Some States Experiencing Tax Return Processing Delays

Important:  This blog relates to tax year 2010.  There were no delays related to late legislation for tax year 2011.  You can file your 2011 taxes.

The IRS recently announced that there will be processing delays for some federal tax returns. This delay will affect taxpayers who itemize deductions and those claiming the Higher Education Tuition and Fees deduction or the Educator Expense Deduction. The IRS processing delays affect all tax preparation methods and include both e-filed and paper returns.

There is good news though!

You don’t need to wait to file. TurboTax is up-to-date with the latest tax law changes and forms and will help you file your return now, so you can be done with your taxes. We’ll hold your return and submit it to the IRS when they begin accepting returns in February. TurboTax will send you an email confirmation when your return has been successfully transmitted and accepted by the IRS.

Update: IRS announced they will begin accepting delayed returns Feb. 14

Will My State Return be Affected by the Processing Delays?

We’ve gotten several questions asking if the IRS delay will affect state tax returns. TurboTax is working closely with the state Departments of Revenue to help our customers affected by IRS delays get their state tax refunds as quickly as possible, even if their federal refund is delayed.

Here is the latest update for TurboTax customers (this info could change, so continue to check back):

If your state is on this list, there are no anticipated processing delays for your state return when filing with TurboTax! You can prepare and e-file your federal and state tax returns now with TurboTax and get your state refund in as little as 8 days with direct deposit (time varies by state), even if the IRS does not process your federal return until February.






District of Columbia
















New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





South Carolina



West Virginia


If your state is on the short list below, your state is also currently anticipating processing delays for some 2010 tax returns. You don’t need to wait to file though. TurboTax will hold both your federal and state return until the IRS and your state begins accepting them so you can do your taxes now and be confident that you will be getting your refund as fast as possible.






If you don’t see your state on this list, check back. We will be updating these lists real time with confirmations from the remaining states and any changes to the current list.

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  1. Why if turbo tax had a software problem with my Maine state return is their a delay of a week to refile my state. Turbo Tax has already made the correction on my return so why delay resubmitting if it’s been corrected?

  2. I use Turbotax every year, never have had a problem, this year I also “purchased” audit protection, it said I would not have to do anything with Fedetal or States, I have been dealing with WV now for over a month, first they wanted me to file under a different status,which I and Turbo went back and amended 2 states, Vickie Hanson with WV wanted me to fax her some additional forms, which I did, we have spoken by phone serveral times and now she informs me she has given my file to her supervisor? It has been a while now and I have not gotten any corrispondence from them and when I go to thier web-site it just still says my refund has been denied, these people witheld an enormous amount of money from me and I need to know what in the hwck is going on ?

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    • Thank you! We are glad you enjoyed our site. Check back for more interesting topics.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  4. I filed my Missouri State return on April 16 using Turbo Tax and as of today May 15 I still have not received my refund. Why the delay? I have checked the online status and it just says We are Processing your return.


  5. I filed fed & state on 2/17 – received my fed on 2/28 – it is 3/27 & I’m still waiting on my state. I go to the state ‘where’s my refund’ – everytime it just says ‘accepted and will receive in 10 days – it’s been 45 days ???????

  6. i received my federal refund but not my state its been a month and i still do not have my state check yet i know for a fact i dont owe the state so where is my check?

    • Hi Linda,
      As long as everything is OK with your tax return. The IRS is experiencing delays in processing and due to the industry wide fraud TurboTax has put additional security measures in place to protect our customers. You can read about the updates here:
      Due to a significant rise in fraud across the industry, Intuit has put in place more stringent fraud detection and prevention controls to help ensure that only legitimate cardholders receive the refunds they are entitled to on a TurboTax Refund Card. In a small number of cases, we regret that a hold on some cards may impact legitimate cardholders. You can go here for additional information (see Security & Fraud Prevention): Please note that the support line included in this article may require some wait time.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  7. I filed my fed and state WI returns received my federal and my state return still says its processing and has been received it was excepted on January 24th should I be worried and contact them?

