell D


    He closed my chat all because you have network issues:

    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…

    All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.

    We are here to help. Please note we are experiencing long wait times this week as the IRS is now processing millions of itemized returns. You can find solutions for top issues NOW at

    An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience.

    You have been connected to 08_Russell D.

    08_Russell D: Hello Al, thank you for contacting TurboTax, please allow me a moment to read your question?

    Al: Hello Russell

    Al: NP

    08_Russell D: What is your current status?

    08_Russell D: status of your return

    Al: Pending

    08_Russell D: We started sending the returns to the IRS yesterday – as they were not accepting them until then. We are sending them as fast as they will take them.

    Al: I submitted my Return Jan. 30th

    Al: Right but your website states you are staggering them and the IRS does not indicate anything like this on their website

    08_Russell D: You filed pretty eraly so yours should be in one of the first batches…you will receive an email as soon as the IRS accepts your return.

    Al: so I like thousands of others would like to have their return sent to the IRS.

    Al: Well I haven’t

    Al: I haven’t received anything saying it was transmitted to the IRS either

    Al: and my status in the turbotax app hasn’t changed either.

    08_Russell D: we are sending them as fast as the IRS will accept them — we send a status as soon as we get one from the IRS

    Al: Not good enough

    Al: I want to know WHEN mine will be sent

    Al: I want a date

    08_Russell D: I agree — this is not what we want – nor is it good for our customers

    Al: Ok so either I need a date or I need to know how to pull my return so I can goto a CPA which isn’t having these issues and they are efiling with no issues AND getting a response from the IRS in less then 24hours

    Al: I would rather not do that because it’s a pain and it costs a lot more money. But at least I get a gurantee from them.

    08_Russell D: Unfortunatly there is no way for us to pull out a return once submitted — your return should get to the IRS by the 16th or the 17th.

    Al: Should doesn’t mean it will

    Al: I want an EXACT date

    Al: or the option to pull my return

    Al: If it hasn’t been sent to the IRS yet, that means that it should still be on your servers in a position where it can be pulled.

    Al: So either I get a date or I want it pulled. I can’t and won’t be held hostage.

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    Network connection re-established.

    08_Russell D: I apologize for the inconvenience – I can only tell you that it will be at the IRS within the next 48 hours and we cannot pull the return. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    Al: Cancel my return or put me in contact with someone who can do it.

    Al: This is nuts

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    Network connection re-established.

    Al: I have never had such a problem and poor customer service where I can’t have my problem sufficiently answered.

    08_Russell D: I would if I could but We cannot pull a return once it is submitted – sorry I have been trying to help you the best I can — this is just the way it is.


    Al: No it’s not

    Al: the IRS is putting the hold at this point

    Al: it’s Intuit

    Al: I have called the IRS on their 1040 line and they even state they have not asked any company to stagger their filings

    Al: Intuit is doing it

    Al: So I want my return sent

    Al: Which I don’t think is difficult


    Al: I don’t want it sent in the next 48-72 hours. I want it sent when the IRS states it should have been sent which was on the 14th.

    08_Russell D: The IRS have not accepted the returns until yesterday. We are sending them as fast as they are accepting them.

    Al: Then there is a problem with your network then.

    Al: And I won’t be held hostage to a problem plagued system and want my return pulled and I will do it myself.

    08_Russell D: What has happened is it is ont an issue with our servers.

    08_Russell D: What happened was the legislature made late tax law changes which left the IRS having to reconfigure their systems and hold all of these returns until they were ready yesterday.

    Al: Well your company seems to be the only company having this problem.

    Al: I am aware of the legislation

    08_Russell D: The original idea for how yesterday would go is that the IRS was going to receive them all in one day but then told us the other day they will need to be sent in batches.

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    08_Russell D: We are following the IRS regulations by sending the efiles the way they have asked.

    Network connection re-established.

    Al: Well that’s your problem

    Al: and since the IRS isn’t making this public it now becomes your problem

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    08_Russell D: All tax filing software and preparation services are in the same situation.

    Network connection re-established.