  8. I filed my federal/state on 2/4. My federal was accepted but i’m unable to see it under the the wheres my refund on the irs website. My state Oklahoma is showing pending stil. I just got an email today saying my state is delayed do to processing issues. Is this somehting I did wrong? or being auditied?

    • Hi Katie,
      The IRS is experiencing processing delays. Please see their update from today 2/10/12

      The IRS has updated it’s Where’s My Refund site with additional FAQs:,,id=254102,00.html

      Some taxpayers who filed electronically and received an acknowledgment
      from the IRS are concerned when they visit “Where’s My Refund” and are
      told that IRS has no information regarding their tax return. The IRS
      informed us on February 10 that this is a temporary situation and should
      be resolved in several days. At that time, you will be able to get an
      expected refund date when you visit “Where’s My Refund.”

      This is an IRS issue and impacts returns regardless of who sends them in
      to the IRS. This is not a TurboTax issue.

      If you have received an acknowledgement of your tax return from the IRS,
      then the IRS assures us they have received your return and are processing

      Information on the status of your refund will be updated in “Where’s My
      Refund” once your return processes. This is a temporary situation, and we
      expect to resolve the matter in a few days.

      IRS expects the vast majority of tax refunds to continue to be issued
      within the historical range of 10 to 21 days.

      We want to quickly share any updates we receive through IRS because we know many of you are still waiting for your refund status and estimated direct deposit date. We really appreciate your patience in this really frustrating time and we’ll continue to provide updates as we receive them from IRS.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  9. since there is a delay on federal, the day it says i can expect my federal return when logging into “” where is my refund” is that date the delayed or should i expect it after the date showing?
    at first it said thefeb 1st now its showing the 7th but does the 7th mean the 14th of 21st of febuary before i get my refund?

    • Hi Nicole,
      The IRS is experiencing delays per the recent links on this post. Please check that link.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  10. what’s going on with the Ga refunds.My taxes were excepted on the 19th. I went on line today
    and they said 6-8 weeks.What is up with that

    • I’m sorry Turbo Brenda, but they must be experiencing processing delays.
      Unfortunately they issue the checks and we have no control over when they are issued.
      Hopefully you get your refund soon.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  11. I filed my taxes thru TT fed and state both were excepted and its been 11 days and I still have nothing on my card. I live in Maryland .. What is going on it stated on the chart if filed on Jan 17 it will be deposited on Jan 25th and it was not. Also do I Get my state or federal first. ?

    • Thank you for contacting TurboTax. The IRS is experiencing delays in processing some federal tax refunds due to changes in their systems. As a result, the original estimated federal refund date provided to you by TurboTax or the IRS may have changed. Your state tax refund is not affected.

      The most updated information is available through the IRS “Where’s My Refund?” tool, Make sure to wait 72 hours after your return is accepted by IRS before you check your refund status.

      You can read the IRS update on refund status here:

      We understand your tax refund is important to you and we are actively working with IRS to ensure our customers’ refunds are processed as quickly as possible.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  12. TurboTax,

    My husband is has received his NC state refund money back yesterday, when normally we will get the federal refund first then the state money come in later, and today is Friday, why havn’t they give him his federal refund back yet and when will it be deposited in his card? And he already e-filed his info since Jan 6th

    Thank You

    Mrs. Privette

    • Hi Mrs. Privette,
      The IRS is experiencing processing delays. Please see the IRS explanation at the bottom of the post.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  13. I submitted my returns Monday night, and Federal has accepted, but Missouri has not. When I go to their website, for “where’s my refund”, there is no information of my return on file. When will they begin processing it?

    • Hi Becky,
      The IRS original projections were 7 to 14 days from acceptance of your tax return if you are receiving a direct deposit. Per the IRS these dates are estimates based on normal processing times and if your tax return does not require further review. In addition, they are experiencing some delays. Please see the IRS cause for delay here

      Thank you for contacting TurboTax. The IRS is experiencing delays in processing some federal tax refunds due to changes in their systems. As a result, the original estimated federal refund date provided to you by TurboTax or the IRS may have changed. Your state tax refund is not affected.

      The most updated information is available through the IRS “Where’s My Refund?” tool, Make sure to wait 72 hours after your return is accepted by IRS before you check your refund status.

      You can read the IRS update on refund status here:

      We understand your tax refund is important to you and we are actively working with IRS to ensure our customers’ refunds are processed as quickly as possible.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  14. well worth the read. I found very informative as I have been researching a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about…

  15. Is there any other way to check on the status of your state refund if you do not know the amount? Thank you :).

  16. Brandy from KY. I have the same problem and I’m from KY as well. Mine was accepted on 2/12/2011. For the first 6 weeks it said processing, now for the last 6 weeks it has said I should receive a direct deposit within 10 days and I still l don’t have it and it’s 4/23/2011! This is absolutely ridiculous…did you ever get yours? Do you have someone we can contact at the state to see what is going on?

  17. My Kentucky state return was accepted on Feb 15, 2011. I am to have my refund direct deposit and still to this day I have not received my refund. I called Ky refund for status of my deposit and for the last 6 weeks I receive my refund has been authorized to be deposited and should take 10 days. I have not received any letter saying error on return. This is for the birds, no one to talk to except auto phone.

  18. There seems to be big delays in NJ e-filed returns being accepted. Mine is over 36 hours now and is still pending. The Federal and New York State non-resident return were accepted within 4 hours.

  19. I filed my electronically via my accountant on 3/4 in the evening (a Friday) so I assume it processes on a Monday…but I have yet to receive either federal or state! :( Is this normal? I thought it took 8-15 days.

  20. Are there processing delays for New York state? I e-filed since 1/31/11, received my federal return 2 weeks later, still waiting for the state. I called NY state tax several times can’t get an answer.

  21. My federal refund was excepted on 1/19/2011 and I have recieved my refund. I called the irs to ask about my state refund and the said they have not recieved my state and this was also done the same time I did my federal with turbo tax. I told them that I recieved my federal and they said again that they have not recieved my state return. This was my first year doing my taxes through turbo tax was I suppose to mail my state after I printed it out and if so what pages am I suppose to mail in.

    Please contact me A.S.A.P.

    Thank You,

  22. I’m in Minnesota and I filed on 1/19/11 with a paper return because I had to file both MN and WI. Well the majority of my state return is from MN, but I checked their website and I won’t get the return direct deposited to my account until 6/1/11. Isn’t that just nuts? I filed on 1/19/11!!!!

  23. Angela- The same thing happened with me, both dates only to find a third unknown. I Spoke with IRS and was informed that it is due to a backlog (that they seem to claim doesn’t exist) is the reason. It is due to the home tax credit. While I printed out both of my deposit dates they deny ever giving one stating that there is no estimation on when it will be processed, why it has not been and a friendly note my rep gave was we as americans shouldnt depend on this money rather see it as a blessing…I was so shocked I was at a total loss for words. They update the refund status on Wed. although until it is in the bank I won’t depend on it. Good luck!

  24. Well we submitted our taxes on 2-14-11 they were excepted 2-15-11 from the email we received, but you call the IRS and they say they didnt receive it until 2-17-11. We were told our Fed would be deposited 2-25-11, checked a day before and was told it was delayed and wont be deposited until 3-8-11, then checked again today an it just says delayed, call this number, here is your reference number, yada yada. so i called the number and they just tell me “we have 3 weeks to process and we are within our three weeks” but will not tell me what the delay is. we did not itamize, the only thing, we got married, had a child and we are the lucky ones that took the first time home byers deal at $7500 that had to start being payed back. they can not tell me what the hold up is and cant tell me when it will be done processing or even when we will see our money. So can someone tell me what our delay is and when we could possably see the money?

  25. Hi I filed my california federal and state on february 27

    and federal got accepted right away.. , State still say it is pending..

    Is there anything like this going on with california right now?



  26. I filed my Federal and state taxes for Ohio on the same day……

    Your TurboTax Electronic Postmark is: January 20, 2011 09:22 AM PST

    Ohio claims no return was filed with them.

  27. Hi Josh,

    Some states can take a long time to process returns and send out refunds. I recommend doing a search to see if your state has a “Where’s My Refund” tool. Some states do, and it will allow you to check the status of your state refund.