    Al: I want my Return sent TODAY! or not at all!

    Al: Then why is my CPA not having the issue?

    08_Russell D: I do understand this this situation can be difficult, but at this time we are only following the IRS regulations and expectations of how we are to handle these returns for them.

    Al: Why is H&R block and Jackson Hewitt not having this problem?

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    Network connection re-established.

    Al: It’s only TurboTax

    Al: either send my return or pull it.

    08_Russell D: I am unable to provide an answer to how the other taxing preparers are handling this situation

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    08_Russell D: There is not technical way to pull it but it definitely will be sent soon.

    08_Russell D: The IRS has informed us their goal of getting these returns processed is by Thursday.

    Network connection re-established.

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    08_Russell D: Do you have any other questions I can assist you with today?

    Network connection re-established.

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    Network connection re-established.

    Al: I want the contact info for someone that can pull my return. It is sad that all I am getting are canned responses.

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    Network connection re-established.

    08_Russell D: I understand what you’re saying Al, but we don’t have a technical way to do that. Once they are submitted they are in a secure place we cannot access for your security.

    Al: Well it’s to damn secure if you guys can’t get in there to pull it.

    Al: I want my return out of your system.

    Al: If it’s my data

    Al: I want it

    Al: and I want it out

    08_Russell D: I am unable to do that, and no one here is able to do that.

    Al: and I want it out today

    Al: It’s my financial

    Al: data

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    08_Russell D: When you click the submit button it does inform you it’s like placing it in the mail and there is no way to retreieve that from it’s process.

    Network connection re-established.

    Al: i don’t belive it is legal for you to hold it, if I demand it returned.

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

    08_Russell D: There is not technical way to do that Al. We will not be able to do that.

    Network connection re-established.

    Al: I know for a fact that, that is nonsense

    Al: I am a server and database engineer for a large firm that handles financial data in Oracle, SAP and Sybase

    Al: and I Know it can be pulled.

    Al: if you guys have the transaction ID which you do, then you can go into the database, find the record and pull it.

    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please….

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    Network connection re-established.

    Al: if it can be backed up (which you guys are required by SOX law) then it can be accessed

    Al: and it can be pulled

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    Network connection re-established.

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    08_Russell D: I am showing no response for the last five minutes. I am closing this chat session. Please open a new chat session if you need further assistance.

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    Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

  126. I too agree with bob and Doug. There should be somewhere on this website telling people who filed before the 14th of February the status of their filing. I also have financial obligations that required getting my refund back in a timely manner. I too also filed on 2-2. Why should people who have waited to file get put in line before people who did it early? Turbotax took my money for filing, but still no acceptance from the IRS. Please let loyal customers know where they stand in line, before you start losing those loyal customers!

  127. And your customer support at the moment is a joke. 30 minute wait time for chat assistance? Are you kidding? I really expect a refund of the fees I paid you, and I think everyone else should also demand a full/partial refund of their fees as well, based on your failure to properly communicate the issues with us, and failure to submit the returns on 2/14 as promised.

  128. I would like a partial refund of the $111.00 I paid TT to file my taxes. I went with TT of HRBlock due to the fact that they guaranteed fastest refund and that my return would be submitted Feb. 14th. It was not submitted on Feb. 14th. I could have paid a number of other agencies far less $ and had it submitted already. I would like some of the exorbitant fees I paid you to be refunded based on the fact that you did not do what you were supposed to (submit on 2/14). Please contact me asap.

  129. There have been a lot of questions and comments in the last 24hrs on here. The biggest one most people want to know is when will my return be sent to the feds. It doesn’t look like this blog is being responded to today. Please respond, and instead of canned answers already in your website, how about a new, honest, answer. You are losing customers hand over fist here along with your reputation. Please step up, give us the respect of a real answer.

  130. Turbo Tax shame on you telling us to efile and now we are in a giant backlog. Silly me i figured i would be getting an “accepted” email sometime yesterday and now i have been reading it could be the 18th or possibly later. You should of foresaw this problem and informed people in a more efficient manner. Bad bad business practice. Hopefully others will take this business elsewhere, BECAUSE I KNOW I WILL!