  28. Yeah, I filed on the 4th of February, was informed I’d receive mine by the 18th… and then I went back to the Where’s my refund link, just to be sure… and now it says: “Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by March 1, 2011.

    Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience.” <– So we went from the 18th of Feb to March 1st.

    PROUD to be an American! (Sarcasm) Yeah. A little bitter right now.

  29. I’m from Georgia and I filed on 1/24/11 and was supposed to receive my refund on 2/4/11 but I’ve only received my state. On the IRS website it shows there is a delay in processing and lists no dates. I called and they could not tell me what was causing the delay….if it was an error or not! Any idea what’s going on?

  30. I filed my taxes on Jan.2, the irs has accepted my federal on Feb 15, I did not get a status from turbo tax on my state returns whether they were filed, or accepted by Minnesota. How will I know what my state filing status is?

  31. I e-filed on 02/01/2011. We were apparently affected by the delay. The IRS is not showing that they have received any information for us at all. I realize they started receiving these delayed files yesterday. How long of a wait will we be looking at though? Are they doing it alphabetically, first come first serve, last one first? Just trying to get some clarification here. Thanks.

  32. Looks like Idaho is taking its sweet time sending refunds back.

    They initially show 4 weeks (which is where I am at right now since it was accepted) and at that point says it will take up to an additional 28 days to be direct deposited!

    Gotta love our State of Delay.

  33. I e-filed on 1/31/10 both federal/state. Got a conformation that they were both excepted on 2/1/11. IRS started processing on 2/14/11 Do i still have to wait at least 8 days to get my federal refund if it’s already excepted?? Thank you for your time, sincerely, Johnny G

  34. I e-filed my itemized federal return which apparently is in que for processing come Monday 2.14.11, and I don’t mind that. However, I did not e-file my AR return at the same time since there’s a fee for this, so I needed to wait a few days. When I went back to e-file my AR return (and pay the e-filing fee), I received an error that I couldn’t e-file my AR state return on it’s own, it had to be filed at the same time as the federal return. During the e-filing process, NOT ONCE did it warn that if I e-filed my federal return without filing the AR state return it would prevent me from e-filing my AR state return all together. Had I known, I would have waited the few days and e-filed them both together. Now that I have to mail my AR stat return, it will take weeks (and we’re not talking just a couple) to get my refund. A warning would have been appreciated.

  35. hello, I am trying to finish up my taxes online, and it wont let me go any furthe than adding my bank acct info… It just stops, so I clicked the send refund to my home, but I cant do anything else. Its ready to be sent, but dont know why it wont let me finish and file. Please help

  36. Hi Monica,

    The date the IRS gives you is an estimate of when they think you will receive your refund. They continually update they estimate they give taxpayers. I wouldn’t worry, its not uncommon at all for them to push the date out a week.


  37. I filed my taxes on 01/27/11 and I was told that on 2/4/11 I would recieve my refund (I E-Filed) Then on 2/4/11 I checked my status and I was told I would recieve my refund on 2/8/11. Now its back to being processed. Im in Florida, so was my return delayed? Im just a little bit confused.

  38. Hi Dawn,

    Unfortunately, Iowa is one of the few states that is not able to accept state returns separately from the federal return. Because of this, they are not accepting returns affected by the IRS processing delays until Feb 14.


  39. I e-filed my state (Iowa) and federal itemized returns using TurboTax over a week ago. I understand that federal is delayed and won’t be accepted by the IRS until Feb. 14. Fine. But why has my state return not been accepted? TurboTax still shows my state return is “pending”? What’s the problem in Iowa? Are they waiting for the federal return to be accepted?

  40. Hi Stebo,

    That is completely normal. As soon as the IRS starts processing returns on Feb 14, you should receive an e-mail from TurboTax letting you know that your return has been sent to the IRS and then a confirmation from the IRS that it has been accepted. The IRS confirmation usually comes within 24-48 hours of your e-mail from TurboTax.


  41. Hi Joey,

    It is not uncommon for your state refund to come after your federal refund. States have varying processing times, but I am not aware of any delays in NY. Your state refund should be coming soon.