  131. Wow… this is ridiculous. Tax refunds are nothing more than an interest free loan that we have all given to the government, and to make us feel even better they won’t even give us our money back on time. I had credit cards that were to be paid off before their promo APRs ended, now those interest charges are piling on while I wait & wait. I have to say that I had already had enough with TT when I saw that it was going to cost me $70.00 to do my taxes MYSELF, I mean why do it yourself for that kind of fee? So, I went elsewhere and paid $17.95, I guess that makes me feel a LITTLE better about the delay… but still what is the point of filing electronically? FAST tax return? There is nothing FAST about filing on Feb. 3 (right after getting my W-2 in the mail) and knowing I will likely not get my return by the end of this month! GRRRRRR!

  132. Ashley,

    I submitted my return on Feb. 2 to be EFiled and I still have yet to receive any communication if it was received by the IRS. We the INTUIT customers should not be held responsible by these delays.

    I have also checked the IRS website (,,id=234736,00.html)

    There is no mention of any processing delays and that efilers would receive any additional delay PAST the 14th. It seems that INTUIT is placing this hold.

  133. OK so we filed on 2/13- I understand having to “stand in line” to have my FEDERAL return sent, but WHY hasn’t my STATE return been sent???

    Also, how many times a day is TT sending returns to the gov’t? if it’s just the 1x a day, I can stop checking my email until tomorrow. Please be courteous and let us know.

  134. Does TT have some type of schedule of when returns will be submitted to the IRS based on their original submission to TT?. That may be useful information to all of us that are waiting for confirmation.

  135. Hi Ashley,

    I filed my taxes with TT on the 4th of feb. I did not have an itemized deductions. They got excepted on the 4th around 5:00 pm. TT said to expect my refund DD on feb 18th (this friday) now the IRS website says to expect it by feb 22nd due to delays..I do not understand why the wait. It was excepted and I was not one of the itemized tax people. The whole point of my using TT is so I can get what they offer, A FASTER REFUND, in as little as 8-10 days after I filed. This is not right. It will be close to 20 days after I filed and was excepted.what is the deal?

  136. I am so upset my sister got hers done by ur cousin and it was accepted lazst week Wednesday and we both itemized our taxes. I dont understnad why its taking turbo tax so long to. I filed Feb 4, 2011 and no response. Rich West filed feb 9, 2011 and got an email yesteray 2-14-2011. That is just sad that we all this waiting on our returns to be accepted the State of MI accepted mines last week and i got my refund today so whats the deal with my damn federal????????

  137. Can you give a status of what date TT is up to at this point for early filers? I submitted mine to TT on Feb. 2, and would like to know where you are in the process of the staggered submissions.

    I have financial obligations that are dependent on getting my refund in a timely manner, and if it’s going to be later than expected, I will need to make concessions for it.



  138. This is just ridiculous, not only have our returns not been sent and you don’t feel the need to give us an idea of when/how you determine when they will be sent, but your website is not responding so we can’t even check the status. You guys have gone downhill in a hurry. You owe more than this to your customers who could have just as easily taken there business elsewhere. Other companies are letting their customers know when exactly their returns would be processed instead of an open ???? as to how you are determining whose will be sent and when. Not right!

  139. I also agree that this is frustrating. I fully understand the disappointment with TurboTax. It does seem unfair when you hear that people who waited to e-file on Feb 14th and have already had their taxes “accepted” by the IRS. It still should be firt come first serve.

    Does anyone else not see that by the IRS holding the processing of our returns, they make more money in our interest. Imagine how much money in interest is made by holding refunds for 1 month longer than usual. Is this our government’s answer to fixing the financial problems that our legislature implemented.

    This is ridiculous. If taxpayers are even 1 day late filing taxes; you’re paying for it. Let the IRS not pay you in a timely manner; all you get is “sorry for the delay”. Legislature knew exactly what they were doing when they waited until Dec of 2010 to pass laws. TurboTax also knew they would have problems with Feb 14th. They just “politely” sent encouraging messages for hopeful taxpayers.

    I can conclude, as so many others have, TurboTax will lose my business.

  140. This staggering is ridiculous! We paid for a service, were told that our Federal taxes would be filed Feb. 14th and now we have to wait again??

    Unreal!!! And it’s good to see i’m not the only one upset by this!

    A few more details would be appreciated! Like a timeline of when we originally filed with TurboTax and when it will be sent out for processing. We filed on January 30th. When will you send it to Federal?

  141. Ashley,

    I don’t want to bombard you with anger because I do understand that some of this was completely out of the hands of Turbo Tax, but there are some people who e-filed with Itemized Deductions in February whose files were sent and in some cases even accepted yesterday and today… while I e-filed on the 25th of January and still haven’t heard a thing. I was under the impression they were going to be sent in the order they were received?

    -Ashley R.

  142. Want to know the really frustrating thing? I was told by a person over live chat, 3 people on the phone, and a supervisor named Barbara that it had been sent to the IRS, and TurboTax did not have it anymore, even though I told them it still said it was received by TurboTax online, and not sent to the IRS. So I was told 5 times TurboTax had sent it to the IRS (not to mention hung up on by an agent who didn’t know the answer). Then I got the email on Friday stating they hadn’t sent it. When I did another live chat, I was told I misunderstood the people, and they had told me it wasn’t sent to the IRS. Luckily I printed out my live chat with them, and the person promised it had been sent to the IRS, it was no longer with TurboTax. I also got incident numbers showing the people told me it was sent to the IRS. On top of that, after I called and was told no supervisor was available on Wednesday, I was told a supervisor would call me sometime on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, but nobody ever called me. I am incredibly disappointed and angry that I have been lied to, hung up on, misled, and brushed off by everyone I have spoken with. I will never use TurboTax again. As a supervisor at a customer service call center, some of my agents who work for me would be fired if they gave the same service I have received from TurboTax.

  143. This is redunkulous. Turbotax shouldn’t make statements that are false. Every years it’s on bs line or another.

  144. Hi Vickie,

    Due to an unusually high volume of tax returns, IRS is experiencing processing delays. As a result, the IRS may have made changes to expected refund dates. Please be assured that the IRS has successfully received your return.

    I recommending checking the IRS tool “Where’s my refund” tool, for an update on when you can expect your refund.,,id=96596,00.html


  145. I filed on Jan 26…when will mine be submitted to IRS? I understand there is staggering but when should I expect to see it submitted. This is ridiculous and not at all what was initially relayed.

  146. Well at least most of you got an email today, We haven’t received as much as a peep from TT. I agree this is the last time I will use this service. They have misled their customers and if I did this I would at least try to compensate. I’m due to deploy later this month with the Army and it sounds like I’ll have to leave my wife with this mess, great. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

  147. Does a staus of ‘pending’ indicate that Turbotax has submitted the return, or rather just that it is in que with Turbotax for submittal.

    My return was completed in mid januray so when can i expect it to be electronically submitted to the IRS.

  148. Is turbo tax submitting in the order they received the submissions? I have a feeling they are not. We filed over a month ago and for some reason we didn’t get submitted today. But, others who submitted after us were submitted. I’m not a happy turbo tax costumer.

  149. I fully understand that the IRS has made the changes, and that most delays are likely from them BUT, what upsets me is the fact TurboTax made written direct statements to me that stating “Your return will be processed on Feb 14″. That was NOT the IRS making that statement that was TURBOTAX…. TURBOTAX made the statement and advertised it – and that “official” TURBOTAX statement is false.

    BUT, Because of that statement, they received my business, my taxes and my payment – NOT THE IRS…. and THEY not the IRS have failed to keep their obligation to assure it was submitted to the IRS on Feb 14.

  150. This is not a good year to have processing delays for refunds. I wish I had known before today that I now have an indefinite time period to wait for my refund. I e-filed on January 24th, and was counting on my return to be filed TODAY!