  42. Hi Confused,

    These are estimates of when you will be getting your refund. The IRS updates these estimates often, I would look at the IRS estimate for the most up to date timing of when you can expect your refund.


  43. Hello, I e-filed our taxes on 1/17/11 and both state and fed were accepted…we did not itemize. When I got the accepted email from TT it said we would have our refund in 8-10 days….we have yet to see any money and don’t know how to find out what is wrong or where it is at….can anyone tell me what I need to do? BTW we are in the state of Georgia and both were to be direct deposit. Thank you so much!

  44. My question is got my federal return on the 2nd of Feb. 2011, which is early because it said it would come Feb 4th. However it is now Feb 8th and I have no got back my NY state return. Everything went through fine, is it because NY is slow or other reasons?

  45. I purchased & used TurboTax Premier 2010 to file my personal return this year. No problem. Worked great on first return I efiled & paid $19.95 state fee by credit card. Tried to file 2nd return for my nephew & won’t let me charge fee to my credit card. A lot of people cmplain of same problem. Long waiting period on phone line number given to call or hangups. I have used turbotax for many years, but unless you fix this problem quick you are going to lose me & a lot of other customers. Any answers?

  46. I used tt to file both federal and state. I did have itemized deductions and I live in Arkansas. I have not received any information stating mine has been delayed or accepted. I check the status and it just shows submitted.

  47. I filed my Taxes with Turbo Tax 2/2/11 and my federal was accepted the next day, and the IRS web site said my taxes will be directed deposited to my account on 2/11/11 but Santa Barbara’s email said 2/18/11. Why is there a different date from Turbo Tax, the IRS and Santa Barbara.

  48. If you owe money to Sallie Mae, is there a way of finding out ahead of time if your tax refund,(if any) will be withheld by them ahead of time (before you file)?

  49. I filed my return and when i check the website it says that it was Direct Deposisted on Feb 4th, alas still no money. Wondering if anyone that expected their return on the 4th is still waiting.

  50. I checked regarding the status of my california state return yesterday and the website indicated that my state was received and waiting to be processed but today it says something totally different and that there are no records indicating I filed? I e-filed it.Did I do something wrong? This is my first time using turbo tax and preparing my tax return myself. I followed the steps and everthing. I am worried and confused. Please help. Any advice or informaiton will be greatly appreciated.

  51. I e-filed both returns using TT, My federal was accepted, but my state was rejected. Does anyone know how to go back and fix it. I can’t find it.


  52. Hi Jenna,

    As of right now, the IRS is still expecting normal processing times for returns that will be submitted on Feb. 14. If you e-filed with direct deposit, you could get your federal refund in as little as 8-10 days. Check back if you don’t. We will update here if we find out about any delays.

    On the state side, each state has very different processing times, so its hard to say.


  53. Hello….Question for anyone…I filed my taxes on January 31st, and I did itemize my federal so I am waiting for Feb. 14, how long after that will I need to wait for a refund? And second question my state refund was accepted on the 31st, how long do those typically take to reach us?

    Thank you soooo much, single mother..really dependant on those returns. :)

  54. Hey!

    So i E-filed today and i got an email saying

    “Your returns were successfully transmitted, but tax laws were passed so late this year the IRS won’t start processing your federal return until February 14. If you’re expecting a federal refund, it’ll be ready after the IRS processes your return. ”

    I did itemize but it was only work expeneses. no type of education deductions which the delay was for..

    Is this just a standard email, can i expect to get my refund sooner?



  55. I’m a first time filer and just decided to use turbotax, but I filed to prematurely and another tax form just came in the mail yesterday that I need to add!! I need to file an amendment but how do I do that?? Or what else do I need to do? I also did the itemize and student deductions and the state I live in (FLORIDA) is not on the list.

  56. Love TurboTax! Saved me mucho accountant fees. Any info on NJ state refunds. Can’t find anything on line and phone lines don’t seem to be functioning?