  151. Is it true if I had completed my taxes today and e-filed them with you guys today, that I would have more chance of getting accepted than I do for submitting mine weeks ago? That is what I heard from a co-worker…I sure hope that isn’t the case. I’ve been using you guys for 9 years and even if the delay is a IRS problem, the way it’s being handled is a Turbo Tax problem and I won’t be back next year, nor will I recommend you guys to co-workers/family anymore.

  152. I am patient but this is stressing at the same time. I have a question, the people who efiled and are waiting to be processed that received letters and different codes are those the ones that will be processed? Is the delay the reason for the codes and letter 4446C?

  153. Why did I get an e-mail from Turbo Tax saying the IRS had accepted my tax return and I should expect a direct deposit on Feb 5th but yet my return is still pending?? Yes I filed a long form.

  154. Ashley —

    That there’s a plan in place is good. But tell us (your clients, who have paid for your service) what that plan is. How are you “staggering” the returns. Which date range of returns was submitted today. What date range will be submitted tomorrow? That’s the kind of detail you need to provide. And you need to post it clearly on the front page of the TurboTax site, and also on the front page of the Community page, so that everyone can see it.

    State what the plan is. (“We’re staggering” is not enough).

  155. Hi Tracy,

    The customer below received a confirmation from the IRS that his return was accepted before Feb. 14. He was not impacted by the IRS processing delays.

    60% of taxpayers take the standard deduction. The IRS processing delays only impacted taxpayers that itemize deductions on their taxes.


  156. So you say you are sending them in the order they were recieved ? I sent mine on 1/27 why did Rich West above get his accepted and yet mine has not been sent ? Turbo Tax you have mislead a loyal customer! Best case scenario you misrepresented your service this year not understanding the IRS process at worse case it’s fraudlent. I expect my purchase and efile charges to be refunded.

  157. Hi Everyone,

    Late legislation has made it a challenging tax filing season. The IRS worked hard to update its systems to accept all held returns on February 14th and initially believed that they would be able to. Unfortunately, the estimated number of held returns grew beyond what IRS could take at once.

    As a result, IRS notified us Friday, 2/11, that e-file transmitters would need to stagger the submission of held returns from 2/14-18. By that time, our e-mail communication to customers letting them know returns would be submitted to the IRS beginning on Feb. 14 had already been sent.

    Both IRS and Intuit take this very seriously. We worked with the IRS this weekend to understand their requirements, and create a plan that will get customers their refunds as quickly as possible. We are also working hard to keep the lines of communication open with customers and answer as many questions as we can about this.

    We know getting a fast refund is important to you. We are in daily contact (in fact, several times a day) with IRS to monitor progress and process all tax returns as quickly as IRS systems will allow.


  158. I have been using Turbo Tax since at least 2001. I have never had any complaints. Until now! When I filed my return I was PROMISED by Turbo Tax that my return would be transmitted to the IRS on February 14th. Now they say well at least by February 18th. What will they say next week, by April 1st, April Fool’s. That is what we all are FOOLS. I will never use Turbo Tax again. That is all.

  159. A delay of transmitting through Feb 18. That ruins the chances of getting a direct deposit on Feb 25. Turbo tax has been very misleading. I have used it for over 5 years and NO MORE!!!! This is crazy. My coworker used Tax Slayer and hers has been sent to the IRS. I relied on Turbo Tax past reputation.

  160. I have used Turbo Tax for several years. However, it seems this year there has been complaint after complaint, and problems galore. I will admit that I am very concerned about my return this year. This is the first year that I have used TT that I have my doubts about TT’s reliability.

  161. So folks who filed today (Feb 14) end up getting their federal returns submitted to the irs before those of us who filed before Feb 14 (in some cases up to a month prior). A crock of s***. We only filed early because Turbo Tax lied to us (using misleading language telling us our returns would be filed immediately on Feb 14) so that we wouldn’t go to another tax prepaperer – I predict a class action lawsuit.

  162. Completely disappointed, I will not be using Turbo Tax next year. The lack of information is completely unacceptable.

  163. Is there any way AT ALL to take my taxes to someone at this point if I’ve already e-filed but it’s still pending? I need my refund asap and I would rather just pay again to refile them. Is this a possibility or would it mess things up?

  164. hi ashley i feel i have been misled also i called the irs and they showed nothin on my e file status i was told by the irs that they would still be seeing it even if it could not be processed til today

  165. I understand about having to wait until the 14th, that isn’t Turbo Tax’s fault. But, when I filed several weeks ago, your system said that my return would be filed as soon as the system opened on the 14th. If you guys knew that the IRS wanted returns staggered, why wasn’t that mentioned to your customers? I know others who went to H&R block and just filed last week and there’s has already been accepted (yes, they do itemize too). It just doesn’t seem right that you didn’t further inform your customers of possible delays after the 14th.

  166. Everyone that is sooo mad at Turbo Tax should really back off. Turbo Tax is under the jurisdiction of the goverment just like we are. They can only do what the government allows them.

    Maybe you should complain to the real source of the problem, YOUR state LEGISLATURE that YOU voted into office in D.C. They were the ones making the end of the year changes that the IRS has been working diligently to account for.

  167. i am a little disappointed in both turbo tax and the irs and congress. this is something that hard working people should not be worried about when it comes to returns being accepted and refunds being processed.

  168. My disappointment comes from the lack of information being sent my TT. I think a lot of the issues people are having is that they are checking the site over and over again hoping to see something different. TT is just not making any info readily available. Why aren’t you sending out E-mails with times to check status, IRS schedules, or any other information that would let us know that you care at all. We have already paid for a services, it seems that you’re customer services stops once you receive payment. I find it hard to believe that after knowing today would be the day that most returns would end up bottle-necking you wouldn’t have a better action plan in place. I understand everyone’s frustration.

  169. Hi Everyone,

    TurboTax will be processing returns on a first-in, first-out basis. That means that returns will be sent to the IRS in date order of when they were filed with TurboTax.

    Hope this helps clarify.


  170. Reading through this I understand that the returns need to be staggered, but does TurboTax have any logic that they are using for staggering the returns? Is it based on when the application was filed or on some other criteria.

    I understand that the delay in e-filing was not due to TT, but it would be helpful to understand the rest of the process.

  171. Will somebody just tell me when I can expect my return to be accepted by the IRS? I filed in mid-Jan and my status is still pending at 4;00 pm on the day Turbo Tax told me the Irs would accept my return

  172. I would like to know when my return will be sent too..I mean we did pay for the service a date as to when it will be sent would be nice…this 14th thru the 18th is not working for me…and I have a feeling come the 18th we may hear of more delays…

  173. I filed my federal return in mid Jan. I was told that my return would be accepted on Feb 14, I believe that I am getting the run around. How do I cancel my taxes with Turbo Tax. I am ready to have H and R Block do my taxes for me?

  174. I really am disappointed in turbo tax this year. You didn’t tell us about delays, then I get an email saying my return will be accepted today, but it hasn’t been sent. I realize this isn’t completely your fault but had I gone to an actual tax preparer, all of this probably would have been explained up front. The communication surrounding this issue from turbo tax has left me extremely disappointed. Service is key and Turbo tax has been short in that department.

  175. I do think people should have more patience. As stated numerous times, it is not the fault of Turbotax (although I feel the information should have been posted at the beginning of your tax sw not the end) but this is all happening due to the “changes” in the IRS tax laws.

  176. We weren’t aware we could file with TT ahead of 2/14. We just filed yesterday, and are really needing this asap. Is there a time chart as to when to expect our return to be SENT to the IRS? Not just when to expect our return.

  177. I think most people are just looking for any insight into the staggering scheme. Does Turbotax have it worked out what date ranges will be sent on the 14th vs 15th, etc.. and is there anyway that information could be made public or sent to customers?

    I got a customer notice over the weekend that turbotax would start sending stuff on the 14th, but it would be even better if I could have an ETA for when my return would be sent in if Turbotax has planned it out.

  178. Hi Laura,

    We understand that this is very frustrating. We know people depend on there refunds.