  57. Is there any update for NJ?

    I efiled with TT on 1/13 and got an email to say NJ had accepted my retun on 1/20…but when I call the NJ refund status line it says they have no record of my filing…

  58. I cannot even transfer my federal details over to Pennsylvania state forms and carry on processing my taxes within TurboTax, I keep getting error 112 this has gone of for 2 weeks now. You do have a page somewhere, I can’t find it again that gave dates when state forms will be ready and it said January 30th final date when all Pa forms will be ready. I just have a very simple submission, just w2 and married, no other claims, why is this happening?

  59. Hi Concerned,

    If your return was already accepted by the IRS you are not affected by the IRS delays. If you used direct deposit you can get your refund in as little as 8-10 days.


  60. Hi Sue,

    The delays affected all tax software and preparers. If you are affected by the delays, your return will not be processed until Feb. 14, regardless of how you prepared them.


  61. Just want to confirm that I do not have to refile my federal, it was sent and accepted and was to direct deposit on 28th but Where’s my refund is stating delay. I am sure this is due to the Obama law delay but do i need to do anything else or will it automatically process with the IRS on Feb 14th?

  62. I itemized deductions on my Ferearal, but did not take deductions for Higher Ed fees or Educator Expenses. Will there still be a delay in Federal processing?

    Also, I noticed NJ isn’t listed as a state in either of your lists for delayed or non-delayed states for processing. Where does New Jersey stand in processing delays?

  63. Hello,

    I am able to purchase the Turbotax Federal & State Returns DELUXE and pay from REFUND? I like to start processing today, otherwise, I have to wait a few days.

  64. Is CT processing returns that were itemized immediately or are they going to be held up with Federal for their OK first? My federal will not go through with all the deductions until 2/14 to begin to be processed but will I get CT sooner?

  65. I filed my taxes on the 18th of Jan and got my refund from federal on the 28th, The state which is WV still has only acknowledged my return but not accepted is there a reason?

  66. Hi Vanessa,

    No, you do not need to amend your tax return. The delay does not affect the tax forms you filed, it is just a processing delay.

    TurboTax is up to date with all tax law changes and tax forms.


  67. I have been told by TT and IRS that I would see my direct deposit today (Jan 28th). Today comes, no refund, IRS now says by Feb 8th. Why delays for federal and not state? My state (AR) took longer to process (2 days to accept) but was in my account on Monday and I had filed on the previous Tuesday. I didn’t itemize.

    I’m not rushed for it, thankfully, but just curious.

  68. I already filed but will the delay in the IRS affect my tax return that I already filed in Turbo Tax? Are the updates that Turbo Tax has affect the tax return I already completed due to the new laws? I did do an itemized return. Please advise if an amendment is recommended or not.

  69. I was suppose to get my direct deposit on the 28, I filed on the 17 why did mine get delayed or is there a chance I might get it on the 28???

  70. Hi Chris,

    I double-checked on whether there were any delays with WV state returns for you, since we know that they are accepting returns now. Was able to verify for you that they are accepting returns now.

    Some states can take a while to process returns and send out an acceptance. Looks like that might be what is happening with your state return in WV. We would expect you to get an acceptance from WV any day now. If you don’t get an acceptance in the next couple of days, let me know and we will see if there is anything we can do.


  71. Apparently TT info is WRONG! WV is listed as a state not delaying processing of returns but it’s been two weeks since I efiled both federal and state and my state return still has been acknowledged

  72. Hi Amanda,

    Alabama will start accepting returns affected by the IRS delays on Feb. 14, when the IRS starts processing returns.

    If you are not impacted by the IRS delays you can file your fed and state return now.


  73. why are the feds. holding up the returns, i’ve heard some many stories from these coffee table lawyers.

  74. If you picked to have your refunds given to you on the TurboTax Visa Card will the money just automatically appear?

  75. I did a NY STATE return to file by mail and it told me it could not be done on Turbo Tax at this time. Will Turbo Tax automatically tell me when i could file this one by mail.

  76. We used to have a CPA do our home and business taxes each year and every year it went up $100 to do, paying as much as $500 and up and yet each year they did them wrong. Five years ago we started using TurboTax Home and Business and while it was much cheaper to do our own, the program walked us through it so easy, double checked, and they have been correct ever since. LOVE Turbo Tax. Thanks for a great up to date, easy to use program.

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