    We can’t get you your refund quicker, but we want to help. Check back later today. We will be randomly selecting someone who has left a comment on this post to win a $25 Target gift card.


    • I efiled with turbo tax on jan 23…it still says pending…why?? i have received nothing saying it was sent or anything….

  179. Your company has been saying to file anyways and wait for IRS to accept. I haven’t gotten past the 3rd page because it’s telling me to wait EVEN TODAY (30 minutes ago) till mid-feb to file. I get to the upload wells-fargo information, and it says no. It’s the 14th, if IRS is accepting them, why isn’t wells fargo/turbo tax ready. All i am adding is mutual fund interest. Pretty sure schedule A has nothing to do with that.

    So again, as of 30 minutes ago on your software,I CANNOT file like you say i can, even if IRS is accepting, because your company and WF is still telling me to wait till mid-feb.

  180. Hi Ashley:

    Thanks for taking time to answer all of the questions. I admit I am really aggravated. This is the worst filing season ever. I think most of us on this board would have already had our refunds back weeks ago, including myself. I need it and it looks now that it is going to be really hard to get it accepted by the 17 at 11:00am for a depost on the 25th. So furstrating……

  181. No one told us about the IRS only accepting so many returns each day from 2/14/11 to 2/18/11. According to their website everybody’s taxes would be sent on 2/14/11. This is just another delaying action by the government. I had to wait to file because they couldn’t get it together at the IRS, now I have to wait again. How about they implement Obama’s greatest saying and “hire a few people” at the IRS so that returns can be processed.

  182. Hi Hmclaughlin and Amanda,

    Yes, TurboTax will process held returns on a first-in, first-out basis. You will receive an email when your return has been accepted by the IRS, usually within 24-72 hours after it’s been received.


  183. Yes I would like to know that also..will they be sending them in the order they were filed? That would only make sense…would not seem right if someone filed last night gets theirs sent off before someone who filed them weeks ago..

  184. Is Turbotax sending them in the order they were processed and paid for on their website, I did my taxes on 1/27, I don’t think ppl who process and pay turbo tax today should be getting sent to the IRS before mine do and I don’t think mine should be sent before someone who did them before me,

  185. The IRS is accepting these delayed returns beginning at 6 PM (local time for the location of the server where your return is being processed). So it’s way too early yet. And the IRS is implementing flow control for the first week.

    You’ll be a lot less impatient if you can think of the IRS as a giant DMV office, the main difference is they can take away your car if you mess up, and not just your license.

  186. Hi Jason, Al and Amanda,

    Yes, TurboTax has already started sending returns. However, during the week of Feb. 14-18, the first week of processing returns held because they included Sch. A or claimed one of several tax credits, the IRS is limiting the number of tax returns it accepts daily to manage their systems capacity and ensure successful filings of all returns.

    The IRS has required transmitters of e-filed returns to stagger submission of returns from Feb. 14 to Feb. 18. This means that you might experience delays in your return processing and in the time it takes to receive your federal tax refund.

    We know getting a fast refund is important and we are working closely with the IRS to process all tax returns as quickly as their systems will allow.

    You will receive an email when your return has been accepted by the IRS, usually within 24-72 hours after it’s been received.


  187. When will my delayed return be sent to the irs? It is the 14th, and no status change yet..I filed with turbo tax on january 24th…I would like to know when my return is going to be sent!

  188. Has TurboTax already begun sending if delayed filings to the IRS? When can I expect to receive an email confirming that my taxes have been submited?

  189. Hi Fred,

    There are no changes happening to the tax law on the 14th. The IRS is only beginning to accept returns that day. You can file today, TurboTax is up to date with the latest tax law changes and forms.


  190. My itemized deductions are $622.00 less than my standard deduction, I am wondering if the changes on February 14, 2011 could change my itemized deductions enough that I would need to itemize?

  191. Have the bugs been worked out? I read new reports that some people had requested direct deposits but instead had to wait for paper checks. Is it fixed yet?

  192. I filed using TurboTax on Feb.9 and received an email telling me that my return had been approved by the IRS yesterday.

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